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We don't need you being Squidward at work
  L.O.V.E / MourningGlory / 14d 11h 30m 0s
Bahahah. Yeah I can’t do that or I’ll be super crabby.
  BeautifulDesire- / 14d 11h 30m 27s
Lol xD
Early for me is like midnight or 1ish
  L.O.V.E / MourningGlory / 14d 11h 31m 40s
We are definitely not talking about your kind of early.
  / BeautifulDesire- / 14d 11h 33m 40s
I was asking cause to different people early means different things.
  L.O.V.E / MourningGlory / 14d 11h 34m 37s
Gotta be in bed before midnight. Prob 1030.
Cause I work at 830 tomorrow.
  BeautifulDesire- / 14d 11h 37m 33s
Fingers crossed for the fine soon.
What ish early for you??
  L.O.V.E / MourningGlory / 14d 11h 38m 16s
It’s okay. I’ll be fine soon!
I gotta go to bed early tonight lol.
  BeautifulDesire- / 14d 11h 40m 8s
That's no good at all >.<
  L.O.V.E / MourningGlory / 14d 11h 46m 27s
I hope so because I’m really hot.
Like it’s giving me a headache.
  BeautifulDesire- / 14d 11h 51m 28s
Hopefully it'll get cooler for you.

Not always means!
  L.O.V.E / MourningGlory / 14d 11h 53m 11s
It’s okay. I just want to be cool again. :(

I’m always mean.
  / BeautifulDesire- / 14d 11h 54m 30s
Bahaha just a little but all goods.
Sorry for hots!
  L.O.V.E / MourningGlory / 14d 12h 58s
Oh I know I’m mean.

I’m crabby right now because I’m super hot.
  / BeautifulDesire- / 14d 12h 5m 27s
[center [i [font "times new roman" That's cool. I'll be popping off and on the next couple days cause I have room to clean, and bathroom, and getting shit done around the house.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" Yessss. My body fucking hates me lol. Love you! Night night!]]]
  ♡♡♡ / LovelyDesire- / 14d 12h 8m 0s

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