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"I may be a girl but I'm not weak ya know" Macy said laughing quietly.
  Character / Character / 10d 9h 39m 4s
Kaihaku's eyes widened and his face went strawberry red in an instant. "H-how are you carrying me?"
  NatakaStargazer / 10d 9h 47m 4s
"Bringing you to my house" Macy said happily, putting him on her shoulders
  Character / Character / 10d 9h 50m 35s
Kaihaku looked up at her and stared tiredly. "Huh...wha are you doing..?"
  NatakaStargazer / 10d 9h 52m 54s
"No problem" Macy said before picking up Kaihaku slowly as to not disturb him.
  Character / Character / 10d 10h 40m 54s
Kaihaku mumbled something during all the petting. "Th-thank you mistress..." He said while blushing a bit more.
  NatakaStargazer / 10d 10h 43m 40s
Macy smiled. "You're the best Kaihaku" she said happily in a small whisper.
  Character / Character / 10d 10h 44m 53s
Kaihaku didn't move for a while, he was enjoying the head pats too much.
  NatakaStargazer / 10d 10h 46m 52s
Macy smiled and kept petting Kaihaku lightly.
  Character / Character / 10d 10h 52m 26s
Kaihaku closed his eyes and a bit of drool spilled out of his mouth. "Purr.purrr~"
  NatakaStargazer / 10d 11h 19m 6s
Macy laughed quietly and pet him some more. "You're adorable"
  Character / Character / 10d 16h 58m 23s
Kaihaku nodded softly and purred a little like a kitten. "Purrr~~~"
  NatakaStargazer / 10d 19h 57m 22s
"You like this don't you?" Macy asked looking at Kaihaku with a smile on her face.
  Character / Character / 11d 7h 19m 2s
Kaihaku's hair began to turn rose as she petted him, softly blush formed onto his face.
  NatakaStargazer / 12d 10h 22m 21s
"Okay. Fine, I guess" Macy smiled before hugging Kaihaku quickly as she pat his head.
  Character / Character / 13d 3h 29m 46s

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