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Hinata couldn't help but stiffen at Kageyamas expression though he quickly relaxed. Hinata was getting more used to Kageyamas expressions now, and could more easily read the different grimaces. Of course, he was often mistaken and mostly thought that Kageyama was angry at him, but he decided that Kageyama wasn't angry. This time, at least. "Yeah! Maybe you should try eating more!"


The small woman turned to face Kuroo, a large smile on her face. Her hair was pulled back in her usual bun, though a few strands were hanging in her face. "Tetsurou! It's nice to see you! I've got plenty of food cooking if you'd like to stay for dinner," She winked at him. Kenmas mother said this every time Kuroo came over, and Kenma rolled his eyes at her.

"We're going to go upstairs mom," he muttered and she clicked her tongue at him disapprovingly, though her eyes were still twinkling so Kenma knew she wasn't actually annoyed or disappointed.

"Yes, yes, dear. Dinner will be ready in thirty minutes or so. Be down by then, okay?"

Kenma just nodded and began walking to his room in the back of the house.


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He nodded, as if taking key advice. He mumbled, “Food,” like he was considering the possibility that he could change his diet for more energy. His face was set in thought, giving off his usually unintentional grimace. He was often told that it looked like he was about to murder someone, so he tried his best to stay away from making the face while he was thinking, but he couldn’t help it.


Kuroo typically left some of his own house shoes at Kenma’s since he came so often, so he slipped of his own shoes and did the same. He raised his nose into the air and turned to Kenma, a smile on his face, “Smells good.” He then walked further into the house and turned around to face the kitchen, expectedly spotting Kenma’s mother finishing her cooking. “Mrs. Kozume!” He waved his hello to the familiar woman.

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{Sorry about such a late response! I got a little busy over the week. Also, I used “Mrs. Kozume”, but I can also use honorifics for the rp speech if you’d prefer!}]
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“Huh? Oh. I don’t know. I just do.” He paused, thinking for a minute. “I suppose I always have enough energy to ride back home. If I didn’t I’d probably get stuck at school or on the side of the road on the way home. Maybe it’s because I eat a lot,” he mused.


His phone didn’t buzz and Kenma felt a flash of jealousy. He knew that Shouyou was probably talking to Kageyama and his face twisted into a scowl for a few minutes as he tried to push that thought from his head. When he finally managed to, they were at Kenma’s house and he stepped inside before taking his shoes off and slipping the house shoes on.
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Kageyama nodded eagerly. It was a fair enough offer. He cleared his throat and began walking in the direction of his house. He thought of something to say, but the only thing that came to mind was the unanswered question of earlier's practice. "How do you have so much energy?" I came out as something as a grunt. He was intent on learning Hinata's secrets as to how he could power through the equivalent of two practices and [i still] speed off on his bike.


He shrugged, and repeated, "You never know." After a moment of silence that Kuroo felt inclined to fill, they arrived a the neighboring houses. Kuroo, being Kuroo, rushed forward and was first to enter Kenma's house. He said the typically polite, "Sorry for intruding," letting his voice carry down the entryway. No matter how many times he'd been in this house, he always carried polite gestures when first entering, saving his rambunctious side for Kenma and other close friends.
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Hinata giggled and hopped off his bike. “I’ll walk next to it then,” he said. “Sound fair enough to you?” He glanced at his hands, curled around the handle bars. “I’ll walk with you to your house. If you argue I’ll just go straight home without walking with you.” He didn’t really know why he added that last part, perhaps because he could tell that Kageyama really wanted to walk with him for some reason.


[i We’ll be the ones to beat you, Shouyou.] Kenma replied, then switched his phone back out for his DS. “I’ve never tripped before, Kuro,” he said, exasperation dripping from his every word. “What makes you think I’ll trip now? Anyways, my eyes aren’t glued. I still watch where I’m walking.”
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He slumped with his hands on his knees for a moment, but as soon as he heard Hinata’s taunt, he sat upright and continued his jog after him. He caught up, and said with a grumble, “No fair. You’re on your bike.” It was true, Kageyama would have a hard time keeping up if he was on the bike. He wouldn’t be able to talk with Hinata, either. Then again, he still wasn’t good with words anyway.


Kuroo shrugged, “You never know, with all that hair in front of your face and your eyes glued to... those devices.” He added the last part in a slower tone as Kenma pulled out his phone, and a smile truly appeared there, one that definitely wasn’t Kuroo’s imagination. He changed a glance at what Kenma had seen to put that smile there, and could tell he was reading a message, but he didn’t know who I was from. His eyes flicked forward as quickly as they had flashed to the phone.

Kuroo could be clingy, but he wasn’t overbearing. It wasn’t his business who Kenma was texting. Though he would admit, he wondered if his texts ever made Kenma smile like that. Probably not, since they were an everyday thing. A tiny spark of jealousy at the mystery messenger flared in his stomach. Despite being one to let his emotions run wild, he hid the jealousy quite well... for someone like him that is.
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Hinata hopped onto his bike then stopped, waiting for Kageyama to catch up. While he waited he pulled his phone out and noticed a text from Kenma, which made a smile light his face up. [i Yeah! im ready to beat u!] He replied, then slipped the phone back into his pocket. “You’re so slow Bakageyama!” He called.


Kenma felt his phone buzz in his pocket and he paused the game on his DS, switching it out for his phone. “You know I’m not going to trip, right? You don’t need to keep staring at me.” He rolled his eyes then another smile graced his face at the sight of Shouyous name.
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When Hinata asked for why he cared, his mouth opened slightly. A part of him just wanted to admit the truth, but another part of him simply kept him quiet. Before even being able to come up with another excuse, though, Hinata seemed to be jogging away to the bike rack. Kageyama's feet were glued in one spot for a moment, shifting his weight back and forth before he jogged after him. He still lived in his general direction, so if he followed Hinata he wouldn't exactly be going in the wrong direction.

"Hey, dumbass!" he called out, still jogging after him. Eventually he slowed, the former shaking in his legs coming back from practice. He let outs another, quieter, "Idiot.." Maybe it was best if he didn't go with Hinata. Then he wouldn't have the chance to screw anything else up.


Kuroo wasn't one to hide what he was feeling, so a large laugh burst out at Kenma's technically true comment. His eyes found Kenma's face again, where he caught the flash of a smile... or thought he did. Kenma's smile was one of the rarer things, so he wouldn't be surprised if he had just imagined it faintly crossing his lips. Kuroo's laughter died down and he said, "You have a point there.." He turned into the neighborhood. The house would only be some 7 minutes away by now. His thoughts lingered on the smile once more. It could've easily been from the comment he made or the boss he's just defeated. He knew what Kenma's answer would be if he asked, though, so he hardly bothered. Plus, noticing it might only make it more rare.

He suddenly realized his eyes had trailed to Kenma's face again, and he silently snapped his gaze back in front of him. It was unlikely Kenma didn't notice his stare, so his mind raced to come up with an excuse if asked.
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"I have my bike. I ride my bike here so once I've finished walking you home I can just ride it home. Why do you even care," he added in a mutter. "At least I'm not afraid of the dark," he snipped. "I'm going to go home. I don't need you to walk me."

Hinata stuck his tongue out at Kageyama then turned and ran towards the bike racks. He didn't know where the sudden attitude had came from, nor why he had acted that way. There was no reason for him to have done that, not that he would ever admit it.


"I wouldn't be walking with you if you weren't dressed, Kuro," Kenma retorted, feeling somewhat smug of his reply, though he kept all traces of that smugness off of his face. A faint smile did appear on his face however, which if asked, he would blame it on the boss he had finally just defeated.
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Kageyama turned to look at the shorter male, an eyebrow raising. He was glad that the dark was able to cover the light pink he knew would be around for most of their walk. He argued back to Hinata, “Eh?? My house is too far for [i you] to walk to.” A defiant look was on his face as he slung his bag over his shoulder, his regular clothes inside of it. He would get changed when he got to his house.


“I mean, I’m dressed and everything, right?” It wouldn’t be the first time Kuroo went to Kenma’s house somewhat unannounced after practice, without even dropping by his own house first. Kenma’s house was like a second home, and Kenma’s parents like second parents. Aside from that, it was odd that the roles were suddenly a little switched, Kuroo giving short answers to Kenma’s questions, but he didn’t mind all too much. It was interesting seeing Kenma doing most of the talking, but he was sure that wouldn’t last very long.
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Hinata plaignez at Kageyamas denial of fearing the dark. When Kageyama stated that he was walking home with him and left, Hinata hurried to grab his stuff and scrambled out of the gym after him, locking the door with the key Tanaka had given them before he had left. “I’ll walk you home then!” Hinata said, puffing his chest out. “My house is too far for you to walk me to!”


Kenma hummed an agreement, finally clicking the respawn button on his DS. “Are you going to just come in or do you want to stop by your house first?” Kenma really didn’t know why he was trying to make conversation all of a sudden. The only person he did that with was Shouyou, and even then he rarely tried to start the conversation. Shouyou talked enough for the both of them and all Kenma had to do was nod.
  TobyToby / 30d 20h 26m 22s
[u Kageyama]

The taller male just looked back at Hinata for a moment, unsure where’s to go with this. As usual, his default nickname left his lips, “Idiot.” He paused a moment, then decided to mumble, “I’m not scared of the dark.” He cleared his throat, which stung a little from their exercise. He wanted to say something that would clear a reason for wanting to tag along with Hinata, yet he could only think of dumb things to say. After a moment of struggling to find an explanation, he just sighed and decided that he simply didn’t need one. “I’m walking home with you.” He said in a definitive tone. Without leaving much chance for an objection, he grabbed his stuff and walked outside, expecting Hinata to follow him there.

[u Kuroo]

He shrugged. A big part of him had a feeling Kenma would rather just walk than run to the train, but he had asked him anyway. He allowed the silence to stretch out for a moment, Kenma wasn’t even clicking away at his DS as usual. Kenma broke the silence with an offer, though, to which Kuroo responded, “‘Course I would. Your mom’s cooking is the best.” His eyes closed for a moment as if he was tasting the food then and there. He did find it a little odd for Kenma to invite him to his house, though. He hardly ever did that. Ideas flooded his mind about the reason for the suffen invitation, but he pushed them all away. Maybe Kenma was just being polite for once.
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Hinata turned to look at Kageyama, staring at him quietly for a second. “We don’t live near each other though?” Hinata was stupid, as always, and couldn’t read between the lines or what Kageyama was really trying to get at. “If you’re scared of the dark just say so!” He chirped.

He gave Kuroo a look of disgust. “I’m not running,” he muttered. Then he was quiet for several seconds, staring down at his game but doing nothing. “Do you want to come over for dinner? My mom would probably be happy to see you.” She always was. Kenma didn’t know why he was offering though. Kuro usually invited himself or his mom invited Kuro.
  TobyToby / 31d 20h 16m 49s

Kageyama was too tired to make a full response, and let out more of a “mm” than anything else. He went over to the wall to collect his own water bottle,scarfing down the water until he could talk again. He lingered on what to say for a moment, then came up with, “I could.. uh.. walk home with you?” He mentally facepalmed himself... why was he so awkward? He didn’t live too close to Hinata, but still in the same direction. “Ah, it’s dark, so I was thinking...” he simply stopped. His explanation wasn’t making things much better. He hoped Hinata caught his drift, that he just wanted to walk home with him since it was fairly dark out, then take leave to his own house.


Kuroo let out a laugh at Kenma’s response, then tried to quiet his laugh when Kenma grumbled about his in-game death. He leaned over to take a look to Kenma’s game, still walking, then said, “Ah, boss battle.” He sat back upright. Kenma was a good multitasker, so Kuroo knew the game death wasn’t all his fault for sidetracking him.

He then looked at his own phone briefly, his voice raising into an “Eh??” He has meant to keep talking to Kenma about his game and the upcoming match, but the time seemed to have stopped him. “The train leaves in 5 minutes.” Both their houses were an easy 20-30 minute walk away, but on days like these, when they were a little more tired than usual, they would just take the train home. It cost some money, but not too much to be unaffordable. It was also 10 minutes away from where they were. He looked to Kenma, seemingly questioning whether he would prefer to run to the train or take the 20 minute walk.
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He didn’t bother to reply, too tired to even talk. He saved all his remaining energy and used it when he jumped to hit the last ball, and missed. Hinata landed hard on his feet, scowling. “Darn, I missed,” he puffed.

“I should... probably get home now,” He mumbled, then wiped the sweat off his brow. It had started to drip into his eyes, which really bothered him. Before letting Kageyama respond he was moving towards the wall and grabbing his water bottle, taking several deep swings from it.


Kenma glanced over a him with a mild look of disgust. “No I wouldn’t, Kuro,” he muttered before looking back down at his DS, fingers clicking wildly. His eyes narrowed then he let out a hiss of annoyance. “Look, you made me die,” he growled. Kuro didn’t, of course, but Kenma said anyways.
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