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[font "times" [b A] group of friends reconnect after the death of their good friend Parker, finally facing the secrets that separated the once close group of people.
[b One] of the women in the group, having to face the fact she has to tell her friend he is the father of her child, now thirteen and unaware she even had a father.
[b The] other woman unable to decide whether to stay loyal to her abusive and controlling husband or fall back into the arms of her first forever true love, leaving a world of wealth behind.
[b Another] having to accept that he was responsible for losing the woman he loved after choosing a job opportunity over love.
[b All] of them knowing they are responsible for the friend's death, seeing as they were all in the car that night, when they killed a man driving drunk. A truth he could never come to accept as the cold case reaches its 10th year anniversary.]
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[font times [I [b ➤ [#a94063 Okay so]]], this is kind of a thriller/drama rp. Very character focused, so you need to be prepared with good flashbacks, a solid character that comes to life as a lot of things will switch between past and present. Im willing to make this a 1x2 or someone who can handle [b [u [I two uniquely different]]] females. This is a friend group and ofc they get along, but some diversity is really appreciated.
[I [b ➤ [#a94063 Real pictures]]], make sure they match the theme of the roleplay.
[I [b ➤ [#a94063 400 words minimum]]], and [b PLEASE PUSH THE STORY FORWARD]. Your post shouldn't be 2/3 responding to dialogue. I want to know who your character is, be creative.
[I [b ➤ [#a94063 Must be 21+]]], this is honestly more so for my comfort, it has nothing to do with maturity. There will be gore, violence, intimacy, cursing, etc. I am willing to accept 18+ if you're absolutely interested.
[I [b ➤ [#a94063 [u Active in plot discussion]]]], Just because it's my idea, doesn't mean everything is on my shoulders. I want someone who is excited and offers ideas that will make the rp exciting.
[I [b ➤ [#a94063 Post no later than 7 days]]], I understand this is a crazy time, people have work and families. I myself work 40 hour wks, but I also have no life so I'm able to juggle the kajillion rps I have no problem. All I ask is that you don't join if you've already got a lot on your plate. I have a good amount of stagnant and slow moving rps and I hate to see an idea die. But if anything, always let me know - I have bad memory so sometimes I won't respond, but rest assured I've seen it.
[I [b ➤ [#a94063 Finally]]], I will be playing multiple characters, that doesn't mean you have to. Please do not do so if you cannot handle the load.
[I [b ➤ [#a94063 Hopefully]]]: I have still held your interest, if so send me a message!]


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Christian got to the hotel then and he was happy to drop his belongings in his room and head for a shower. He hadn’t seen the others and he was glad for it, not sure exactly how he would react considering how much time had passed since they all last saw one another. For him, he was especially unsure how he would react to seeing Francesca, considering that it had been quite some time since she had broken things off. It had confused him, and he wondered if maybe it had been because he was so persistent on getting into college and taking up a position out of town and away from her. The idea of proposing to her did rest in the back of his mind and his mother would have loved the idea, but his father thought he was foolish to even think of doing something like that so young. Maybe he was right, considering that by the time they walked the stage, he barely talked to Francesca or any of the others. It was odd being so close – was that night what finally set them apart Christian wondered.

He brushed his hands through wet hair as he stepped out of the shower, grabbing the blow dryer attached to the wall and beginning to dry the dark strands of hair. He couldn’t even really look at himself for too long in the mirror, almost as if haunted by his eyes and the thought of the grim image he had seen. The body, callously shoved out of the car and discarded like a wounded animal. Though that animal had a name, and wasn’t an animal at all – it was terrible to even think of him in such a way. Tyler Grace. The name haunted their town, his injury riddled comatose body pictured in all the papers and on the news. [I If anyone has any information please come forward]. The kid had died shortly after his injuries had been reported.

They didn’t need to speak about it. It was known that they would all just keep their mouths shut. Wasn’t that hard considering the distance they had placed between them. Christian had tried to keep in touch with Parker, even his mother – but he was elusive. He was moving apartments, his phone line was usually always disconnected. Sometimes you’d catch him and Christian would try to see how he was doing. Eventually he couldn’t getting touch with his old friend. A part of Christian knew that he has really stopped trying had it made him sick. How could he stand before his friend’s casket now? Knowing that he hadn’t really done all he could to save him.

After drying off completely he had changed into a suit and headed out of the hotel room. He had tried to distract himself with work while taking the elevator until reaching the lobby. He’d been making his way toward the exit when he heard the sound of his name being called. He had turned to face the women then, old friends that he had known, friends that he had wished reunited under better circumstances.
“Hey,” he said softly, already noticing the slight puffiness in Connie’s eyes from tears. He’d never been good with his emotions, a result of his upbringing and maybe another reason Francesca had done her best to leave him.

He leaned in to hug the women. “Pretty shitty right?” he said, his voice cracking some. He tried to avert his eyes finding them bouncing back and forth but of course falling on Francesca. She was just as beautiful as she had been in school. If anything he had been keeping up with his friends on social media, though more observing considering he didn’t really have the time to spend commenting and posting. “you guys driving? I ca give you a ride?” He suggested. He figured maybe it would be easier to ride together, less crippling thinking about where they were heading.
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"Mum! Your phone's ringing!" Called out the voice of a young girl from the living room. Her mother was in the kitchen, just cleaning away the dishes from their last meal. "Who is it?" Francesca asked her daughter, but instead of an answer she heard the running of feet on the wooden floor and Ava was soon standing beside her, holding her phone up. Francesca took off the gloves and replaced them with the phone, she thanked Ava, who ran back to the living room, before answering.

"Hiya, this is Francesca speaking." The number wasn't recognised. She didn't know who was on the other end and was surprised to hear a familiar voice.

"Frankie, it's Lynne… Sorry to call you unannounced but… Parker… He… He…" The woman didn't finish her sentence as she burst into tears. Francesca's heart dropped at the realisation, Parker was gone. It had been years since the accident but it seemed the man never moved on.

"Lynne, I'm so sorry…"
"No it's fine… Could you come to his funeral? He'd want you there, you were all so close."
"Of course I'll be there, I wouldn't miss it. Just send me the details when you're ready."

The two talked until Francesca managed to calm the grieving mother down. After, she slipped her phone into her pocket and ran a hand through her hair. She was still in shock, the news had yet to register in her head. She couldn't remember the last time she saw Parker or the others, she only just realised now how drifted apart they had all become. The guilt washed over her, maybe if she had kept in contact Parker may not have taken his life… If she had been there to support him… She shook her head at those thoughts, there was no use in the what ifs. It was all in the past and couldn't be changed, that didn't stop the awful feeling she had in the pit of her stomach though. After a few more moments, she received a text for the details of the funeral and she promptly booked a week off of work and asked her cousin to look after Ava.

She found out she was pregnant just a couple of months after the accident. Straight away, she knew Christian was the father. She also knew what his reaction would be and she just couldn't face that rejection. So, she distanced herself from them all. She never told him and he was still unaware to this day, seven years later. Ava didn't understand why she didn't have a father, but she didn't seem to mind too much. One day, Francesca would explain when her daughter was old enough. As her thoughts wandered to her old friends, she thought about telling Christian. After all, he did have a right to know and she wouldn't mind if he didn't want to be a part of his daughter's life or give his support. She had survived this long without him… He just needed to know.

By some chance of fate, Francesca found Connie in the lobby of the Hotel she was staying in for the funeral a couple of days after the funeral. A sad smile came to her lips and she practically ran to her old friend. The two women embraced each other tightly and both began to tear up slightly. No words were exchanged, but none were needed. The both of them were sorry for not keeping in contact but it was clear they were happy to see each other.
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[Right [pic https://i.imgur.com/ZiA1He1.jpg]] "It's been too long." Connie finally spoke, taking a step back from Francesca, her old friend nodded in agreement. "I just wish we met under different circumstances." The other woman replied.

Constance wiped at her eyes and sniffed. She hadn't realised how much she still cared for Parker until she received the news from his mother. Her heart shattered into pieces as she dropped to the floor and sobbed. She thought she had buried her feelings and love for Parker years ago, but it all resurfaced as she found out he was dead. Much like Francesca, guilt racked her body and her regrets piled up on top of each other. If it weren't for the threat of her husband returning home, she very well would have stayed like that the whole night. Instead, she cleaned herself up and began to prepare dinner for his return.

He came storming into the house and Connie winced, knowing that he was in a bad mood. She quickly poured him a drink and swiftly walked to give it to him. He practically snatched it from her grasp without so much as a thank you. "Wow, you finally got it right." He snapped at her sarcastically. She refrained reacting and relaxed as he walked off to his study… He was in a bad mood, but she needed to go to that funeral… She decided to slip it in after dinner. If she made his favourite food and pleased him, then maybe, just maybe he would allow it. One might wonder how she got herself into this situation, being trapped in an abusive marriage, well it started with the accident.

Her mother knew of her relationship, or whatever it had been with Parker, and hadn't wanted her to have any contact with him at all. So, she made them move and as much as she tried to keep talking to her friends, the distance became too much… Wanting to get rid of her feelings for Parker, she rushed herself into a relationship. This was how she met Dylan… He had been so handsome and was so kind to her that she ignored all of the warning signs. He twisted and manipulated her into thinking that he cared about her. He drove her away from the new friends she made at college and when they moved in together, he convinced her to quit her job. He isolated her and ensured that she was his. He finally showed his true colours a couple of months after they were married, but by that point it was too late for her to escape.

Now, she stood in front of him, begging, pleading to let her go to the funeral. "Please Dylan, he was my best friend growing up and I already told his mother that I would be there. I'd only be gone for one-" However, he interrupted her by pushing her up against the wall. "Yours not going and that's final." He practically growled at her and she hesitantly nodded her head, seemingly accepting defeat. He smirked and pulled her in to kiss her. It made her sick to her stomach and she was glad to see him leave her be. However, as he walked away she was already formulating a plan.

The next morning, as soon as he left for work, she booked the earliest flight and packed her bags. She was paying from the secret stash of savings she had but Dylan would know what she had done as soon as he returned home. She knew she'd have to face those consequences when she came back, but for now that didn't matter. That was how she ended up in the hotel, standing in front of Francesca. Years of memories came flooding back and tears began to well in her eyes. She hugged her friend again, just not being able to help it. But then, she opened her eyes and saw another familiar face. "Christian?" She asked herself quietly and when she saw him properly she said his name louder again. "Christian!" She called out.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/pi8LFUg.png]] [I It] follows you. Death. And I know, we all end up dying, no one is immortal. But there is something about seeing it, about holding the body that really triggers you. When my grandpa died, I for the most part didn’t feel anything. Sure, I was sad and of course I cried, but staring at him in the casket, all I could think about was that he was finally at peace and freed from the tight clutches of lung cancer. He was a big smoker and despite the end of his fate, it hadn’t stopped me from picking up the habit. Maybe because in some sick tropey way I was trying to speed up the price of dying.

I thought about it a lot since that night. Every time I turned on the tv and his face flashed on the screen I got sick. Drinking worked at first. It started out as going to the bar every night and yet as grandpa’s money started to wear thin in my bank account I soon turned to cheap liquor from the liquor stores. Soon that wasn’t enough and all that could take away the pain, away the guilt was drugs.

As if that were a cheaper habit.

You don’t realize how these things consume you until you’re crashing on your friend’s couch, your girlfriend is kicking you out and well shit – your last meal was . . . how long ago? The guilt was too much and it was unsurprising that I let it get this far, trying to hold on, but I was weak. I was always the weakest of the group.

[I [font times [b April 17th,, 2007]
We had just come back from Twin Peaks – a hangout spot in San Francisco that overlooked the city. I thought about how perfect that moment was, how in just a month we would be graduating highschool and heading off to college. Christian had his tongue down X throat which was not surprising considering how much Jack Daniels he’d chugged. He’d gotten into Dartmouth, his dream school that had practically been his goal since his birth.

I on the other hand had plans to work with my father in construction. I’d always kind of been a bit different and yet somehow I seemed to fit into the group. Maybe because Christian and I were in basketball together and sometimes you just get in where you fit in. He was serious about sports for his college application and I just needed something to do or else I got into trouble. It was a bit of a surprise I was graduating honestly. Maybe because of Connie. He’d taken a liking to her and yet was not like Francesca and Christian. They were perfect for one another, practically married it seemed. I on the other hand worried about holding Connie back, just a loser she would entertain in bed and yet when she looked in my eyes I saw something else – I saw something real.

I was a coward though and public affection was hard for me. But I remember holding her hand, warm in soft in my own. I still shudder thinking about how cold they looked rinsing through the water in the bathroom of Christian’s guest house, trying to rid them of the stain of blood.

We weren’t laughing on our way home.

I wasn’t laughing when I closed my eyes, allowing the sound of rushing water from the tub silence the screams.]]

[center [size20 [b ♠]]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/VjS3fMG.png]] Everyone makes mistakes. Christian thought about this as he was leaving the airport, heading to pick up the rental car.

[I ‘It’s Parker’]. Lynne had been like a second mother to the man, a more casual mother like the ones in movies. His mother hated people sitting on the couch, or leaving a dish in the sink and Parker’s mother made sandwiches and cookies – never a frown or bad word coming from her mouth. Her home was filled with love and while Christian liked Parker as a friend, a selfish part of him just wanted a reason to walk into his home. His father was never around, but he was working and when he came home there wasn’t that uncomfortable suffocating feeling – like all the air had suddenly been sucked out and you had to hold your breath in fear you’d lose what you had left.

No, when his father entered there was no sign of misuse of authority.

His life had been planned since before he was born. His parents had [I joked] that they had two binders set aside. One for a girl and one for a boy – little did he know how serious they were. The binder detailed everything about his life – what he did for extracurricular activities, schools he could attend and what he would become – not who. He’d tried to think his choices were his own and yet that was hard. He couldn’t even decide who he ended up with and now look at him, engaged to a woman who didn’t even know much about him other than he was the son of his father who was a very [I very] rich business man.

Sitting behind the wheel of the BMW he sighed out, feeling a bit defeated from knowing about his friend’s passing and the flight. It was a long flight from San Francisco to Colorado, but how comfortable could one be with the weight of death on their mind?

[I ‘He slit his wrist. There was – I mean – flooded the bathroom’.] He’d never heard her cry before. Gisele had insisted she come with, but Christian felt it wasn’t right. This was a tight knit group or at least it had been. It had been before that night.

[center [size20 [b ♠]]]

[I [font times Christian had just got the Lexus as a gift from his father and Parker was beginning to drive it all night. Christian didn’t disagree, he had been way too drunk by then and handed over the keys. Things were fine, music playing and cracking jokes. They’d be college students soon, living their dreams and . . . . Christian would be [I living]. Well existing sounded more like it. They were young and reckless and Parker proved it as his foot pressed harder on the gas, ignoring the red light and the streets seemed quiet but suddenly [I he] was there and then [I he] was gone. He wasn’t gone though, his body – Tyler Hunt’s body was lying in the middle of the road motionless.

“Shit,” Parker whispered, already getting out of the car to check on the guy. He soon rushed back to the car. “Shit man he’s fucked!” Christian as having a hard time thinking then, all he could imagine was his father – how much this would change thing. “We gotta get him to the hospital.” Parker yelled, bringing him back into consciousness. Christian snapped to reality then, taking a deep breath and getting out, helping Parker get him into the car, Parker sitting in the back now.

Tyler had started to come to, but the more he talked, the more blood that came out and Christian just knew, he knew this kid was going to die. What could they do? Just walk inside and say ‘hey go easy on us, we were driving drunk and just hit this guy’. He was fucked and they were fucked.

Still when they got to the hospital entrance, Christian tossed him out of the driver’s seat and they sped off. ]]

[center [size20 [b ♠]]]

Of course it was a memory that haunted him, but over the years he had trained himself to think of it like a dream. Finally coming to, he started the car and began his way toward the hotel to change and get ready for the funeral.
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