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[size11 [font roman A duplicate thread of Our Dystopia for me and Asura-.

[center [pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/11261fdec4724d376bbb71291bf1944c/tumblr_pp4tctc3l31qdhps7o2_500.gifv]

[size12 [font roman In the 20th century, the modernization of the world has nearly sucked away all magic that was left by the ancients. Now, in a dystopian future, magical creatures landlocked on Earth are forced to endure the forever changing future. Now, magical creatures must find a way to fit into this new world lest they are consumed by it and forgotten. They have no choice but to give in, and if they refuse, they will be smothered by it all.

Magical casters have lost their powers.
Shapeshifters can no longer return to their true forms.
Demigods are now mere humans.
Spirit hunters serve no purpose.
Angels and demons are stuck on Earth.
Creatures with no human form are either forced into hiding or killed.
Those who possessed or followed magic are lost in this world.

Most magical creatures have gone to live a normal human life, trying their best to forget about the power they once had. But most still consider whether regaining their powers is still possible. Even humans are feeling the pressure as robots and artificial intelligence become more and more advanced every day.]]]


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