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Two cyborgs have been fleeing authorities due to having neglected their duties to their collective. They are trying to find a place in the galaxy where they can make their own rules and not be forced to comply with the will of others. After being on the run for two days, they finally get a reprieve. They need to plan their next moves carefully so as not to be in the same predicament.

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Sylvie looked back at Avalee. [+teal "Hey, chin up. It will be okay. We have already made it this far so we can't give up."] Sylvie had done her research and this was the shader part of town. It was still very regal but it what where all the misfits and outcasts came to waste away and spend their money. [+teal "Hey, I am sure this place is a hot spot for night clubs and bars. Why don't we try those places? It will be hard to find us between all the drunks and players. Besides. We can snag a change of clothes along the way."]

Sylvie smiled proudly and looked into the alley again to make sure that no one was there. They just needed to be extremely cautious and keep a low profile but no so low that they stuck out. [+teal "Come on. We just have to find a speakeasy or something like that."] Sylvie really just wanted to stop and rest for the night. She was too tired from running for the day with no progress in the day. The only thing they had gotten done was exercising, and nearly getting caught. So it was a fruitless day.

Sylvie sighed and gently went over and grabbed Avalee's hand. [+teal "Come on. Let's go. The authorities will be back soon."] Sylvie took one last glance and listened for footsteps before casually walking out into the street, gently pulling Ava behind her. [+teal "I know right? Space travel just isn't the same as it used to be. Why the ships these days seem to have all sorts of wires and rooms. You just need the essentials and nothing more is what I always say."] They casually walked down the sidewalk as Sylvie looked left and right for any places that would look like they could hold a crowd or smelled even remotely like beer.

They had been running and hiding so much that all Sylvie could ever dream for at this point was a full nights rest. They would always sleep in fields or behind dumpsters while watching in shifts. She knew that all sorts of people were in bars and if they were to shift the attention away from or even just hide in a storage room, they could finally both get enough sleep to give them the energy they needed. Not to mention all the cheats that would have full wallets and the food behind the counters...
  Sylvie / TessaFox / 6d 10h 51m 55s
[center [font "Garamond" It was always a little uncomfortable to watch Sylvie put her pieces back in place. She herself didn’t have all her pieces and never had. She hoped that once she escaped the immediate threat of being captured by authorities, she could have someone make her replacement pieces but until then, she would make do with what she had been given.

Avalee gave her friend a small smile and nodded. She’d always had an immense respect for her friend. She knew what a shock it had been for Sylvie when she had learned about her accident and her parent’s passing. They hadn’t known each other during that time but she’d certainly heard about it through some people in the black market. Sylvie’s situation had been the hottest talk of the time. With the reward that had been on her head, Avalee was surprised that she was still alive, let alone free.

She hadn’t sought out Sylvie. She honestly hadn’t even known her name, just her story. She’d run into her while searching for something on the black market. She wasn’t sure how they had become such good friends but somehow they had agreed to find a way to escape authorities together and through that, they had been raising hell ever since. She loved to recount their adventures when they had moments of respite but now was not one of those.

“Yeah, let’s start heading out. Maybe we can find someone to rest for a few hours.” She didn’t know anyone around where they were so there was no hope of finding a place to crash that would risk their cover. “I lost my scarf though so we are going to have to be more cautious.” She normally had a scarf that covered the part of her face that was missing but in their latest brush with the authorities, it had flown off and she’d had no chance of retrieving it.

She moved her hair to drape more over her face. She knew she probably shouldn’t be too worried sine there were many cyborgs out there with missing pieces like her. The pieces were fairly expensive and sometimes even called for a professional to place properly. Also, any picture that she’d ever seen of herself, she’d been wearing one scarf or another so perhaps people wouldn’t think too much of her but she’d rather take some sort of precaution than to hope for the best.

She wasn’t like Sylvie. She wasn’t on the run for an honest mistake. The law truly believed that she was to blame for the murder of her entire family. An attempted murder suicide was what they had deemed it. They had no theory as to why she would have done such a thing or how she accomplished it but they were sure it was her.

She never really talked about what had happened, not even to Sylvie. She just expressed her innocence anytime their records came up in conversation. Most people didn’t believe her but she hoped that at least Sylvie did. Otherwise, why would she be travelling with Avalee?]]
  Avalee / iPride / 10d 11h 54m 29s
[center Sylvie ran into the alley alongside Avalee and she held her breath as three guards ran past the alley they were hiding in. She let out the breath she had been holding and chuckled. [+teal "Those dummies... They always claim that they are superior and all-knowing but look at them. They just lost us."] Sylvie always found it fun to make jokes about the authorities to hide the fact of how scared she was. There had been too many close calls as of late that she was lucky they had made it out in two pieces.]
[center [+teal "Yeah. I am fine. My stupid hand fell off again, though but at least I picked it up before they could destroy it."] Sylvie held up her cyborg hand that had fallen off. She put it back in position and winced as it clicked and blended back into place. It always stung for a couple of seconds whenever she would put her cyborg pieces back into place.]
[center Sylvie had been a regular human girl up until three years ago. She was planning on a vacation with her mom, dad, and brother to a tropical planet that was a week's journey away. Sylvie and her family went to stock up on space snacks as they laughed along in their Hovercar. Suddenly, the Hovercar flew out of the sky and crashed into a park. Hovercar accidents were very rare but they still happened. Typically the occupants of these crashes were fine and just shocked but this case was different. Sylvie was knocked unconscious and woke up a week later in a hospital. She was told that she had gotten into a crash and that both arms and legs had been ripped from her body. The doctor also told her that she had suffered from brain trauma and that her family was dead.]
[center She couldn't believe him.]
[center They were supposed to go on their trip. Hovercar accidents almost never happened. It must have been a prank. But why were her legs and arms so stiff? Why did it feel so foreign to move? A nurse tried to soothe her while telling her that she would probably never be able to be a normal human again. She had cried herself to sleep every night for the next week while rejecting food. On the morning of her 8th day of consciousness, Sylvie decided that she couldn't just stay in the hospital. She had shakingly stood up when the nurse came in to check on her. The nurse screamed as Sylvie panicked at the sudden noise and tripped over a switch that sprayed Nitrous Oxide into the air. She looked for the only way out and saw the hospital window. She jumped out the window as she fell two stories down. Sylvie wasn't aware that the nurse had been trapped in the room and she was killed as her heart was stopped from the overdose of Nitrous Oxide. From then on, she relearned how to walk and the authorities are chasing her for murder and resisting arrest. She had found black market traders and had a gun and knife installed into her arms for protection and has been on the run with her friend, Avalee.]
[center Once her hand was back in place and she checked to make sure she was missing anything, she sighed contently. [+teal "Well. That certainly was risky. But we better keep moving. They are going to double back and we don't want to be here when they start checking every nook and cranny."] Sylvie peaked out of the alley at the few people, robots, and cyborgs walking around. They could attempt blending in but if someone noticed them, they were done for.]
  Sylvie / TessaFox / 17d 9h 22m 32s
[font "Garmond" “Goodness, I thought we’d never get a break.” Avalee crouched down behind the dumpster. She looked up, surveying the alley that they were occupying. They used to say that cyborgs never got tired, back before they become commonplace, but that was entirely false. She was drained from running for so long and it took everything she had not to power down her conscious for fifteen minutes or so.

They had been on the run for just over two days, only stopping when they couldn’t continue without risking harm to themselves. The authorities were persistent, more so than she’d ever seen them before. She was sure that by now their faces had been plastered on every most wanted section that existed throughout the planet but hopefully not the galaxy yet. After all, they had to know that the two of them hadn’t had enough time to escape the planet.

Avalee looked over at her friend, the only person she trusted. “Are you alright?” She needed to make sure that he was able to continue when they would inevitably have to. Even though they had only known each other for a few years, she felt closer to her than she did anyone else on the planet, even those most in charge of raising her.

The planet that she had grown up on was an odd one in her opinion. They existed as a collective, only meant to serve the greater good. It was something forced into them from the time they came to being, even before they achieved their true awareness. Deep down she knew that the collective was a good thing but she had always found It difficult to follow their rules. The greater good seemed like a foreign concept to her. She found herself more worried about how things would affect her over affecting the collective and that was what had started her rebellion at a young age.

She had gotten better at hiding her disdain for the system of the planet but she was far from perfect. She was always sent to do the mundane or unfavorable jobs and they tried to separate her from as many people as possible, especially those who were in the process of coming to consciousness as they were the most impressionable. She’d always wondered if perhaps her thoughts and feelings were caused by influences during her own journey to awareness. That would explain a lot but unfortunately it could not be proven.

This spot where they were resting would have to be extremely temporary. It was too open, to easily found. The authorities would be back on their tail if they stayed here for too long. They needed a plan. They needed to find a way to get off planet without anyone realizing. She didn’t know what other planet they could go to where authorities wouldn’t eventually be made aware that there might be fugitives dwelling there. She’d only been off planet a couple of times and they’d both been to help out with grunt work. They didn’t have time to research all the possibilities so she was hoping he would have somewhere in mind, at least somewhere that they could go unnoticed for a few days to find other options.]
  Avalee / iPride / 10d 12h 3s

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