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''Im fine with whatever is being given to me.. I'm just thankful to still be alive and well..'' She told Marla as she smiled some. Brooklyn sighed as she put her purse down. ''It seems like it'd take some time to memorize and map out where each and every room is and what is in it,'' Brooklyn said.

Brooklyn bit her lip at Marla's response she had bit her lip way too hard causing it to bleed. Though she didn't really notice the bleeding on her lip. ''So, basically, I could end up losing my life depending on my timing?..'' She asked her quietly. She was almost too scared to ask her any more questions at the moment. What Marla said was quite a bit to take in. Brookly still stayed quiet for a moment after that.
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[tab ] [b "If that makes you uncomfortable, I'm sure that you can always keep a smaller room if you prefer."] Marla said, taking note of Brooklyn's shock. [b "It is very nice here. Plenty of room to explore, though I'm sure it probably gets overwhelming if you're small. I know my children enjoyed playing here when they were too young to remember now."]
[tab ] Marla shifted a bit at the additional question, [b "Well. It would strongly depend on your timing I'm sure, and where you wound up. But it could be very bad. There are people here who like to preserve their privacy, and we conduct a lot of work in that area. We treat you as our guest here, and that retains a certain amount of respect in itself, but no one has gotten the chance to meet you yet. No one has any reason to defend you if you interrupt their deal, or to protect you if we have visitors who decide that you deserve to pay for your fathers debts with more than just your freedom."] She tried to explain, frowning slightly. [b "As I said before, it's best to avoid it, and keep from getting into trouble. Our work is not nice."]
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''O-oh,'' she said quietly. She looked at Marla ''It's only temporary right now?'' She asked slightly astonished. ''You guys are trying really hard to make as comfortable as can be huh?'' Brooklyn asked Marla. ''By how it looked on the outside the home is so gorgeous.'' She said as she sat on the bed for a moment. ''I would have loved to grow up in a home-like this.''

Brooklyn itched her neck a bit ''What will the repercussions be if I do decide to go into those places?'' She asked so she could decide if it would be worth breaking those rules or not. She normally followed the rules just fine for the most part but she liked to push limits and some boundaries. It was just how she was.
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[tab ] [b "It was a rather aggressive relapse of some cancer she had previously overcome the year before, unfortunately."] Marla replied softly. She smiled a bit as Brooklyn looked around the room for a bit. [b "This is just temporary, I believe they're in the process of renovating one of the other suites as well- we can go shopping for some nice furniture for it in a few days."]
[tab ] [b "You know, I'm not actually sure who designed this estate. It's been with the family for several years though, but I can't remember if it was inherited or not."] She replied to her question, watching her walk around. Brooklyn's things had been set carefully at the end of the bed in the room for ease of access. Marla's expression looked slightly troubled when she asked where to not go, but she shook it off as just curiosity. [b "As a general rule, it's wise to avoid the west wing. Particularly upstairs and the meeting room downstairs. That should keep you out of trouble."] she explained.
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''Oh.,'' Brooklyn said. ''Does anyone knows what she came down with?'' Brooklyn asked Marla in a soft quiet voice she didn't want to upset anyone. ''That is understandable.'' She said as she followed Marla to the staircase. ''What kind of schedule will I be on'' She asked as she looked at Marla. She looked around some before they got to the door with the notecard with her last name on it.

As Marla opened the door and let her go into the room she walked in and thanked Marla. Brooklyn looked around the room excitedly. ''It's so nice in here,'' Brooklyn said as she smiled. ''Who designed it?'' She asked Marla as she walked around the room. She walked over to the closet to look at it. ''This closet is so much bigger than the one I had at home. ''

Brooklyn seemed to be a lot calmer than when she first had gotten here. Her whole deminer had seemed happier. Brooklyn finally figured out that everything will be just fine. ''Is there any place or any room in this estate that I should not go into'' She asked as she looked at Marla.
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[tab ] [b "That was the late Mrs. Jacoby-- and yes, that boy is Mr. Jacoby. Unfortunately a few months after the reference for this portrait was taken she became very ill; she died before it was ever finished."] Marla explained, glancing at the family portrait again and smiling softly, much like saying hello to an old friend.
[tab ] [b "I'm not certain what the late Mr. Jacoby would've done, or what he saw in you-- we never got the opportunity to discuss it. But anyway- your room is just upstairs."] Marla said taking a deep breath and standing up straight again, leading Brooklyn around and up the east staircase. [b "For the first few days, while we get you used to the schedule and the layout of things, it's probably best if we stick together. After that I'm sure you'll be welcome to explore more of the estate at your own pace."]
[tab ] They entered into the east portion of the second floor, and there were several floor to ceiling windows along the back wall looking over a central courtyard and beyond that to a lush back garden and view of the surrounding estate. Taking a left, they headed into where it seemed most of the actual rooms were, and all the way to the end of the hall, where there was a small notecard taped to the door saying 'Ms. Reynolds' Room - ready'. [b "Here we are."] Marla turned back to Brooklyn and smiled, before opening the door and taking a step back so Brooklyn could look within for herself first.
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''Okay, just wanted to make sure'' She said as she smiled some. ''Well, I don't really want to see him anytime soon..'' Brooklyn told Marla. ''Like don't get me wrong I love my father.. but I couldn't stand looking him on the eyes at the moment..'' She sighed as she looked at the portraits. ''That woman looks so beautiful,'' Brooklyn said. She then pointed at the photo with the woman and the two men. Brooklyn pointed to the younger-looking one. ''is that Mr. Jacoby??''

She saw The older man's portrait. ''What do you think he would have done with me if he was still alive?'' Brooklyn asked her. Her eyes wandered quite a bit around the room. She was super nervous yet kinda excited. ''What do you think he saw in my portrait on my father's desk?'' She asked. She nodded ''I'd really enjoy that. today has been quite eventful..''
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[tab ] [b "Oh, no, I believe they can handle carrying your things."] Marla assured helping Brooklyn out of the car. The driver shut the door behind them, and Marla smoothed her outfit once more. [b "I think he'll likely try. At least in the beginning. And if not- it is likely he will watch his life fall apart around him from his choices."] She said casually, leading Brooklyn up the stepps and into the front enterance. There was a large grand staircase in the enterance hall, with stairs going up either side and meeting in the middle. Below, on the wall supporting the staircase, were three large portraits.
[tab ] First, to the left, was a large portrait of a beautiful young woman with shoulder length dark blonde hair and pale, nearly golden, brown eyes. Her pose was refined, but relaxed, seated casually on a chair and with a warm, welcoming expression, as if she were smiling to the viewer of the portrait. There were a few candles and a bouquet of roses on a thin table set beneath.
[tab ] In the center there was a portrait of the same woman again, but with a young family. Two boys, one with dark blonde hair and dark brown eyes that matched his mother, and seemed a few years older, and a younger boy with dark brown hair and the same pale golden eyes. And then a man, with a more stern and regal expression, obviously the father, with dark brown hair and eyes, wearing a suit.
[tab ] Finally on the right, there was a portrait of the man again, this time much older, with his hair mostly greying. He seemed tired, and stern. Still in full suit and tie, standing at a desk. Below this portrait were many bouquets of flowers, lit candles, and other tiny memorbilia such as portions of food, notes, letters, all laid upon a similar small table and pouring out onto the floor below it.
[tab ] [b "That was the man who bought your fathers debt. I know that he had gone on a visit with someone to kill your father when it was clear no progress was being made, but something stopped him. No one is quite certain what that was. But that's why you have been offered your deal, this chance. Perhaps he saw something in your picture on your fathers desk that stopped him."] Marla said, walking to the man's portrait, taking in the scent of one of the many flowers there. She turned back to Brooklyn and smiled reassuringly. [b "Let's get you settled."]
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''Alright.,'' Brooklyn said as she took Marla's hand. ''I would enjoy having a tour of the house.'' Brooke smiled as she grabbed her purse. ''Do they need any help getting my things out of the trunk?'' She asked politely. ''I would also like to still meet Mr. Jacoby. If he has any time today to see me.'' Brooklyn still had a smile on her face.

She rubbed the back of her neck ''I truly don't think my father will every pay his debt back..'' Brooklyn told Marla ''i feel like he was kinda putting on a show about how much he cared.. Half the time he only cares about himself, not others..'' She sighed as she finished speaking.
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[tab ] [b "We'll work out an arrangement if things don't work out. Try not to worry."] Marla promised, stepping out of the car and offering her a hand. A few other henchmen arrived, all nodding to them both politely and saying 'Mrs. Noxx. Ms. Reynolds', as they went to the back of the car to moce Brooklyn's things into the house. All were wearing at least some black, some more than others- such as Marla's full black attire- or one of the henchmen's jeans and black shirt.
[tab ] [b "I'll show you to your room and help you get settled. Then we can head to the kitchen perhaps, and get some food. And after that depending on what you feel like, and who else is around, we can tour through the house if you like, I'll also try to see if Mr. Jacoby can squeeze in to see you as well if you still desire."] Marla explained.
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Brooklyn's eyes widened some ''A gang?!'' She asked as panic rising in her voice. Brooklyn took a few shaky deep breaths. ''Your sure that I will be fine?..'' Brooklyn asked in a quiet voice. ''How do you not get caught? What happens to me if my father doesn't pay his debt?''

Brooklyn sighed as she looked at Marla. ''Well at least I know I will be safe..'' She tried to be more positive towards this whole ordeal. She smiled some as she calmed herself down a little bit. ''So, what's going to happen when we get inside?''
  Sf_Pappy / 29d 9h 36s
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[tab ] [b "I should have explained better to you before-- the thought hadn't even crossed my mind..."] Marla said, a tone of worry casting across her voice. [b "I was not lying when I said no harm will come to you before. And it is funny that you say 'buisiness'... Some would call it 'the business'."]
[tab ] She tried to think of the best way to assure Brooklyn. [b "Mr. Jacoby is the current leader of one of the highest ranked gangs in the state, perhaps even the country. We deal mostly in stolen goods and smuggling, and prefer not to get our hands dirty unless strictly necessary. We also, occasionally, offer loans in very specific cases, and buy out contracts from loansharks who have become tired of being out so much money from unreliable partnerships..."] The car came to a stop in front of the main enterance to the house. There were security guards posted at the doors- or maybe one might refer to them as henchmen. Marla looked to Brooklyn, trying her very best to be reassuring, as the driver came around to open the door for the two of them.
[tab ] [b "I am in charge of looking after you while you are here. I will make certain you are safe and cared for. That much I can assure you."] Marla added
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''No, actually I don't know what your work is... I hadn't been told.'' Brooklyn said. She seems genuinely interested in what their work is. Yet she had no clue what she fully has gotten herself into. ''I figured you were some sort of business people..'' A sudden realization hit her. ''if you where business people this wouldn't be happening... Right?...''

Brooklyn took a deep breath to let what was going through her brain settle in. Was she in danger?... She had wondered this. Is this how she gets killed? Brooklyn tried to stay calm she didn't want to have a mental breakdown.
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[tab ] The car made its way slowly up the long drive and soon enough a rather large house-- or perhaps more aptly described-- mansion with what appeared to be a mixture of Tuscan and Craftsman style architecture seemlessly blended together. Marla wondered briefly for a moment at Brooklyn's expression of feeling some relief.
[tab ] [b "It is quite calm here. Ms. Reynolds.... Do you actually know what our work is?"] She asked, thinking over everything she had explained to Brooklyn- wondering if this girl was actually aware of what she had gotten herself into.
  DanceMyDear / 29d 21h 15m 52s
Brooklyn nodded as she smiled back. ''I would enjoy seeing my family for my birthday,'' Brooklyn said happily. ''Only a few years different.'' She rubbed her eyes a bit. ''I cant wait to meet him at least it should calm my nerves a bit.'' She said to Marla. Her attitude seemed to be a bit more uplifted now.

Brooklyn looked out the window as the drove into the gate of the estate. ''It looks like it's super calm and quiet here.'' She said her body also seemed a lot less tense than she had been before.
  Sf_Pappy / 29d 21h 27m 56s

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