Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking

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[size11 [font roman [b Disclaimer:] This is a roleplay about serial killers of various types, therefore, will contain extremely disturbing themes.
[b Inspired entirely by Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood, real-life serial killers, and American Psycho.]
[u I will refuse to accept anyone under the age of [b 18+]]

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[i "Day by Day.
Night by Night."

To them, another death is just another dollar.
And they all live within the same town.
But they are normal to the outside world.
They could never tell if someone was like them.
And when they do find someone who kills too.
Will something change inside them?
Or will they refuse?]

[b [u Every killer is unique, that is, if they stand out enough.]]
Black widows.
Lust killers.
Spree killers.
Group killers, or shall we say, cults.
Mass murderers.
Obsessive stalkers.

Of course, that's not all. Your killer minds can be very creative! But you are one of these four, just which one?

[b Power and Control]
Serial killers enjoy their victim's terror, suffering, and screaming. These killers tend to be very organized and they usually have a history of childhood abuse, which left them feeling powerless and inadequate as adults. Many of these killers also sexually abuse their victims, but they are not motivated by feelings of lust. To them, rape is simply another form of dominating the victim.

[b Visionary]
Are people that occasionally suffer from psychotic breaks from society. They sometimes believe they are another person, or they are compelled to murder by higher entities such as God or the Devil. In fact, the two most common subcategories for visionary serial killers are demon-mandated and God-mandated. David Berkowitz is an example of such a killer. He had claimed that a demon transmitted orders to him through his neighbor's dog that told him to kill. Since visionary killers tend to be more unorganized than other killers, they are very easy to track down.

[b Mission-Oriented]
Serial killers are killers that feel that they are doing society a favor by ridding it of certain people; these can include young women, prostitutes, drug dealers, or homosexuals, people they feel that society could do without. These killers are generally not psychotic. Some see themselves as trying to change society. They always have a controlled crime scene, hence categorizing them as organized makes them much easier to track. However, since these killers always go after specific victims, this makes them much easier to track down.

[b Thrill Seekers]
Are serial killers that see outsmarting the law as some sort of amusement. They enjoy attention from the media and they also enjoy being pursued by the police. They can be distinguished from other serial killers because of the fact that they send messages to others and they keep detailed records of their killings. Because of this, it is logical to say that most thrill-seekers can be categorized as organized, but at the same time they do not always plan everything out in advance. For that, they are also seen as unorganized killers. Thrills seekers typically use weapons and/or rape their victims before killing them. After that, they hide the victim's corpse and they move on to their next victim, that is unless of course they are caught in the act of doing so.

Either way, you're all the same monsters, but at least you're not the only one.]]]
[size12 [font roman
- [u 14 days or less to post.]
- I will delete the thread after [u [b 30 days of inactivity.]]
- I have no word limit but I prefer [u semi to advance lit.]
- This roleplay will potentially be following heavy, mature, possibly triggering themes.
- I don't care about sexualities or pairings ; all sexualities are fair game, just let me know if you have a specific preference.
- I have no preference for either role; let me know if you have a specific preference or idea for whichever one you want.
- Illustrations or real-life photographs can be used, I don't have a specific preference.
- I'm not strict on skeletons and don't really require one, but I'd prefer it if you'd make one as I usually do. I just like having a grasp on my partner's characters before meeting them.
- Creative freedom is very important to me. Don't feel trapped or held down by the plot. If you have any suggestions and want to discuss something, always let me know.
- Doubling is allowed and appreciated if you want to fill in any empty roles. If you do, I will do the same.

[center [b [u PM me if interested.]


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Roleplay Responses

Fingers wrapped around a pencil tapped rhythmically against the paper of a half drawn on sketch page, they were the fingers of Kasey Miller, an artist who had art not for the faint of heart; he focused on pain and suffrage. There was something so beautiful about the look of fear, and Kasey had learned to capture it on paper from a very young age; which got him in a lot of trouble and even caused a few foster homes to request his removal from their home. His pencil began to move again as he shaded in a few spots on the page he felt needed work then sat back slightly to look at it.

Kasey sighed quietly as he lifted the book off his lap and turned it around to face the other way and he smiled, “Did you know you could look so beautiful?” He wasn’t speaking to himself but a dark haired woman on the floor in front of him, handcuffed to a post that stood in the middle of the room from ceiling to floor. Kasey had first seen her a week ago, lurking around in the alleys buying drugs; she was homeless- a nobody. Kasey’s favorite people. She had seen what hell life could bring, he could read it off her face; and if it wasn’t for his artwork he would probably be sitting with her in the alley’s shooting up too. She sat, naked with only her hair covering her as far as her breasts. Kasey had not yet done anything too her, other then give her what he promised of her if she cooperated; a hit.

At first he wouldn’t give her hits large enough to do anything for her; she was a hard user he knew and was doing so on purpose. “If you’d like more, you’ll have to do more.” he told her. For a while she fought that, but soon the addiction started to kick in and she told him she’d do anything he wanted. Here she was now, after undressing and chaining herself to the post for him, all for that hit. She was clearly still feeling the effect, and little did she know that was going to be her last hit. Kasey had her where he wanted her, and soon those drugs would fade out and the real fun would begin. Kasey watched as her head began to droop down and he sighed softly and closed his sketchbook and dropped it down on the floor beside, letting the pencil drop on top then stood to his feet, “I’ll be back in an hour.” he said, a little annoyed she was still so high; she wouldn’t fear anything like this.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kasey’s eyes shot open and darted around the room, he was in his living room, it was dark and quiet. He groaned as he sat up from the awkward position he was laid in in his armchair and stretched his arms up over his head. He grabbed the hat from the table beside the chair and placed it lightly on top of his head, “Definitely over an hour.” he muttered as he checked his watch; three and a half. “Fuck.” he growled before heaving his small study and heading to the basement.

HIs home was built by him, from the ground up and it was built soundproof- not that he would need it in the woods, but you could never be too safe. It had two panic rooms, one of which being his basement where he likes to bring his house guests to spend their final nights. Kasey liked to play, sometimes they would beg him, plead that they would do everything he wanted- that’s when they were useless to him. Must like he was about to find this current girl was- the large door opened and Kasey stepped inside, “Sorry I’m late.” He said to her and then he froze. “No…” he growled as he stared now at the limp body, legs under her covered in vomit. “Fuck!” Kasey yelled and kicked the chair he had been sitting on earlier. “Thought you could handle more… You stupid bitch!” Kasey yelled, his foot connecting with the woman's ribs. Anger drew through his whole body, he had been the one who had given her the stronger shit but she should have been able to deal with it… “Fuck!” he yelled as he grabbed her by the hair and then swung her around so he could unlock her from the pole. “Can’t even take a god damn hit right..” he growled. His blood boiled under his skin as his whole schedule fell down around him; what else does an unstable mind do when something unexpected happens. After dragging her by the hair over to a table, this process seemed boring and dragged out now having skipped over his favorite part. The whole time he grumbled angrily under his breath; what a waste of time this girl had been. Once [i packaged] he placed it inside of a cooler and closed and locked the door before he left the basement.

Once upstairs he locked the door to the safe-room and headed out into the dining room and poured himself a drink, “What the fuck.” he growled as he downed the whole glass before he tossed the glass tot he floor with a crash. He took the bottle and then took another large mouthful before placing it back down and putting the bottle top back on tight. She was to be his fun for the next few nights, now he had to go find another; that would take a week at least- “Scheisse!” She was to be his whole inspiration for an upcoming art expo, he already had three pieces started! As those come to his mind he went up a small set of steps into his studio where he did all of his work. He removed his hat and placed it on the hanger, “All useless…” He growled at them as he took them all and tossed them over the steps, one breaking through the canvas of the other, making Kasey smile. He went back down and then grabbed his car keys and headed out the front door.

He made a few calls to see if there was anyone who was out for a drink tonight, but it seemed he would be heading out alone; that’s fine. Maybe he’ll be able to find another woman for his fun. He ended up going to a bar off on the edge of town, one not many would go too because it was a small rough looking spot, but Kasey spent a nice few nights there back a few years ago so he figured he may as well- something to keep his mind off that terrible failure in his cooler- deal with her later. He sat down inside at a table near the window, he liked to watch people pass and live their life- maybe they would get the privilege of coming home with him some day. A man come over and asked him if he would like to order, he got a beer and told him to keep them coming; he’d be here for a while, he has thinking to do.
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[font roman [size12 Murder was such a peculiar thing in today's time. Such a primal act that's been around for centuries, and yet, one that many fear. It was once a usual thing, even something that many would anticipate, but as the years went on and the world became tamed, the less death and murder would become a regular occurrence. Shame, really. Floribeth would've thrived during those times for senseless murder was her specialty; a little thrill-seeker who enjoyed snuffing out the lives of innocents and sinful people alike.

There was no ulterior motive. She didn't want to cleanse the world nor solve problems. She didn't care about equality or dominating her victims. She killed for the thrill. Now, the chase was the best bit, but tedious if they were frantic. She much preferred stalking them over a period of time before striking, but always wanted them to be aware of the situation, just not aware of her. It was quite sickening, really, but surely killing was even worse.

Her first kill was at the young age of twelve when a school bully just went too far. Luring them into the classroom was easy enough, sliding a box cutter across their throat, and watching their thick blood spurt from the open wound with each heartbeat was somehow even easier. Floribeth didn't get away with the murder and the severity of the crime was too high, but with her young age and seemingly remorseful response, after a two-year sentence and following a psychological evaluation, no additional sentence was sought and Floribeth was off the hook.

She never sought after forgiveness nor redemption, Floribeth felt nothing but happiness and relief at the murder, and the euphoric bliss and the feeling of being alive after such an act was something that she craved almost every day. And the attention from the media and outsmarting the law was just too much fun and way too satisfying to just let go and ignore. This was her life now, one that centered around taking others just because she could.

She kept every victim's name in a small journal, one that was purposefully telling just to rile up the law and the victim's families even more. She kept weapons on hand to torture and maim before murdering them, only went the extra mile a few times, and would always dig a shallow grave nearby to bury the body. If a lake was close, Floribeth would dump them there. She recalled dumping a dismembered corpse onto a pig farm once, though.

Her victims weren't anyone special, Floribeth would sometimes befriend them over the course of a few weeks and then strike and other times they were random and sporadic. She would even disguise herself as a prostitute to lure a few Johns into one of the motels nearby and murder them there, an extremely common tactic to use.

Tonight was another night of planned murder, though, Floribeth had no victim just yet but just knew that somebody had to die for her to get her high. She stood in the town outside a small restaurant, leaning against the wall with a handheld mirror in hand, checking out her makeup and wiping away any flaws that damaged her appearance. She decided that tonight the 'prostitute' approach would get quicker results, but anyone that was seemingly dumb enough to approach her would do the trick, really.
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