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Welcome to Fangtasia. A place where humans and vampires mingle freely with nothing but open minds, open hearts, and possibly open veins.

Fangtasia is owned and managed by Shane. He is often seen tending the bar. Feel free to talk to him but remember to stay on his good side.

There are rules that must be followed here at Fangtasia. They must be obeyed or there will be severe consequences.

Rule 1 - Vampires are to keep their fangs to themselves unless the human gives clear verbal permission. Humans MUST be fully sober in order to give their consent to anything. No exceptions.

Rule 2 - Vampires are not to hypnotize any human for any reason while on Fangtasia property.

Rule 3 - Humans must be 21 or older to enter the bar. Vampires can smell the age of humans so don’t try it.

Rule 4 - It is preferred that vampires be either well fed before entering or to drink Blud during their visit. There is no packed blood available.

Rule 5 - Neither humans nor vampires will harass anyone. No means no. Respect everyone's boundaries.

Rule 6 - What the owner says, goes. No exception.

[+red A note to humans] - There is a drink that you can order called a Red Wedding. Ordering this drink will signify to the owner that you are in trouble and require help. This drink is to only be ordered for this use and only if you are facing trouble against a vampire. THe owner will take care of things from there.

This is a place of fun, pleasure, escape and freedom. Do not turn it into the opposite.

[b Thread Rules]
- All ES rules apply.

- The lore for the vampires in this thread is simple: Silver is toxic. Sunlight causes severe blisters and can kill if out in it too long. Stakes only paralyze vampires, not kill them. Fire kills vampires and burns the body to ash in minutes. Beheading a vampire kills them. Holy water is just water. Crosses and churches do nothing. Garlic is nothing more than a mild irritant. Vampires, like humans and animals, have evolved from a primitive ancestor.

- All characters must be original. No canon. They also must be unique. This also includes human characters. Humans MUST be 21 years or older. Only vampires and humans. No other species or creature allowed in this thread. No exceptions.

- All character images must be anime or semi-realistic digital art. No exceptions. Images must comply with ES rules. THat means they should be unique and tasteful.

- No god-modding. You’re character isn’t better than everyone else so don’t play them like they are. Especially the humans.

- Proper grammar is required. Mistakes are fine as they happen here and there but the post must still be understandable.

- Posting limit will be set at 500. One-line replies will not be tolerated and any attempt to bypass this will result in deleted posts.

- This is a free-for-all thread. With saying that, you must wait for at least TWO(2) others before posting again. This will not become a 1x1. If you have multiple characters in play, put them into a single post.

- Do not put images into the post itself. We want to read your posts, not scroll through half a page of image and then read your post.

- All OOC will be kept to a minimum and in { these } brackets. Any arguing must be taken to PMs. Any issues regarding other players, posts or whatever must be brought to me via PMs. I will handle it.

- This is meant to be a fun place. If things start becoming too problematic, I will lock and wipe the thread. If anyone becomes too problematic, they will be kicked from the thread once it becomes locked.

Have fun and don’t cause any trouble.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (500 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

[Fredoka+One [#ff0027 "Fuck.."]

Hayden watched half the money in his hat decrease little by little. Geez. His friends were ruthless the revenge round. He clicked his tongue, a bit annoyed. He bit into the candy part of his sucker with a loud [i CRUNCH] and chewed. An arm wrapped around his shoulder, bringing him close. [b "Aww, don't be upset~"] Hayden rolled his eyes and scoffed, then smirked as he shrugged. Like he could get upset over something small, like he didn't have money anyway.

[#ff0027 "Think we could use something to drink."] He stood up and stretched his arms over his head as he strolled up to the bar. He tilted his head, the barkeep having a deep conversation with a woman. Either way, he pushed himself right in and interrupted them, crystal blue hues staring at Shane. [#ff0027 "Six beers, please.. and keep the tab open."] He said rather aloud, making sure he was heard and didn't care what they were talking about or how rude he came off. He unwrapped some very sweet gum, strawberry flavor and blew a bubble as he waited.
  ☾ . ☽ / Seki / 4d 6h 7m 53s
[font consolas When Shane smiled, Leah glanced over to see the boy with the group of men gambling.] [b "He looks awfully young to be gambling, don't you think?"] [font consolas She placed her chin in her hand, glancing at the group one last time before paying her attention back to Shane, as he began to speak with her.

Leah couldn't help but wonder why he was telling her all of this. Hell, she had just walked in. Did he trust her already? Had he sensed something in her? She wasn't sure what it was, but she trusted him, either way. ]

[i "You know, for someone who's supposed to keep things on the 'down low', you sure are spilling everything out to me."] [font consolas she smirked, looking him up and down. She had a habit of doing that to people. She slid the glass over to him. She wasn't much of a drinker, but she supposed she would do the man some good business. Hell, he amused her. She felt like she could talk to him for hours.

She slid a bill across the counter as he continued to speak, ordering a raspberry cocktail with a shot of vodka.]

[b "As I said before, I'm not afraid of you. Nor am I afraid of many vampires. Hell, you may be strong, or rare, or whatever the hell it is you say you are, but that doesn't give me a reason to back down, ya know?"] she smiled softly, giving him a soft wink.

"[i I like a challenge.]"

[font consolas Leah liked Shane's ego. He was flirty, and confident, and wasn't afraid to speak his mind, as he was doing now with the complaints. She had to say, she admired him.]
  LeahLockheart / 3d 12h 41m 33s
[size12 The young man shouting out caught his attention for a moment. he looked up to see there was a game of gamble going on. He smiled and shook his head as he saw how things were laying out.] [b "I learn a lot just by talking to people. I could also just read your mind by touch or drink your blood and I'll know everything about you in fell swoop but I avoid doing that unless I absolutely have to. I try to keep those abilities on the down low anyway. Not many know I even have those capabilities."]

[size12 Shane chuckled.] [b "You may have grown up with vampires but you haven't met someone, or something, like me. I'm not supposed to exist. In fact, I'm supposed to be extinct."]

[size12 Shane turned as he heard talk of bad business. He had to cut in because it tickled a nerve.] [b "I'm not worried about losing money, love. I have 4 other businesses, one of which produces the synthetic blood gel caps. My company is one of the few distributors in the world of synthetic blood. That stuff is not easy to make nor was it easy to create. Took my lab decades to figure it out and centuries for the few other labs."] [size12 He said as he watched her pour out some of her drink.] [b "It's not poisoned by the way. Silver is hard to hide due to the shimmer of the metal, liquid or otherwise."]
  Shane / -Mirror- / 6d 4h 40m 19s
She nodded. “I guess I’ve just always liked it? I mean, I got pretty used to it, so either way it was probably gonna be what I ordered”. She lifted her glass. “That guy just gave me a free drink because he missed me once? I mean, I’m not complaining, but it just seems like bad business, don’t you think”? She kept trying to make small talk. She needed the practice, and Morana seemed nice. Nicer then some, anyway. She sighed, and tried to discretely pour some of the whiskey from her glass into Morana’s. She hoped she hadn’t noticed, but she didn’t know why. She guessed it was because she was so used to poison, but then again.....
  Deleteddonotcontact / 6d 5h 8m 42s
[Fredoka+One Hayden twirled the lollipop inside his mouth, pulling it out with a loud [i pop]. His hat rested upside in the center of the table, money slowly filling the hat. They weren't hiding the fact that they were gambling. Hayden by far was winning..

Call it an addiction. The male was addicted to many things, too many to count. He wasn't a druggie though. He did a lot of things to make himself some money. All fairly legal.. in a way. So far, being a [i blood doll] is the easiest money. Yeah, he lived with a wealthy vampire and a few others. Being a homeless child off the streets, he really had no choice, though he's not complaining since he's under protection.

[#ff0027 "You guys thoroughly suck! Haha!"] He probably spoke a little loud there, making a pun along with his insult. He snickered, giving a toothy grin. The men around him grumbled to themselves. [#ff0027 "But I'm nice, so I'll give you all a chance to win the money back.~"] He let out a giggle.
  ☾ . ☽ / Seki / 6d 8h 44m 37s
[font consolas Leah chuckled.] [b "Pointless, indeed. Fascinating, hmm?"] [font consolas she smirked.] [b "Maybe I can show you just how fascinating I am, if you're interested?~"] [font consolas she said softly. She finished off her margarita, sliding it to the side.
She was having fun as far as she knew. Shane seemed to be the only relaxed one there. She was just there to have a good time, as bars were intended for.

Her face flushed a slight red as he leaned into her ear. She didn't want to appear flustered, so she attempted to calm herself.] [b "Well, I think I can take it. Besides, I grew up with your kind."] [font consolas she replied, running a hand through her hair.

Leah smiled softly at Serene.] "No problem, Princess. Just a small favor." [font consolas she sighed, crossing her legs.]
  LeahLockheart / 3d 12h 40m 46s
[size12 Shane chuckled.] [b "It's more an age thing than just being a bartender. When you have forever, you learn a lot of things. Some useful, some not so useful, some just plain pointless."] [size12 He said with a chuckle.] [b "Humans are interesting to say the least. They vary so much from person to person, like how no two batches of wine are the same. I find humans fascinating to be honest. It's why I usually pick a human to be my confidant. They all react differently when I put an insane amount of trust in them."]

[size12 Shane smirked but then his face turned blank as if his emotions just turned off. He leaned in to Leah and spoke softly though he knew the other vampires could still hear him.] [b "There is more but it's not something many can take. It's dangerous and not many know of it. I need to keep it under the radar from the clan leaders and especially the council. Let's just say scientists have barely scratched the surface of human evolution."]

[size12 Shane then leaned back and put a smile back on his face. He saw a young man with pink hair move in through the door and towards some of the patrons. His energy was rather upbeat and youthful. He looked younger than he was and seemed to have that same energy to him. There were some that sought out that kind of person. He'll have to keep an eye on things involving that kid. Especially since he seemed to have caught the eye of someone already.]

[size12 Shane didn't need to be asked to refill a drink as he noticed the empty glass. He swiftly moved to fill and replace the empty glass. He overheard the girls name was Morana as she spoke to another patron.] [b "Morana, right? Lovely name. Sorry. I overheard your conversation. Super hearing and all. Gotta hear everything that's going on to keep the place safe so please don't hit me."] [size12 He said that last bit about hitting him as a joke, a goofy grin on his face as he said it.]
  Shane / -Mirror- / 8d 1h 11m 31s
[size13[font "Franklin Gothic Book" Serene noticed a lot more people making their way into the club now. She glanced at her sister and sighed, from her posture alone she could tell Luna was bored. She needed constant excitement but didn't want to work for it, whereas Serene was completely different, she liked the chase. Having her thoughts interrupted she glanced at the pretty brunette has was now next to her and Serene immediately turned on the charm.]]

[size13[font "Franklin Gothic Book" Revealing a dazzling smile she took a cigarette out of the box and placed it on her lips.]] [size13[b[#778899[font "Franklin Gothic Book" "Thank you dear"]]] [size13[font "Franklin Gothic Book" Before the conversation could continue she turned the brunettes attention had now turned to the guy behind the bar. Breathing out the puff of smoke she noticed the guy in the corner had gotten up to leave with made Serene smile, she flicked the ash onto the ashtray and turned to her sister.]] [size13[b[#778899[font "Franklin Gothic Book" "I guess there's no pleasing some people sister, how unfortunate he could have been entertaining".]]]

[size13[font "Franklin Gothic Book" Luna shook her head as she sensed someone who had arrived outside that was exactly what piqued her interest, the energy they were releasing was intoxicating for her. Now things would get interesting. She sat up straight and glanced at the door almost licking her lips.]] [size13[b[#A9A9A9[font "Franklin Gothic Book" "I wouldn't worry too much about him he'll be back soon, however someone very fun has just arrived, I would like to see how this night pans out."]]]


[right[pic]] [size15[font "Agency FB" Morana was starting to feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of people entering and leaving the club, she considered doing the same but forced herself to stay purely for the fact it had taken her this long to come here in the first place. Letting out a rather large sigh she hadn't noticed the girl behind her until she felt a slight tap on her shoulder.]]

[size15[font "Agency FB" Jumping almost out of her seat Morana gave the girl who introduced herself as Jade a faint smile, she could feel the blood rush to her cheeks from embarrassment.]] [size15[b[#000080[font "Agency FB" "Ahh it's nice to meet you Jade, I'm Morana, I see you have good taste in alcohol".]]] [size15[font "Agency FB" Morana held up her glass with a small remainder of whiskey in which she drank in one gulp. She set the glass down gently on the table, she wanted to order another but could see that the guy who served her was busy conversing with the other guests. Being the introvert Morana was she decided to wait until he was finished before she could get his attention.]]
  Immortalem / Tverdost / 8d 3h 20m 18s
[Fredoka+One The pink-haired male skipped merrily down the street. The beaming happiness radiating off this male could blind most. After a day of no good, he decided to visit this bar called Fangtasia or was it a club? From what his sources told him, it seemed to be an all-in-one type of place. He didn't feel stressed or needed some excitement, though, he wasn't opposed to finding some attractive man to keep him company; vampire or human. It's like not like he didn't enjoy being bitten. A very pleasurable experience if done right. Some vampires are downright animals. It's funny how some are willing to even pay. Easiest money ever made without selling his body, besides, it gives him an adrenaline rush.

He stopped right outside the doors of Fangtasia, reaching into his pocket for a strawberry lollipop. He unwrapped it and placed inside his mouth, sucking on it happily. And candy. Candy gives him a rush too. He probably looked younger than 21, but he couldn't help his small stature. Not everyone's born tall. He adjusted his hat a bit, silky pink locks peeking from underneath his hat.

Once he stepped inside, idle chatter reached his ears. Some laughter too. With hands behind his head, he whistled and strolled over towards a group of guys who may have looked shady and mean, but Hayden only surrounded himself with good people. [i Sometimes...]
  ☾ . ☽ / Seki / 8d 32m 5s
[font consolas The brunette chuckled, stirring her straw around.] [b "Well, as a bartender I would assume you have. Thanks, Captain Obvious."] [font consolas She grinned, tucking her cigarettes away in her pocket.] [b "Yeah, not many of them are bad. I grew up with him and his friends, so it never really phased me. I remember when we were growing up they'd play-fight with me all the time to see if humans were as weak as their parents told them they were. It was all fun and games, though. I'm pretty feisty, not afraid to put someone in their place if need be."]

[font consolas Leah raised a brow.] [i "Well, curiosity killed the cat."]

[font consolas Leah put her head on her hand as she listened to Shane speak, sipping her margarita every now and again. Tonight was going well, as far as she knew. She was just beginning to realize how fun going out used to be when she didn't have a rude "boyfriend" dragging her everywhere.]

[b "I wouldn't say that. You practically give yourself away.~"]

She smirked softly. [b "and if there's more, I think I'd like to know. You're an interesting man, Shane."]
  LeahLockheart / 3d 12h 40m 27s
[size12 It was unfortunate that someone had left but the kid would realize the books weren't just books eventually. He did a mental shrug.] [b "I've had plenty of time to practice."] [size12 He said trying to to grin at his own joke.] [b "As you've experience yourself, not all vampires are bad. And it seems many still want to stay hidden. I'm kind of hiding myself but not in the way you'd expect. I'm not in the least bit shy about being a vampire, in case you haven't noticed but there's a lot more to me than meets the eye."]

[size12 Shane then let out a laugh. It was that laugh you get out of someone when they're in a really good mood and feeling a little flirty.] [b "Oh, come now. I'm not that kind of guy. Besides, it's a tad bit dangerous to go that route with me. Remember, there's a lot more to me than what I make myself out to be. I want to avoid trouble if I can."]
  Shane / -Mirror- / 8d 12h 11m 5s
[Varela+Round [size12 [#666666 "Closed...? How's that possible?"]

Other than Fangtasia, this one sat close to his apartment as well. He'd have to drive further into the city to find another. He could even walk here. Very convenient for when he came home from his evening classes. He gritted his teeth. His friends must've seen this or they wouldn't have given him this suggestion of visiting such a bar. He grabbed the door handle again, pulling on it in disbelief. Haah. No way... this must be some twisted fate.

He kicked the door, sitting down on a bench and taking another drag from his cigarette. Cassius gazed down at his phone; feeling stressed, irritated, fatigued all the in one since he had rough day already. He rubbed his neck and stretched it out some, feeling his muscles tighten up. This always happened. He contemplated whether to go back or not. He studied many walking into the place. Wondered if there were reviews online.. it didn't seem like some secret club.
  Cᴀssɪᴜs ✰ / Unisex / 8d 19h 40m 1s
[font consolas The brunette took a long sip from her margarita, smiling softly.] [b "Damn, that's good. Thanks."] [font consolas she chuckled, finishing her cigarette as she put it into the ashtray. She laughed at his words.] [b "Nice play on words there. One of my best friends growing up was a vampire, but we couldn't tell anyone otherwise he would get kicked out. He works here, now, apparently."] [font consolas she explained as she bit her lip, looking him up and down, trying to get a read of him.

Shane looked to be about her age, but being a vampire there was no telling how old he was, really. She ran a hand through her hair, a small smirk painted on her face.]

[i "Trouble with who, you? Well then sir, I might not need to take you up on that offer. I think I'd like to be in trouble."]

[font consolas She chuckled softly, unsure of how he would take the flirtatious comment. She took another long sip of her margarita, running a hand through her hair.]
  LeahLockheart / 3d 12h 40m 5s
[size12 Shane looked over as he heard someone speaking to him. He had calmed down and regained himself so he could focus on his job. He stood up and moved to start fixing up the drinks. The whiskey first since it was a quick pour then the margarita.] [b "A lot of vampires tend to be a bit on the high-horse, so to speak. Many look down on humans as just food so don't take it personally. It's just the whole food chain mentality a lot of the older ones sometimes get. Nothing against you."] [size12 He said as he set the drink up on the bar, a coaster under the margarita.] [b "Sorry if I seemed to have ignored you're request on the whiskey. May have no heard it. That one's on the house."]

[size12 Shane chuckled as he turned back to the one with the margarita.] [b "Cold? Really? I didn't notice. Getting out every now and then is good for the soul. Or lack thereof. Places like this help to break out of your shell a bit. It's a safe place. But if you ever feel like you're in trouble, just order the Red Wedding and I'll take care of you. But only if you're in trouble, alright?"]
  Shane / -Mirror- / 9d 3h 16m 36s
Jade sighed, and raised her hand, before remembering she could just speak this time. She quickly brought it down, and said, “I’m sorry if I’m intruding, but I did ask for another whiskey”? She took a moment to look over the other patrons. Hmm. The twins, she could have sworn she’d seen them before. She reached out to tap one of them on the shoulder, but then thought better of it. She instead tapped Morana on the shoulder, trying to start up some small talk. “Hey, what’s your name? I’m Jade”. She did her best to appear friendly, but she was worried she still hadn’t gotten the hang of it.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 9d 3h 34m 49s

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