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[center The Final Days of Amaurot]

[center [pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/31996ea1aad032bf30bd096f8e3d8d21/tumblr_pw57j8wiDk1rsq5jwo1_500.gifv]]

[center Storage space. May take time to write in here as well.]


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[center [+red I think my period is over. I think today I’m going to take a shower. Thursday I need to do laundry and when my mom gets me that bag I need to start packing.

There’s a lot I need to do still. Right now laundry takes priority. Can’t exactly go anywhere with dirty clothes...

The day before we leave I’ll shower as well. So that will be a Saturday. Also on that day I need to box up my PlayStation and put it in the closet. I need to remember to pack my controller and there is a game or two I want to take with me.

I’m feeling better I guess. Didn’t want to get up but I made myself.]
  .Hades. / Nerium / 42d 3h 8m 0s
[center [+red I don’t know why but I’m feeling hurt. Like crying. I hope this is the last day of my period. I’m tired of these emotions being so hard to control. It’s really sickening...

I don’t know where to begin with the decision on letting Gabe in my room so early. I hate that I made the choice. Tonight has been a whirlwind of emotions that I would have been more comfortable with dealing with in my own space...

I gave up that space... I am tired of doing things for people just because I feel like I can’t say no... I just didn’t want to be questioned on why...

I can’t even say I like my own space...

It’s only thirteen more days... but it’s only felt difficult. I made it a week so far... Two more to go...]]
  .Hades. / Nerium / 42d 14h 28m 24s
[center [+red I can say it hundreds of times... My jealousy is hideous. It feels beyond my control half the time. I fight with it only because I know it’s the only way to get stronger. To be better as a person... It’s something I only had to deal with a little bit before... It’s been a long time since I’ve had to deal with it though...

Dealing with it now puts me in such a bad place... I guess I’m just complaining. I dealt with it last night and now it’s come upon me again sinking it’s fangs in deep. I’ll try to distract myself and maybe I’ll forget...]]
  .Hades. / Nerium / 42d 19h 23m 0s
[center [+Red I have stuff to post to but I just have no motivation to write them. Tonight I feel drained. It’s sad that Final Fantasy xiv is some of the cause of this. The dungeons and the people just sucked. Probably doesn’t help that I’m still on my period. So everything is ten times worse...

I don’t feel like a good person tonight. I’m trying hard to keep a good attitude, but it’s drained. I am tired of myself. Tired of not being able to suppress unneeded emotions.

I will work more on Final Fantasy xiv tomorrow. Ninja is slowly working it’s way to seventy. Six more levels and then I can work on something else...

Also fuck the zodiac, anima, and antiquated weapons. They are just fucking hell. Only useful for glamour and way too much damned work.]
  .Hades. / Nerium / 43d 14h 48m 8s
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/67/3e/3b/673e3b6bddf83a1dc1598c16ed30a775.png]]
  .Hades. / Nerium / 43d 15h 12m 50s
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/cf/15/bf/cf15bf0c9300a7d5e6977e866450acc4.png]]
  .Hades. / Nerium / 43d 15h 14m 10s

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