A Lost God's Broken Soul

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Long ago, there lived a dragon god. He watched over the lands of Japan and China, blessing them with clean air and water. He helped the people live peaceful healthy lives and nurtured the land to flourish. But slowly, over time, he became forgotten and quickly abandoned.

When the industrial age came, the people took to new ways of living. Factories, cars, electricity. It quickly polluted the air and water and the god could no longer keep up with purifying it all. It wasn’t long that he learned that the people have abandoned him as a god, denounced him even. He grew angry and abandoned what he once knew as home.

Now bitter towards humans, the god wanders aimlessly searching for his place in the world. He helps nature where it’s in desperate need of purifying but he knows it will only last for a short while as humans will only clog it up with pollution again. He refuses to help humans despite their pleas as he has a strong hate for them all because they abandoned him and poisoned his home.

His name is Kaito Shimizu as he’s known in Japan. Will he ever find peace among the humans again? Or will he forever be a lost god and never find a place to call home?

[+red Please note that how the story starts will be discussed. Keep in mind that this will be a slow burn in terms of romance and development.]

[b What I’m Looking For]
- Setting will take place on the coast of California in a protected beach area. Modern day.

- A male or female character at least 20 year old. Details are up to you. However, they should have a logical reason to be on a protected beach where people generally aren’t allowed to be on.

- Pictures can be either anime or illustrated though preferred illustrated to match styles because aesthetics.

- Proper grammar is required though mistakes happen.

- Communication is expected. I want to talk about the plot before and during the writing process. Keeps things flowing and helps dig each other out of a block if it happens. Plus it helps us to keep in touch and updated on life events so we don’t leave each other hanging. Of course, life can haul us off by the shirt collar kicking and screaming so that’s understandable. There’s also health and sudden emergencies which happen.

- I’m blind as a bat and have bad astigmatism. Avoid bright colors and overly fancy fonts so I can read without having to focus too hard and end up going cross eyed against my will.

- Mature themes such as blood, death, gore, alcohol, possible drugs, cussing and others will be present. Explicit romance will fade to black or be taken off site. If taken off site, I have one already in mind to use. I will not use emails or chats such as discord for roleplays. We will discuss further on this.

- Romance will eventually happen. It will be a very slow burn and a dramatic struggle to get to. There will be tension, drama and a lot of ups and downs. If this kind of romance is what you like, this might be a story for you.

- I do want a variety of emotions. Both light and dark. Comedy and tragedy. Happy and sad. The whole works.

- I expect quality and quantity. Though quantity may fluctuate up and down from post to post as each moment gives less or more for the characters to do and that’s ok but the quality must not suffer. I’m a stickler for crisp, clean, descriptive details as it helps me to ‘see’ the moment in my head and play it out so I can easily plan my characters' next moves.

[b If interested, please send a PM with any questions you may have.]


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[center Clear blue seemed to span on forever, filling the horizon and refracting light in blinding shards as the ocean shifted. Cool breeze whipped at every part of him as he stood at the bow, eyes scanning for signs of leftover nets or other such. It wasn’t so uncommon to find rubbish just hanging about out here.

Kunio brushed the hair from his eyes and adjusted his vest, glad to be back out on the water but wary given his last encounter with the ocean. After all, it was as unforgiving as it was beautiful, and he knew as much as well as, if not better, than most in town.

Peering down at the map that fluttered in his hands, he tossed a look back at his brother, brows lowered in contemplation. “Should we come about?!”


“Come about?!”

“You gotta’ speak up, kid!”

Kid? Seriously, how long was this going to go on? He’d be calling him kid until he was eighty at this rate, but still, Kunio spun his index finger in a little makeshift sign of sorts and his brother simply offered the crude raise of a thumb before bringing them around to head back in the direction of town.

Expertly, he strode to the aft, leaning precariously over the rail to get a better look at what might be beneath the surface. He’d been in love with the ocean for as long as he could remember, but it shocked him every time he came out to witness its beauty. And to think that folks had no trouble just dumpling whatever the hell they wanted in it. What did they think would happen in twenty years at the rate they were going?

Straightening up from his balancing act, he nearly tumbled over again, doing a full double-take at the sight in the distance. “Hey-“ he waved a hand, squinting hard through most-obscured lenses. “Hey hey hey, there’s someone out there!”


“There! Just there, [i look].” He jabbed a finger in the direction of what appeared to be a lifeless form.

“Hate to tell you this, but they might be a goner.”

“We should still bring them back... they belong to someone.”

“Okay, but if you can’t handle what we find, it’s on you.”

They brought the boat about once more and pulled a hard left, idling far enough out that when Kunio dove from the stern, he’d still have a bit of distance to swim. Furiously, he made his way to the figure, hardly sure of his direction without his glasses. It wasn’t until his hand caught body that he realised he’d made it.

Jesus... a body. Were they dead? The thought of hauling a soulless corpse made his stomach drop, but he’d committed to this, hadn’t he?
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