Hello again my friends :)

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I created this thread simply for memory No plot and no characters but im simply amazed i rememered this website
About me? I used to be an avid member on here when I was merely 12-16. And this site saved my life in so many ways so i wanted to share. My mother was on divorce number two and this site was my getaway. As an adult when life gets hard i miss it and all the creative freedom it gave me but unfortunately all good things come to an end.
So to those who may pop in I thank you. To the friends I made I thank you. I pray you find this and remember all the beautiful times.

Best wishes,
an old friend

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I don't even remember. It's such a shame and I hope one day it will come back to me. Much of that time in my life is....gone. Quite honestly I remember my computer room in my old house. My mother hoarded ebay clothes and while she was good at what she selling on there and flipping, she often brought in more then she sold. I remember at night she would get off to go to bed and I would spend hours on this exact sight. Spending my nights far away from where I was.

Tbh I hope to remember. To find old memories and feel something different these days.

I'm glad you replied and appreciate your reply. Here's to remembering the past and really stirring up 2020 for myself

I believe it had a moe in the name? Or monstro?
  oopsitsdee / 16d 6h 29m 54s

Welcome back. What was your old username, if I may ask?
  SolemnDucky / 27d 21h 39m 50s

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