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[b Prince:] What do you like to do? And you're welcome. Can kinda just see it.
  MourningGlory / 11d 12h 12m 3s
[font "times new roman" [b Gaia;] Then again I don't really listen to music all that much, but I've heard of him. *smiles lightly* Well thank you. I like to think my mother loved the Goddesses, and went for that.]
  в&e / LovelyDesire- / 11d 12h 15m 36s
[b Prince:] I don't think most people would. So it's cool. And I like yoir name. Makes me think of the goddess
  MourningGlory / 11d 12h 16m 40s
[font "times new roman" [b Gaia;] Ah, never thought about the singer. Honestly I don't know. My real parents aren't around anymore.]
  в&e / LovelyDesire- / 11d 12h 19m 9s
[b Prince:] Named so because parents liked the artist and decided to name me this. How did you get your name?
  MourningGlory / 11d 12h 20m 39s
[font "times new roman" [b Gaia;] That's an interesting name. Are you a royal? Or your parents just liked the name Prince?]
  в&e / LovelyDesire- / 11d 12h 24m 2s
[b Prince:] Again sorry to hear it. And nice to meet you. I'm Prince
  MourningGlory / 11d 12h 25m 28s
[font "times new roman" [b Gaia;] It is. But I'm Gaia by the way.]
  в&e / LovelyDesire- / 11d 12h 28m 24s
[b Prince:] I'm sorry for that. Sounds like things are gonna be hell
  MourningGlory / 11d 12h 31m 4s
[font "times new roman" [b Gaia;] To help her parents out, cause her father has to get open heart surgery.]
  в&e / LovelyDesire- / 11d 12h 40m 3s
[b Prince:] Oh hell no. I would rather sleep until noon. Why the ass-crack of dawn?
  MourningGlory / 11d 12h 41m 38s
[font "times new roman" [b Gaia;] No, not when the holder has to be up at three in the fucking morning. I'd rather sleep till noon or later.]
  в&e / LovelyDesire- / 11d 13h 24m 57s
[b Prince:] Don't like mornings? -leans on the wall-
  MourningGlory / 12d 32m 34s
[font "times new roman" [b Gaia;] *wandered in yawning* This shit is for the fucking birds..]
  в&e / LovelyDesire- / 12d 42m 59s
[b Dinah:] -peeks into the room and looks around- Wow what is this place?
  MourningGlory / 12d 9h 16m 34s

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