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She thanked the driver then Brooklyn hugged her father tightly. ''I missed you so much!'' She said. ''We all missed you so much'' James said. He felt so guilty about what his daughter is going to go through. ''Brooke I have to tell you something once we head out..'' James said with deep regret in his voice. He knew Brooklyn didn't deserve what he had done but it was out of fear.

Brooklyn went over to Marla ''Hello, it's nice to meet you!'' She said with a smile on her face. She held out her hand to shake Marla's hand. ''So, why did you come over with my dad to come and get me??'' She asked her before looking back at her dad ''Did something bad happen??'' She asked her dad.
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[tab ] The driver politely took Brooklyn's suitcases and placed them into the trunk of the car for her, and Marla watched the interaction standing on the other side of the car, removing her sunglasses, taking a moment to study Brooklyn's appearance. She knew that this girl didn't deserve to go through this. That she deserved the oppourtunity to make her own decision- that was one of the things that had already been decided. It was a tough situation, bad timing- they had to take her or kill her father. If they didn't, so soon after the young Mr. Jacoby had risen to leadership-- they would be targeted, overthrown if word got out since the late Mr. Jacoby had bought Mr. Reynold's debt.
[tab ] She waited a moment, to allow the two to reunite in peace, before brushing down her attire and heading around the car to greet them, offering a gloved hand to Brooklyn. [b "Ms. Reynolds. It's nice to meet you. I am Marla Noxx. I work with an associate of your fathers."] She introduced, offering a rare and brief- but genuine smile.
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James nodded ''I get that- I was just curious.'' He said as he put his hands in his lap and looked at the ground. ''He died? dose his son know of this plan?'' James asked as he itched his nose some. ''My daughter is going to hate me..'' He muttered. ''I guess I'll take a drink.'' James pulled out his phone to text Brooklyn. -I am on my way to pick you up. Be there soon- He sent the message as he looked back at Marla.

Brooklyn jumped a bit as her phone went off. She checked and smiled some. -Alright! I cant wait to see you again! I missed you all so much.- Brooklyn put her phone back in her bag and looked around some. She couldn't wait to get to her parent's house. She missed them so, much they meant the world to her. She went outside and seen them. Brooklyn ran over.
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[tab ] Marla settled herself inside the car across from him as the driver closed the door and returned to the front of the car. [b "I would like to first state that your question is just a tad above my paygrade. But- we don't throw away life for no good reason. I suppose you could call it an unspoken code of sorts that we follow."]
[tab ] The driver started the car and began driving to the airport, rolling up a privacy window between the driver and back seating area. Marla checked her watch briefly as well as her phone before looking back to Mr. Reynolds. [b "I will tell you something... It's not my place, but it only seems fair. The Mr. Jacoby that you made an arrangement with died three days ago. His son has taken over proceedings, and- well. I helped raise that young man. He won't kill your daughter over lost money, Mr. Reynolds. You don't need to worry about that."] She sighed and leaned back slightly. [b "The thing you have to worry about right now, is how to explain that you've traded your daughter's freedom for your own life. Perhaps she can still make that choice for herself."]
[tab ] She knew that wouldn't go over well, so she turned to the amenities within the car. [b Can I offer you a drink?"]
[hr ]
[tab ] It didn't long for them to arrive at the airport, and Marla got out with Mr. Reynolds to join him as he went to pick up his daughter, staying back a bit. They did deserve some small happy reunion, at least.
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James nodded ''I would like to set up a meeting with him.'' He said as he followed Marla over to the vehicle. James sat in the car once he opened the door to the car. ''I have a question. what if the loan doesn't end up getting paid?'' He asked ''What would happen to my daughter? Would she be kept alive?'' James had millions of questions on his mind at the moment. But he decided it would be best not to play a million questions game.

Brooklyn plane had just landed she grabbed her luggage and headed out of the plane. ''It feels so good to be home.'' She said with a big smile on her face. She headed into the area to wait for her ride home. Brooklyn sat down on a chair as she waited patiently. She took out her phone to check the time.
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[tab ] Marla sighed, and her lips pulled into a thin line. [b "I understand that this is a difficult time. I can try to schedule a meeting with Mr. Jacoby for you when he is next availible to discuss, but for right now I am bound to my own agreement and terms of service here."] She paused, and pulled down her sunglasses slightly, peering over them at him, flashing pale blue eyes to study his put-out expression for a long moment.. [b "We're not trying to alienate her from you Mr. Reynolds, nor will we harm her. In this specific situation, Ms. Reynolds is your loan collateral."]
[tab ] Putting her sunglasses back into their proper position, she nodded her head to the black car. [b "If we do not leave soon, we will be late to pick up Ms. Reynolds. Any time spent running late is time lost from spending with your daughter. You don't have to explain to her right away, but just understand that we are on a schedule, and I am required to be close by."] She headed to the car where the driver had come around to open the back passenger door, and she gestured for him to head into the car.
[tab ] The ride wouldn't take long, but it was best to get going anyway.
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James Reynolds walked up to Marla ''Does it have to be today?'' He asked her. ''She's been gone for about two years. And everyone else will be so upset. They don't know anything about this yet..'' He said sighing. ''Please don't take her away today.'' He begged. ''I'll figure out a different plan for it. Just don't take her.'' He was desperate in them not taking her away. ''She will try to get out of this as well'' He told Marla. ''I understand everything but cant we work this out. I've changed my mind. I don't want her to go away again..'' James paused ''ill figure out how to get the money back.

Brooklyn sighed as the plane would be landing here in awhile. She couldn't wait till she got home. She missed her friends and family dearly. All she could think about was getting to see her family. Little did she know that she would only see them for a short amount of time.
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[tab ] Outside Brookyln's family home waited a long, sleek black car with tinted windows, and an older woman waiting patiently as she stood, partially leaned against the passenger's side door, silently observing the neighborhood while taking short drags from a cigarette. Dressed in all black business attire and dark sunglasses to hide her expression, the image of the woman and the car stood out prominently from the 'normal' here, drawing hushed whispers from neighbors about who this must be, why were they here-- and why out of all houses to be visiting was she in front of [i his] house.
[tab ] She was waiting, quite patiently, as per her arrangement with Brooklyn's father to meet him as he got off work and escort him to the airport to pick up his daughter, as well as to prevent any potential great escapes-- not that her boss was too worried- they had connections in every major town across the US and in multiple other countries- tracking them down would be of no issue.
[tab ] Checking her watch on a black-gloved hand, the woman looked up to see a car coming down the street, and she dropped her cigarette and crushed it out with a heel as the car pulled into the driveway, straightening her posture and striding over to meet him as he turned off his car.
[tab ] [b "Mr. Reynolds. I am Marla Noxx, I work for Mr Jacoby. I am here to escort you to pick up your daughter from the airport this afternoon. I trust that you comprehend that this process going smoothly will be best suited for everyone involved?"] Marla's voice was firm, but not harsh as many of those who worked for Mr. Jacoby were- it was clear that she had been sent as a kindness, given the situation. [b "We are not expected to return to Mr. Jacoby until tomorrow at noon, so that should allow sufficient supervised time for you to explain your particular situation, allow her to pack anything she desires, and for the two of you to spend some quality time together. Do you understand?"]
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As Brooklyn headed into the airport she looked around once more as she went to go find her loading area to get on the plane home she smiled. She was finally gonna get to go home after being away for so long. Brooklyn smiled as she gave the lady her ticket to get on the plane. She put her luggage above her seat before she sat down. Brooklyn pulled her phone out to put it in airplane mode.

Brooklyn sat back in her seat and waited for the plane to take off. She sat back in her seat and looked out the window. Brooklyn sighed as she couldn't get comfortable because she was too restless and was too excited to get some good rest.

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