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[tab ] [b "Ah,"] Marla smiled a bit, [b "A birthday coming up soon. We'll have to make certain you can see your family then in the least-- and hopefully we'll be able to throw a nice party for you. Mr. Jacoby is approaching 23 in a month or two, so you two acrually are quite close in age actually."] She was happy to be able to offer some distraction for Brooklyn, to hopefully keep her mind off of her situation a bit. The car turned onto an off road, stopping briefly at a large gate at the edge of thr estate. They were just outside the city in an area full of trees and winding road, and the very beginnings of the countryside now.
[tab ] [b "We might be able to catch him briefly, however his schedule is currently quite full. But it's guaranteed that you'll be able to meet with him tomorrow afternoon, as thats when it was originally planned we would return by."] Marla explained.
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''I hope they do calm down soon,'' Brooklyn said as she yawned some. ''I would enjoy some retail therapy.'' She said. ''Will I get to see him at all today?'' Asked Marla. ''Im almost twenty-one I will be twenty-one in a few weeks,'' Brooklyn said as she tucked some hair behind her ear. ''Also I'm sorry about asking ten million questions all the time.'' Brooklyn apologized to Marla. Brooklyn looked down at her phone to see if anyone had said anything to her. She sighed as she looked down at the ground for a few minutes.
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[tab ] [b "It's understandable that you're upset. In a few days after you're settled perhaps we can partake in some retail therapy."] Marla replied, glancing at her phone as a message appeared and answering it before setting it back onto the street. She was less prepared for her next question.
[tab ] [b "Well. Currently he is overworked, but in the next month or so things should return to a slower pace. He is tenacious, hardworking, and well organized."] Marla said, thinking over what would be appropriate to explain. [b "He's mourning as well, for his late father right now. And he's quite young, likely around your age. How old are you again dear?"]
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Brooklyn looked at Marla '' I am a bit hungry. But I can wait till we get to the house.'' She said quietly. Brooklyn looked back out the window as they drove. ''I cant wait to see my room.'' she smiled some. Brooklyn looked back over at Marla. ''Sorry, for being so quiet. I'm just upset about everything.'' She said. ''So, what is your boss like?'' Brooklyn asked curiously. She wanted to know what she was getting herself into.

James tried to calm his wife down. He tried to promise that he would try to get Brooklyn back. He had to get her back in the home.
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[tab ] Marla got into the car just after Brooklyn did, and their driver headed around to the front of the car. After they had pulled away, Marla looked over Brooklyn's heartbroken expression for a brief moment before speaking.
[tab ] [b "Are you hungry? Perhaps there's a resturant we can take you to you've always wanted to go to- or we can pick something up. Or I could put in a request with our chef, if you would like."] She offered softly, to break the silence. She was reminded of the way that her mother had always prepared her favorite meal when she was feeling sad growing up- her mother always believed strongly in the power of comfort food. [b "They've made sure your room is finished for you... If you don't like anything, we can change it. Don't be afraid to ask."]
{No worries}
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Brooklyn nodded ''Yes, I have everything I need..'' Brooklyn said as she got in the car. She waved goodbye to her family as she scooted over to the other seat. She laid her head up against the window. James sighed as he watched Brooklyn got in the car. At least he'd get to talk about it soon and hopefully have his daughter back in his life. James felt bad that he put this upon Brooklyn.

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[tab ] [b "Of course."] Marla replied softly, reaching into her purse to retrieve her phone once more to let others know.
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[tab ] The driver assisted Brooklyn in packing and moving anything she desired to take with her to the car, and by the time they had finished Marla was still talking in semi-hushed tones over the phone with someone- maybe even multiple people. She had arranged an appointment at the next availible opening between Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Jacoby- in about a months time, to discuss again the terms of the agreement, and written it on a small card-- almost like one you would recieve from a doctor's office to remind you of an appointment. But when she saw Brooklyn was ready to leave, she cut her last call short.
[tab ] [b "Are you ready? You have what you wish to take with you from here?"] She asked Brooklyn, once again using her softer voice. The driver opened the passenger door for them.
  DanceMyDear / 30d 9h 18m 52s
Brooklyn sighed as she looked out the window ''Thank you.'' She said to Marla quietly. as they pulled up to the house. She opened the door and walked got out of the vehicle. James did as well. He walked into the house. But Brooklyn just kinda waited outside for a few minutes. She was absolutely hearted broken with the news she was just given.
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[tab ] Marla nodded solemnly, glancing apologetically to Mr. Reynolds. She understood the young woman's decision well, and she hoped that they woukd be able to reconcile eventually. [b "Very well. I will inform my coworkers of your decision and have them make the proper preparations."]
[tab ] The driver pulled up to the Reynolds' home shortly after.
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Brooklyn looked like she was almost going to cry but she held it together. ''I- can't believe that he would try to push my life on the line for his own needs...'' She said quietly. Brooklyn looked at the ground.

''Brooklyn- Im sorry I didn't want it to go this way.'' James looked at her. Brooklyn wouldn't look at her father. She looked at Marla. ''I-I'll do it..'' Brooklyn said in almost a whisper. ''i-I'll pack as soon as we get to the house. I don't think I want to be there around my father much longer..'' She stayed calm as she spoke never once did she look at her dad. ''Brooke- I'm so sorry..'' James said. Brooklyn shook her head how was she going to tell her mother about this she was going to be so heartbroken.
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[tab ] Marla almost felt bad for Mr. Reynolds in this situation.
[tab ] [i Almost.]
[tab ] [b "You have the oppourtunity to help with his trouble, should you so choose. It would, unfortunately, mean that you would come with me to go away for a while. We would take care of your every need, every want, and no harm will come to you. In exchange, your father will not have a hit taken out on him in recompense for not paying off his debts."] Marla said, as gently as she could. She leaned forward and looked Brooklyn directly in the eyes. [b "Recognize the value of your own life. You are in charge of your own choices, your own destiny. You can refuse and move on with your life- and please, understand that it is not your responsibility to have to save your father because of his choices."]
[tab ] Marla leaned back again checking her watch with a brief glance. [b "The choice is yours. You have until tomorrow at noon to make your decision."]
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Brooklyn looked at Marla ''I would do anything to save my father.'' She said. ''But how did he get into so much financial trouble?'' She asked Marla. ''What happened over the two years I was gone??'' Brooklyn was panicking some. As she looked at her Father. ''Does mom know about any of this?'' Brooklyn had a thousand questions in her mind but she decided it'd we best not to ask any more of them.

''Sweetie.. calm down it going to be fine-'' James felt so bad when he said it was going to be fine. He felt like the worst father in the entire world. Brooklyn took some deep breaths as she tried to focus her thoughts back to what Marla was saying. ''So, why do you need to know how much I value my father's life??'' She asked as she calmed herself down some. She put her hands in her lap and sat up a bit straighter.
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[tab ] The driver nodded to Brooklyn and closed the door behind her, heading around to the driver's seat. [b "Alright."] Marla responded to her request, nodding to the driver and then rolling up the privacy window as they began their return trip to the Reynolds' home.
[tab ] She could see Mr. Reynolds seeking help from her, and she just nodded slightly and turned to Brooklyn. [b "Ms. Reynolds. I can see quite clearly that you and your father love each other quite dearly. I do not believe in lying. Your father has gotten into some financial trouble over the past several months, and my boss's company was assisting him for a time, but things took a worse turn. Now, we are in a very precarious position in which your father owes a great deal of money. Life and death amounts of money."]
[tab ] [b "Ms. Reynolds, have you ever considered how far you might go to save your father's life?"]
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James nodded ''Yes, let's talk about it in the car,'' He said as he got in after Marla did. Brooklyn took the driver's hand. ''Thank you!'' She said politely. ''I want to go home first so I can shower and see everyone else,'' Brooklyn said quietly. She felt dirty and all sweaty from the plane ride.

James sighed as he looked at Marla he wasn't sure how to tell Brooklyn what he had done. ''Brooke-'' He paused. ''I hope you know how much I love you. I would never do anything to harm you. You know that right?..'' He asked her. ''Of course, I know that..'' Brooklyn said. ''So, what is it that you needed to tell me?'' She asked him as she looked at him then Marla.
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[tab ] The driver opened the door to the seating area for the three, as Marla shared a brief glance with Mr. Reynolds at Brooklyn's question. [b "Let's discuss in the car."] She offered, gracefully entering into the car and moving over to allow to allow them both to enter.
[tab ] [b "I'm sure your father would prefer the explain. Is there a preference of where you would like to go?"] She asked, looking to Mr. Reynolds once more. [b "Your home, or perhaps a resturant of some sort to celebrate Ms. Reynolds' reunion?"] She offered. The driver offered a hand to Brooklyn to assist her into the car should she desire it.
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