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[center [#3bc7fc Fish's Eye or better known as Nanami Uokawa in the human world. He was devious young man on the prowl for love. Finding love in the other world was hard considering the human world was so much fun. There were so many attractive men.

Nanami sighed softly, it had been a dry day. There were men everywhere. It was pretty easy to get their attention when he strutted around in his cute clothes. It still wasn't satisfying. Nanami wanted a chase but they seem hard consider no really gave him a second look.

Nanami blue eyes sparkled as an idea popped into his head. What if he made an attraction that was sure to get the attention he so desired. Nanami smiled it was easy to get his way with humans. So easily he got what he wanted the idea he had came to life. The Sunset bar was now his business. Surely good drinks were bound to get people he wanted.

Nanami smiled as the bar open. It was rather late 9pm. There was already a crow outside. His heart was racing as the heavy doors open. Standing behind the counter was Nanami and few others. The other that stood behind the counter were Namami's partners from the dark world. They did his bidding, today they helping him serve drinks.

Nanami blue eyes sparkled as the doors to the bar open and people started to flood in. He was excited, perhaps he would meet the love of his life or just another fling to keep him preoccupied for a while.
  Fish's Eye / Wolfy / 2d 1h 47m 49s
This rp will be MxM

I need someone who can write 1000+ Characters

I am still working on an idea if you are interesting pm!
  Fish's Eye / Wolfy / 16d 9h 3m 9s

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