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[size11 [font roman [b Disclaimer:] Might contain some disturbing themes.
[b Inspired entirely by Kindred | League of Legends.]
[u I will refuse to accept anyone under the age of [b 18+]]

[center [pic]

[size12 [font roman A wolf of hunger, a lamb of slaughter.
Such is death, always taking, yet, always alone and always hungry.

Never one without the other,
[i Never one without the other.]

Lamb is a peaceful death.
Wolf is a tragic one.
[i Shepherd and the butcher, poet and primitive, they are one and both.]

Lamb understands emotion but can not feel them.
Wolf can feel emotions but does not understand them.

A semi-love story where two deaths, split apart from their maker, are reunited to recreate the white embrace of nothingness and the gnashing of teeth in the dark. To reclaim what was always theirs, such is the natural order of things, but not all can accept the blasé embrace of death.]]]

[size12 [font roman
- [u 14 days or less to post.]
- I will delete the thread after [u [b 30 days of inactivity.]]
- I have no word limit but I prefer [u semi to advance lit.]
- This roleplay will potentially be following heavy, mature, possibly triggering themes.
- I don't care about sexualities or pairings ; all sexualities are fair game, just let me know if you have a specific preference.
- I have no preference for either role; let me know if you have a specific preference or idea for whichever one you want.
- Illustrations or real-life photographs can be used, I don't have a specific preference.
- I'm not strict on skeletons and don't really require one, but I'd prefer it if you'd make one as I usually do. I just like having a grasp on my partner's characters before meeting them.
- With that said, neither Lamb nor Wolf have any specific characteristics other than what they already represent and what they can feel and understand. From there, you can have the freedom to characterize Lamb or Wolf however you want, including names and backstory.
- Creative freedom is very important to me. Don't feel trapped or held down by the plot. If you have any suggestions and want to discuss something, always let me know.

[b [u PM me] if you're interested.


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[center Sub Verse was nothing like most clubs in the circuit. It was classy but in a different kind of way—all recessed neon lights, white surfaces, and smooth planes. Very modern, very chic, and aesthetically appealing in it’s atypical design. There were two circular bars that sported liquor racks that encircled an illuminated column at their centres in tiers. The bases glowed from within thick frosted glass, making up the first tiers before the second tiers of bottles, which were suspended inversely above them to give them a sort of zipper effect.

Most marvelled at the mirrored walls, sleek backless stools that only hugged and supported your ass, and the formidable dance floor. It was raised like a stage and surrounded where it wouldn’t interfere with the stairs with high-backed leather seats so spectators would have a good look at the debauchery. It was one of two, the other at a diagonal across the club, and both had glowing panels that shifted colours or dimmed in sync with the music.

There was a hub of seating off in a small lounge area a futuristic suspension of bubbling chrome above it. It reflected light and the interior of the club a hundred times over, set over a rounded platform separated by a floor to ceiling fish tank.

The ambience definitely did something for the place. Between all the plush white couches and this very cyber-punk meets utopia aesthetic. On a typical night, there were usually men and women alike, some scantily clad, others in full dress, and somehow in the setting, none of it clashed. Now, however, it was entirely empty save for the CSI crew currently collecting evidence, the detectives on the scene, and the club’s manager. No ambience, no dancing, and certainly no fun to be had here.

Fei was posted off to one side to oversee everything. When it’s gone down, he’d actually been resolving a dispute regarding one of their private rooms, so he hadn’t actually witnessed the murder, but there had been plenty of witnesses, so they certainly wouldn’t be lacking in information there. The only problem here was that it seemed like there hadn’t really been a clear motive an outsider’s perspective. Things had been totally merry up until that point, according to what he’d overheard, but that was why it would be up to the investigators to determine.

The blond hovered with arms loosely folded beneath his chest donning a pair of soft cream leathers, a mesh top, and pointed leather boots. His hair was swept up into a chignon that accentuated his high cheekbones, and for the time being he’d opted to wear his glasses. The lights they typically used for deep cleanings were up to give the techs a better idea of what they were doing, and they seemed grateful for the illumination as they worked. All Fei could think about was how the victim’s family or someone close would have to identify him, and he was sure it would be a difficult time for everyone involved. Loss was never easy, he knew. Even if he couldn’t say he’d ever felt anything remotely close to to any emotional suffering, he’d witnessed it may a time over.

“How much longer do you think this will take? I just want to plan out what to do following this.” After all, he might have to shut down for their daytime activities as well.
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[center [pic]

[size12 [font roman [b "Male. Appears to be of middle age. Last seen at this club at 8:45 PM with a currently unknown man."] Conrí mumbled beneath his breath to himself as his eyes fluttered through the report in his hands. Another murder, another senseless tragedy this town had to suffer through again, but Conrí never felt truly bothered by any of that. To him, another crime scene was just another job, but to his co-workers, even in this line of work they had been in for years, sometimes things became too much. But this specific murder, while certainly a misfortune for the victim and his family and friends, was not the worst Conrí had ever seen.

A hot cup of coffee in one hand and a warm bagel in the other, Conrí stared at the lights of the club shining in the dark, back pressed up against his seat as his partner next to him lit a cigarette and took a hefty draw. [b "Another death in what, the span of two weeks? What the fuck is wrong with this town."] He sighed with exasperation as Conrí merely chuckled and then shrugged, which made his partner give him a funny look. [b "I guess we're [i that] town, huh."] He replied with a smirk, his partner wasn't nearly as amused as him. He just shook his head and stared out the window into nothingness, his eyes momentarily focusing a few raindrops that slithered down the glass. [b "You never worry about anything, do you?"] It came off as a joke, but Conrí knew his partner was serious deep down. It always made him feel, insecure? He could never label any of his emotions, no matter how strong they became. [b "Hakuna Matata."] He just played it off with a half-smile, but his eyes betrayed him. Not that his partner made a comment.

But, death, to Conrí was completely normal. Just a [i thing] that happened and would happen to everyone. Some people just aren't lucky enough to be granted a peaceful death, and that's unfortunate, but also normal in a very messed up way. It was all normal to him, to think about someone dying horribly, but to die in their sleep or be at peace at death, that made him feel confused, uncertain. It made him think, think about things that he scarcely understood. Everything has to die, that's just the truth, but all Conrí ever knew was brutality in that aspect, never anything else. He had felt like that since, well, since his first-ever memory.

Before his mind was completely overcome by these thoughts, his partner tapped his shoulder and motioned for him to follow him into the club. Conrí just nodded and left the car, leaving behind his half-eaten bagel and the empty cup of coffee before collecting everything that was needed. He looked at the club, caution tape everywhere, other investigators writing reports, the sound of distant sirens in the background. It was nothing short of a crime scene of something cruel and senseless, and to Conrí, tonight was just another night.

An officer approached him and filled him in on the details of the crime, to which Conrí just motioned his partner to follow him inside the club, which even before entering stank of spilled alcohol and the unmistakable metallic scent of fresh blood and death. A smell that would cause most to double-take, but Conrí took everything in stride as per usual. The floor was littered with smashed glass, and the entire bar felt cold and empty. [b "Last seen at the bar, eh?"] He mumbled beneath his breath with his 'brow raised. [b "Didn't get very far then."] He sarcastically joked before approaching one of the other detectives on-scene clad in protective gear. [b "Anyone else on-site? Civilians, workers, you know the lot."] He questioned, to which the detective nodded. [b "A few serving as witnesses. They're outside, some have already been questioned. Most of them were working at the time of the victim's death. Some claim to have known the man himself, poor bastard."] The detective droned on as Conrí approached the bar and studied a few of the marked bloodstains. [b "I'll see to them. If they were here, they'll have to know something."] It was kind of a guess, but if they worked here, surely they would have something. Conrí left, leaving his partner and the other detectives and investigators to investigate the scene, and pulled a packet of cigarettes out of his pocket; dark eyes aimlessly searching the street ahead of him as he lit the tab and deeply inhaled the narcotic smoke into his poor precious lungs.
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