In love with two Alphas

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Malia looked up at him with blood stained to her white fur. ‘Can I join you?’ She asked
  Angel_love94 / 3d 10h 57m 49s
Jace got a deer down fairly quick. A few other pack members took a couple down.
  Sf_Pappy / 3d 11h 13m 18s
Malia pinned down the deer and took a bit. She remembers have deer growing up
  Angel_love94 / 3d 11h 25m 30s
Jace after a deer as well ''You can come and help us'' Jace said to everyone.
  Sf_Pappy / 3d 11h 27m 27s
Malia leaped up and attacked a deer. It was so weird but felt so good.
  Angel_love94 / 3d 11h 32m 12s
Jace stayed by Malia as they were about to strike the herd.
  Sf_Pappy / 3d 11h 49m 10s
Malia slowed down when the came upon the herd of deer. She got down and watched the deer
  Angel_love94 / 3d 11h 54m 3s
''Sounds good'' Jace told her as they turned right to find the deer.
  Sf_Pappy / 3d 12h 9m 1s
“I smell deer Jace..” Malia thought to him as she looked around. She took a deep breath. “They are to our right.”
  Angel_love94 / 3d 12h 12m 31s
Jace ran into the forest and had begun looking for a place to head to. He knew stress and pressure was now place on him and Malia.
  Sf_Pappy / 3d 12h 45m 53s
Malia nodded as she followed Jace into the woods. She listened to Lucy and let her wolf take over. This was such a thrill and something she been looking forward all day. A run
  Angel_love94 / 3d 12h 51m 6s
'Great job!' Jace said happily 'Let's go!' he told everyone.
  Sf_Pappy / 3d 13h 2m 45s
Malia watched Jace phased. She closed her eyes and thought of her pretty white fur. When she opened her eyes she felt proud that she saw paws instead of hands. ‘I did it.’ She thought to him.
  Angel_love94 / 3d 13h 6m 16s
Jace phased into his wolf form as well. He was super nervous.
  Sf_Pappy / 3d 13h 13m 47s
“Sort of.” Malia said. “Just follow your instincts Malia.”Lucy mentioned as she phased into her wolf form.
  Angel_love94 / 3d 13h 19m 21s

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