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[size11 [font roman [b Disclaimer:] Might contain some disturbing themes.
[b Inspired entirely by Good Hunting | Love, Death, and Robots. ]
[u I will refuse to accept anyone under the age of [b 18+]]

[center [pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/11261fdec4724d376bbb71291bf1944c/tumblr_pp4tctc3l31qdhps7o2_500.gifv]

[size12 [font roman In the 20th century, the modernization of the world has nearly sucked away all magic that was left by the ancients. Now, in a dystopian future, magical creatures landlocked on Earth are forced to endure the forever changing future. Now, magical creatures must find a way to fit into this new world lest they are consumed by it and forgotten. They have no choice but to give in, and if they refuse, they will be smothered by it all.

Magical casters have lost their powers.
Shapeshifters can no longer return to their true forms.
Demigods are now mere humans.
Spirit hunters serve no purpose.
Angels and demons are stuck on Earth.
Creatures with no human form are either forced into hiding or killed.
Those who possessed or followed magic are lost in this world.

Most magical creatures have gone to live a normal human life, trying their best to forget about the power they once had. But most still consider whether regaining their powers is still possible. Even humans are feeling the pressure as robots and artificial intelligence become more and more advanced every day.]]]

[size12 [font roman
- [u 14 days or less to post.]
- I will delete the thread after [u [b 30 days of inactivity.]]
- I have no word limit but I prefer [u semi to advance lit.]
- This roleplay will potentially be following heavy, mature, possibly triggering themes.
- I don't care about sexualities or pairings ; all sexualities are fair game, just let me know if you have a specific preference.
- I have no preference for either role; let me know if you have a specific preference or idea for whichever one you want.
- Illustrations or real-life photographs can be used, I don't have a specific preference.
- I'm not strict on skeletons and don't really require one, but I'd prefer it if you'd make one as I usually do. I just like having a grasp on my partner's characters before meeting them.
- Creative freedom is very important to me. Don't feel trapped or held down by the plot. If you have any suggestions and want to discuss something, always let me know.

[center A steampunk dystopian future with a bunch of unfortunate magical creatures. All magical creatures from all mythologies, legends, and religions are accepted and allowed, all I ask is that they are of the correct ethnicity of where the legend originated from unless stated otherwise. No gods or already existing figures in mythology, please, but demigods are accepted.

There is no set plot for this. I have some ideas of my own, but I would also like to collaborate with you and create one together. So, please be ready for some plot discussion beforehand, or alternatively, we can sandbox this until a plot is made. I would prefer if this was a story between a human and a magical creature, but anything is fine and we can always make side characters.]

[b [u PM me if interested.]]


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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/57Q6e1L.jpg]

[font roman [size12 Eliza was fairly sucked into her book, barely noticing the [i person] in front of her until words were spoken. Her eyes looked away from her book first before her brain could even register the fact that someone was talking to her. A small smile crept up on her face at the sight of him, and Eliza lowered the book beside her. She seemed pretty pleased that someone was actually talking to her, for the city of Cogton was a pretty lonely one. [b [#F7819F "Yes. Yes, it's quite, well, it's something. The author sure has an interesting way with words, I suppose. A whole load of inconceivable nonsense about [i supernatural] forces in this world and other ridiculous things, but interesting none the less."]] She said with a warm smile, a smile that clearly showed she was ignorant to the animosity deep inside the man speaking to her. After that, Eliza was quiet, but the slight tension in the air between them prompted her to continue. [b [#F7819F "Are you much of are a reader then? I'm more of a romantic than a philosopher, but Leslie Ann's books are always such a treat."]] She slightly giggled whilst patting the book beside her.

She noted his odd appearance slightly, a little [i eccentric] and [i different] compared to a few of the residents of Cogton, but many of those who lived within the slums looked similar to him. They were all quite, well, unusual, in a way that something seemed almost inhuman about them, but that couldn't be. Eliza wasn't too aware of the magical creatures that inhabited the world. A few history books spoke of them, but only has myths and legends, and half of them weren't even that good or noteworthy. She tried to ignore his appearance, at least look through it, and concentrated on [i him] rather than what he was, though, perhaps her eyes betrayed her feelings. As the same with most humans, Eliza couldn't help but stare almost too curiously at him.
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Erlking was tired of this world, to a point he’s thought about ending it all and just taking his own life but, he couldn’t ever bring himself to stoop to such a coward's death, it was no way for a King to go out- now that he could. Thankfully he was able to keep himself hidden among the humans by keeping his eyes covered, his skin was odd looking but most people thought he was just a sick dying old man. That always seemed to keep people away from him anyways, none of these selfish humans wanted to be near enough for anyone to even be able to ask for help.

[i Disgusting.]

Young humans had been what used to keep him going, watching as they entered his forest and made their way along the trails, enjoying their day in the beauty of nature. They always stayed too long, be it getting caught up swinging or fishing in a lake, napping under a hill on a tree- they always lingered in his forest and, when they did, Erlking would move in for his kill. It was never violent, or fearsome , he would come behind and just a simple touch onto the child's skin and they would collapse dead into his arms where he would then have free game to the younglings pure soul. Oh how he missed his days of hunting, his days of being top of the ‘food chain’, the world was run by mechanical ‘magic’ now and there was hardly any place left for creatures. He heard humans speaking of places that rumor of magic still being possible, but he assured himself it was all just that- rumor.

A sigh escaped his lips as he pushed open a large door and let the light shine onto his face, he lowered his head quickly as the sudden light hurt his eyes, he had never got used to the sun, or eating. He always found himself [i starting] but he couldn’t ever eat enough but even though it didn’t ever fully satisfy him it did take away the pain of it all, and made it a little easier to deal with. He’d get to the stations and at least it would be a bit darker there.

He finally made it and walked inside quickly, in a rush to get out of the heat , “Finally.” he whispered softly as he walked over to the benches and sat down on the end of one. He pulled at the collar of his shirt and lifted it up so it would covered more of his face, it was always dangerous being out, if anyone got too close he feared they would notice [i anything]. His eyes looked around to see if there was anyone eyeing him and he didn’t seem to see anyone thankfully, he’s had his fair share of odd stares from people but so far it’s just that. That’s when he noticed that he’d sat next to a young lady, he hadn’t thought to look right beside him as he looked for eyes giving him questioning looks but, thankfully she seemed to be drawn into her book that she had held open in front of her. What a world this must of been for her to be apart of, everything was working out to become all in favor of humans that now seemed to think this world [i belonged] to them. [i You’re all disgusting.] he thought, directed at the young lady next to him. He let his eyes fall to the book she was reading, it’s something he had been doing a lot of himself actually- what else is there to do in this world now? Oddly, it was something he had actually read himself, that he had enjoyed. “[#00c76d That’s a good one.]” he said, and then quickly turned so he was even more hidden behind his clothing- [i this shit human world has wore off on me. What the [b fuck] was that?] He thought.
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Vq8aNhT.jpg]

[font roman [size12 Magic was always a funny thing, an ever-present force of nature that was just as fragile as a leaf in the Autumn winds. It once ruled the world, a few hundred years ago, magical creatures were the ultimate species. Nothing bothered them, they were just as mighty as magic itself, and humans were non-the-wiser. For the thousands of years that magic was strong and powerful, magical creatures were on top of the food chain, were the epitome of strength and mystic, until humans became smart and realized, in their own way, they were stronger.

A few magical creatures were peaceful, even more were violent, and they actively preyed upon humans, but to them, this was only natural, how the world simply worked. To combat the problem, the 'Spirit Hunters' were formed, a group of trained humans in the art of all things supernatural and dangerous, who would hunt down magical creatures who threatened humans and their safety, even some who were peaceful. The Spirit-Hunters were often seen as honorable and admirable, but soon they escalated and targeted all magical creatures they could find, forcing some into hiding and even endangering a few and killing others into extinction. A magical creature who could pose as a human and act like one had the highest survival rate, and even then, whilst they looked like a human, they could never truly adjust to the new world forming around them.

As the trees were replaced with skyscrapers, the hills carved out and filled in with homes of brick and cement, and meadows replaced with cities and towns, magic became less and less present, to the point where not even a witch could cast a simple spell. Magical creatures tried their best to maintain as much magic as they could, but, as technology began to develop and magic dwindled, magical creatures became weak and forlorn, left alone in a world they no longer understood, a world that was stolen from them by humans. The 19th century marked the end of the era of magic, right in the center of the city of Cogton where technology crushed magic itself into a fine dust of nothing.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/E3JcCOu.png]

Cogton, once a beautiful meadow and lush forest of green, a safe haven for those who possessed and were born with magic, now a steel forest of metal and rust, roads of dirt marked with the footprints of many travelers, now roads of steel that held beasts of iron that breathed hot smoke. The Capital of the technology-ridden world, the streets filled with more steampunk-esque robots than humans nowadays. To some, the perfect utopia, especially for inventors and greedy dictators, but to most, though secretly, a dystopia. But one could not simply complain, nothing was changing, complaining would just be a waste of time. Any magical creature who managed to survive in this new world were forced to adhere to human customs, live a human life, but without the necessary skills to such things, most were forced into terrible lines of work. In the cold, damp, and dark slums of Cogton was where most of the magical creatures made their home, accompanied by the humans who just couldn't handle the city either. The countryside was one's only hope, but getting there was the problem, for those born behind the Capital walls were forced to stay.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/57Q6e1L.jpg]

Eliza Fairbanks wasn't an obvious victim of technology, her father a respectable railroad engineer and inventor wealthy enough to afford an estate in the upper city, but how the woman dreamed of another life far away from the smoke and grime. A dream that felt far away, but dreaming kept her sane. She spent most of her days at the train station, watching each train rush past until boredom overtook her, daydreaming about the world outside those steel walls. It never dawned on her that things outside weren't much different, but ignorance was bliss, especially if you could never leave.

Another day spent at the train station, a book in hand as Eliza sat on a small bench near the exit. People would walk past every day without even looking at her, a few, most unusual in their demeanor and mannerism, would steal glance or two. Eliza knew nothing about magic, besides the Spirit-Hunters who were still present in the city, but a lack of magic and the magical creatures who successfully disguised themselves in society, they were out of work and had been for years, practically begging for one creature to show up. She never thought about magic, doubted its existence many times, but if magical creatures truly did exist, Eliza felt sorry for them, most definitely. She gently opened the book, '[i A World of Nonsense and More'] on the cover, and began to flick through the pages without much thought.
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