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Brooklyn had just gotten back from college as she had arrived home she got some rather unnerving news from her father. Telling her that he had sold her to the gang leader with the highest-ranked gang in town. The deal was Him being killed in front of the family or sell his daughter to the highest-ranked gang leader in the city. He warns her to stay on the man's good side because of how dangerous he could be if people didn't obey what he said. She couldn't believe her father.

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[+pink ''Alright.. sorry about worrying so much..''] Brooklyn said as she looked at Marla and sighed a bit as she looked at the ground. She really felt like such a burden but she knew why she had done what she did to protect her father.
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Brooklyn nodded [+pink ''That sounds like a good idea''] she said to Dr. Cross as she shivered slightly.
  Sf_Pappy / 5d 9h 51m 42s
[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] [b "You shouldn't worry about such things-- that's very unlikely to happen."] Marla said, trying to be reassuring. There were plans in place, but like everything else going on in the manor, the wouldn't know if they would work until they were tested.

[b "Nice to meet you Brooklyn."] Dr. Cross nodded, politely and gently shaking her hand. [b "Now then, let's take a look at what the problem is..."]
  DanceMyDear / 5d 10h 6m 43s
Brooklyn nodded as she listened to what Marla had to say. [+pink ''I've had a tendency to do that my whole life..''] She said quietly. [+pink ''what would you think would happen if something bad came about well I was here and I wasn't able to be kept safe?..]
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As they came up to the hall with the doctor's office in it she sighed some. Brooklyn looked up at the man. [+pink ''It's nice to meet you as well... I'm Brooklyn..''] she said softly as she shook his hand with her uninjured one.
  Sf_Pappy / 18d 13h 56m 12s
[font "Gerogia" [size14 [tab ] [b "Because it's a part of human nature to make mistakes, learn from them- to stumble and fall occasionally."] Marla said, trying to be reassuring. [b "Sometimes quite literally. Other times, we stumble over situations we aren't prepared for- no one was really warned of what you being here might bring, and we have no guideline for it other than 'keep you safe, here, until we figure it out'."]
[tab ] They came onto a hallway with an open door, and stepped into what seemed to be a small doctor's office, where a man, maybe 30 or 35 years of age was fussing with a shelf full of supplies.
[tab ] [b "New patient for you."] Marla said, causing the man to whip around and look at them.
[tab ] [b "Ah. Nice to meet you-- I am Dr. Ferdinand Cross- most people around here call me Ferdy."] He said, offering a hand to shake to Brooklyn.]]
  DanceMyDear / 18d 19h 8m 15s
[+pink ''How can you be so sure?..''] Brooklyn asked Marla as they went through the house to the small medic center. She had multiple thoughts running through her head at the moment. She shook her head and sighed a bit.
[+pink ''Your probably right..''] She told Marla [+pink ''It probably is best that I know my way around so I don't end up hurt again..'']
  Sf_Pappy / 22d 33m 12s
[font "Georgia" [size14 [tab ] [b "I'm sure it's fine, dear. He understands the situation that you've been placed into- there shouldn't be any need to worry about that."] Marla said softly as she guided her through the house to the small medical area that had been built into the house. [b "And, if you are clumsy, it's probably best that you know where to go for the future anyway."] she reassured.]]
  DanceMyDear / 22d 10h 38m 14s
As Nicholai helped her up she thanked him quietly. Brooklyn sighed a bit as she looked at Marla [+pink ''It's all good... I just fell that's all..''] She said as she held her wrist that had been injured slightly. [+pink ''Im always super clumsy..''] She said quietly.
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As they got away from Nicholai's office she looked at Marla [+pink ''I feel like I made an absolute fool out of myself. Let alone a good impression..] she says as they walked to the house medic. It was the first day here and she already felt like she had messed up. Leave it to her to leave a bad first impression on a dangerous man. But the only this is she didn't think he seemed truly all that dangerous.
  Sf_Pappy / 22d 12h 4m 19s
[font "Georgia" [size14 [tab ] Before he had even realized he was doing so, Nicholai was up and across the room to help her up from her fall. [b "Easy now..."] He said softly, leaning over to open the door to the hallway where he knew Marla would be nearby.
[tab ] Marla peeked over and headed towards them when she saw Brooklyn hiding her face and Nicholai helping her to her feet. [b "Is everything alright?"] She asked with concern.
[tab ] [b "You may want to have her check in with Ferdy."] Nicholai said after they were sure Brooklyn had steadied herself. He didn't mention anything about the fall.
[tab ] [b "Ferdinand is our in house medic."] Marla explained, shooing away Nicholai- she could see that Brooklyn was embarrassed. ]]
  DanceMyDear / 22d 12h 36m 50s
[+pink ''Im sure I can manage well here..''] She said as she stood up as she shook her head at who was trying to get ahold of her then she pushed the chair back into place. [+pink ''Good night sir..''] Brooklyn said politely as she walked to the door. As she was walking to the door she had ended up falling practically face first. She tried stopping herself but it instantly failed and ended up hurting her wrist in the process of it. Brooklyn tried not to cry out in pain she was already embarrassed enough as it was. She hid her face in embarrassment as she got up.
  Sf_Pappy / 27d 17h 13m 9s
[font "Georgia" [size14 [tab ] Nicholai gave a slight nod as she responded softly, giving her a moment to sort of reflect on what he could imagine was likely a lot to take in. [b "Very well. I hope that you do not find it too terrible to stay with us."] He replied as she excused herself. He glanced to her as she took a look at her phone.
[tab ] [b "Good night."] He added, half as an afterthought, half wondering if he was even being truthful in that wish. He looked back to the work in front of him, silently hoping it wouldn't become awkard as she exited the room. ]]
  DanceMyDear / 27d 22h 31m 16s
Brooklyn nodded as she listened to him [+pink ''Alight..''] She said quietly as she looked down. [+pink ''I get all of that and ill be sure to ask you or Marla about anything I hear..''] Brooklyn said as she still tried to digest all the information that had been given to her in the past few hours. [+pink ''I-i think I may be ready to go wash up and get some rest now.''] She said quietly [+pink ''I mean if that is all fine with you.''] Brooklyn tried to let her guard down but it was still up pretty well.

She put her phone in her pocket and shook her head some wondering who in the world had been calling her.
  Sf_Pappy / 39d 10h 7m 39s
[font "Georgia" [size14 [tab ] Nicholai took a brief moment, thinking over the list of information he had gone over with Marla to make sure that Brooklyn was well prepared for her time here. [b "... I don't believe so. I can warn you though- you'll hear a lot of things from and about the people you're surrounded by now. Things you probably won't like. If you want the truth, be sure to ask Marla or I about it. Gossip is insidious."]
[tab ] He glanced to her phone as it went off, flashing the briefest flinch as he wasn't prepared for the sudden noise. [b "It's fine, don't worry about it."]]]
  DanceMyDear / 39d 11h 6m 43s
Brooklyn still hasn't eaten a thing she was too stressed at the moment. She finally put the ring back on and stopped messing with it. [+pink ''Sorry if many of my questions seem to be overly repetitive..''] Brooklyn said in her quiet manner. [+pink ''I have a question just so I don't mess up and possibly get myself hurt..''] She finally looked up at him. [+pink ''Are there any other specific rules you want me to follow. Other than the ones Marla has told me?''] She just wanted to be safe and make sure she didn't break the rules she didn't know about.

Just then Brooklyn's phone had begun going off. She quickly declined her phone and put it on silent. [+pink ''Im so sorry... I wasn't really expecting any calls..''] Brooklyn felt slightly embarrassed now.
  Sf_Pappy / 44d 3h 48m 29s
[font "Georgia" [size14 [tab ] Nicholai studied Brooklyn's fidgeting for a moment as she made her response. He could tell that some more of the reality if the situation had truly sunk in, and that fear had replaced at least a portion of the calm. [b "I am doing my best to finish any unfinished buisiness of my father's before I move on to change or do anything of my own. He used to keep notes on everything, every deal, with what he was going to do to handle the situation. You are the exception. That's why its so puzzling to everyone who knows about it. It just refers to us retrieving you for your father's debt."] He picked up a fork for a brief moment, trying to determine if he was hungry enough to eat. [b "I'm not going to harm you or sell you. But I do need to keep you here while I evaluate the situation. So... Yes. You are to stay here."]

[tab ] He raised his eyebrows for a brief moment as she replied to his question, catching her eye for the briefest of moments. [b "I'm not interested in keeping you from your freedom forever. I'm certain another agreement will end up rising."]]]
  DanceMyDear / 44d 15h 6m 29s
Brooklyn stayed quiet as he talked to her. [+pink ''But other than that I am to stay here?''] She didn't exactly feel trapped but at the same time, she had been. She had a ring on that her father had given her before she had left for college. Brooklyn had been fidgeting with it the whole time that she was talking to him. [+pink ''People actually think that you'd sell me or kill me?..''] Her breathing became faster. [+pink ''Would you actually sell me off?..''] She asked him in a quiet voice almost a whisper.

[+pink ''I helped him out because it's the least I can do''] She paused for a moment [+pink ''Even if it meant giving up my freedom...He may never pay you back which means I'm stuck I guess..''] Brooklyn was prepping herself for the worst to come. She shook the thought from her head as she looked up at him some. She would occasionally make eye contact but would quickly look away every time he made eye contact back.
  Sf_Pappy / 44d 19h 5m 38s

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