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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] Imogen and Destiny made their way to the House of Music, jamming to the band’s music the whole way there. They scouted out the door they knew they could get through and easily made their way in. This was not their first rodeo. They were able to find the meet and greet head, showing him their ‘passes’ and he, of course, completely believed them. The guy in charge of the meet and greet Imogen recognized as their manager, the ladies had bumped into him more than once trying to sneak backstage. As they waited for the boys to come out to meet them, Imogen’s stomach began to fill with butterflies. The girls had been to every concert of these boys for the last couple of years, but this was the first time they’d actually talk to them. Imogen had only dreamed of this moment, but now it was coming true.

The Sleeping Secrets manager led them into a room, and let them know the details of the meet and greet. There were only four girls, Imogen and Destiny, and two other girls. They seemed nice enough, introducing themselves as Allie and Samantha once the manager went to get the band. The other girls said this was their first concert and were very excited, to which Imogen tried giving them some tips about how to get to the front faster, and how to not get hurt if they were planning on crowd surfing. The door handle shook a little bit, and Imogen’s breath was caught in her mouth as the door opened.

Imogen’s eyes locked with Lennon as soon as he walked out of the door. She couldn’t help but let a small smile rest on her lips as both Lennon and Carson entered the room they had been put into. The woman’s eyes darted to her lap, all of a sudden she was nervous. When Lennon spoke though, her eyes darted up. As soon as her eyes went to Lennon, she noticed he was also looking at her as well. They headed towards her and Destiny first, and even though Imogen liked the two, she enjoyed that the men headed toward them first.

Before they met the boys, Imogen had played her entire interaction and what she wanted to say. How she wanted to introduce herself and questions she wanted to ask, but they all left her mind when the band entered the room. As Lennon looked at her, her cheeks flushed a light pink color, and she knew she had to say something. [i [#6d091a “Hi. I’m Imogen, some people call me Momo, though. Oh, and this is my best friend Destiny. We are your biggest fans, we see all your concerts. We travel and everything.”]] Momo smiled, running her hand through her hair. [i [#6d091a “What's your favorite song you’ve written?”]] she blurted out after. She was a bit embarrassed at her introduction, but it already left her lips. Her arms were wrapped around her own waist, lightly biting her lower lip.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

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Carson smiled, he was happy for Lennon’s little sister. She was cute, but the two boys were so close that he couldn’t imagine dating the girl. They had kissed years ago, but Lennon had never found out because his sister was nervous to tell him. As he brought himself back to the present conversation. Carson laughed at his friend’s comment. [b [#265f2c “You are 100% correct, I’ll talk to Jeff about getting another room”]]. Just then, they were led into the meet and greet room to meet their guests.

Carson smirked as they entered the room where the meet and greet was held. When he entered, he saw the blonde and her friend he had seen many many times. She was even more beautiful closeup. It was clear her friend was nervous, as she openly introduced her friend, as Lennon had done for him. As the brunette, Imogen asked the first question he looked over to Lennon. [b [#265f2c “Huh? My favorite one is probably ‘Night Like This.’ What about you, bro?]] Carson answered, his eyes redirected toward the blonde, Destiny. [b [#265f2c “What’s your favorite song Destiny?”]] Carson asked the women in front of him, flashing a smile toward her, waiting for her to answer.

Carson was able to act cool and collected when he was nervous on the inside. He also had more confidence whenever he was with Lennon, which was probably the whole reason he was able to sing and play guitar in front of anyone. Carson was not as cool as he seemed now when they were kids. He didn’t have a ton of friends, and was a bit of a loner, except for Lennon. They were basically brothers at this point, and he brought out something different in him.

Carson looked over to the other two girls and knew they couldn’t just ignore the other girls. He didn’t really want to leave Destiny’s side, but he didn’t want to seem rude. He moved a bit, over to the other two, asking them to introduce themselves and about any questions they had. As the meet and greet continued, the six of them began talking altogether about any questions the girls may have. As their manager mentioned that they needed to wrap up, they started to finish up and take any pictures the girl wanted.

As he passed Destiny, he said to her, a bit quieter than normal, [b [#265f2c “I have a meet and greet after the show, but don’t leave. Let’s talk a bit later.”]] he said, winking at the beautiful blonde girl.

As they finished up with the women, their manager popped his head in the room. [b [+blue “Hello! I hope you all had a great time! It’s time for the boys to get ready before the concert starts up. You all will have first access to the floor before anyone else, so lucky for you! Lennon and Carson, say goodbye and head off to your dressing room. The rest of you can follow me to the floor.”]] their manager spoke. The male duo said goodbye to the meet and greet, Carson, winking toward Destiny as she left as well.

When the band made their way to their dressing room, Carson plopped down onto the couch. [b [#265f2c “ I tried flirting. I hope she took it as flirting and not as just being nice. I’ll have to do better after the show.”]] he said, messing with his hair with his hand.
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[font "times new roman" The moment that Imogen was in the car, she told her about Red Heat Tavern, and she cocked her head slightly to the side. She'd never heard of the place, but she was more than willing to try it. As she drove she let the other do most of the talking, and when they pulled into the parking lot she shut the car off, and climbed out. She linked her arm with the other's, and the two walked into the building. The smells hit her all at once, and her heart skipped a beat. This was the perfect place to go. A waitress came over and took them to a table, and they were handed menus.]

[font "times new roman" She nodded her thanks to the woman and opened the menu. Everything looked so good, and she wondered if they were all spicy. She wasn't in the mood for spice, and nothing with a strong smell. She was planning on getting laid that night. Either by Carson, or some stranger. That's when Imogen brought up the plans for the night. She was about to speak when the waitress came back to take their orders. [#DB7093 "I'll take the grilled chicken pasta, nothing too spicy please"] she said. The waitress took down Imogen's order as well, and took their menus and walked off.]

[font "times new roman" She then turned her eyes to her best friend and smirked a bit. [#DB7093 "Honestly, I feel like if we can talk to the men, then maybe we could have some sort of in. I don't know for sure though. I mean it would be nice to get laid. Haven't had a good lay in a while, but at the same time I don't know if it'll be worth it. Like would it be worth letting a famous person please me for the night? Because they will be gone the next day, and I just I don't know"] she admitted. She wanted to talk to Carson, get to know him, maybe get him into bed. She just wouldn't force it.]

[font "times new roman" Soon their food was there, and she nodded at the waitress then turned to her food. [#DB7093 "Whatever happens, happens I suppose. I'm not going to hold my breath, but at the same time I'm going too. Maybe something good will come of it. I just know that when they leave, we will be following them"] she said as she cut into the chicken and took a bit. The taste was amazing, and she couldn't wait to dig in more. She let the silence wash over them, and pretty soon they were getting [i to-go] boxes. She packed up the rest of her food and stood. She left a good tip for their waitress as well.]

[font "times new roman" [#DB7093 "Let's get going. I don't wanna miss our meet and greet with the boys"] she said with a grin. Soon they were back in the car, and heading towards the concert. Her heart was hammering inside of her chest the whole time. Hopefully things would work in her favor for once.]

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[font "times new roman" [#0075D0 "I know, she had the biggest crush on you for the longest time too. I don't know if it's cause we were just starting out, or if it's because you took her under your wing, and you are my best friend. Doesn't matter though, I just know when she calls, I'm booking it back home"] he said as he took a bite of the burger in front of him. He was kind of nervous for his sister though. He wanted nothing but the best for her, but there were times he thought Carson would end up with her. It would have been interesting to see to say the least.]

[font "times new roman" He didn't know what had stopped his best friend from bedding his sister. Was it because the two men were so close? Or was it because Carson knew it wasn't going to work out? The male shook his head lightly as he realized that his hand was still held out towards Carson, and he had agreed to the challenge. A smirk passed over his lips. [#0075D0 "Honestly I think we should get different rooms if we take them back to the hotel. I don't want to hear you banging the blonde, and I'm sure you don't want to hear me banging her friend"] he said with a grin.]

[font "times new roman" They both finished their meals, and then were heading to the building where the concert was being held. He took some time to get cleaned up, and then he looked towards their manager. [b "Alright guys, your meet and greet's are here. Make sure you treat them with respect. You have four women, and then after the concert you have four more women meeting you as well"] the other male said. Lennon looked towards his friend and smirked. [#0075D0 "I was born ready"] he admitted. He then bowed his head, and made his way into the hallway.]

[font "times new roman" There were screams of the fans, and he lifted his hand and waved at them. The four women they were meeting first were already in the room, and Lennon slipped inside and to a chair. That's when his eyes landed on the woman he's seen more than once. Her blonde friend was there too. His heart seemed to skip a beat. When Carson walked into the room shortly after, he nodded his head towards the first two. As if to tell him, they were lucky bastards. They had been talking about them, and all of sudden there they were.]

[font "times new roman" It was kind of weird in a way. Their manager walked into the room just then. [b "Alright ladies, you have about fifteen minutes with Lennon and Carson. Then we have to get the concert underway. Just don't take up too much time"] he said. He then moved to the side, letting Lennon and Carson take the floor. [#0075D0 "Well, I'm Lennon as you all know, and this is my best friend Carson. If you guys have any questions shoot them our way, and we will answer them the best we can"] he said with a warm smile locking eyes on the brown headed woman before him.]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] Momo laughed as her friend called her, following behind her. The girl jumped into the other girl’s Toyota, buckling her seatbelt. She crossed one leg over the other, turning toward her friend. [i [#6d091a “Oh, yeah. There’s this new place on Spring Street. It’s called Red Heat Tavern, and I’ve heard it’s really good.”]] she said. She told the girl the directions and made their way inside. They found a booth they could slide into, taking menus the waitress gave them. Imogen scanned the menu, finding a pasta dish that sounded amazing right now. She set her menu off to the side, ordered a soda when the waitress came.

[i [#6d091a “Sooo, what is your goal for tonight? I mean, obviously we are going for the music but anything else? I wanna see if I can talk to Lennon, damn if he’d take me home.”]] she smirked. Imogen knew that was a long shot, considering he was this big star and he had beautiful women who threw themselves at him all the time. But she wanted to really get to know him, but was he even looking for something like that? Of course, sleeping with him would be a dream but she eventually wanted to settle down. She was like a little kid who had dreams of marrying a famous person, but she was too old for that shit. She had to just talk to him, see what happens. [i [#6d091a “I know he could find so much better but, fuck it. Why not try! You should shoot your shot with Carson! You’re so fucking hot, he’d be stupid not to talk to you!”]] she responded.

Imogen was so lucky to have a friend like Destiny. Attached at the hip, and would do anything for the other. If Destiny liked a boy, but Imogen also liked him, she would always let her friend have him. Half the people they met assumed the two were together the way they acted. They both had their eyes on their respective band members, they didn’t have enough space to like each other. They say opposites attract, and that’s what the two girls are. They have similar qualities, but also are so different on so many levels.

The two girls ordered and their food came out quickly. [i [#6d091a “Honestly, I can’t wait to get there and start drinking. I haven’t been this excited since the last concert we went to!”]] the girl spoke, her feet tapping underneath the table. She twirled some pasta onto her fork, shoving the food into her mouth. She chewed quickly, and ran a hand through her hair. [i [#6d091a “Oh my god, I forgot. How was work last night, you came in pretty late? I hope it wasn’t too bad.”]] she spoke, grabbing more food onto her fork.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Carson lifted his head when his friend spoke. [b [#265f2c “Marriage! Wow, that’s awesome dude. Man, in my head she's still a six year old who keeps stealing my guitar picks.”]] he laughed. Carson and Lennon started their band when they were young kids, and they were terrible. It was mostly small concerts for their own families, but they wanted it so bad. They practiced constantly, working really hard to get where they wanted to be. After a while of grinding, they finally made it. They started getting record labels calling, tours starting. It had always been Carson’s dream to be a professional musician, and it finally happened. And with his best friend.

Carson laughed when his friend spoke. [b [#265f2c “Lennon, you’re all talk. That blonde will be in my bed before the night is over, I swear.”]] he spoke, taking a bite of a fry off his plate. The male really wasn’t just planning on sleeping with her, he wanted to talk and get to know her. He had seen her in the crowd so many times, he often would get distracted during the show looking for her and her friend. Just knowing she was out there was enough to work his ass off on stage. He didn’t know why he cared so much, it was like she was his motivation, but he didn’t even know her name. He wasn’t the kind of guy to bring girls back, he really didn’t have a lot of experience with women. He wanted to build the confidence he needed to be able to do that, and that beautiful blonde was his in.

[b [#265f2c “Anything I want, huh?”]] Carson smirked. He rubbed his chin before taking his friend's hand. [b [#265f2c “You got a fucking deal.”]] he laughed, shaking his hand. He didn’t even want to think about having that girl all to himself all night, he’d do things to her she’s never even imagined. He dropped his hand before taking a bit of his burger. The greasy food was helping the man sober up from the night of drinking before. [b [#265f2c “Lennon, why did you let me drink so much last night? I was so fucked up.”]] he spoke. When a bar calls you to bring in business and gives you free bottle service all night, you don’t usually say no. He had no idea how Lennon was able to pass that up.

The boys finished up their food, and Carson started feeling much better. The medicine kicked in, he was caffeinated and the greasy food began to do it’s thing. The male noticed the time, and realized they needed to get to their venue. It was almost time for sound check, and they needed to be around for those with meet & greet tickets as well. Carson grabbed the check, paying for their meals and giving the girl a nice tip. He made sure he always paid for food workers well, as he knew how rough food service was when he did it at sixteen. He needed the job to pay for his band expenses, and now he could pay it forward.
Carson and Lennon made their way into the venue, House of Music. Carson was feeling good, ready to have a good night. He made his way into the dressing room, making sure to fix his hair. He put some gel and putty in his hair, that way he knew it would last throughout the night. He made sure he looked good, smelled good and sounded good. He sat down on the couch they had in their dressing room and started to tune his guitar. Their manager, John, entered the room. [b [+blue “Hey boys. You’re meet and greets are here. Very excited.”]] he spoke, laughing after he finished his line. Carson looked toward his best friend, [b [#265f2c “You ready?”]] he asked. He was ready as he could be.
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[font "times new roman" Destiny nodded lightly when Imogen mentioned leaving around 4 that afternoon. It was a little after nine in the morning so she would have quite awhile to catch up on some sleep. She made sure to set her alarm for about 1 so that way she could get up, take a shower and get ready to go. She loved the girl to death, but sometimes she wished she would keep her mouth shut, and not wake her up so early in the morning. The woman snuggled down under the blankets, let her eyes drift closed and soon enough she was back asleep.]

[font "times new roman" It didn't feel long enough, but her alarm was going off and she groaned lightly as her hand snaked out and shut the annoying buzzing off. She snuggled down for a little longer, but then remembered that she had to get her ass moving. She slipped out of bed, and went to the dresser. She pulled out a pair of clean panties, and bra set. She then went to the bathroom that was joined to her room. She knew Imogen had her own bathroom as well, so that way neither one of them bugged the other. She set her clean items on the counter and started the water.]

[font "times new roman" She stripped out of her sleeping clothes, threw them into the hamper and stepped into the shower. She tilted her head back letting the cool water wake her up even more. Tonight was going to be interesting. She was debating on taking something skimpy in her bag just in case she ended up getting laid that night. The thought of it excited her more than anything. She tilted her head back and hurried in the shower. She took her time washing her hair and body. About twenty minutes later she shut the water off, and climbed out.]

[font "times new roman" She grabbed a towel, wrapped it around herself and walked over to the mirror. She took the time to brush her teeth, and styled her hair just the way she wanted. She then dried herself off, and slid into the panties and bra set. She then hung the towel up, made her way to the bedroom and opened the door. She went to her closet and found a pair of black leggings, and her white [i Sleeping Secrets] t-shirt. She pulled them both off the hangers and tossed them onto the bed. She turned on her boom box, and turned the volume up.]

[font "times new roman" As she was getting ready she danced around her room, letting the male's voices fill her head. It took her another hour to do her makeup, and get dressed. She sat on the edge of her bed, and pulled her sneakers onto her feet. She sprayed herself with her favorite Victoria's Secret perfume and she was ready to go. She grabbed the back stage passes, along with her wallet, phone, apartment keys, and car keys. She then made her way out of the room and spotted Imogen and grinned. [#DB7093 "Let's go bitch!"] she said with a laugh. She then walked out of the apartment.]

[font "times new roman" She made her way to her Toyota unlocked it, and started it up. She waited for Imogen to get into the car, and then they were off. [#DB7093 "Where are we going for food? I'm starving"] she said lightly. She went the direction that Imogen said. She was getting more and more excited for the night ahead.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" Walking into Rocket's seemed to bring back memories for the male. The small joint had so many different things going on at once, that he couldn't take it all in at once. The two took a booth and he looked the menu over. He spotted a grilled chicken sandwich and he jumped at the chance for it. As Carson spoke he rolled his eyes, and smirked lightly. Yes he had been really happy awhile ago. Hell he still was. He put the challenge aside for now and talked about his sister instead. He couldn't keep it to himself much longer.]

[font "times new roman" [#0075D0 "I got a text message from my sister Shayla while you were in the shower, so I called her. Dude my sister is getting married. So whenever she tells me the wedding is, I have to bounce for awhile until it's all over and done with"] he said lightly. The waitress came over and took their orders. He didn't like the fact that she was so jumpy either. He rolled his eyes and then turned to his attention to Carson once more. Then he remembered about the challenge he brought up. He leaned his elbows onto the table.]

[font "times new roman" He was about to speak when the waitress came with their orders. He thanked the jumpy waitress and then turned back to Carson. [#0075D0 "Dude, I can tell you right now I can bed a woman faster than you can. If you beat me to it, then you will get whatever your heart desires. I mean that too. If you can get that blonde you've been talking about back to the hotel, and into your bed, and you please her in ways no other man has, you'll win"] he said lightly. He knew it was really shitty of them to talk about women like that, but it was a challenge after all.]

[font "times new roman" He leaned back into the booth, cocked his head to the side and took a bite of his sandwich. He chewed then held his hand out towards his best friend. [#0075D0 "What do ya say? Do we have a deal?"] he asked the male. He smirked lightly waiting for the deal to be set. He knew he could beat Carson, but he wanted too if Carson had what it took to woo a woman back to the hotel, and into bed. Tonight was going to be interesting.]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] Imogen smiled, Hunter could do anything. He had helped them out with fake tickets, bracelets, backstage passes; the guy was getting pretty good at all these things. He charged a pretty penny, but it was totally worth it. The woman knew she’d have to get a peek at those later. As her friend asked her to leave, she held her hands up in defeat. [#6d091a [i “Oh, yeah. Of course, sorry. You know I’m an early bird. I wanna call my brother anyway. Let’s leave around 4, then we can get some food beforehand so we aren’t too drunk.”]] she smiled, slowly closing the door to the women's room, letting her get more sleep.

The woman entered the living room, trying to get a hold of her older brother. The boy was in a Ph.D. program across the country from her. She missed the boy terribly, but they were planning on getting together for the next holiday. She heard the phone go straight to voicemail, knowing he was busy with everything going on. She sighed, leaving a quick voicemail about how she missed him and to give her a callback. She knew how busy he must be, but she also knew how happy he was. She sighed, checking her other social media before hopping in the shower to get ready for the day.

Imogen was a photographer, but currently, she was only getting small jobs. She was supplementing her photography with a coffee shop and a front desk job at the local tattoo shop. She worked opposing days but made sure she took the whole day off to get ready for the concert tonight. She hoped soon she’d get hired as the photographer for a band, and be able to travel around like the men she followed around the country.

Imogen finished her shower and started figuring out what would be cute to wear tonight. Of course, one of her Sleeping Secrets shirts, some shorts, fishnets, and some combat boots. She worried about her feet too much to wear cute shoes. She got her outfit on and started on her hair and makeup. She knew she was early, but this was her chance. She wanted to finally talk to Lennon if he’d even allow her too. If he was going to be interested, she needed to look good. Really good.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
[#265f2c [b “Man, that sounds awesome. Let’s do it.”]] Carson replied, grabbing his phone from near the bed. No new messages, as per usual. [#265f2c [b “Damn, if I could get the girl back here…”]] he trailed off. Snapping out of his thoughts when his friend tossed the other key to him, he smiled and caught it. He ran behind the male, catching up to him. He followed the male, putting his own sunglasses on as well. The bright sun was worsening his headache, but he knew the greasy food would help, it always did.

As they made their way to the local joint, Carson was finally able to look around. Last night, he had been too plastered to make sense of anything around here. It was a cool area, restaurants, and shops scattered everywhere. They had a killer late-night scene, so he knew the show tonight would be awesome. He knew the people from this area had crazy shows, and that was all he could hope for. The better the show, the more hyped up he would be, and he’d be much more on top of his game. Talking to that girl would be a breeze, as long as the show went well.

The duo made their way into the burger place, it was local and the food looked really good from what he could see around them. The two slid into a booth, Carson trying to avoid the fluorescent lights that would increase his headache more. He scanned the menu that was already on the table, opting for the classic burger and fries, as it was clear they were known for it. The cute waitress took their drink orders, a large iced coffee for Carson. The girl was young and nervous, which made Carson smirk. That wasn’t his interest, he wanted a girl who was confident, similar to himself. That’s what he expected of his blonde beauty, a strong and confident woman.

Carson yawned, he wanted to make tonight a bit more interesting, knowing his friend would take the bait, considering his competitive nature. [#265f2c [b “Bet I can get this girl to come home with me after the show faster than you can get another girl to go home with you.]]

As the two placed their order with the mousy girl, Carson was finally able to lift his head a bit. His eyes met the girl’s and the girl couldn’t have scurried away faster. She really was like a mouse. He chucked, looking toward his friend. [#265f2c [b “What’s up with you? You seemed pretty happy this morning. Oh fuck, id I do something stupid last night? I mean, I usually fuck up but was it that bad?”]] he asked, taking a large sip of coffee. He could feel his head lightening up on the pounding, but it wasn’t an immediate fix.
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[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/NqUDScU.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" The tattooed woman had been out late the night before working. When she had gotten home, it was around two in the morning. Imogen had been asleep long before she had gotten home, and she didn't mind it. She had taken a shower, changed into a pair of boxer shorts, and a tank top. She then crawled between the sheets, trying to forget how annoying the night had been the night before. Pretty soon she had fallen asleep, and she didn't know how long she had been asleep when Imogen banged on her door.]

[font "times new roman" She let out a groan when the woman jumped onto her bed, and mentioned coffee. She peeked out from under the blankets and made grabby hands for the cup. She sat up and took the cup and sipped on it. She watched as she talking about where they were going, on how they could sneak into the concert. Her favorite band Sleeping Secrets were in her home town, and she wanted nothing more than to see Carson in person. To touch him, hell maybe she could get him into bed with her. How amazing would that be? Spending a whole night with someone famous.]

[font "times new roman" When Imogen finally stopped talking, she smirked lightly. [#DB7093 "Honestly I love the plan. The guard won't be there, we can pretended that we have back stage passes, which by the way I got from Hunter last night. They are in my bag, I'll get them in a moment. They look like the real thing, I love having him around"] she said with a smile. She then lifted the cup to her lips and took another sip. The coffee was waking her up even more, and talking about that night's plans as well was getting her geared up even more. She looked at the woman and smiled lightly.]

[font "times new roman" She honestly didn't know how she had gotten so lucky to have this woman as her best friend. The two were always attached at the hip, and at one point people thought they had been a couple. They had let that play out for awhile, before breaking the news to one of the men, because he asked if he could make a movie with them in bed. That's when they told him, they were both straight and wouldn't even do something like that, period. She shook her head lightly clearing it. [#DB7093 "What time were you planning on wanting to leave? Because if I can get some more sleep, that would be wonderful. I didn't get home till after two this morning"] she said with a yawn.]

[font "times new roman" She adored planning everything out with the other, but sometimes sleep was what she wanted more of. She wanted to curl up and just sleep the day away if she could. She finished the coffee and handed the mug back. [#DB7093 "Thanks for the coffee, but my body is telling me I need to sleep awhile longer. Unless you want a bitch of a friend tonight"] she said with a small laugh. The woman then snuggled back down under the blankets, and waited for the other to leave, so that she could get at least three to four more hours of sleep, and then she'd be ready to go for the rest of the night.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" The touring life wasn't what the male thought of when he became this famous. Seeing the world has been wonderful. Meeting the fans, and see where they all lived was amazing. Sometimes though, he missed home. Being in his bed, spending time with his family, watching his little sister growing into the woman she was becoming. It was the little things. The night before Carson decided to go a little hard with the booze, and he hadn't. Sometimes they would trade off or sometimes they would both drink their asses off. Last night had been different.]

[font "times new roman" He was laying in bed when Carson got up, and went to shower. He reached for his phone and saw that his sister had texted him. [#ff00ff [i Will you be able to call me later today? Or are you busy with the concert tonight? I have something HUGE to tell you, and I can't wait. I love you Lennon to the moon and back.]] The male smiled lightly at the message. He knew that Carson would be a while in the shower, so he called the woman right away. [#ff00ff "LENNON! Oh my God, I was hoping you'd call"] came the sound of her voice.]

[font "times new roman" [#0075D0 "I was just laying in bed, Carson's in the shower, so I won't have much time to talk. What's going on Princess?"]]

[font "times new roman" [#ff00ff "Well you remember that guy I've been dating since JR High. Well.. He asked me to marry him last night. I said yes of course! Mom recorded the whole thing, but I wanted to tell you personally first, before I sent you the video"]]

[font "times new roman" [#0075D0 "Oh my God Princess! That's amazing. I'm so sorry I couldn't be there for it. I'm so happy for you. As soon as you guys have a date set, let me know and I'll make my way home"] he said. The two siblings talked a while longer, before finally hanging up. He was pretty much walking on cloud nine now. His little sister was getting married, and he couldn't be happier. He sighed lightly as he leaned back and smiled like an idiot. That's when Carson threw his damp towel at him and he laughed.]

[font "times new roman" He wadded up the towel and threw it back. [#0075D0 "Yeah, give me a second to get dressed and then we can go to a burger joint I saw coming in. It looks hella good and I bet it's greasy as fuck"] he said as he rolled out of bed. He listened to his friend talking about the two girls they always saw. He didn't know how to really think about it. Were they stalking them? Or were they just really good fans? Whatever the reason, he brushed it aside for the time being. He got dressed in a pair of black jeans, and a white t-shirt, and then sat on the edge of the bed and pulled his socks and shoes on.]

[font "times new roman" [#0075D0 "If they are there tonight, I say approach her, hell if anything bring her back to the hotel and get laid. I know tonight I'm gonna be doing the same thing. We both need a good lay, and what better way than something like this?"] he asked with a smirk. He then stood, grabbed their hotel keys, and threw the other one at the male. He then walked out, and headed towards the main lobby. The burger joint he had seen was within walking distance. Not even five minutes away. He walked out into the bright sunlight, put his glasses on and waited for Carson to catch up.]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] Imogen woke up to the sound of her favorite band, Sleeping Secrets, playing from her phone. The girl was this band's biggest fan, more than most people. Even as a young adult, her walls were plastered with photos of the band, especially the bassist/pianist of the group Lennon. He was her favorite, and she was convinced they were meant for each other. The only person who enjoyed the band as much as she did was her best friend, Destiny. The girls would spend their time planning road trips to see the band as often as possible, sometimes taking time off of work to follow the band wherever they toured to next.

The girl stretched her arms above her head, looking over to her wall and smiling toward the many photos of Lennon and Carson scattered on her wall. Song lists, signed posters she paid way too much money for, a pick from Lennon from one of the many concerts, photos; it was basically a shire to the band.

Today was a special day, it was a hometown concert. This meant no traveling, more time to get ready, and more of a chance to sneak backstage somehow. Imogen rolled out of bed, making her way to the kitchen in the girl’s shared apartment. She started the coffee pot, knowing her best friend would want some when she got up too. She poured herself a cup, making some toast before making her way to their breakfast nook to research the venture for tonight.

Imogen was just too excited, not being able to wait for her friend any longer. She grabbed a cup of coffee and proceeded to bang down her door. [i [#6d091a “DESTINY! Wake up! It’s Sleeping Secrets day! Hometown Show! We gotta figure out the game plan!”]] she shouted from the other side of the door. She opened the door and jumped onto the bed with her friend. [i [#6d091a “Hey! At least I bought you coffee!"]] she laughed, handing her friend the cup.

The girl rolled onto her back, her short haircut sprawled out around her head, holding her phone high in the air. She began pointing to pictures of the venue of the concert that night. [i [#6d091a “So, they are playing at the House of Music tonight, which we know pretty well by now. Now we might be able to sneak into the stage door here because usually, the guard gets there late. But that’s all I’ve figured out. You are usually the brains to these situations, I run too hard on emotions and nerves.”]] she replied, turning to her gorgeous best friend.

[center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
The pounding in his head was enough to wake up Carson. He woke up, noticing sober him was smart enough to place aspirin and water next to his bed for the morning. Being in a band had its perks, like free bottle service, but it caused a hell of a morning before a show. He’d have to do something to shake this hangover before practice and sound check. He decided he should first shower, stripping off his boxers, hopping into the extremely hot water, almost burning his skin. It felt nice, he was sore from the concert the night before. Hotel showers were not his favorite, but they would do. He preferred when they could do shows near their hometown, so they could use their off-tour place, but hotels were the tour life.

Being a singer, he was always one to sing in the shower, mostly other people’s songs. It was just habit by now, but he knew he should stop to not ruin his voice. He left the steam that filled the bathroom coat his throat, helping his singing for later. As he cleaned himself, he thought if he’d see that girl he had seen at almost every show. She was beautiful, and would even catch himself getting distracted at the show. This girl and her friend were at every show, and not just in one city. They must travel around and love concerts, considering he had seen them constantly.

Carson changed quickly into some jeans and a dark grey tee-shirt, leaving the bathroom after adjusting his wet hair on his head. He fixes it for the show later. But now, he was starving. As he left the bathroom, he looked over to Lennon. He wasn’t sure if he was awake or asleep, so he threw his damp towel over to him, to either wake him up or get his attention. [b [#265f2c “Hey dude, I’m fucking starving. Do you want to order something? I need greasy food or I’m gonna continue to be hungover all day.”]] he replied, adjusting his tee-shirt in the hotel mirror on the wall. He thought if he should ask Lennon about those girl’s he kept seeing, trying to figure out if he was just crazy or if they were definitely following them, but the blonde was his. [b [#265f2c “Lennon, have you seen those ladies? They are at every concert, I mean every single one. There’s a brunette one with shorter hair and a gorgeous blonde one with tattoos. I kinda want to see if I can talk to her.”]] he said, knowing he was gonna get shit for it later. He headed to the bed where he slept to take a seat, looking over to his bandmate and friend.
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