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[size11 [font roman [b Disclaimer:] Might contain some disturbing themes.
[b Inspired entirely by The Witness | Love, Death, and Robots. ]
[u I will refuse to accept anyone under the age of [b 18+]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d5/82/1c/d5821c8ea83dd97d6a6f2c519380fdb3.gif]

[size12 [font roman Character A witnesses the murder of another from the window of their apartment at the hands of Character B. Character B begins to pursue them across the city until the end. Character A ends up killing them in self-defense, but finds themself in the exact room where Character B murdered the victim before. They look outside the window and finds someone staring at them from their apartment window; Character B.

The endless cycle repeats.]]]
[size12 [font roman
- [u 14 days or less to post.]
- I will delete the thread after [u [b 30 days of inactivity.]]
- I have no word limit but I prefer [u semi to advance lit.]
- This roleplay will potentially be following heavy, mature, possibly triggering themes.
- I don't care about sexualities or pairings ; all sexualities are fair game, just let me know if you have a specific preference.
- I have no preference for either role; let me know if you have a specific preference or idea for whichever one you want.
- Illustrations or real-life photographs can be used, I don't have a specific preference.
- I'm not strict on skeletons and don't really require one, but I'd prefer it if you'd make one as I usually do. I just like having a grasp on my partner's characters before meeting them.
- Creative freedom is very important to me. Don't feel trapped or held down by the plot. If you have any suggestions and want to discuss something, always let me know.

[center A never-ending loop both characters are interlocked in and need to find a way out of. In the loop, they hunt each other down until they are dead, then the roles switch and the hunter becomes the hunted.

This is about them either succumbing to the loop or breaking free.

These are different ideas for the loop. None of these exist at once, these are merely just different concepts we can use to explain the loop.

[b [u [i Purgatory]]]
Character A and Character B are both stuck in purgatory and are made to go through this death loop repeatedly as punishment for something they did when they were alive. Maybe they got away with murder, or an accomplice to murder, maybe they were indifferent to a crime that happened across the street that they didn’t bother reporting.

[b [u [i Alternative Universes]]]
Consider the movie Coherence, both characters are caught in a multi-dimensional situation that traps them in this loop. An event on one side of the road kickstarts another on the opposite. Character B murdering Character A kickstarts the same Character A on the other side of the road to run for it. When Character A returns to the apartment at the end, they have entered a new universe. Character B follows them and gets killed. This triggers off Character B from yet another universe to make a run for it.

[b [u [i A Metaphor for a Bad Relationship]]]
Character A and B are in a toxic relationship. A relationship that they are caught in and unable to break away from. A relationship that causes them both incredible amounts of pain time and time again. They go through each day wanting to run away from one another, but somehow keep coming back, hurting each other, only to want to run away all over again.

Or, we could do something else, as long as a loop is involved.

[b [u PM me if interested.]]


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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/jf8fqWH.jpg]

[font roman [size12 She gave her text one last look before letting out a rather solemn sigh. Gosh, this was never going to work out, but Yen constantly ignored that voice in her head and listened to the one that told her the complete opposite. They were about as co-dependent on each other as anglerfish and that hurt, a lot, but fuck that noise. Work was the only time Yen could think about everything and anything but Minnie without guilt, and that wasn't about to be ruined by another day of second-guessing and realization.

As soon as Yen had prepped herself up all nice and pretty for another day of stripping off for complete strangers, Yen had hopped into her taxi and was on her way to work. Her phone buzzed from the text from Minnie and Yen was tempted to just ignore it, but her eyes glanced at the screen. Get off early? Yen thoughtfully nibbled on her lips but furrowed her brows at the small request. She didn't bother replying, leaving her silence to be the affirmation for Minnie, but it wasn't like Yen wanted to get off early. Being away was, well, nice. Great, the more Yen thought about the relationship, the more fucked up things seemed.

It wasn't long until Yen had arrived at the club and had made her way inside to the backroom. She plopped all her brought belongings onto a chair stationed near the makeup mirror and began prepping herself for the day until her manager walked in. An exotic and very camp-looking man, even Yen got confused on the best of days. She swore his voice was higher than hers sometimes. [b "Fucking late again. I can't believe this! What the fuck are we paying you for, bitch? You be fucking with, what's her name, Minnie again?"] He asked, his voice no-less sassy and accented than usual. Yen just quietly groaned, leaning back into her chair as she fixed her outfit. [#D8BFD8 [b "Whatever, Alexei. I got up late again, those sleeping pills Max gave me are fucking killer. Is he here, by the way? He said he had something for me."]] Yen chose to ignore his vulgar question and went straight to business, which Alexei just huffed at before preening his own nails. [b "Oh, that boy? He's upstairs probably getting high, again. Why? You looking to catch some dick again?"] Fuck, Alexei with these goddamn questions! It was like a rock that had been smashed into her stomach, Yen almost jolted at the piercing question. [b [#D8BFD8 "That was a one-time thing, Alexei! Fuck, you're not supposed to bring that shit up."]] Yen argued back. [b "Whatever. It's not like Minnie is here anyway. Uh, just go see your little toy-boy and get back here in five. Early finish if you make four-hundred dollars in three hours, hun."] Whatever.

Yen waited for Alexei to finally leave before sneering and swearing beneath her breath, casting him out in her head and vilifying him as much as her brain would allow. She loved him, really, but Alexei had no filter and didn't particularly care about the consequences. There was no changing nor arguing with him, Yen just learnt to let it all pass. Still, that was uncalled for, what the fuck. She made her way upstairs and pushed through the door to greet a passed-out man, no doubt Max, on the bed surrounded by poppers. For fucks sake, again. The room was practically his apartment attached to the club, one that Yen had guiltily been inside many times, but having to wade through empty bags of kush and drugs every day was getting fucking annoying. No way was Yen about to wake him up despite him asking for her earlier on. Her eyes flittered over to the drawers that he had motioned to the last time they were together, the thing that contained the item Max wanted her to have.

If it was practically hers, to begin with, surely Max wouldn't mind her taking it now. She pulled open the drawer to see a small pistol roll forward. Alright, now that's strange. Max had an array of weapons, dealing in the drug business and all, but never gave them away that easily, and why would he gift her one? She picked up the gun and examined it, mixed feelings meddling with her thoughts, confusion, and excitement but also fear and anxiety too. This wasn't for... Did Max know... No, that was stupid. She slid the gun into the strap of her pants before leaving to finally get ready for her first dance, but the gun never left her thoughts.

The day was fairly short given that Yen had hit her goal in the first few hours, and Alexei was in a fairly good mood despite earlier. Yen had rushed herself to get ready, trying her best to avoid Max and any mention of him just to leave and find Minnie. It was strange, Yen always ran to Minnie during times of distress like this, but then to Max straight afterwards. She needed her now, but knew that later...

No, don’t think about that, not right now. By the text message that appeared on her phone as she entered the taxi just confirmed that thinking about that stuff was just destructive at this point. God, Minnie had something planned for her, Yen already knew. She hated her for making her feel guilty, planning these romantic events whilst Yen fucked someone else. How could Yen reciprocate? She somehow blamed Minnie for making her this way, but that was all wrong. She kept the gun in the bottom of her purse, not wanting to abandon it at the club for Max to get pissed off lately, but kept it at the very back of her mind to avoid thinking about it too much. Maybe it was just for protection, the city was pretty harsh nowadays.

As the taxi neared home, the guilt deep inside Yen was slowly boiling into a deep-seated anger. That was how her guilt worked most of the time, it always found a way to turn into pure rage or depression, never a moment to sit back and think about her actions and atone for anything. She left the taxi as soon as she was at the apartment and made her way to her room, aware of what was to come but ignorant to the pure romance radiating from the room. She opened the door to be greeted by a path of petals and sadly looked down, casting an upset glare to the floor as a pit formed in her stomach. The warm and beautiful smell just made her want to vomit with sin and dread, and the candles in the room only succeeded in lighting up the guilty expression on her face. Fuck, this was it, the anger was coming. She followed the petals to the bedroom, and at the sight of Minnie, threw her purse to the floor and stared daggers at her. [#D8BFD8 [b “What the fuck are you doing? Minnie, no. I can’t, not right now. Are you kidding me?”]] She acted as if Minnie had done something wrong, as if this was all some messed up crime. But Yen was just projecting her feelings onto her, nothing was her fault. She stepped over her purse and roughly sat on the bed, face in the palm of her hands. [#D8BFD8 [b “Min, I’m just tired, okay? Fuck.”]] She did indeed sound quite exhausted, but there was something more, something she was keeping to herself.
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[font "times new roman" The black haired female had promised herself to she would give Yennefer the space she needed. Even though it somewhat killed her inside. She wanted nothing more than to be at home with the blonde, tangled up in the bedsheets, touching her, making her scream, and just all around pleasing her. Their relationship at first had been amazing. They were in the so called [i Honeymoon] stage. They couldn't spend one moment apart, and would always hurry home to one another. That's when things started to slowly change.]

[font "times new roman" They started fighting more, they wouldn't even talk about things like they used too. Yennefer's job wasn't ideal in her eyes, but she supported the woman anyway. In all honesty, if you were dating someone you shouldn't be working at a strip club, but she wasn't going to make her leave. That wasn't like her at all. She sighed lightly as she heard her phone going off. She reached over and read the message. [#9966CC [i I've been awake for the last two hours. I'll see you at home tonight. Would you be able to get off early?]] She read the message and then hit send.]

[font "times new roman" She pushed herself up from the bed and walked out of the room, and knocked on her sister's door. [b "Come on in Minnie!"] she called out. The woman turned the knob and walked inside. [#9966CC "Can I talk to you?"] she asked the older woman. The red head looked towards her, and smiled. [b "Of course you can Minnie. What's going on?"] she asked. That's one thing Minnie loved about her sister, is she knew Minnie like the back of her hand, and knew when something was wrong.]

[font "times new roman" [#9966CC "So I want to do something nice for Yennefer tonight, but I don't know what to do.. With all of our fighting lately, I feel like we both need this"]]

[font "times new roman" [b "Well, you could always make her favorite dinner. Get a bunch of rose petals, and give her a nice hot bath to look forward too after work tonight. Be romantic towards her"]]

[font "times new roman" [#9966CC "This is why I love you. You are the best"] she said as she jumped up and hugged her sister tightly. She then let the woman go, and went to get dressed. It took her about a half hour to get everything ready. She then was in her car, heading into town to pick up the roses, and some other little things for the blonde. Hopefully tonight will be a night to remember for sure. At least that's what she hoped would happen.]

[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u ~*~ Later That Night ~*~]]]]]

[font "times new roman" Minnie had taken the day off work to get everything planned, and set up. So when she was at the apartment, she had made dinner, and it was still in the oven. There was rose petals all along the floor, along with roses on the table. The candles were lit and her heart was hammering inside of her chest. She just hoped the blonde would realize she was trying here. She bit her lip as she sent the woman a quick text message. [#9966CC [i Be careful when you come through the door love, I'll see you soon.]] She hit send, and then walked into the bedroom.]

[font "times new roman" She changed into Yennefer's favorite outfit. The first time she wore it, the blonde was in awe, and pretty much claimed it as her favorite. The house smelled amazing, and she wanted nothing more than to please the woman, and show her that she was trying her hardest. Hopefully it wouldn't fall though. She had a really bad feeling in the pit of her stomach though, but she shoved all of that aside as it was getting closer and closer for the blonde to walk though the door. Then their romantic night could finally happen.]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/jf8fqWH.jpg]

[font roman [size12 How many months had they been together now? Yennefer couldn't even remember. Once they had marked the days off on the calendar, but after an explosive argument that almost ended the already damaged relationship, Yen had ripped the calendar straight from the wall. That did them no favors, just caused more harm than good, but that was Yen's intentions at the time. She didn't take much pleasure in emotionally hurting Minnie, but sometimes, that was the only time where Yen could get away for a bit and spend time alone. But, no matter how much Yen cherished the silence and empty space of being 'single', the nights ended in her rushing straight back to Minnie to start the cycle all over again. As preparation for more fights, though, Yen had rented out an apartment in the next building beside their complex in secret and regularly retreated there after work to spend some time alone.

Yennefer truly did care for Minnie, but that care had dwindled over the few months they had been together, Yennefer's care was comparable to that of a very close friend, a toxic close friend at that. She constantly thought about ending things, had even tried to bring up the topic a few times, but her voice would get stuck in her throat and the words would cease to pass. [#D8BFD8 [i [b "I'm thinking of ending things."]]] She wished her voice would allow her to say, maybe then they could fix what had been broken, but then again, Yennefer doubted Minnie even agreed with her. She sometimes hoped that her line of work would drive her away, working as an exotic dancer every night couldn't do much favor for your significant other, but Minnie never struck her as the type to care.

Today was just another day of many, Yen had planted herself in front of the mirror, applying makeup as the day ahead weighed heavily in her mind. She glanced over at the ruffled bedsheets on her bed and let a small sigh blow past her lips. Those bedsheets looked the exact same every morning, a sense of deja vu washed over Yen with each glance, but nothing particular would come to mind. And then with that, in the near distance, a constant bang would go off, a similar to one of a gunshot. With the neighborhood they lived in, in the city, a gunshot or two wasn't too unusual, unfortunately, but still. It was unusual, worrisome even.

She just tried to shake that thought off, there was no point in fretting over nothing. As her lipstick would smear across her smooth lips, her phone would buzz and light up. Her eyes glanced over, the same buzz each morning at the exact same time. She could still never guess who was messaging her, though, prompting her to reach over and grab her phone off the bedside table. A text message would present itself across her screen.

[b > where the hell r u bitch? ur late again! u better not come up with some weird excuse like last time. hurry up!] Fuck! She was late for work again. Seriously?! She began to rush herself, hastily finish off her makeup, and grabbed a few of her clothes. Damn! She couldn't be late, not again. She flipped out her phone and began texting Minnie. [#D8BFD8 [b > hey baby! u up? i'm late for work again. won't be long. see you tonight yeah?]] Before hitting send and rearing herself to finally leave.
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