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[size15 [#f8aff8 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Indie+Flower] [Indie+Flower The boy shivered as he watched the wolf come closer to him. His heart was racing as tears fell down his pale cheeks. His icy blue eyes held so much emotion. Fear, betrayal and pain.

He closed his eyes as he see the wolf approach with his sharpe fangs. He felt the pull on the ropes with ease they snapped. He stood there paralyzed again the tree. He was stiff and sore. He hadn't realized he scraped his fingers, from dropping the tea cup.

He fell to his knees, clutching his hand close to his chest. His heart was racing as he watched wolf closely. His sleek black fur was beautiful in the moon light. Those ravenous yellow eyes shown like a blazing fire. Trembling a shaky hand reach out to touch the wolf's fur. It was soft as silk.

It probably wasn't the smartest idea stoking a ravenous beast's fur. What did he have to lose. Betray by his own flesh and blood. Where was he to go now. He didn't know his way home. Nor did he have a home now. How could his father do this to him? It was a set up it had to be?

"Beast..." he said in a shaky soft voice. "Why didn't you devour me?" he said as his icy blue eyes looked into the wolf's yellow ones. His yellow eyes were so beautiful. It was odd as if he had seen them before. But where? His mind then ran back to the handsome male he had seen earlier.
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[h3 [center [b [+red A Wolf's Hunger]]]]

[size20 [center [+red A sacrifice had been brought to him yet again. Another human that would fall victim to his teeth. He stood silently staring at the human. His golden eyes taking him in. He appeared familiar. This pink haired boy. It was like he had been staring at him not too long ago... Maybe... Maybe that's because he had been. Only he hadn't been in this form. No he had been in his more natural form. His human form.

He had been coming towards here when he had been shocked by the sight of a pink haired boy. It wasn't just the hair. Oh no. It had been the eyes. Bright blue. Something had been interesting behind them. Even now as the wolf looked at him he could still see something in those blue eyes. Something much deeper than any human. Or maybe... He only seen it because he had looked at this human before he had changed into this hungering beast. Most humans he had attacked he hadn't seen in his human form.

Though his human form was his natural one he didn't always think much about human victims in his wolf form. It was like a different personality thing. As long as he attack humans he hadn't ever laid eyes on before he wasn't a monster. A creature had to eat. The monster had to eat. Fresh blood was always preferred and for some reason... Human flesh seemed to be the best. He had to feed his wolf form. For some reason its hunger was a lot different then his human hunger.

It was harder to sustain as well. He would try to wait months, but some how it had fallen to only a few weeks. At some point he was sure it would end up being days. Drool dripped from his lower jaw. He didn't make a move to attack though. He seemed to be lost in thought. Wondering what he should do about this boy. The human side of him didn't want to attack... Well maybe that was for the best.

He was a monster and it was hard to live with himself. He could do it if this human hadn't been one he had crossed before. Slowly he closed his eyes and averted his head. Why did it have to happen like this. He didn't know if he could keep in control and free this human.

He took a few steps forward and locked his jaws around the rope. The human's scent was so close. So damned close. He pulled until he felt the ropes give in. Finally. It had only taken a little bit, but it had felt like forever. He stood silently now watching the human waiting for its next move.]]]
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[size15 [#f8aff8 [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Indie+Flower] [Indie+Flower Nicky sighed softly as he stared into the golden colored eyes of the man that stood across from him. Those ravaging eyes looked as if they could devour him. Those eyes frightening lured him into a trans. This male was different the hunger that hid in his eyes was attractive but all at the same time it was horrifying.

Nicky tried shake himself out trans he was in but he couldn't help it. He sighed softly as he bit his bottom lip. First off he was suppose to be delivering a letter from his father to his uncle not staring at people. It was very rude of him to do so. He quickly walked away. Once he got to his uncle house that was deep in the woods. He felt as if he was being followed but each time he would turn to peek over his shoulder nothing was there.

He sighed softly as he knocked on the large wooden door. It open slowly but with a sweet smile that stood behind it. It was his uncle the older male was so sweet or so he thought anyway. There was darkness that seem to hide behind that male sweet smile. He gave his uncle the letter and his uncle of course invited him in for a drink. Nicky normally would refused, but he was actually pretty thirsty this time.

He smiled softly as the male invite him and made up some time for him. He smiled softly as he was handed the porcelain cup. He smiled softly as he sipped the tea. It tasted great, it was sweet and not bitter. Unlike most the his father and him drank. He then started to feel off. Nicky head was spinning, Nicky fell to the floor taking the porcelain cup. It shatter into pieces and the last thing he remember was his uncle sweet smile.

When Nicky finally came to everything was still blurry. His eyes finally came back into focus. He looked around. He was outside? The last thing he remember was being with his uncle. He sighed softly as he try to move. He couldn't, he had be tight tightly to the tree. His heart was racing he wanted to panic.

It was was when he heard a low growling that he let out a small scream. A pare of golden eyes emerged from the darkness. It was a wolf? No that couldn't be? Could it? He remember his father and uncle saying that wolves no longer lived in this forest...
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