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Night night Emmi!
At least chu tomorrow is your Friday!

Jassy still means ;P
  L.O.V.E / MourningGlory / 14d 11h 46m 54s
Your definitely welcome lmao.

I won’t be on much during the week because I work all week.
  / BeautifulDesire- / 14d 11h 47m 48s
[center [i [font "times new roman" I should be going to bed, which I might do. I love you guys. I'll talk to you later. TOMORROW IS MY FRIDAY.]]]
  ♡♡♡ / LovelyDesire- / 14d 11h 48m 48s
Thanks sooo much for laughing at me for that one!
  L.O.V.E / MourningGlory / 14d 11h 49m 2s
Bahahah. I’m still gonna see if my pic monkey is up and running.
  / BeautifulDesire- / 14d 11h 50m 30s
Well we all KNOW how challenged that I can be.
  L.O.V.E / MourningGlory / 14d 11h 52m 34s
Oh it was super easy!!
I love it. Just trying to finding a font is super hard.
  / BeautifulDesire- / 14d 11h 56m 12s
oooh the befunky thing. I was curious of it
  L.O.V.E / MourningGlory / 14d 11h 57m 20s
What site?

  / BeautifulDesire- / 14d 12h 5m 59s
You will!
I tried to look at the site and was like O.o
  L.O.V.E / MourningGlory / 14d 12h 14m 34s
I freaking hope so. I'm still having issues. LMAO
  / BeautifulDesire- / 14d 12h 16m 16s
Ooofage that isn't very helpsful.
But you will find it I'm sure!
  L.O.V.E / MourningGlory / 14d 12h 26m 25s
Yes now I can't find a font that I like. Not for the last name anyways.
  / BeautifulDesire- / 14d 12h 27m 3s
Well that works. At least you foubd SOMETHING you like
  L.O.V.E / MourningGlory / 14d 12h 34m 54s
I gave up and just going to use the one I found, lmao!
  / BeautifulDesire- / 14d 12h 38m 37s

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