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[font consolas There once was a time, in history, where humans and vampires lived together without quarrels, without troubles. Children and adults alike bonded, some marrying, others having children. All was well in the world, until a dark war struck between vampires and mankind. Childhood friends Leah and Jayden were torn apart by this war, left with no choice. Years later, humans were being taken by vampires, some humans becoming hunters of them. Sadly, Leah at the age of just 18, was taken by a group of men, only to discover that they too, were vampires.

Determined to find her missing friend, Leah sets embarks on a journey to freedom. Will she find the one she seeks? Or will the men that took her captive snatch her away when it's too late?]


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"Well, I've been clumsy since we were kids, so that wouldn't be a surprise." she chuckled, running a hand through her hair. She knew he was being serious, but she found it funny, considering she remembered all the times Jayden had to catch her when she fell, or stop her from tripping, and all the times she had to clean his lip cuts when he sliced them. She had missed those days.

"Yeah, the way we've been treated is wrong, but I don't suppose it'll be different for a while. Hell, I'll be lucky if it ever is different..ever since you left, I lost myself. I didn't eat for days, I wouldn't leave my room, I cried for what felt like forever..and the fact that I'm still going to die makes me even more upset.." she said softly, her voice cracking. She really didn't want to cry in front of him again, so she wiped her eyes.

"Wrong? Jayden, it's not just wrong. Things could go horribly. Well, as long as we continue to play the captive human card, we should be fine. Whatever you have to do to convince them, do it. Even if it means hurting me, okay? I know that's not you." she held his hand, squeezing it lightly as a small smile played on her features.
  LeahLockheart / 1d 15h 32m 23s
[#5ca8f5 "Having swords in your mouth isn't always a good thing, Lee Lee. Could easily slice your lip or tongue if you don't remember to retract them."] He muttered. And he literally meant that from having done it a few times. It had taken him FOREVER to remember to be careful of his fangs once they had come in. [#5ca8f5 "On the serious side...I get it. You want to be noticed and treated as 'person'.. not just well pleased. I honestly do wish that it was different than it is."] Came soft and thoughtful words. The thing was, Jay meant it even if he was the vampire "prince" and all that shit. Didn't mean he HAD to agree on a personal level, but it did mean he had to hide his thoughts and views.

God he wished to hell all of this had been different. Wished that they could have maybe led the lives like those books and movies they used to watch. Maybe they would have been in high school together. Maybe they would have had the time to date? There was no use to think about what ifs. He knew that just as well as she did. As well as anyone did, but that didn't stop them from crossing his mind from time to time. Now just seemed like one of those from time to time moments.

Silent, he was silent and gave her a weak smile. [#5ca8f5 "I missed you too...And you have changed...but still the girl I remember too.."] JD said slowly and quietly, taking in the rest of her words. A sigh slipped from him and he nodded as he could not answer her directly. Here she was the one in charge and he was just following her lead.

[#5ca8f5 "Guess we just have to play this out and hope to hell nothing goes wrong..."] God being back here was weird to him and it hurt thinking about what vampires had done to them. What they thought he would do if they were caught together.
  JD / MourningGlory / 10d 5h 12m 8s
Leah chuckled softly at her friend's attempt to lighten the mood, seeing as it wouldn't get lighter anytime soon. "Yeah, that's true. I just wish sometimes that I could experience that for a day, just one. Just one day to know what it's like to not be considered scum under someone's shoe, ya know?" she ran a hand through her hair.

She couldn't believe she was [i actually] with him. [i After all these years..] she thought. Though the pair shared their moments, not everything lasted. These kinds of things in life were simply temporary. Like it or not, you had to fight for your time. Well, at least in this time and age. Who knows? They could have been in high school together by now if time had allowed.

She shrugged as he apologized. "Hell, you get used to it after a while. Listen to you, Mr. Smarty Pants. Haven't changed a bit, have you?" she giggled. "There's the Jayden I missed."

She sniffled, wiping her eyes as she looked up at him. "[i]" she asked softly.

Leah smiled softly. "Yeah, I guess it would be nice. But sadly, thanks to those assholes, that won't be anytime soon. Or at all.." she looked down. She sighed as he spoke. "Yeah, like I said, things have changed since the vampires basically left us for dead." she explained. "Here, we have to be quiet. Humans get taken a lot for being stupid, and they can't ever shut the hell up, so I'm gonna need you to get it together." she chuckled.

"But in all seriousness, this is gonna be difficult."
  LeahLockheart / 26d 20h 45m 33s
Her words made the vampire male grimace the slightest bit as he was reminded of his fangs and how long they had taken to come in. For awhile, others teased him about it, asking if he was sure he was even a vampire. Well if they could see him now, they would know for sure. [#5ca8f5 "Closer to swords."] He said, attempting to make a joke of her last words and the comparison to knives.

Time could have frozen in those moments. Seemed to as the two stood. It was enough to take them back. Enough that for just a short while he could "breathe" and he could forget. Walking with her felt just as it once had. Simple and easy. And quite honestly, JD did not want it to end. But sadly, all good things had to come to an end. That meant the lax moments that the pair now shared as well.

[#5ca8f5 "Easy is just a construct.. Something that was made up to explain a state of being or of matter. But it does not exist...It would be nice if it did though... And yes, it is something I think we have all learned. Do what needs to be done...And even if that means things you are not proud of and have to live with for the rest of your life. I'm sorry that you have had to get into those situations as well."] Came his soft words as he held her for a little longer.

Her next words brought a sad smile to his lips. [#5ca8f5 "No... because things don't work like that. But having something just for us would be nice.."]

Silence pretty much fell after the last words between them. She had pulled away but kept their fingers laced. And she did tell him the town's entrance was coming up and point it out to him. And he felt his undead heart tighten. [#5ca8f5 "It looks a lot different than I remember it.."] He muttered as they continued towards it. Part of him was wondering if this was even a good idea now.
  JD / MourningGlory / 32d 21h 58m 21s
She laughed. "[b Yes, they sure are. If I'm right, I remember when we were kids, and it took years for them to come in.]" she smiled softly, "[b you used to complain about how they weren't as sharp as other kids' fangs, but now they're sharper than knives.]" Leah couldn't help but feel at ease for once.

It was like, [i just for a moment], they had escaped the terrible situation they had inevitably saw no way out of. As if the universe had left the two of them alone, just for a bit. Time had seemingly froze as they mingled along the empty street.

As he spoke about Lyle, she sighed softly. "[b Well, easy IS something we could use right now. It sure as hell would save our asses. I get that, though. You do what you have to if you want to make it anywhere. I've had to deal with that principle, too.]" she explained. As she was in his embrace, she inhaled his scent, one she could recognize anywhere. took her back. He hadn't changed a bit.

"[b Things happen..that's always the damn case..we can't EVER just have ONE damned thing to ourselves, can we?!]" she sounded upset.

"[b It doesn't matter..]" she sighed, pulling away, although her fingers were still intertwined with his. "[b Come on, the town's entrance is coming up.]" she pointed ahead.
  LeahLockheart / 36d 15h 8m 52s
To hear that laugh again was almost like music to his ears. A song he had long since forgotten. [#5ca8f5 "Yeah, well fangs and all are right here.."] and again his words seemed to slip. It felt good to be back around her. The thing was he wasn't sure how long this would last. If they would be able to stay with the other. For she was the ONLY human he really wanted around...hell pretty much the only girl. Just he wished that it had been under way different circumstances.

[#5ca8f5 "Bullshit is what it is. No qualms there. But it keeps things easy enough. As you saw with Lyle..."] JD said. But as soon as he explained his parents and what had become of them, the vampire male felt a sobering somberness settle. Both of them had lost people, yes PEOPLE who had been very dear to them.

His hand had once more slipped back into hers and his other arm around her to hold her when she hugged him. [#5ca8f5 "Don't be sorry...I came tl terms with it long ago...Things...happen..."] Even he didn't know how long this would be lasting. But he knew it was a power trip and would not be ending anytime soon.
  JD / MourningGlory / 32d 22h 13m 15s
She laughed, for the first time in a long time. It was a melodic, cheery laugh she used to give all those years ago. "[b I'm not sure what I would call it either. And trust me, if I was dead, I would have killed myself. Anything to escape this hellhole of a life. But, I knew you were out there somewhere, fangs and all.]" she smiled softly.

Leah was unsure of where this would go, but as long as she had Jayden, there was no where else she would rather be. Not that she wanted to be in this circumstance in particular, but in general all she had wanted was him. [i Would she be able to keep him, this time?] She didn't know.

She chuckled softly at his comment. "[b Yeah, because 'eloquently']" she did air quotes with her fingers, "[b it IS bullshit.]"

When he spoke of his parents, her hand fell from his as she froze dead in her tracks.

"[i They..they're dead?!?]"

Her eyes watered. The only other "family" she'd had growing up, was gone..and he had to watch..she felt her heart sink a bit, as if it would shatter at any minute. "[b Jayden..]"

She hugged him, sniffling. "[b I'm so didn't deserve any of that..]" How long would this twisted game the vampires play last? What was it that they just [i craved] so much that they had to go to such extreme measures? She couldn't believe how much the two of them had been through, together and apart.
  LeahLockheart / 38d 20h 31m 46s
[#5ca8f5 "I never said that they were had. It was more an expression, I suppose."] Came his soft and thoughtful words. And now it was his turn to let out a scoffed form of laugh. [#5ca8f5 "I'm not sure what I would even call this. Because I would have liked this to be MUCH different. For a long time I thought you were dead.."] And those words had slipped before he could stop them. But it was a truth and for some reason he had not been able to stop the words even if he wanted to.

Jayden rolled his eyes with her question. She was right SHE was a kid. He wasn't exactly a kid. But he did know what had been meant by her words. [#5ca8f5 "To answer the prince bullshit as you so eloquently put it.. I have to answer what happened when I was taken. So 'killing two birds with one stone' here.."] He muttered and was silent for a moment as the leaves around them danced and the owls let out their nightly hoots.

[#5ca8f5 "When we had been taken, most traitors were rounded up. We were only labeled as such because we did not come when summoned and we sided with humans. My mother and father were executed...Torn limb by limb as I watched. Many others had to watch as family members and friends were dismembered. Because I was young and had potential as one of the more 'gifted', top ranking vampires took me in. They taught me...trained me to become what they wanted and expected. Never did I agree...but I knew I had to fall into it to survive this hell. So I am one of the most feared."] All the words were soft as he spoke them. If she was going to be around him and play this "game" they were going to play, Leah deserved to know the truth and what she was walking into.
  JD / MourningGlory / 39d 3h 45m 18s
She scoffed. "[b Ha! Liberties, my ass. It'll be a long time before we get those.]" She scratched the back of her neck, sighing softly. "[b God, this was not the way I wanted this..reunion if that's what you wanna call it, to go.]" She ran a hand through her hair.

"[b 'The prince', what's up with this whole 'prince' bullshit, anyway? We're just kids. Well, you aren't, but you know what I mean.]" she explained as they walked. The cool night air blew, the leaves scattering across the sidewalks and roads every now and again, the owls making their nightly rounds, hooting every few minutes. The moon shone bright as they walked.

"[b So, what happened after they took you?]" she asked softly. "[b We don't have to talk about it.]"
  LeahLockheart / 39d 3h 56m 28s
His comment had not meant to have any form of humour to it. So he knew that the laugh had been more towards the irony of his words. Hell, even he would have been amused if they were not the ones in this position. [#5ca8f5 "No, the ones who treat humans as well pleased would have wanted all of this sooner. And if I remember want to be able to take more liberties."] He muttered as he gave a shake of his head.

Jay was silent as she seemed to fall silent herself. He didn't know what was in her head. Well, he could have found out if he really wanted, but he chose to avoid the whole mindreading thing. Unless he HAD to. And at the moment he wanted to respect her boundaries as he was actually feeling weird in having to tell her parents about their...arrangement?

[#5ca8f5 "I'm not out this far often enough for them to recognize me. The worst that will know who I am are other vampires. The 'prince'..."]Came quiet words with a roll of eyes. And his hand moved into hers as he gave her a nod to lead the way
  JD / MourningGlory / 39d 4h 5m 40s
Leah layed her head on his shoulder as he spoke, spacing out for a moment. She had no idea what was lying ahead of her. Whatever the case, though, she would just have to prepare herself. She licked her lips unintentionally.

She chuckled at his comment. "[b Don't we all wish? Well, other than the assholes that take humans for their own purposes?]" she smiled softly. "[b It's not like things will get any easier.]"

She sighed softly. What [i would] her parents think of all this? She wasn't sure. If it was Jayden, though, she was sure her parents would go along with it, as they had been longing for him, too.

"[b Yeah, we should. Are you sure no one in town will recognize you?]" she asked, grabbing his hand.
  LeahLockheart / 39d 4h 17m 7s
That was very much true. Life did have a pretty sick sense of humour. And this apparently was one of those times. They didn't have a choice in this, nor did it seem as if they would be getting one anytime soon. This was one of those times where it was all options looked and were bad but you had to pick the "least of the evils" and pray to whatever was out there that you had chosen right.

[#5ca8f5 "No and I still wouldn't be if I had the choice. But as you so blatantly pointed out there is a need for survival and doing things we have to. Just wish it wasn't like this."] His words were soft as he spoke them, his eyes locking with hers. He was more than sure she was with her parents and would have A LOT to explain in all of of this. Him on the other hand, because he was playing a part could get away with calling Leah his little pet. It wouldn't be questioning in the slightest as vampires kept humans for various uses.

[#5ca8f5 "I would assume tell this to your parents. And get you away from here before other hunters come prowling."]
  JD / MourningGlory / 39d 4h 24m 25s
Leah sighed softly. "[b Think?]" she asked softly. "[b Jayden, I know I can do that. You were never hostile a day in your life before all of this..]" she explained as her brunette eyes stared back into his. How she would pull this off, she didn't know. But she did know that she would owe her parents a lot of explaining. That didn't matter now.

"[b I can handle pain pretty well, actually. I know you care..but I'm sorry. This may be the only way, Jayden, and you know it. I know it. Surviving is going to be hard as hell, but we don't really have a choice here.]" she explained, her breath disappearing into the cold night air.

"[b So..what now?]"
  LeahLockheart / 39d 4h 32m 4s
He was more than aware of her way of thinking. He hardly agreed, but as he had stated, Jay could not say so. It was best to play a part and keep your head down. Though he did help where he could. His helping her was evident in that part. However, he made no answer to her words. Even in her history, human history it was the same. "Men wanted power".

[#5ca8f5 "I do care. You know I don't want to bite or hit you. This should have told you that... But I am not sure how I can protect you without this act.. You are going to have to know which me is the 'real' me. Do you think you can do that?"]

Her words had stung and felt like a sharp slap. And that was more than evident as he looked into her eyes when she happened to look up at him, pleading with him to not leave her again.
  JD / MourningGlory / 39d 4h 40m 6s
She sighed softly as he spoke. All of this in her opinion was ridiculous. No one, whether they were human or not, deserved to be treated so lowly. "[b Nothing is 'theirs', it's ours. As in all of ours'.]" she said softly. "[b But apparently they don't get that, because they have a cold heart, quite literally.]" she chuckled softly.

As Jayden kissed her head, she smiled softly, taking comfort in his embrace for a moment, enjoying every split-second of it. She didn't want this moment to end. It's all that she had wanted for years on end.

"[b I don't care, JD. I just want you..I'm willing to do what it takes. Bite me, hit me, I don't care. Just..don't leave me.] [i Please.]" She looked up at him.
  LeahLockheart / 39d 5h 23m 59s

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