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[center [pic https://media.giphy.com/media/3o6fJfLoevL1BB4Q7K/giphy.gif]][size11 [font "courier new" [b our] story starts in [I chimayo, new mexico]. we are introduced to [b x] who is the youngest daughter in her family. she lives with her ailing mother and older sister, working at the family restaurant.
[b recently], her sister has become engaged, a bittersweet moment for the young girl. by tradition, she is not allowed to marry as her mother can no longer bear children, she must carry the family name.
[b he] is a man who just escaped prison, landing on the doorstep of her home wounded. many in town are afraid of him, his reputation of bloodshed no secret, yet he manages to convince her to give him shelter.
[b soon] a string of attacks on the citizens begin and she learns of the male’s curse. as love blooms, the two try to hide his secret – can their love trump his curse?
[center [pic https://media.giphy.com/media/xT0xeFRCmTNIAK0mEo/giphy.gif]]
[center Okie, so this is kind of a retelling of beauty in the beast?
The idea is still pretty vague, so would love some input ~
[center [size13 [b these are my requirements: ]]]
[center [size11 [#693630 ♦] [I real pictures
[#693630 ♦] 400 word min.
[#693630 ♦] Must be 21+
[#693630 ♦] [u [i active in plot discussion]]
[#693630 ♦] posts no later than 7 days ⋅]]]
[center [size11 click [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=411328 here] for my extended rules. PM to join!


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Nicholai didn’t really have much time to protest and there was no need to make a big scene, though eyes were already on him. He allowed her assistance and was glad for it as he had found himself pretty winded as they were heading upstairs. He was glad for the comfort of the mattress when he took a seat. He was having a hard time breathing and he was lightheaded, so Gemma’s words seemed to fade in and out. By the time she left he couldn’t do much but lay back, closing his eyes to stop the spinning.

He eventually managed to come to a stand when the door opened. By then he was removing his jacket, well his jacket now after his attack on a man outside of a bar. He was a dick, if that made the situation any better. Though in the back of his mind he knew, the man had been a brother or a father even to someone. He often thought about his own father. Had he ever regretted his decision? Maybe his mother when she saw that look in his eyes and yet how could she ignore the fear he had?

He removed the black short sleeve shirt he wore, dried blood flaking off. It was a bit strange to see the wound, he’d never been shot before that was sure but he knew that soon enough it’d be healed. Still, better safe than sorry and when Gemma entered he figured it would be stupid to pass her up on her offer. Tattoos covered the male, each telling their own little story and some he’d gotten during blackouts. Honestly, it had been a while since he was in the presence of a woman and it was hard for him not to be a bit nervous then.

“Is it going to hurt?” He teased, which was strange for him – showing that small bit of the guy beneath his tough exterior. Nicholai walked over toward the spread and grabbed the glass of liquor before sitting on the bed. “I can use some help.” He admitted, pushing back the loose strands of hair before taking a sip of the liquor. “You know I can’t really pay much,” he said to her. “You always this nice to strangers?” he asked then.
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[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/qK3d4Rh.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" As the woman was tending to the other customer's, she heard the male's voice and she looked towards him when he said he'd take the burger and the room as well. She nodded lightly as she finished helping the other's and then she went and put in the order for the burger. [#E59866 "Let me know when you start his order, and I'll come and do it myself"] she said lightly. The cook behind the counter cocked his head to the side. [b "Are you sure darlin'? You normally don't do the burger's unless it's someone special"] he commented. Gemma rolled her eyes and took the two plates sitting there.]

[font "times new roman" [#E59866 "I'll be right back"] she called over her shoulder. She then took the two plates, and passed them to the two customers, and they thanked her. She then spotted Nicholai trying to stand, and she rushed over and shook her head lightly. She could tell he was weak, and trying not to make a show of it. That's another thing she hated about herself, she could tell when someone was hurting, and she had seen the blood a while ago as well. She cleared her throat letting him know she was there, so she didn't startle him.]

[font "times new roman" [#E59866 "Let me help you to the room. There's quite a few stairs, and with you being so shaky, I don't trust you going up those stairs all alone. I know it might be hurting you male ego, but please let me do this. I can't afford getting sued if something happened to you while you were here"] she breathed out. She took his hand in her's and the shock that went through her, nearly made her pull her hand away, but she didn't. [#E59866 "I'll bring your burger up to the room as well when I get you all settled"] she said lightly. She then placed his hand onto her shoulder.]

[font "times new roman" She stopped long enough to grab the keys to the small room above the bar, and she slipped them into the front pocket of her jeans. She looked over her shoulder at the male, making sure he was doing okay. She then led him up the steep stairs, and down a hallway. She came to a room at the end, and pulled the keys out. [#E59866 "The door on the right is the bathroom, it's not connected to the bedroom, because when my father built the place, he wanted this top half to be a hotel of sorts"] she told him.]

[font "times new roman" She unlocked the door and pushed it open. She then slipped in and turned to look at the male. [#E59866 "It's not much, but it'll be worth it for a little while. Or for however long you plan on staying. Also the telephone that's on the nightstand will ring right to my mother's place, if you need anything and I'm not around, just pick it up and dial 9494 and it'll ring there"] she looked around the room and bit her lip lightly. [#E59866 "I'll get you some blankets and pillows, because it does tend to get a bit chilly up here as well"]]

[font "times new roman" [#E59866 "Then I'll also bring your burger in the next little while as well. So please make yourself at home"] she said lightly, as she slipped past him. She placed the keys onto the dresser inside the door, and then went down the hall and grabbed a stack of blankets, and pillows. She then carried them back to his room, placed them onto the table and then excused herself one last time to go and get his food.]

[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u Twenty Minutes Later.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" Gemma came back up the stairs and knocked on the door lightly before entering. She carried in a large plate of food for the male, along with a cup of water, and another glass of liquor as well. She placed all of them onto the table and shoved her hands into her pockets looking towards him. [#E59866 "Did you need help with your wounds before I go? Or is there anything else I can get you before we hit the busy time?"] she asked him. She didn't want to push, but at the same time she didn't want to leave him without anything else either.]

[font "times new roman" Being here with this stranger wasn't how she pictured her day going, but at least it was better than being at home with her sister and mother planning a wedding, she didn't even want to be apart of. So in a way it's a good thing Nicholai pretty much fell into her lap the way he had.]
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Gemma was friendly and he found that strange. Sure people could be nice, but most were standoffish. Maybe it was the fact that he was rarely surrounded by people as he was no stranger to the inside of a jail cell and those weren’t always the people that you could make friends with. So, Nicholai was suspicious of course as to why she was willing to open up her home to him. Though everything as always came with a price. Forty bucks, that was putting a might dent in the hundred dollar bill in his pocket. Yet, he knew he wouldn’t stick around very long and old habits didn’t die, he was not shy of stealing.

He was already feeling lightheaded, more than likely from the loss of blood and the liquor. Much stronger tastier than the stuff they concocted in prison. He was sure he’d pass out soon enough if he didn’t take her up on an offer.
“I’ll take the burger,” he had said finally when he saw her in earshot. “And the room.” It was hard for him to accept help and especially from a woman. The only one he had known to love him had practically abandoned him and another he dared to love seemed to disappear when it came to meeting the beast; those that had survived.

[center [b [size30 _]]]

[I [font times Nicholai and Helene had been together for at least three weeks and he was smitten with her. It was too soon, but things seemed promising between the two. She kept him out of trouble which was hard to do. But just as much as he was angry, he was full of passion. Was it the lust that made him think he could love her? Or that she could love him? He wasn’t so sure now.

She had the most beautiful brown eyes though and a laugh that he could still hear to this day, sometimes overpowering the memory of her bloodcurdling screams. Very few of the women he met had seen him as the beast, often it was his lack of stability that had run them off or women more so just looking for a one-time thing, but Helene had stayed and Nicholai had hopes that she would be the [I one].

That was all dismissed when she found him hunched over her body in the dark. He was trapped, his real self bouncing in his head and pleading almost to take mercy on the woman. Though he couldn’t talk himself out of it and when the sun rose he could only stare at her lifeless body with remorse, her blood dry and flaking off the satin sheets.]]

[center [b [size30 _]]]

He finished what was left of the drink and with a bit of a shake came to a stand, leaning against the bar for support. The place had a very familial feel to it and everyone seemed to know one another, which meant he stuck out. He knew it wouldn’t take long before news of his escape started to float around.
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[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/qK3d4Rh.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" The moment her name left the man's lips, it sent a shiver down her spine. She didn't quite understand it, but it please her like no other. When he said his name was Nicholai, she made a mental note about. As he asked about what food was served, she pulled out a menu and placed it in front of him. [#E59866 "Honestly we serve quite a dew burgers, depending on how you want it made. I can also make a mean chicken sandwich, chicken salad, or chicken pasta"] She said lightly handing the male the menu. Tony eyed the male up and down, not really trusting him alone with Gemma at all.]

[font "times new roman" [b "If you want something amazing, I would go for the chicken pasta, I don't know what she puts in it, but it's like you've died and gone to heaven. That woman can cook"] he said with a warm smile. Gemma rolled her eyes lightly before laughing softly. [#E59866 "Thank you for that, but I'm really not that good of a cook. If anything you should try grandma's cooking. She's ten times better than I am"] she said lightly. That's where she learned most of her cooking from anyway. She even gathered up some recipe's from her grandmother, before she ended up passing away a year ago.]

[font "times new roman" Tony smirked and looked at the tattooed male. [b "Don't let her fool you. She's a beautiful soul that's for sure. But if you need anything stronger for a drink let me know"] he said as Gemma threw a towel at the male, and he walked off. She mixed the male another drink from what he had ordered before. That's when she realized he had asked about motel's. She looked towards him and a small sigh passed though her lips. [#E59866 "The motel's are all run down places, and are really cheap. If you want a safer place to stay, I could rent you the room here"]]

[font "times new roman" [#E59866 "My mother wouldn't mind if I did. She's been telling me over and over, that the room needs to be rented out. For the price, I'll let you rent it for about forty bucks a night. I can't really go lower than that, because then my mother would have my hide if I did"] she said lightly. It wasn't the first time she's done something like this. Her mother and Vivian would have charged ten times more than that. She saw the blood dripping from the male, and she cocked her head as he wiped it up. Her heart skipped a beat just then, when she realized he was wounded.]

[font "times new roman" [#E59866 "If you need help getting bandaged up, I'll be more than happy to help you out. I can also get you up to that room as well, and bring your food too you if you need me too"] she said lightly. It wasn't like her, but she was the helpful type of person, and she could tell he could be in need of some sort of help. She just wouldn't force it on the male if he didn't want it. She then pushed herself away from the counter and went to help a couple of other customer's letting the male look over the menu, and the options for a room, and her helping patch him up. She wasn't going to hover, even though she felt like she had too.]
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Nicholai was not surprised by the looks he was given. It wasn’t uncommon for him to be seen as a threat or as trouble, despite times of just minding his business. Of course, trouble just seemed to find its way into his life no matter how far he tried to stay away from it. The last thing he needed right now though was for him to get involved with law enforcement. He was still recovering from the bullet wound and of course he was on the run for a nasty escape, one of which left a man dead. The amount of bodies that littered his past at one point used to keep him up at night. Now, there was very little to stir his heart. Nicholai figured that the Romani woman’s curse would ring true. He would live as a monster and die as a monster, for who could love a beast like him? Even when in human form, he never felt all the way right, all the way warm as a living soul with a heartbeat should. Perhaps because he’d never had that true love in his life. He still to this day hated being shackled and he hated the dark. He used to not be able to sleep, now sometimes he longed to turn into the beast with the knowing he wouldn’t have to fear anything.

“Gemma,” he said as he looked up at her. She had kind eyes and unlike the others there didn’t seem to be a nervous twinge in her voice, or whisperings questioning him. They didn’t think he could hear, but Nichol could. Why else would they avoid hi eyes when he looked over his shoulder at the tables. “I’m Nicholai,” he said simply, unsure really why he even bothered with telling her his name. Wasn’t this too personal for a guy at the bar? He had no plans of sticking around, but he needed somewhere to rest his head for a bit while he healed. “What kind of food do you serve here?” he asked as he reached into his back pocket, grimacing. Of course the wallet he held wasn’t his own, he’d no identification since he was eighteen and yet fingerprints lasted forever. He tried to ignore the picture of the family, a smiling wife and young child next to the guard he killed. He instead reached for the few bills inside.

He knew he was going to need money soon. He also knew that they would likely keep an eye out for credit card usage. Maybe by then he would be gone and they would be too late.

“How much’s a night stay at one of your motels?” Though he wasn’t even sure there was one. He was a bit absentminded, placing the bills on the counter. By then his wound had started to bleed again, a trickle falling on the counter of the bar. “sorry,” he muttered, reaching or a napkin to clean it up. he finished the drink quickly. “Let me get another.”
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[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/qK3d4Rh.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" The morning light filtering through the blinds made the woman wrinkle her nose lightly. She could her the voices of her mother and older sister talking, she knew what they were talking about as well. Vivian was getting married in the next couple of weeks, and it made Gemma's stomach turn. Sometimes she hated her sister with a passion because she always got everything she wanted. Gemma was pretty much shoved aside most of the time. She pushed herself up from the bed and walked over to the closet, slowly drawing it open.]

[font "times new roman" She found one of her favorite dresses, and slid it off the hanger and got dressed. She wanted nothing more than to just enjoy her day, but she knew that Vivian and her mother would soon corner her. Maybe if she told them she had to head into town for something, they wouldn't. That was a pretty good idea on her part, but then there was a knock on the door. [b "Gemma darling? Are you awake?"] came the sound of her mother's voice. She rolled her eyes lightly [#E59866 "Yes momma I'm awake"] she called back.]

[font "times new roman" [b "Good, Vivian and I need you to come into the kitchen and help with some of the wedding planning."] she said. Gemma stood in the middle of her room, the fabric hanging from her hands. She hurried and got dressed, then made her way to the bathroom. She tried to tame the waves in her hair, but it wasn't working. She sighed as she ran a brush through her hair, and slid a clip into her hair. She brushed her teeth, then made her way back to the bedroom.]

[font "times new roman" She sat on the edge of the bed long enough to pull her boots onto her feet, and then made her way out to the kitchen. Her mother and Vivian were sitting at the table with coffee cup's in hand. She went and grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge. [#E59866 "Will it be okay with you if I just skip out right now? I need to run into town and grab some books for my college classes"] she said lightly. Vivian turned her eyes onto her younger sister and sighed waving her off. Her mother was the one that spoke up.]

[font "times new roman" [b "Are you really backing out once more? You know this is an important day for your sister coming up. You need to be apart of the planning as well"] she said. Vivian held up a hand glaring at her younger sister. [#DDA0DD "Let her go. We don't need her. Whatever we plan out today you can catch her up on later. If she needs to get college books let her"] she hissed. Gemma knew that Vivian was pissed. She didn't care though. She grabbed her car keys off the counter, and went to grab her things from her room.]

[font "times new roman" She then managed to escape the house, and her sister's bitchy attitude as well. She made a bee line for her beat up truck, unlocked it, slid into the drivers seat, started it up and headed into town. The whole wedding plans the other two could do without her. She loved her mother and sister, but today she wanted nothing to do with either one of them.]

[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u Later in town.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" Gemma had spent a good part of the day at the book shop finding all of her text books she needed, then she made her way out and to the family restaurant she happened to work at, with the rest of her family. She parked in the parking lot, climbed out and slammed the door behind her. She made her way into the building and to the counter. That's when her eyes landed on the stranger sitting there. She hadn't seen him around town before, so he must be new. There was an air around him that screamed for her to run, but yet she didn't.]

[font "times new roman" She cocked her head towards him and raised a 'brow slightly. [#E59866 "I see Tony hasn't come out to help you quite yet. I happen to work here, so let me get what you ordered"] she said lightly. Even though it was a day off, she would come in and get something done for the time being. She stood and walked behind the counter, grabbing a piece of paper to write down how long she worked. Her mother wouldn't have a choice but to pay her for it. She had caught the tail end of what the male had asked for, and she filled up a glass and placed it before him. That's when Tony walked out, a sheepish look on his face the whole time. [b "Gemma? I thought I heard your voice"] he said lightly.]

[font "times new roman" Tony then moved behind the counter and looked at the stranger sitting there. [b "I'm sorry about the wait. Normally we don't have customer's coming in so early, along with one of the employees when she's not supposed to be working"] he said lightly nudging her. Gemma shrugged her shoulders lightly looking at the male and smiled warmly. [#E59866 "Don't worry about it Tony. I needed the distraction anyway. Mom and Vivian were doing wedding plans and I honestly didn't want to be apart of it"] she admitted. If might have been a really shitty claim for herself, but she didn't care. She needed out of the house, and this was one of the other places she came too.]

[font "times new roman" Tony nodded lightly [b "I can understand that. Are you sure you want to be working off the clock though? Or were you planning on adjusting the hours so you somewhat get paid?"] he asked her. He looked at the male at the counter, getting a really bad vibe off of him. That's another reason as to why he came out. Gemma nodded lightly pointing at the page before her. [#E59866 "I'm most likely not going to be here long, just let me do what I do and you go back into the back. If it get's too busy I'll call you"] she promised. The male nodded lightly shooting one last look at the tattooed male sitting there. Gemma watched as he walked off and then turned back to the male before her.]

[font "times new roman" [#E59866 "Name's Gemma, and I'm sorry about Tony. Normally he's better at watching the bar than that. Is there anything else I can get for you?"] she asked him. She pulled an apron around her waist and tied it. She then reached for a towel, and started wiping down the glasses that were sitting there drying. The male before her was strange, but yet she felt oddly comfortable just standing there with him. It was strange after all.]
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[font times Hunger.

It consumed Nicholai for the last hundred years. Though one would never know if they were to come across the man, six foot with broad shoulders and hands that could wrap around one’s throat tightly with ease. His size had been just one part of his daunting presence, the tattoos that littered every part of his body showing he had nothing to fear, no pain or commitment. And as the blood dripped from the guard’s now lifeless body, it was clear no cage could draw fear in him either. He was careful not to show his strength when he had been captured after six months of being on the run. Eventually he was always caught, and still he would escape only to bounce from city to city, state to state. He’d run pretty far now, but his stories were broadcasted. It would be only the fear that would keep the locals from ratting him out. But for how long? The last town it took thirty bodies before he finally had the cops on his trail. He’d not changed quick enough and when they found him wrapped around the lifeless woman, he was in his human form – still weak and panting from the painful transformation.

When he was [I It].

“You must leave.” His mother had told him when he first changed, just a child of sixteen confused about what he had become in the middle of the night. He awoke with stained hands and clothing, the family sheep deflated and surrounding him with blood coating their wool. He’d never heard his mother scream so loud. His grey eyes looked to her in confusion, small hands of a child reaching for her only to be slapped away. She was afraid of him. He didn’t understand. She knew he had nowhere to go, no money and no friends or family. his birth being the reason why. [I Cursed].

She took pity on him, maybe because after all she was his mother. She figured it best to keep him chained at night, when the beast would come out of him. She gripped the hammer in her hands tightly, always watching him as she hammered the iron nail into the ground of the basement.
“I’m going to tell you a story Nicholai. A story that tells why you are the way you are.”

[center [size30 _]]

[I It was seventeen years ago his mother had met his father; Nicholai Sr. He was a handsome man, with inviting eyes and soft lips, a voice that could convince you to do anything. His mother, Adeline, had just moved to Texas and the minute her eyes landed on him, she was consumed by him and a love that she had never felt before. There was just one problem, he was married to a Romani woman. Their relationship was no secret, and they did very little to hide it which possibly infuriated his wife more than the affair. When Adeline became pregnant, Nicholai had made it clear who he chose. His wife had grown angry, attacking them in their home. As he was being dragged out by the cops she screamed and pleaded for Nicholai to forgive her and return or forever be cursed, and his first and [I only] child to be cursed as well.

He spat at her, cradling his then pregnant wife in his arms, soothing her. She pointed her fingers at him, spit flying from her mouth and tears falling from her eyes. “I curse you! For your selfishness and cruelty, that which grows in her decaying womb will become [b Beast] until he learned to love another and earned her love in return!]

[center [size30 _]]

And so, from his sixteenth year he became a caged animal, bound by chains and forced to change into the beast night after night in the darkness of the basement. He realized his mother hadn’t the heart to kill him and instead left him to starve to death, but when the hunger became too much with what strength he had left he tore the chains from the ground, escaping through the window and into the night, never to return. He had accepted what he was and knew that it would never change.

Nicholai was nursing a bad bullet wound to his side. He’d managed to escape the prison, but not without injury. Fortunately he had come across a town, limping until he reached the first place of residence that was open, a restaurant seemingly. He controlled his breathing, standing as tall as possible and ignoring the stares as he headed toward the bar. He looked worse for wear and yet, he knew he’d gotten through worse. Grunting, he took a seat, looking up through rebellious strands of dirty blonde hair for whoever was behind the bar

“Whiskey, double shot.” He commanded.
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