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[Center [Font "Didot" [I "There is good, and there is bad. But once you pick, you can never go back"]]]

[Center [Font "Didot" Hogwarts, throughout it's long and vast history has always aimed to educate the best of Great Britain's wizarding children, to ensure that magical bloodlines do not fade or wither throughout time, however that does not necessarily mean that all of the children come out as expected.]]

[Center [Font "Didot" The four great houses will never turn away a student but are the houses to blame for the creation of a few rotten apples?

Another year has begun but this time there's a new breed of students and they are looking to shake up not just the wizarding world but the muggle one too.]]

[Center [Font "Didot" They do not necessarily plan on going down quietly, they have wicked ideas and even darker ambitions and it is going to take more than just a slap on the wrist, and the threat of being expelled to turn these future dark wizards away from their destiny.]]

[Center [Font "Didot" But just because there are a few bad apples does not mean there cannot be good. Perhaps those who are ashamed of their dark heritage will choose not evil but good. They will be forced to forsake the blood and history that runs through them and prove even to the biggest of doubters that they can be a force for good. There is both good, and there is bad in this world but what you choose determines in truth; who you really are.]]

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[Center [Font "Georgia" Must be literate, and over the age of eighteen]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Basic knowledge of the Harry Potter Universe is required, however the period we are writing in has no formal canon and as such this is considered it's own alternative universe, the events in this thread do not effect the canon timeline]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" No Godmod, No instant romance, don't overdo the swearing etc we know what we're doing. We all have the same dislikes. Do what you gotta do]]

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[Center [Font "Georgia" All that is required is their name and a picture if you choose to write as them. They do not have to be Hogwarts students, though they will be categorised above into the houses they graduated from.]]

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[left [pic] ] What a strange way of transportation the port keys were. He had been brought there by means of a port key himself, not that he didn’t have other means rather he simply wanted to experience it for himself. He watched as person after person made their way to the same place he had been guided to seek out, although this was to be expected from all of the new aspiring wizards and witches to gather here; he had his own reasons as well for being here after all.

He preferred to arrive rather early and to gather his thoughts, this was a day he had been awaiting for quite some time. He was on the precipice of gaining access to even more knowledge and with that knowledge he could finally get to more important matters that he personally felt needed tending to.

He recalled the words his father had so politely given him before his departure, as if hoping he’d sway his actions or his attitude. [i “Be quick and do what you must to uphold the family name. Remember, you are a Black and as such you should be an example to others of what we represent. Talent and intellect aside, your blood should come before all else.”] what utter hogwash. The future is always seeming as if the stone it rests upon us softening and pulling it in, but so long as it’s not completely set then there was hope for more and more knowledge.

There was such a great focus around power and yet what could power accomplish compared to knowledge? What use is blood when it tells no tales of knowledge? Pisces was no stranger to knowledge and sought it out at every chance and around every turn; going as far as to throw himself directly into harms way if only to learn even a fraction more than what he already did know. He avoided others unless it meant he could learn more and when he did become social it was only a bad omen of an ensuing disaster of sorts. One day he steps out and socializes with others, then the next second he’s tripping someone down a flight of stairs in hopes that he’d learn a different outcome than the last time.

He was rather protective of his family of course, sometimes going as far as to not let some of them out of his sight at times, but in the end everyone was a source of knowledge and no one was safe from his experimenting.

He stood and patted off his robes, he had been sitting there for so long dust might have collected on them. He comfortably felt as if he had waited long enough and now would indeed be the time for things to finally hurry on. Of course his intuition was spot on and just as he made himself up he heard the same announcement that everyone else had no doubt heard. It was finally time to be sorted into their houses and it would no doubt be something he could predict just by looking. The sorting was destined to be a bore, every family raises their children and molds them into wanting to join a specific house; their blood alone would almost always make a certain house their fate. Pisces, however, cared not for blood or nobility for that matter.

He looked to all the other students with a fascinated disdain. They were all capable in their own rights, but he didn’t see any spark in them that was worth marking down. Some seemed as if they had the potential to be greater than what they were and yet he felt no need to get his hopes up in this setting. He simply sat strait in the most comfortable place, crossed his left leg over his right and entwined his finger on his lap; a position anyone who had to be near him would come to see often. He could use this time to mark down the names of everyone in his memory for later reference and decide on who would be his targets of most interest amongst the bland masses.

He listened to name after name after name, what an absolute bore! [#9da207 [i Everyone here is so optimistic. A good way to approach this, but I wouldn’t want anyone to end up disappointed.] ] He hadn’t noticed anyone who was specifically unpleased with their outcome so far. He didn’t care for his own family for he had learned all he could from them which he couldn’t learn on his own already; where they ended up wouldn’t make a huge difference for him. [#9da207 [i Everyone is ending up more or less where I expected. Most of the others here I haven’t even met and yet they were rather easy to read simply by their names and their demeanor. What a bore beyond bores.] ]

[b “Alderose Lestrange.”]

The name caught his attention and he took a quick gaze at the young Lestrange. Although they had never been acquainted, he had heard about her from his mother. One of the days when she was particularly ‘fed up’ with his experiments. If he remembered correctly it went something like, [i “honestly child, you’re so hardheaded it’s ridiculous! You’d give Alderose Lestrange a headache just peering into that mess of a head you have on your shoulders if you’d even let her in at all! If you weren’t so willful I’d keep you from going outside, but it’s because of that will I fear you’d purposely accept the imperius curse just to gain knowledge on the experience!”] Of course she was right, but that just caused him to go and learn more about Alderose until his itch for information was satiated and when he learned she was a Legilimens it only made him seek out more knowledge of Occlumency. However a Lestrange is still a Lestrange and he didn’t know much about her other than the basic information. At the end of the day she would no doubt be in either Slytherin or Ra-


He nearly jumped up out of his seat with excitement upon hearing her sorting, but for the sake of his composure simply switched the crossing of his legs. This didn’t, however, hide the more than sinister smile from spreading across his face. [#9da207 [i Interesting interesting interesting! The past is already set in stone and the future is readily waiting to be chiseled, but with a stir like this the destiny and fates that were once laid plain and bare are now so much more convoluted and unsure. There’s more knowledge to be gained now then there had been in recent years and I’ll have to gather it up as is my purpose.] ]

His mind was like a maze of shelves, towering walls of books and scrolls categorized in all forms of knowledge he could get his hands on. Simply stepping into it would be a mistake for the unprepared and he felt it was best kept this way to keep himself from going mad with all the information he had strived to obtain; it only ever managed to grow. He might have to make an entire section of memory devoted to seeing where their outcast Lestrange might end up steering her own path. Would she face danger? Would she open a new door to something that had yet not been discovered or made plain? The anticipation alone made his hands shake! What a find! And with a change in the stars like this there would no doubt be more! Who else would be stirred by this sudden wave of information and end up in a place where destiny would not have them belong?

He sat in his thought like, mad smile on his face that would make any other Black know he would soon be up to no good. At this point the other students became a primary study, it wasn’t possible to simply predict what would come of this all with something so bazaar happening this quickly. What secrets could he pull from the very corners of this place and all the people that would be wandering it’s halls with him?


It Alamo’s agitated him beyond belief to have his thoughts interrupted, but it was a welcomed relief; any longer and he might have been sitting there stuck in thought for serval hours at the least. [#9da207 [i Time to get this over with and done. I already know the outcome simply because I refuse otherwise.] ] He stood slowly and carefully, arms crossed behind his back as he made his way to the stool. Out of the corner of his eyes he spotted the male Lestrange, Loren Lestrange I’d be recalled, known for his capabilities in the exact opposite of his sister. [#9da207 [i How would he possibly react to her sorting?] ] he thought to himself with a sly smile on his face which disappeared quickly as he sat down. Left leg crossed over, fingers intertwined, ready to be done with this as the hat was placed on his head.

Silence for a long moment, as if nothing were going to happen.

[i “Well aren’t you an odd one. You have a great thirst and yet no desire for power. You’re a Black as well which makes it even more odd. You also seem to have this all planned out.”] [#9da207 [i Of course, if I had my way I’d probably sit here as long as possible to experience this for a bit longer. However that wouldn’t be fair to anyone else.] ] [i “Slytherin would most certainly suit you and yet I sense you’ve already made up your mind.”] [#9da207 [i The ties of my blood and name mean nothing to me, I simply seek more knowledge and Slytherin isn’t the catalyst to that knowledge I’m here for. I’m certain you already know what I’m going to say, I’ll accept no other answer.] ] [i “RAVENCLAW!”]

He stood quickly when the hat was removed from his head and smiled at the clapping and cheering that followed. It was rather nice to feel so welcomed and he no doubt beloved that everyone felt the same way when they joined the rest of their house, but then again that had to be the only purpose for everyone to be here to give their support. He shook a few hands, studied a few faces and exchanged smiles with everyone he had moved to sit with now noticing his robes conform to the colors of his peers. Anyone who knew enough about him would find his placing in this house as no surprise, his parents had tried just about everything to change his mind yet clearly it was a failure set on the stone tapestry of the past at this point. For now his focus would be on exactly what he wanted it to be on... more knowledge.

[#d6ea3e “Thank you everyone. I look forward to experim- I mean working, alongside you all.”] he said with a chuckle before taking his seat and preparing to take mental notes on the rest of the other first years.
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[Center || Anyone to Join? ||]

[Right [Pic]]
[U Alderose POV, age 12]

There was no such thing as silence, Alderose felt. Though she assumed it was naturally because of her natural aptitude and talent as an legilimens, her parents had been almost ecstatic that she was born able to read the minds of others, but they had praised her younger brother far more for his ability to counter her talent. Nevertheless she stretched out just as a flurry of house elves zapped around dusting and polishing part of her room.

As soon as they were there; they were seemingly gone. [#700eb9 [I Today I leave this place and become someone better.]] her light blue eyes opening, before shutting reacting to the light; the wafting scent of rose and strawberry jam, the scent of a small cup of very milky earl grey tea. She swung her feet off and onto the floor, directly into the awaiting slippers. She did not bother putting on her bath robe; she was warm enough.

As she sat and ate her breakfast, her eyes barely skimmed the copy of the daily prophet that sat against the tray, she never really cared to read about current events - that had bothered her father immensely, he wanted her to be educated and aware of everything that was going on in the wizarding world. Alderose felt differently. What was the point of knowing everything, reading everything when she could just take it from the minds around her.

[Center ~]

[I “Miss. Your bath is drawn.”] She wiped her mouth and nodded graciously at the house elf her mother had assigned her, the house elf in question had been given no name by the older of the Lestrange females when she had first been employed and it had just become habit not to say anything, not being able to give her a name hurt Alderose but the house elf belonged to the mistress of the house.

As she walked to the adjoining bathroom that was connected to her rather lavish private chamber in the main Lestrange manor. [#700eb9 [I I wonder what Loren is doing right now?]] she undressed without assistance and quickly immersed herself under the lavender scented water - she hated the smell but her mother insisted that it was an appropriate scent for a girl of her age. [#700eb9 [I I cannot wait to be out of here. All of the protocol and all of the insistence that I should look down on everything that isn’t me or my family is just so suffocating]].

Soon she was dressed in her brand new Hogwarts uniform, the cloak that covered her back and kept her long straightened hair tied into a French braid, concealed it well. [#700eb9 [I I guess these cloaks are enchanted to change when we are put into our houses. I wonder what house I will end up in, if not Slytherin or Ravenclaw.]] though the thought was blasphemous, to not want to end up in what were considered the superior houses of Hogwarts - according to every Lestrange she knew.

[Center ~]

[#82fc85 “Morning sister.”] Her brother’s voice echoed through the thin walls and she turned to see that he looked like every other Lestrange, though his blonde hair - which her parents hoped would have darkened by now into the shade of a traditional Lestrange male; made him look a hybrid between a Lestrange and a Malfoy. She gave him a soft smile and he smiled back at her. She offered him her hand which he took as their parents emerged from around the corner.

[I “We will expect letters and news of your sorting immediately. Now both of you hurry along to the front court yard. We have made arrangements that both of you will be travelling to Hogwarts with the Malfoy lot if they’ll have you. If not and there are too many. Both of you will be expected to go to the Shacklebolt estate and take their port key.”] the twins nodded afraid to disobey their parents. As Loren walked out first with his trunk she followed suit but was held back by her father who spoke sternly.

[I “As the eldest we expect you to be just as great as your ancestors. Do not disappoint us Alderose. Or you may find yourself without the support of our house or any of the other houses in the circle.”] before he let her go, her heart which had already beating fast was now far faster that she nearly lost track of her brother’s blonde locks.

[Center ~]

[#b47dde “What house do you expect to get into?”] she asked Loren as they walked towards the front court yard. [#82fc85 “Slytherin of course. What about you Alderose?”] [#b47dde “I am hoping if not Slytherin, then Ravenclaw.”] she was grateful that her gift allowed her to invade other’s minds - not her brother; his gift made it impossible to see what was truly on his mind. Alderose knew in her hearts of heart that this answer whilst entirely untrue would be better than telling Loren now and being dissuaded from her plans to be a newer, better brand of Lestrange.

Standing in a triangular formation were a differing and varying group of teens, all of them in Hogwarts uniform and most of them were in their sorted uniforms, Alderose realised that most of the Shacklebolt teens that stood around a single lamp post, were sorted into Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, there was hope then that it was ok to be part of the inner circle, and to be a part of a house like Gryffindor. [I “Ready?”] They all placed a finger onto the port key, making sure no one missed out as they were whisked away to Hogwarts.

[Right [Pic]]
[U Loren POV, age 12]

He nearly fell on his ass as they finally arrived into the courtyard of Hogwarts, other students were there as well, with their trunks, some of them looked a little more sickly, he scanned the crowd and was relieved to see that his sister was standing beside him, slightly green but still composed.

[b “FIRST YEARS. OVER HERE.”] A woman with what had to be the most fiery red hair that he had ever set his eyes upon waved over, taking his trunk and making sure his sister was aware of the same woman, they both walked towards the woman who was dressed in fine robes of velvet and possibly silk; upon her head adorned a black witch’s hat. [b “My name is Professor Orrik I am the head of Gryffindor house. You will now all follow me towards the grand hall. Where you will be sorted into your houses. Follow me.”]

She stood over them, this professor and he didn’t recognise her name, but he made the guess she was partially giant. [#82fc85 “She’s so tall.”] he uttered to his sister [#b47dde “I know. I’ve never heard the name.”] they gave each other a look as they followed like the rest of the first years.

[Center ~]

The hall itself was already packed to the brim with students who had been sorted, most of them sat or stood at their house’s respective tables that seemed barren and free of food, it was only late morning so classes were going to start soon right? As they came to a stop at the very front of the hall and fanned out, Loren’s eyes focused on the single wooden stool, a top the stool was a raggedy old hat - the legendary sorting hat. [#0d8711 [I That’s the sorting hat. It’s where I’ll show the rest of the school that I am a true Lestrange.]] his sister had long since let go of his hand, she looked nervous. Why was she so nervous [#0d8711 [I We’ll get into Slytherin. The Sorting hat can’t deny our request]] he wished sometimes she could read his mind, so that she knew he was confident that their blood right would force the hat to listen to them.

[b “Let the sorting ceremony begin.”] So the names started, students left the crowd and assumed their place upon the wooden stool, some of them were instant in the announcement and changing of their robe colours, some of them took longer and Loren really paid no mind to who was who, what house they ended up in. What was the point? None of them mattered to him.

[Center ~]
[U Alderose POV, Age 12]


The hall seemingly hushed as she was called upon, she looked at her brother who was nudging for her to go, as she moved throughout the still rather large crowd of first years and climbed the stairs, it was as if she had all the eyes of the hall on her, even the ghosts. [#700eb9 [I Breathe. Breathe.]] as she sat atop the stool and waited for the hat to be placed on her head. As soon as the hat made contact with her head, her normal ability to listen in on and see the thoughts of others vanished. It was just her and the hat now.

[I “A Lestrange. Hmmm. How interesting. I sense a greatness in you.”] [#700eb9 [I You do?]] [I “I do. I find your mind to be most peculiar. You would make an interesting addition to the Slytherin house. But I feel that is not where you would like to end up?] [#700eb9 [I Honestly, I never felt like I belonged. I understand there is much darkness in my family. I don’t want to be like them.]] [I “You want to be different. Then which of the houses would you prefer amongst the houses. Your choice will change your life. Be careful. The people who you think care for you may turn against you.]

[#700eb9 [I And that’s alright. I ought to choose…]] she looked at each of the banners and the different tables. Slytherin and the students who sat there seemed to be wanting her in there, their eyes hungered for her but… their hunger scared her. [#700eb9 [I Not Slytherin]] Her eyes then roamed to Gryffindor where there were smiles and waves, they were brave. [#700eb9 [I Not Gryffindor]] she didn’t want to pick the house that would surely have her murdered for joining.

Her eyes then settled on the second most appropriate house for the Lestrange family, her mother had been in that house. But her mother was a bitter woman and when she wasn’t angry she was going about ruining others. Did she really want to be that? [#700eb9 [I I pick Hufflepuff.]] [I “Very well.”] [i "HUFFLEPUFF!!!"]

There was a stunned if not an astonished gasp from the house of Hufflepuff, but they started to cheer and clap as she stood up and moved towards the table, she looked down at her robes, the colours of yellow and black covered her and she felt like she belonged. Reaching into her pocket she stroked her wand, which hummed. She read their thoughts and some of them cringed but overall she was welcomed, others were doubtful and some of them thought the hat had made a mistake. But they accepted her nonetheless. [i "Welcome to Hufflepuff."] some of them said to her, offering their hands [#b47dde "Thank you. I'm glad to be here."]
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