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When her hand was held out, Marc instinctively placed the device in her hand to use. He had a partner before he temporarily hung up the cape and cowl who would do all the tech work for him as well as keep his equipment and vehicles up to spec... After all these months, he wonder where his friend was and if Marc's VTOL would still run despite having been collecting dust. If they got any further in this investigation, they may need it...

For the next little while, Marc left Athena to do her work on decrypting the files they got from the lab. In that time he changed in to his civilian clothes and checked and cleaned some weapons, as well as doing some inspections around the safe house to kill time. When indicated that Athena had decrypted the files, Marc puts down the plasma rifle he was inspecting and joins her, looking over her shoulder at what was currently on the screen. It was fortunate for them that the files were labelled and sectioned off, even if they were by some nonsensical numbers that would've only made sense to the scientists. Most of the files were listed as <|>IHT-00<|> all the way to <|>IHT-009<|>, but the one that stuck out the most, and the one that would make the most sense to the two was the file <|>SUBJECT-423-IX<|>. [b “Look at that one.”] Marc indicates, and when she does, most of it is stuff he couldn't understand. Physiological data, biometrics, chemical compositions, etc. But what he [i did] understand was the 'Origin' and 'Subject name'.

[b “An Inhuman called 'Triton'.”] Marc says aloud and pulls back to think a little bit. He knew about the Inhumans, obviously. Ever since the release of the Terrigen Mists, many people had become Inhumans with extraordinary powers. They even had an Inhuman on the Avengers, Ms. Marvel... But why did the name 'Triton' stick out to him so much? ... [i Oh, shit.]

[b “Triton is part of the Inhuman Royal Family.”] He points out. [b “Whoever these people are, they're going to start a war with the most powerful people on the planet by kidnapping one of their own and experimenting on him.”] It made sense as to why these creatures were aquatic in nature now, but he still didn't know if they were clones or mutated lab rats... Or why these guys would want to do all of this in the first place. This was an Avenger problem now, but not having heard back from Stark, he frowned internally some... This was starting to feel sort of like his problem, not to mention—

Marc points at the screen. [b “Look here. 'Transport Status: Completed.' And it even has a location, date, and time.”] He supposed whoever was behind this didn't expect there to be a break out at the lab or for him and Athena to come snooping. [b “Its dated for last night at the city's harbour. I guess it would've been too easy if we could've just interrupted the transport and rescued Triton ourselves.”] He frowns at that. War was seldom simple, and the longer Triton was held captive and experimented on, the more they were looking at a human on Inhuman world war. [b “It gives us a place to start, at least. I don't know how involved you can get because of your agency, but I'm going to go look in to this. The night is still young, and I might be able to find a better lead for the Avengers.”]
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[center Athena nodded at his words, watching the screen for a moment. She was relieved to know that he had a place that she could work on data. She [i really] didn't want to take it back to her place. For one, while her home computer had some of the best security to it, it didn't compare to her work computer, which she couldn't access at the moment. For two, she didn't know him. Bringing a stranger into her home just didn't sit right with her. Not until she knew him better.]

[center She sighed softly and looked at him. [b "As difficult as it would be, I think we should try to keep it out of SHEILDS hands for as long as we can."] She didn't know how to explain it, but she had a bad feeling about the whole thing. [b "If we can get the Avengers to agree to that, I'll be a little more willing to involve them."] She didn't know if it would be possible, but she needed time to do some more digging of her own before she was willing to let SHIELD get their hands on whatever they found. Hell, if possible, she could use the information against them to let her into whatever investigation they were conducting themselves.]

[center Then again, that might get her fired. [i I hate this shit,] she thought to herself.]

[center Hearing the device, she looked away from him, feeling a bit better now that it was ready. She didn't want to stay there any longer than she really needed to. It was only a matter of time before their "friends" woke up and she really didn't want to deal with them when they did.]

[center That's why it was such a relief when he spoke again. [b "That's good to know,"] she said, taking one last look around before following him. As much as she hated staying in the sewers, she was at least glad they wouldn't have to use the elevator, especially without knowing where it led.]

[center As they walked, she felt the exhaustion of the day kicking in. She was beginning to regret doing this so late at night. Then again, had she waited, she would've missed whatever data they found. [i Focus on the good things,] she reminded herself.]

[center Arriving at a dead end, Athena raised a brow, wondering if he was just messing with her at that point. If he was trying to get her to run off, it wasn't going to happen. It was clear very quickly, however, that it wasn't a dead end. Her eyes widened as the wall moved, revealing the door. [b "Oh, I have got to get me something like that,"] she whispered under her breath. Not that she would ever have the chance, but it [i would] be cool.]

[center She stared in awe at the weapons as she passed them, definitely impressed. When he spoke, she tore her gaze away, watching him for a moment. At least she had confirmation now that he was indeed the man from earlier. She even felt a little more comfortable that he'd taken the mask off around her. [b "Well Marc, Moon Knight, it's nice to actually meet you,"] she said, making her way to the computer.]

[center She held her hand out for the device, scanning the computer to familiarize herself with it. The last she needed was to mess up his equipment. That would be sure to earn her brownie points.]
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So she was an agent. Interesting. But what was more interesting was that she didn't mention which agency she was working under. Either she was a freelancer or this was some sort off 'off the books' type endeavour, which was especially evident when she mentioned she didn't have a secure location to do any data decryption. Interesting.

The small device plugged in to the computer had a small bar on it. Originally it was red, but as it stayed plugged in to the computer system, the red bar began to fill up with green. [b “That's fine; I have a secure location.”] He tells her, watching the progress bar on the device. Saying that, it was also clear that he was willing to work with her, at least if she helped him with the data decryption.

At the present, it was just a waiting game for when he copied the encrypted files in the system, then they could decide their next course of action. They could take the elevator which might help them determine more of who is involved, but at the cost of possibly running in to an ambush. They could weigh their options, but the smart thing to do might be to just leave and notify the proper authorities.

Which Athena then posed a very important question in regards to that. Who were the proper authorities? As she had mentioned, the police probably couldn't handle something like this. They could be [i involved], but definitely not as the front-runners of the operation... There were really only two options, and he didn't like either of them. [b “Good question.”] He says, glancing at her as well. [b “Either SHIELD or the Avengers. My vote goes for the Avengers; it'll still end up on SHIELD's plate, but it'll at least be on the Avengers' radar.”] Only real issue there was he was a 'contact' for them, not an official member. Not even part of some sort of reserve unit... But considering his role in the symbiote invasion, his word had to carry [i some].

The device blinks, the bar fully green now, and he disconnects it, putting it in to one of his pouches. Now it was time to decide whether or not they wanted this to get any hairier than it already was. Marc Spector and Moon Knight might operate more recklessly than other heroes, so going topside to a potentially dangerous situation didn't even make him blink. But with Athena here, it made him think twice on the matter. [b “I'll show you to my safe house. It conveniently has a sewer entrance so we don't have to go topside.”] He tells her and then turns to leave the way they came. Of course, she didn't have to follow if she didn't want to... but he was the one with the encrypted data.

[center [pic]]

On the way, he sends a message to Stark's secure line that he was given when he became a contact for the Avengers. He got an automated response, but felt mostly vindicated for at least giving them a heads up. With that out of the way, they could get back to his safe house, and if they found anything bigger, they could again let them know. No point in biting off more than you could chew.

The trek was a little longer than the one they would have made to the lab, and with a lot more twists and turns... Or maybe that was just intentional on his part. Either or, at one point, they make it to what appears to be a dead end, but after touching a few bricks, the wall recedes upwards and reveals what looked like a giant safe door, which he proceeds to punch in a code to and opens up. The interior of the place was pretty sparsely furnished; boxes and papers seemed to be the most common item here. There were also a few generators silently powering the potable lighting in the place. The large room was also segmented off by a large canvas tarp, which he leads her through in to the next part of the room. Here, there was an actual weapons rack with guns, his Moon Knight weapons and equipment, as well as some Egyptian artifacts laying on a long table. There were a few tables in this part, but most of them either had papers or boxes on them, but one had a small smart TV, and another had a computer; one of the most high-tech looking things in the hideout so far.

He motions to the computer. [b “Help yourself.”] Marc tells her and then takes off the hood and mask. His secret identity wasn't exactly so secret considering she saw his face earlier in the day, but he was also fine in going one step further. [b “I'm Marc Spector, the Moon Knight. I figure I owe you that much.”]
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[center Taking down the mercenary's was the easy part. At least in Athena's opinion. She was quick to elbow one in the neck, enough to stun him, before kicking him into the wall. She turned in time to see him finish off the last one, raising a brow. She had to admit, she was impressed. She had no doubt he could handle himself, but the way he fought suggested some kind of training.]

[center Deciding to ignore that for now, she took a moment to catch her breath. She was beginning to remember why the gun was the easier choice, but she did feel a little relieved that she didn't have to use it. The downfall, unfortunately, was that she wasn't wearing a mask. When they woke, she had no doubt they'd remember her face. On a normal day, she wouldn't care. But not having the security her job provided her this time sucked.]

[center She ran a hand through her hair before looking at him. [b "Agent Devereaux. Athena to my friends,"] she said, looking away to examine the room some more. [b "I'm just doing some investigating... Nothing more."] She didn't know if she could trust him, so she certainly wasn't going to dish out too much information. She also made no attempt to ask him for his name. If he felt like telling her, she was sure he would.]

[center While he examined the tanks, she made her way over to the elevator, quickly examining it. She had no intention of using it, of course, but if they needed a way out, she wanted to know how to use it. She just hoped it didn't come down to that.]

[center Hearing him speak again, she turned away, crossing her arms over her chest as she went to stand beside him. She bit her lip before sighing. [b "I mean...Yeah? The problem is, I don't have a secure location to do that at."] She was beginning to get irritated. This was some big stuff, and if she'd just been allowed to investigate under SHIELD, she wouldn't be in this position.]

[center [b "What would the proper authorities be in this case?"] she asked, glancing at him. She wasn't about to offer up SHIELD, especially because she'd put herself at even more risk of getting fired. Not unless he turned everything into them himself. [b "I highly doubt the police will do anything, no offense to them..."]]
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Despite the fact that Marc was sporting more archaic weaponry than the mercenary's were, he didn't feel the least bit worried about the situation. Perhaps it was because of his recklessness. Maybe the reliance on his armour and enhanced durability. Either or, as it stood right now, he'd rather be him than he would any of these goons.

A throws a solid punch to just under the pectoral muscles, hitting the mercenary's armoured vest. Normally he'd be aiming more to the side, between the plates or a softer spot, but his supernatural strength mad his punch hit like the thug was wearing a paper shopping bag rather than tactical equipment.

They were making easy work of the mercenaries, as only now they were recovering from the flash grenade. There was only a few of them left, and as he sneaks a glance at the woman, it would appear she was indeed not your average civilian as he had ascertained and as she had said. Between enemies he wondered where she had gotten her training and who she worked for. Obviously she was still in the field; skills like that got rusty over time, and she seemed far too comfortable getting hands-on with armed militiamen to be out of practice. And she wasn't a superhero... Or at least not one he's heard of.

Taking the last mercenary of his side, he hits him with a flurry of blows, before grabbing both sides of the thug's head and slams it down on to his armoured knee, shattering the helmet's visor and putting the guy out like the rest. Once he hits the ground, the laboratory is filled with an unsettling silence as the literal dust settles, the two f them being the last standing... And he guessed the one monster floating in the stasis pod that looked like it came straight from a Star Wars movie.

A takes another cursory glance around, moving his head slowly, scanning all the details he could. [b “So what's your stake in all this, Miss..?”] He trails off because he didn't know her name. For him, it was clearly obvious why he was down here, considering the costume.

The room looked like something straight of a sci-fi movie, with the high-tech computers and lab equipment. However, now that they were in here, they could see that on the wall farthest from them, there was what appeared to be an elevator leading somewhere else. Probably top-side, but he didn't know how he felt about taking the elevator up just yet. There could be more of these guys up there and they'd be sitting ducks if they got caught in an elevator... Considerations for later, he supposed. For the time being they'd get what information they could from here.

Wordlessly, he walks towards the stasis tubes. There were twelve, all but one were empty, eight of which being empty from the creatures that attacked earlier in the day. This told him that there must've been some kind of mass equipment failure and containment breach. From the lack of bodies, personnel, the hole in the wall, and the blood, obviously there was a fight before he eight escaped in to the city. He looks at a monitor which was measuring the biometrics of the remaining creature; it didn't mean much to him.

[b “Are you any good at data decryption?”] He asks out of the blue, turning away from the stasis pods and in towards the computers. From his trusty belt, he pulls out a small device and plugs it in to one of the computers. [b “I'm a little rusty.”] He admits. [b “If we can get something from these computers, we can decrypt it at a secure location, and notify the proper authorities. Its pretty clear that this runs deep, and someone or [i someones] with a lot of capitol are involved.”] He knew the sentiment. He had his own subterranean refuge as well, although you didn't have to blowout a wall to access it.
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[center Save for the occasional sound of running water and her footsteps, everything was eerily quiet, and despite the light, Athena could only make out so much ahead of her. It was truly unsettling. [i You've been in worse situations,] she reminded herself, though none came to mind right away. It was safe to assume she was lying to herself to calm her nerves. Unfortunately, it wasn't working very well.]

[center As she followed the marks, she began to wonder just how long she had been down there. She was sure it hadn't been that long, but the more she walked, the more she questioned that. Had it been ten minutes? An hour? She sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose, pushing herself further. When she got out of there, she was going to take a hot shower and get some much-needed sleep. [i That] was her problem.]

[center A gasp escaped Athena's lips as the voice sounded behind her. In one swift movement, she pulled out her gun, turning to aim at the figure. Her eyes widened at the sight of the masked man, darting to the weapon he had in his hand. She recognized it almost immediately, her mind flashing back to the man from earlier. No wonder he had been so willing to take on the creatures.]

[center She slowly lowered the gun, putting it back in its' holster before shaking her head, watching him walk past her. [b "No, I'm not a civilian,"] she said as she fell into step beside him, frowning. [b "And I wasn't following you. I didn't even know someone else was down here."] [i Least he could've done was warn you first.] He was lucky she didn't have an itchy trigger finger. That would've just ruined both their nights.]

[center She didn't try to engage in any more conversation as they walked, having gotten the impression that he wasn't much of a talker, though she did glance at him and raise a brow when he mumbled to himself. He probably worked alone a lot. She didn't blame him if that was the case. Working alone had its advantages. However, he was stuck with her for the moment, and vise versa. Even if he [i had] told her to turn back, she wouldn't have listened. It was quite obvious that she had a habit of not doing what she was told.]

[center As they rounded the corner, she stopped, frowning. The light was one thing, but she highly doubted she heard voices. For a moment, she thought she was hallucinating. But one nod from her temporary companion was enough to tell her she wasn't, and as he crept forward, she stuck close and did the same.]

[center Whatever was going on, she didn't like it. There was a pit in her stomach and it was growing with each passing minute. Did the police know these people were down here? Probably not, since they hadn't come down themselves. For a split second, she felt excited to tell her boss what she had found, but it died just as fast as it came. She wasn't supposed to be involved. She mentally cursed herself.]

[center She frowned at what the man said. If shit went to hell, she wouldn't be able to call for back up, and she had no guarantee that he could do call anyone. Whatever happened from here forward, they were on their own. [i Go figure,] she thought to herself.]

[center She rolled her eyes at his next words. [b "Trust me, what I choose to do won't be out of obligation,"] she whispered, deciding to the keep the gun away for the time being. She didn't want to kill anyone, nor did she want to risk alerting the authorities. With her luck, the echo from a gun would bring them to them before they knew it. She was skilled enough in hand to hand combat that she would manage.]

[center She was quick to follow in behind him, roundhouse kicking the first one she saw. Once the goon was on the ground, she brought her foot into the side of his face, making sure he stayed out cold for a while. She was going to find out who these guys were one way or another.]
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Walking through the sewers wasn't anything new to him. It was a maze, but to Marc they were streets he had mapped out for years. The twisting and turning tunnels held no air of mystery to him until today as he followed the claw marks of these creatures. Normally he would know what to expect rounding every corner, but now that was a different story. There was one missing monster, but who was to say there weren't a den of them down here? It didn't much matter though. This was something that endangered New York, so that made it his problem.

Every now and again he'd stop, check the talon marks, and listen. For the first while there wasn't much sound, just his own shallow breaths, running water, and the occasional scurrying rat... But that was until he heard a few footfalls. At first he thought they were his own, perhaps getting a little complacent thinking he was alone down here, but once he stopped, he heard them again thanks to his finely tuned senses. They were coming from behind him, the way he had come... His eyes narrow under the mask. Was he being followed? Or was it one of these creatures stalking him? It made no difference as he silently turned off his course in to an adjacent tunnel. He crouches down and blends in to the darkness, waiting as the footsteps drew nearer and nearer, his hand hovering close to his belt.

The footsteps drew closer and louder, until-

Colours weren't really something he could make out while his night vision was on. Everything was a certain shade of green or white. But that didn't mean he couldn't recognize people. He couldn't see the colour of her eyes or hair, but he still recognized her from earlier in the day. [i The woman with the gun.] What was she doing down here? And [i how] did she get down here? With those questions in mind, he lets her walk passed where he had been planning an ambush, and then stands up straight and silent creeps to the path behind her, letting her get a little distance. It was also to give her the impression he [i 'appeared'] from nowhere; something that helped with his myth status.

[b “Are you following me?”] His gruff voice breaks through the silence of the sewers. Since she was down here, it was pretty clear she wasn't your average civilian. Probably not police either, so [i why] was she down here?

Out of his belt, he pulls out the silver ankh she would've seen Marc Spector using earlier in the day, silently indicating why he was down here as well... If the armoured costume and cape weren't enough, of course. [b “I suppose you're not just a civilian, so I'm not gonna waste your time by telling you to turn back.”] He puts the ankh back in his belt and starts walking in the direction indicative of the creatures. [b “Just don't fall behind.”] The [i “or get in my way”] went without saying.

As they trekked through the sewer tunnels, she'd find that he wasn't much of a talker, mumbling to himself every now and again maybe when they found a clue, but other than that, he was mostly silent. For how silent he walked, it was also pretty quick, but he soon slowed his steps when they turned a corner in to another tunnel and a light we shining up ahead. He stops completely, turning off his night vision to see that the light was coming from a hole in the side of the tunnel they were, and what was more... Voices were coming from the hole as well. He turns and looks at the woman, and gives her a nod like from earlier in the day before quietly creeping towards the hole.

It seemed like whatever had happened, something blew out the interior wall on the other side in to the sewer. There was rubble, damage, and debris, like a mortar had gone off, and once he reaches the hole, he places his back against the sewer wall, crouching slightly to peek inside.

Inside, it looked like some kind of laboratory. Equipment and articles everywhere, high-tech equipment set up everywhere, scientific computers lining one of the walls, as well a handful of people-sized stasis tubes... One of which had one of those monsters in it in suspended animation... So these things weren't [i just] monsters, they were some kind of experiment. Something must've gone wrong considering most of them escaped, and the lab was trashed, the wall having been blown out for them to escape. However, at the present, that wasn't the most interesting part of this endeavour. The interesting part was the clean-up crew currently on the inside, stocking hover-dolly's with equipment and material. [i Evidence.] They were all heavily armed and armoured, and with no indicating markers of what group or faction they belonged to.

[b “Some kind of third-party mercenary group picking apart the scene.”] He whispers to the woman. There was blood and ichor on the ground inside the lab, but it looked like the bodies that would have been in there were already dealt with, leaving the more sensitive equipment and articles for last... They must've been down here for hours doing clean up. It made him more suspicious since no form of law enforcement was down here to investigate... maybe he [i should] call the Avengers... After he dealt with the goons, of course. And [i after] he got his own answers.

[b “I'm going in. Don't feel obligated to back me up.”] He tells her and reaches in to his belt, pulling out a small tubular device. He throws it in to the room, a few confused sounds coming from the soldiers inside, before an explosive [i bang!] and intense flash of light fills the room. The second it went off, he was in the room, jumping, and kicking one of the soldiers across the face with a flying round house. Before they could reorient themselves from the stun grenade, he takes a truncheon from behind his belt, which then extends to staff sizes and proceeds to take down another goon.
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[center It took Athena a moment to catch her breath, looking up in time to see the stranger looking at her. His nod was enough to let her know that her help was most likely appreciated. Personally, she didn't care if it was or not, but it definitely made the situation a tad bit easier without the concern that he could be a problem.]

[center She had her gun trained on another, finger prepared to pull the trigger, when she looked up to the see the familiar crafts and logo appear. Relief flooded her for a moment, glad the two of them wouldn't be outnumbered anymore. There was something, however, that nagged at the back of her mind, though it wasn't enough to distract her. She was quick to put away her gun and turned to face the stranger again. She wanted to know who he was, and at least thank him for his job well done in protecting the civilians around them.]

[center His nod and quick departure, however, was enough to let her know that he didn't want to be talked to. Maybe the agents made him nervous. Or maybe he just didn't want to deal with them. She didn't blame him in the slightest, whatever the case.]

[center Shrugging it off, she turned to her attention to more friendly faces, quickly explaining to a superior what had happened. It was halfway through her retelling that she realized just how fast SHIELD had arrived, and her words trailed off. That was the thing that had been tugging at the back on her mind. How had they heard about it so fast? She didn't know why, but the question caused her stomach to knot up a little.]

[center It was a small seed of doubt that was quickly watered when she asked about it, only to be told the situation was none of her concern. She frowned and tilted her head. [b "I don't understand. I was the only agent who saw what happened. I'm sure that counts for something, right?"] With that, she was told to let it go and to go home for the day.]

[center She stood for a moment, dumbfounded. It didn't sit right with her to just pretend it never happened. The situation was far from taken care of and she knew it. But she knew better than to push it, so she just nodded and left the scene, her mind racing. There were far more questions than answers, which made her uncomfortable.]

[center That night, she sat at her computer, a glass of wine sitting on the edge of the desk. Though she scrolled down the page she was on, she wasn't paying too much attention to the words on the screen. She was lost in thought, her mind having wandered a while before. It wasn't until her cell began to ring that she snapped out of it, jumping in her chair. She winced as she slammed her knee against the underside, gritting her teeth as she answered.]

[center The call was fast, long enough to tell her that she was taking a "much needed vacation." She wanted to argue that she didn't need time off, but she didn't have the chance to state a case. After setting the phone down, she sat in silence, finishing off whatever wine was left. She knew she'd probably regret what she was about to do, but at the moment, she didn't care. Standing up, she slipped on her jacket and grabbed her gun, making sure it was concealed before grabbing her keys and leaving her apartment. She was going to find out what was going on, and it started with an investigation of that damned hole.]

[center She was quick to make her way back to it, cursing when she saw the amount of officers patrolling the scene. She was doubtful that they'd let her just waltz on by, SHIELD agent or not. If she was supposed to be on "vacation", she was sure they knew not to let her get involved. She had to think of a disctration, just something that would give her enough time to-]

[center She jumped a little when something hit a trash can, quickly catching their attention. She watched as a flash of white quickly descended, her eyes widening. Knowing she probably wouldn't have a better opportunity, she quickly and quietly made her way over, slipping down into the large hole before the officers could notice.]

[center Pulling out her phone, she turned on the flashlight and began making her way through, scrunching up her nose. [i Why couldn't those creatures have found some place nicer, like a mansion or something?] Seeing the marks on the wall, she grazed them with her fingers, a chill running down her spine. She hated this with a passion and had it not been for the wine in her system, she probably would've tossed the idea to even show up there down the drain.]
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These things were tough, that was for sure, but they weren't anything he couldn't handle alone. But after the gunshot, Marc turns to see a woman brandishing a handgun. He knew quite a bit about weapons and how they were handled, and it was clear to him that she knew what she was doing with it. It wasn't [i just] for personal protection, she was trained. Whether she was an off-duty cop or someone who frequented a range, Marc didn't know. Either or, having someone else as back up whether he thought he could handle this situation on his own or not was always good. He communicates with the woman with a simple nod before turning back to the situation at hand.

With two down that left six of these creatures... but he currently only counted five... Damn, that wasn't a good thing. If these things were as mindless as they seemed, then it wouldn't be hard to track the outlier down, but if he was wrong, well... Moon Knight was going to be looking in to this in any event, it just meant he'd have to keep his eyes peeled for the blue-skinned fiend while he did it. Too bad; he was hoping this mess would be cleaned up by the time the authorities arrived.

Marc blasts another one as it tries to savage another civilian, and he quickly got another one in his sights, prepared to take the monster down when the sky darkened some. Like a heavy cloud followed by the sounds of turbines. It made everyone stop and look up. [i “The cavalry has arrived.”] Marc thinks to himself as two armoured flying car-looking things brandishing the SHIELD insignia begin to touch down, and from them come armoured soldiers. They pour out and begin wrangling the monsters with their high-tech weaponry, and Marc is silently thankful they showed up to finish the job. It meant that he didn't have to keep blasting these things in to next week. Fighting monsters wasn't exactly above his pay-grade, but to him that was an Avenger's thing or even a SHIELD thing considering they showed up instead. That was a pretty fast response time too... His eyes narrow and he puts the ankh back in to his coat pocket.

At the present, Marc wasn't sure why he felt the spidery grip of suspicion in his gut, but he's gotten pretty good at trusting his instincts. SHIELD were the A-typical good guys, but that didn't mean they [i weren't] involved in anything shady or potentially nefarious... Or he could be wrong. It didn't much matter which side of the coin this turned out to be, because he was looking in to it regardless. If weird these weird monster things were going to become more common, he wanted to know why and where they were coming from. His conflicted feelings for SHIELD weren't really a determining factor in this.

Looking back over to the woman who had helped, he gives her one more nod before disappearing in to the movement of people around them; he didn't want to stick around to answer any questions, whether they were from SHIELD or the cops.

[right [pic]]
He came back at night, which might seem counter-intuitive since he wore white, but he still knew how to blend in with the shadows. He wasn't sure if it was due to some kind of supernatural power that came along with the others when he was resurrected, or if it came from all of his training throughout his life. It didn't much matter to him at this point, as long as it worked and he didn't get himself killed.

Perched atop one of the buildings on the street, it gave him a good view of the scene. The intersection was cordoned off, police tape and flood-lights surrounding the sinkhole. Along with a few uniforms lazily patrolling the area. He came to the conclusion that this might have happened—you didn't want civilians, or costumed crusaders snooping around an active crime scene—so he prepared for that. From one of the pouches on his belt, he retrieves a crescent dart—a crescent moon shaped shuriken—takes aim, and throws it down and across the street with surgical precision. It glances a trash can lid, knocking it off and toppling the bin over... Creating enough of a ruckus that the officers on duty turn to look at the source of the noise.

He was already in the air, descending in to the streets below, and at the last possible second pulls either side of his white cape, slowing his fall and landing softly at the bottom of the pit. He stops for a moment, looking up and listening. When it doesn't seem like anyone was the wiser, he switched on the night-vision in his mask and began taking a look around. He was in a sewer tunnel which those creatures no doubt dug their way out of. This gave him an advantage since he's traversed the sewers his whole super hero career, so he wouldn't get lost. But he still needed to pick up a trail... And since one side of the sewer was caved it, he'd look at the other entrance. And much to his luck, it appeared the creatures had come from this side anyway; there were a few talon marks in the concrete from where the creatures must have grabbed hold for purchase. A good start.

It were these little clues that headed him in the right direction, and since he was keeping the one monster that got away in mind, he also kept his guard up. If these things had made a home down here, he didn't want to run headlong in to an ambush or some kind of feeding den. But he knew if this became too much of an endeavour, he could always call the Avengers... If they weren't too busy for sewer monsters, of course.
  Marvel / Renegade / 27d 6h 28m 46s
[center [i Chin up. Head high. Shoulders back.]]

[center Athena Devereux kept repeating those words in her head as she walked down the sidewalk, sunglasses shielding her eyes from the blazing sun. Despite that, though, she still had to squint her eyes when she looked up at the buildings surrounding her. She brought her cup of coffee to her lips, sighing after taking the last sip. It wasn't even morning anymore and yet she couldn't seem to stop drinking the stuff. She had never noticed a difference when she needed the extra energy anyway, so she tossed the cup into a nearby trash can, swearing off the useless caffeine for good. Lord knew she was lying, though. She knew, deep down, she'd have a cup, if not that night while writing reports, then the next morning, when she'd be cursing her hours.]

[center She grunted as someone bumped into her without so much as an apology. The young woman expected it, but having grown up in the south, she still hadn't adjusted to the differences. She still questioned what had brought her to the "City that Never Sleeps." Perhaps it was her love for broadway. Maybe something more. Either way, she was here to stay, and if she'd thought she could leave before, her job pretty much guaranteed she would stay put.]

[center Being an agent of SHIELD, Athena had some pretty interesting knowledge about certain things, despite being nothing more than a field agent. While she wasn't technically new, she was new enough that she hadn't had enough time to show her true potential, nor had she really been given the chance. She couldn't complain, though. It had taken a lot to get where she was and she only intended to climb higher from there.]

[center Her mind had begun to wander as she made her way towards work, thinking about the files that she probably had waiting for her. Her thoughts were cut short, however, when the ground beneath her began to shake. She leaned against a building for support, quickly looking around. Whatever was happening, she knew she was going to be late getting back. She also knew that she was going to have a [i great] story to tell when she [i did] get back.]

[center Especially when the ground began to give way. Her blood turned to ice as the piercing shriek rang out. Her hands instinctively went to the gun hiding beneath her shirt, her heart pounding in her chest. She couldn't say she was surprised by what was happening, but she cursed that it was happening when it did. Why couldn't they have one day of peace?]

[center Then again, she knew that answer to that. Not to mention, if nothing out of the ordinary happened, she would be out of a job. Or stuck dealing with petty criminals. No, she got to help deal with the more interesting things. Like whatever was crawling out of the ground.]

[center It was as if the world stood still. One moment, nobody moved, unsure about what to make of the creatures. The next, chaos had broken loose. Athena barely had time to process what was happening before people were screaming and scrambling to get away. She had to press herself harder against the building to avoid being trampled.]

[center Hearing the man shout, her eyes widened. Why the hell wasn't he running? She was about to yell for him to take his own advice, but the words stopped short as she saw him shoot one. It didn't take a genius to know what, whoever he was, he wasn't a civilian.]

[center Another shriek caught her attention. Tearing her gaze away from him, she barely had time to pull out her gun before one was practically on top of her. She cried out in surprise and pulled the trigger, watching the thing fall to the ground before her. [b "Shit,"] she muttered under her breath. She was so over the day.]
  Athena / Burning_Heart / 28d 16m 37s
[h3 ]
So far, today had been a mostly regular day in New York City... Well, if you could even call a day in New York City 'regular'. Costumed heroes, super powered vigilantes, villains, magical anomalies; you didn't get all of this in Florida. Despite this, New York was still him, still [i his] home... even if he had abandoned it for a time.

His name is Marc Spector, the Moon Knight. Former mercenary killed in Egypt and supposedly resurrected by the Egyptian god of the Moon. Despite all the things that happened in the world, it was still a little unbelievable, but coming back with supernatural powers, weapons, and equipment gave him some credibility on the matter. But it was still Marc's decision to get in to the super hero business, and as a result, he was even on the Avenger's contact list and a potential recruit... Although, he didn't know how he felt about that. He's been operating in 'myth status' for years, and operated how he wanted to, using fear and mystery to supplement his crime fighting efforts. Being out in the open would take away from that. He may wear white so the criminals could see him coming, but he still liked hugging the shadows, using them to keep the criminal underwold guessing if he really [i did] exist. So for now he'd just stick with the Avenger's dirty work, fighting criminals that weren't big enough to be on their radar.

[center [pic]]

It felt... [i strange] being out in the daylight. For almost a year now he's been sleeping during the day, and skulking around at night, surviving. After the loss of Marlene, he was beside himself, his alternate identities that he used to fund his crime fighting were thrown to the wayside, Moon Knight discarded and burned. It took a literal alien invasion to turn the embers of the hero in him back in to a fire. Moon Knight rose from the ashes, resurrected much like Marc had been in Egypt, and ready to take to the streets once more.

But [i Marc Spector] was a different story; unsocialized, mildly bitter, and surviving on Steven Grant's dwindling trust fund, he found himself struggling to adapt to civilian lifestyle. Travelling through the maze that was New York City's sewers and staying hunkered down in your secret base would do that to you. Not to mention he had at one point accepted that he would be living the subterranean lifestyle possibly indefinitely. But being in the worst possible situations was always just something he had dealt with. U.S. Marine, CIA operative, mercenary, and then super powered vigilante... It wasn't what Marc would call a 'peaceful life'... But here he was, sitting in 'peace' inside of a cafe enjoying a coffee by himself.

However, it seemed that wouldn't last very long.

It was unnoticeable at first, then cutlery began to shutter and shake, a glass rumbled off of a table, and then furniture began to move along with the building. At first Marc thought it might have been an earthquake, but they lived in New York, so he knew better. It was [i something else]. It was [i always something else].

He was sitting near the window, and as a result got a full view of what was happening. Concrete began cracking in the centre of the street around a manhole cover, before it suddenly blew upwards. Marc had thought something was going to climb out, but when nothing did, he leaned forward, looking more intensely. Everyone else on the busy street stopped as well, looking over at the manhole. The concrete stopped shifting and cracking.

Then it [i crumbled]. The middle of the street turned in to a sinkhole, pulling a few cars down in to it as it continued to grow. At this point Marc was on his feet and out the door, watching the events unfold. People would be trapped, but he had a sinking feeling that might be the least of his concerns... And soon enough, those suspicions were confirmed when an inhuman shriek came from the bowls of the sinkhole, which were followed by a group of creatures crawling out of the pit. They were lanky, but taut with muscle, razor sharp claws, blue leathery skin, gills, a gaping maw of dagger-like teeth, and large pupil-less yellow eyes. He counted eight of them.

At first everyone was frozen, the citizens of New York staring on in fascinated horror while the creatures looked on curiously. It didn't last long. Another shriek from one of the creatures and there was an explosion of movement from the group, as they ran and leapt at civilians, attacking indiscriminately. One jumped for a man near Marc, and without thinking, he pulls out the silver ankh he kept with him. [b “Get clear!”] He shouts, and a beam of golden energy fires from the oval loop of the weapon. It hits the monster with tremendous force, sending it flying backwards and it lands in a heap, unmoving. Quickly he looks to the others as they attack civilians and Marc toils with the idea of getting his Moon Knight gear from the cab he parked around the corner... But with how many of these things there were, how fast and ruthless they were, he didn't think he'd have time to go play dress up. It looked like Marc Spector and his trusty weaponized ankh would have to be enough.
  Marvel / Renegade / 28d 10h 42m 3s

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