Night Fall

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"Excuse me... the prince didn't have any proper nutrition yet." Machina said.
  Machina / Catlover33 / 5d 11h 22m 32s
"He did nothing.. leave him alone before i called the police." Malia said having a serious face.
  Malia / Angel_love94 / 7d 4h 8m 36s
"He approached me with the intent to harm me." Euden said to Malia. "He won't listen to reason." Machina said.
  Machina / Catlover33 / 13d 5h 3m 18s
Malia snapped out of her thought and looked at Euden. "Hey stop it! he is just an innocent man walking in the night." She yelled at him. " Let go of him now!" She called out.
  Malia / Angel_love94 / 14d 2h 19m 32s
Euden attacked the male, much to Machina's dislike, and growled at him. "Why have you come here?" He growled at the male. "Your hughness..." Machina said.
  Machina / Catlover33 / 14d 2h 26m 16s
Malia stood there and watched Euden lung at the male stranger. She glanced at the other male she had encounter. She felt the need to just stay still and comprehend what was going on.
  Malia / Angel_love94 / 14d 2h 35m 16s
"I'll go after the male that approached my bodyguard." Euden said before he lunged at the male. "Your highness, wait." Machina said.

  Machina / Catlover33 / 14d 2h 37m 28s
Sorry i am just slightly lost of where this story is going.
  Malia / Angel_love94 / 14d 2h 38m 26s
Malia stepped back some just get some space. "Im really sorry but i can't give you what you want. I have a family, friends, school... and this whole thing is crazy."
  Malia / Angel_love94 / 14d 2h 55m 53s
Euden gently placed Malia on the floor before he sighed. "I guess they wouldn't mind if I brought a guy home." He said.
  Machina / Catlover33 / 14d 3h 37s
Malia hoped that who ever was around would hear her and help her. She was starting to get scared that this man wasn't joking and that he was kidnapping her and make her marry him out of her own free will.
  Malia / Angel_love94 / 14d 3h 2m 1s
Euden held tightly onto Malia. He was scared to drop her since he did not want to be scolded by his parents. Machina saw a man approach and hissed at him.
  Machina / Catlover33 / 14d 3h 8m 9s
"So your kidnapping and making me marry you okay than." Malia said them scream and started to kick him trying to get out. She couldn't believe any of this. It was crazy.
  Malia / Angel_love94 / 14d 3h 12m 47s
"I don't want to but my parents will yell at me if I don't return with a bride." Euden said. "PRINCE EUDEN! WE NEED TO LEAVE!" Machina yelled out.
  Machina / Catlover33 / 14d 3h 39m 54s
"Yeah probably looking for me because this is my normal jogging route.. Wait are you kidnapping me." Malia asked looking at this vampire prince.
  Malia / Angel_love94 / 14d 3h 41m 57s

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