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Macy was so surprised she fell out of her chair. "W-w-w-what?" She was slightly confused.
  Character / Character / 44d 13h 44m 39s
Kaihaku smirked. "Alright the next question is....Can I marry you~"
  NatakaStargazer / 44d 19h 49m 7s
Macy's face went beat red. "Um um um next question" she said quickly not wanting to answer.
  Character / Character / 49d 13h 55m 44s
"Do you wanna marry me?" Kaihaku asked close to her ear in a playful tone.
  NatakaStargazer / 49d 20h 39m 44s
"No, I don't" Macy said shaking her head no as she sighed and glanced around the room
  Character / Character / 50d 12h 28m 0s
"Do you workout in any shape or form?" Kaihaku asked before messing with her hair a bit.
  NatakaStargazer / 50d 12h 29m 49s
"Yes I am" Macy said nodding lightly, as she looked at Kaihaku with a slightly confused look.
  Character / Character / 50d 12h 32m 22s
"Are you...a anime fan?" Kaihaku asked with interest about her answer to this. (fillerrrr)
  NatakaStargazer / 50d 12h 33m 30s
"Yes" Macy said quietly hoping she wasn't heard at all by anyone.
  Character / Character / 50d 12h 36m 19s
"Nope only yes or no. No maybe or any other sorts of those answers understand?" he said with a smile.
  NatakaStargazer / 50d 12h 37m 43s
"Um I guess I kind of am" Macy said slowly as she stuttered her words a lot.
  Character / Character / 50d 12h 38m 42s
"You gotta answer~ You cant skip the questions Ms.Macy!" Kaihaku said happily.
  NatakaStargazer / 50d 12h 40m 4s
(Okie) Macy blushed at what Kaihaku said as she slightly froze in place. (B)
  Character / Character / 50d 12h 41m 35s

Kaihaku smiled at her. "Are you adorable?"
  NatakaStargazer / 50d 12h 42m 46s
"Um, okay" Macy said quietly.
  Character / Character / 50d 12h 52m 21s

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