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[tab ] [b "Ah- that's right. Sorry about that."] Mila smiled sheepishly. [b "Well, good luck eith everything I guess."]
[tab ] [b "Let's head to the office. That should be where Mr. Jacoby is right now."] Marla said to Brooklyn as they grabbed the tray. She waved and said thanks to Mila and James before leading Brooklyn back out of the kitchen and through the connected dining area. It seemed to be that a lot more of the members of the gang were there now, grabbing a meal and chatting. Marla greeted a few people as they walked through, and together the two headed to the other side of the house-- to the west side. The side where Brooklyn had been instructed not to explore without someone else.
  DanceMyDear / 19d 20h 48m 42s
Brooklyn waited for them to come back. She smiled a bit before looking back at Marla ''right.. also depends on how young you pick the habit up..'' She said looking at the young woman and the young man came back. ''It nice to meet you both!'' Brooklyn said happily. ''Yes. that is right.'' She said as she sighed. ''Its Brooklyn'' She told Mila.

She seemed calmer a lot of the people I've met so far here are so nice she thought to herself. ''Im glad I got the chance to meet you two.''
  Sf_Pappy / 20d 21m 27s
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[tab ] [b "Hmm? Oh! Yeah. Hold on I'll grab one for you."] The young woman said, and you could see the redhaired man follow after her mouthing 'mam??' as the young woman hit his arm gently which he feigned an 'ow' at before going to fix a few plates of food.
[tab ] [b "I suppose it really depends on the habit."] Marla shrugged. Before they knew it, the young woman had come back with a tray and dinner enough for a couple people.
[tab ] [b "I'm Mila, by the way. And my- for reasons unknown- friend is James."] Mila introduced herself, pointing in the direcrion of James. [b "You're Ms. Reynolds right? Or wait I swear I remember your name-- it was a city right? Like Paris?"]
  DanceMyDear / 20d 6h 51m 41s
''Alright..'' She said as she headed into the kitchen area. Brooklyn went up to the lady he had seen with the fiery redhead earlier. ''Ma'am? is there a tray available?'' She asked her ''We are going to bring some food up to Mr. Jacoby.'' Brooklyn said. She was still very unsure of how things had worked around here.

''It hard to get out of bad habits normally... But some are easy to break as well'' she said to Marla as she caught up.
  Sf_Pappy / 20d 8h 20m 32s
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[tab ] [b "I mean, if you want to. But it's not strictly necessary, we sort of serve food more family style or I guess sort of buffet style based on the quantities."] Marla replied. [b "But- actually yes, lets go make sure that there's a tray availible."] She said following Brooklyn back out.
[tab ] [b "It's always been a bad habit he's had. He gets too wrapped up in the things he's focused on sometimes. More often as of late."]
  DanceMyDear / 20d 9h 3m 54s
Brooklyn smiled as well ''That sounds good'' Brooklyn said happily. She itched her neck some as she waited for Marla. ''Can I tell the cooks?'' She asked in her soft quiet voice. She had her arms loosely crossed which was her comfort stance. She stood like this when she nervous or not it just made her feel better in this stance.

''Why do you think he always forgets to eat?'' She asked Marla. ''Is he always that busy?'' She wondered
  Sf_Pappy / 20d 13h 13m 17s
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[tab ] [b "Now there's an idea..."] Marla trailed off a bit before turning to Brooklyn and smiling. [b "Two birds with one stone. Mr. Jacoby is notoriously bad about forgetting to eat, but will stop to eat if someone brings him food. How about this; we can have two plates of food put together and then we'll take it to him- that way you get the chance to meet him and he is forced to take a break."] She suggested.
  DanceMyDear / 20d 21h 35m 30s
''That's understandable'' Brooklyn said as she nodded. She followed behind Marla. ''No, not really. Anything that is made is fine.'' She told her. ''I am not allergic to anything that I know of,'' Brooklyn said. ''Oh, yum that sounds really good'' Brooklyn said with a small smile on her face.

''Do you think that Mr. Jacoby will be around for dinner?'' Brooklyn asked Marla with curiosity in her voice. She was ready to meet him.
  Sf_Pappy / 20d 23h 20m 51s
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[tab ] [b "Most of the people working with us are aware, at least for the most part. Although, most people don't know what you look like or what you were going to be like."] Marla explained, heading into one of the two pantries- it looked like this one was more snacks and quick meal focused. [b "Do you have any preferences for food? Are there any allergens we need to avoid, or religious preferences? For most of our raw ingredients things are kept kosher, and we also have things like gluten, nuts, dairy, all kept carefully separate."] She opened up a fridge built in to the storage meant to look like a cupboard. [b "I believe they're making roast chicken, gnocchi, rice pilaf, and roasted vegetables as the main meal tonight, if any of that interests you."]
  DanceMyDear / 21d 21h 52m 41s
''Alright ma'am,'' Brooklyn said as she followed Marla out of the room. She looked around some as they went to the kitchen. ''It looks so nice here,'' Brooklyn told Marla as they got closer to the kitchen.

When they got into the kitchen she stayed quiet and kept to herself as the fiery redhead spoke she jumped some she blinked at him some. ''So... do a lot of the people here know of my Arrival?..'' Brooklyn asked Marla. She sighed as she looked around some as people were rushing around to get dinner ready and set up.

Brooklyn nodded as she had been told about the pantry. ''It's so weird to have a kitchen space this big.'' She said quietly as she put her hair up to get it out of her face.

  Sf_Pappy / 21d 23h 21m 8s
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[tab ] Marla nodded to Brooklyn as she responded in the affirmative. [b "Let's get going then."] She said, standing up straight before leading the young woman back out, and down the hall once more to the staircase. [b "I know that it seems a bit daunting now, but I'm sure that you'll figure out the layout in no time- before long it'll be second-nature even."]
[tab ] Heading into the eastern portion of the mansion on the ground floor, things seemed to be a bit more open-planned beyond the main entrance hall, especially as they entered into a larger sort of lounge/ living room type of area, and beyond that to a semi-formal dining room and attached kitchen. It seemed to have been designed with the intention of those in the kitchen being able to communicate easily with those in the dining room, and the smells of good food began to waft towards the two women as they approached, a handful of men and women both looking like the henchmen type as well as more cooking-staff types, mingling and chatting as a larger meal was being prepared.
[tab ] Marla smiled and gave her hellos to various people as they passed through. [b "Hey Marla, new recruit? She looks a bit green for that sort of thing."] Came a voice of a young man with firey red hair and freckles dotting across his face and forearms- he seemed to be one of the cooks. Marla was about to answer when--
[tab ] [b "No, idiot, that's [i the girl], leave her alone she's probably nervous."] A young woman interrupted, nudging the red-haired man with her elbow before taking him by the ear and off to a basket of potatoes that assumedly needed peeling. Marla turned to Brooklyn, trying not to chuckle a bit.
[tab ] [b "This is the kitchen. We have two attached pantries, one with snacks and the other one with more general ingredients like our dry ingredients, pasta, etcetera- I promise things are a lot less hectic outside of meal times."] She assured.
  DanceMyDear / 24d 1h 56m 54s
Brooklyn smiled at Marla softly before she glanced around the room a bit. 'This is home for a while now..' She thought to herself. Brooklyn tried to keep her mood up she wanted to seem like everything was going to be all good. But for the most part, she knew it really wasn't. ''Alright.. that sounds good'' She said quietly as she had returned the smile. She knew that she would have to try her hardest to stay out of trouble. Brooklyn also knew that she was a little bit of a rebel and liked to cross the lie pushing boundaries.
  Sf_Pappy / 25d 14h 34m 21s
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[tab ] Marla simply nodded in response, noting the way that Brooklyn's mood seemed to cycle up and down as she gained new information. That was the sort of thing she had worried about, with her making her decision so quickly. Not realizing the full severity of the situation- and making the wrong decision for herself. She glanced to her phone, wondering if Nicholai would even have the time to see this girl before tomorrow-- if he would even want to at that. [b "Let's head to the kitchen first. It's getting to be right around dinner anyway, I'm sure there's something we can pick up. And that way I'll have a chance to check in on some things."] She smiled.
  DanceMyDear / 26d 4h 35m 50s
Brooklyn nodded as she messed with her hair a bit. ''So, I won't get to leave this house at all?'' She asked in a soft quiet voice. She thought about how she wouldn't get to finish up her college learning. She had been so determined to get her bachelor's degree. ''The map would be helpful,'' Brooklyn told Marla.

''I'll try my best to stray from that area,'' Brooklyn said as she stood up. She sighed she may have to let go of her dream if she is stuck here all the time. ''No, the tour would be nice. I don't want to stay here and just be stuck in my own thoughts at the moment.'' She said.
  Sf_Pappy / 26d 12h 38m 40s
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[tab ] [b "We may have separated you from the world, from your plans, but that doesn't mean we don't want you to be uncomfortable here."] Marla assured her, [b "And I'm sure I can draw up a map for you if you wanted."] She added.
[tab ] [b "Not quite that harsh, I'm sure. Nobody likes having to clean up a mess just because of a misunderstanding. But you could get hurt. Or you could threaten a deal, or something similar, causing us to take the fall. I'm not trying to scare you, only to prepare you."] Marla explained, standing uo straight again. [b "If you'd like to gather your thoughts or get cleaned up, please feel free to. If not perhaps we can get something from the kitchen and take a tour."]
  DanceMyDear / 26d 21h 30m 47s

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