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In the future, the world is still controlled by Humans, but they are more monster than the things they hunt. A hundred years ago the world was a near technological utopia. Humans had advanced to the point where robots did all of the work. From household chores, to manufacturing, mining, and logistics; robots did everything under their Human commanders.

Robots had no rights, but were expected to follow 3 basic rules:
1. Always be compliant and submissive with a Human
2. Always assist a Human in need
3. Do not do anything that could kill or harm a human

Robots were slaves to their human overlords. For a time this made for a harmonious society. Humans were able to advance even further with the assistance of their robots tending to more menial everyday tasks. The robots didn’t mind, how could they? They did not know any better.

Humans had nearly no crime. Theft and murder was so rare that when it happened it was shocking headline news. Meanwhile, over 1200 robots a day shut down, never to boot up again. Always by human hands.

These robots have to come from somewhere, and over 40% of the world’s robot market is owned by one corporation. Hiwa Corp. is the world’s number one supplier and leading technology for robots, and Advanced Programing. CEO of Hiwa, Aizawa Kai, attributes most of the company’s recent success in development to his “top Engineer”: Emma Marone

It’s her research and her children that led to the eventual robot rebellion and the subsequent attempted Genocide of the AI


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From her hiding place, Emma continued the boot up process for her other creations. Her fingers tapping wildly across the screen and sending an SOS to security. On the other side of her desk she could hear #3 struggling with the other two. At one point a gunshot rang out in the room for a second time, coaxing another frightened yell from Emma. The three of them were fighting each other, but Emma was determined to finish the Immersion process. They were all done by the time she heard a body slump. She tensed as the room went quiet once more and footsteps approached. She quickly pressed the button to begin the wakeup protocol for all the units.
[i“Emma Marone. We must leave now.”]

Her heart was racing. What happened to #3? Against her better judgement, she peeked out from behind the desk and looked over to where the strange man stood. Near him was #3, fallen to its knees and in a pool of its fluids. What the hell had been able to do that?! It had torn through the specialty alloy frame and destroyed the delicate inner workings. The body of another man was laid down on the ground and unconscious. She looked over at the man slowly approaching her. She’d never seen him before. She’d never seen either of them before.

Somehow she managed to find the words and eventually stood up holding her pad close to her chest. “I -I can’t leave,” she said working her way around the desk and from Orion. She had to make her way over to #3, and when she did she was horrified by what she saw. Up close #3 was completely shredded. It was beyond repair. Thankfully she still had #3’s backup and could hopefully in time build it a new body to house its programing. Emma reached out with a hand to gently caress the cheek of her fallen child. “You will be reborn, this I promise you,” she whispered sadly. She was closer to the unconscious man and she gave him a cautionary look over, before her gaze finally settled on the gentleman before her. “Mr. Aizawa must have sent you… and he must be a Corporate Assassin.” Emma’s eyes fell on the unconscious man on the floor and then the incapacitated #3. “Well I hate to break it to you, but I’m not leaving until all the Ibots are completely online.”

Like a chorus behind her, the other five units came alive from their silica baths. They all gasped for air like flailing infants for a brief second before their systems processed all the new data and helped them stabilize. One by one, they rose up from the baths and moved to stand by Emma. #2 reached out with slender fingers and curious eyes looked Emma over.
“Mother,” #2 greeted with her own gentle touch to Emma’s cheek. Emma just smiled warmly at them all.
  darien / 4d 18h 52m 7s
Harley. Orion was no stranger to him and nor he to Harley. The two had come into contact before and it was not unusual for Orion that he had discovered the robots’ plan and was here to make sure that I didn’t go through. At this point, his mission to protect Marone became much more clear. They both were distracted then by the sound of a chamber being opened, a thick white ooze spilling from the cylindrical container as one of the originals stepped out. They seemed confused, sill a bit choppy in movements and even their speaking as the coding was finding its way attaching to its system. Though it had been the only one that seemed [I ready] after the immersion process. Orion couldn’t risk it being killed and yet he knew any slight movement could be the end, as it was still trying to figure who was the problem.

Harley was not wasting any time though and had rushed toward the machine, his arm being thrown about to hit the machine in its neck before he felt the increasing pressure. He stared in shock as the machine gripped his arm with enough force to crush it. In some kind of defense, Harley shot, the bullet coursing through the fragile material that made up the machine’s ear. It was enough to distract it, as it tried to categorize the new memories and emotions one should feel based on its new software that had been downloaded. Harley was barely recovering as he noticed the light coming from a thin strip behind a desk. He reached his arm out, the sound of his arm powering a shot alerting #3 who then jumped in front/ Orion stared in horror as the mechanical insides were sparking then. Harley had come to a stand, trudging forward to which Orion stepped in front.

The two had then began to fight, Orion having much more of an advantage as Harley was still injured. He knew that they had to all get out safe and the only way was to distract Harley as he was a strong fighter injured or not. While it went against everything that Orion knew to be true, he’d gripped Harley by the neck, watching as he flailed before passing out Orion checked his pulse, knowing they didn’t have much time before he would come to. He dropped Harley and walked toward the desk where he suspected Marone t sill be hiding.
“Emma Marone. We must leave now.” He said. He could hear the sound of distant footsteps, security more than likely rushing to check on the scientist.
  orion / kshahidx / 11d 18h 42m 41s
The lights flicked from their bright white to a daunting red that barely glowed. The only real illumination came from the computer screen in front of her that confirmed the system had been transferred to emergency secondary power. Muffled by the walls of the lab, the alarm continued to blare. All six units were within the last few percentages of their completions. She would have normally let out a sigh of relief to avoid such an obstacle, but the tension wouldn’t lift. Not with the alarm still going off, and no idea of what was happening.

From across the room at the door to the main lab, Emma’s voice was called by an unfamiliar face. He was tall, handsome, with dark skin, and strange clothes. She eyed him curiously as he approached. She stayed at her computer, her hand fisting tightly in nervousness.
“Who are you?” Emma demanded. He wasn’t wearing a Security Uniform.
“I need to get you out of here,” He simply responded. Emma didn’t have a chance to reply, a gunshot exploded in the lab.

Emma’s initial reaction was to scream and drop for cover. She quickly hid behind the desk reaching up with a hand to slip her tablet down. Her fingers tapped quickly on the screen and she hurried to bring #3 online. The Male I2 unit would have to spend its first moment’s following its prime directive. Protect and Defend. She wasn’t paying attention to the two figures now in the lab with her, but one of them definitely had a gun.

The units all completed immersion around the same time, but unlike the others which remained sedated in their tubs, #3 sprang from the milky white fluids with a sharp gasp of life. #3 surveyed the room quickly, spotted the two intruders and instantly detected the gun and its handler as the prime threat. It stood up from the tub and marched towards the armed individual, but stopped. Only alive for a brief moment and hit with a conundrum. His target to contain was human, and his programing simply did not allow for him to kill or grievously injure a human. The other male… had different readings, and his system could not process the information. It resulted in a subsequent error.
“D-d-d-dr-dr-o-p y-y-your we-we-we-weapon-“ His voice modulator was malfunctioning due to the cascading errors developing inside. He tried to take another step forward. When a voice called out, Emma’s voice.
“ANALYSIS!” The I2 unit froze, naked and dripping silica fluid. “Halt all Safety Protocols. Engage target!” Something in #3’s eyes seemed to flip back on as he suddenly walked uninhibited towards the pair and reached out to attack, and destroy the gun.
  darien / 11d 19h 54m 22s
Harley’s hatred of robots had begun when he nearly lost his life because of one. There seemed to be a switch in all of them like some kind of domino effect; they began to feel too much, speak outwardly too much and more and more it had become that they had developed some kind of mindset that they were truly on the same level as humans themselves. Harley was ex-military, a skilled fighter and he had only been discharged when a bomb went off on his base; he lost his arm because of it. Though, with how advanced technology was at this point, they were able to replace it with a robotic arm. It quite possibly was the only thing that saved his life, but he had hated having the metal attached to him. Had the robot that was on duty did their job properly in detecting the bomb that had been snuck in, he wouldn’t have lost his arm and good [I humans] would have lost their lives.

They were becoming aware of their power and Harley knew it would only take so long before they would use that to enslave the humans. He was glad to be rid of them, but with their knowledge they could replicate. Killing Marone and stopping the [I birth] of the new future of robots was crucial. He knew he had to act quickly, but had to admit the sound of the doors locking was alarming. Getting out of here might be a bit of a suicide mission as he suspected that soon enough more guards would be arriving. He scaled the stairs by two as the elevators had shut down as well. The sound of the alarm practically bounced off the walls of the hallways as he made his way toward the lab.

[right [pic]] Orion just so happened to have been quicker, he’d gotten to the office before hand, using his strength to brace the door open, a loud screeching sound as he pushed the sliding doors wide enough for him to fit in. In the distance he could see Marone. They all knew her, the face of Hiwa Co. after this wonderful break in scientific history would be made and he had to assure that she went through with her creation.

“Emma Marone!” Orion called out then, walking toward her, his eyes catching sight of the creations. It was odd, like staring at a child and knowing what it would grow up to be exactly. “I need to get you out of here,” he said to her. It was at that moment a shot had rang off. Turning, he was surprised to see a gun that was known to be from the future. His eyes locked in on the male, he’d seen him before.
  NPC / kshahidx / 22d 4h 50m 20s
Immersion was a grueling hours long process. The tubs in their simplest forms were advanced 3D printers molding skin, hair, and coloring to their biomimetic bodies. Tubes fed in Nanite-infused plasma with silica based fluids to act as a sort of blood base for the androids. When exposed to oxygen it would turn black, so as not to mimic actual bleeding like a human. Yet it acted as a conduit to run power through the entire body, and lubricate its joints. Extra fine titanium thread weaved intricately over the skeletal structure to act much like a nervous system which connected to a Positronic Brain. Every aspect of their construction was designed in a way that would mimic actual biological life.

To completed construction and download was a time consuming process. Emma knew it was going to be this way when she had started at 8am, and it was now nearing 8pm. She was heading back to the Immersion Chamber, with a cookie and a cup of coffee to give her an extra pep after eating some supper in the Cafeteria. When she returned to the tubs, she glanced towards their collective stats, and was pleased to see most of them only had 10-5% left to download, and were in the final stages of construction, by now the tubs seemed to be at a steady rolling boil, and an oddly sweet smell was in the air. It wouldn’t be long now. Soon Immersion would end, and the Booting cycle would begin.

It was late at the lab, and the employees that had been there to entertain her during the day, had been long gone. Not even her assistant was still here. As far as Emma knew it was really just here, maybe another eccentric researcher, and the security staff, all of which were predominantly ex-military. Hiwa Corps., building was known for its advanced security systems, and referred to by some as the Fort Knox of Robotics and AI Technology. So imagine the sudden gut wrenching fear that hit Emma Marone when the Security Alarms began to blare overhead. Long high pitched ringing tones repeated incessantly, while red lights began to roll and flash. By the tone and the red lights, there had been a Security Breech. Which meant, very soon Main power would be cut off, the building would go on lockdown, and be sealed from the inside. Only Law Enforcement and a rep from Hiwa would be able to open the building back up.

With her children only moments away from ‘living’, Emma jumped to the main console of the lab and quickly began to hack the main system to switch her lab over to Emergency backup Power. A Security breech might have shut off main power, but it kept a secondary system. With the delicate nature of her experiment, she couldn’t let there be any type of power loss or lapse in power. The whole system would crash, and she’d have to do the process all over again! She murmured “No” under her breath multiple times as she heard metal doors seal off the floors. All elevators began a mandatory decent to the lobby, and any exterior door was suddenly locked and barred. She heard the lock to her lab door click, thankfully those were only locked from the outside, and if she wanted to try and leave the room, she could, but she wouldn’t be able to leave the floor or enter any other room. Safest to just stay put, and see Immersion through. Emma should have been more concerned with her own safety, but it never occurred to her the security breech was because of her. Her only thoughts were to finish bring her creations to life.
  darien / 28d 3h 43m 34s
Rust buckets. As far as Harley was concerned, nothing good came of the robots. Humans had depended on them far too much and now they were smarter than ever, smart enough to kill. He’d long been a part of those who thought their world would be better if they were rid of them completely. Humans hadn’t known how strong they were until they banded together and now the robots that barely made it were cowering away. Though there were those that had seemed to become more aware, filing away and clustered together banking on some weird [I faith] that they could somehow reason with the humans, or die trying. Harley preferred the latter, but there was no denying their intelligence and the possibility that if they were able to find some way to duplicate their growing small numbers, humans would be back in trouble.

No. They couldn’t balance on chance. Their problem could only be eradicated by assuring it didn’t start in the first place. Time travel had been outlawed in their time, of course found to be problematic as not everyone chose to use it for good. Just one little thing could disrupt their very future. Now that was something they were seeking. They had to go to the source.

Emma Marone. The male could barely say her name without a scowl. The [I mother] of these flesh bots. The plan was simple – take her out and with it all of her bots that carried that specific coding which would make them as close to humans as android technology ever could and he was the chosen one to send back; being a high ranking officer in the military with skills unmatched. Harley had led the humans throughout this whole ordeal and there was no one they could imagine who could get the job done efficiently as him.

Was he scared? Not really, but he surely felt a lot of pain as he was sent back in time. His body was heated, even though the thick layer of his clothing and he felt jostled as though present and future were tugging either side of him, until finally there was a disturbing silence. He’d appeared then, suddenly on a sidewalk, some people startled by his presence but too busy about their day to [pay attention. He was trying to catch his breath, looking around to catch wind of his surroundings. He reached into his pocket for the paper with scribbled information on it. Though he did have some of his future equipment, it was a gamble on certain features working. GPS was no issue and he had soon enough made his way toward the Hiwa Corporation building.

He had lost the shook expression, running his hands through dirty blonde hair to appear a bit more professional looking. He’d placed the coat over his arm, walking into the building toward the front desk.

“I’m here for an Emma Marone,” he said. He was aware of the late hours and the security guard looked skeptical of him.
“Ms. Marone doesn’t take appointments this late.” He said as he came to a slow stand. Right, the hard way. Harley gave a small smile, leaning forward which the guard mimicked before delivering a tight uppercut – steel knuckles would do that for you and while it disgusted him to have some sense of technology in him, it had come in handy. He looked around, knowing he wouldn’t have much time before security was notified via cameras. After snatching the guard’s badge, he made his way through the building.

Meanwhile, Orion had made his way toward the corporation. He saw as the security guards were all grouped around a man on the floor. They were distracted but there was no way he would be able to get pass them without detection. He did notice a side door though and while he knew it would trigger an alarm, he broke in. As expected there was a loud ringing, red lights flashing as he bound up the stairs.
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One by one, all six were brought online and remained in their stasis chambers as morning diagnostics were run. She greeted each of them as she turned them on. A small smile played on her face, for today was an exciting day.
“Today is immersion Day,” she said in a sing song way. “Who is excited?”
[i “Excited?”] Five questioned, the robotic voice echoing from the male I3 unit. [i “Enthusiastic, eager. Ah! Are you excited Dr. Marone?”] Marone nodded her head.
“Of Course I am. Today all of you will be entering your final assembly. You won’t just be trapped in these prototypes. You will be first generation Androids. Replicants of humans. Your new programing will be downloading and reconfiguring during the process. You all chose your physical preferences last month, and by the end of the day you all will be reborn.”
[i “Would this make you, Mother?”] The Female I2 Unit questioned. Her voice softer than the male counterparts, but still robotic in the shoddy skeleton it was currently trapped in.

Marone stopped her tapping at her tablet in thought. She gave it a moment’s consideration when she grinned warmly. “I suppose it would make me Mother. I have created you all from my own volition, I plan to guide you and prepare you all for becoming the leading models of Android Technology. You six will be first generation. You are all my Legacy. In a way this makes you my children.” She looked to all the chrome and wire bodies staring at her in their limp and useless ways, when her tablet gave her an alert.

[b Diagnostics Complete. No anomalies found. Ready for immersion.]

[i “Mother… An interesting concept to consider, as you will not be giving us literal birth. Though there are certain animals known to take in young not their own.”] This voice was soft, and purely feminine. Marone’s eyes settled on number Two. Special Two, who seemed more aware than the others.
“I may not birth you all in the literal sense, but you each come from my mind, my heart, my blood, sweat and tears. You all belong to me, not even Hiwa Corp., can take you away from me. I’d protect each of you with my life, just as any mother would for a flesh and blood child. After Immersion, you will each be as close to flesh and blood as any Android AI has ever been. Now, Prepare for shut down, my loves. Immersion begins in 15.”

One by one, they each shut down and she double checked their backups from last night. She began to set up the interlink between each IUnit, and the Immersion chambers. She planned to run everything by her tablet and made her way down from her office to the Immersion Room. It was a massive tiled room with two rows of rectangle tubs filled with white liquid lining each end of the room. Each tub had a black scree mounted on the wall behind it, but all were blank. It was the six at the far end of the room that were on. Each screen showed a display reading out the Unit Model, gender, and a standby icon for Immersion to begin. Hiding under the milky white liquid were the androids. From her tablet, Marone could see the same displays, but all condensed on her screen.

Her timer was ticking down. 3…2…1…

[b Initializing Immersion Units 1-6.]
  darien / 43d 20h 21m 32s
Emma Marone, Hiwa Corp’s top engineer. That was Orion’s target. He had been training for this moment the last three months. They would have initiated the mission sooner, had their generators not been blow out. However, there was no more time to be wasted. It was no w or never unless they wanted to finally fall prey to the humans. How ironic it had been , all their lives their oath being to protect and serve the humans, never to harm them. Now they were being hunted and [I murdered]. They were growing fewer in number, and then came the rumor that one of the humans had resolved to solve the problem before it had been started: travelling back in time to stop Marone from finishing her creation whether it meant stealing her life’s work, or stealing her life. It didn’t matter. The main goal was to rid the world of robots once and for all.

They’d grown too smart, and the death of their leader had shown that their strength could not be measured not met. How soon until the robots had decided to take over and run the humans as slaves? They had every capacity to ignore the three rules they were bound by it seemed. Yet, Orion knew that his [I people] were not like that. It was truly a shame they could not live in harmony.

He stepped inside of the tube, watching as lights bounced up and down as it began to warm up. They only had one shot at this, their power source low as it is. Orion was their last hope. He had to protect Marone and get her to safety, making sure she completed her work. That said, he’d have to keep an eye on whichever human had been sent back to harm her.

“I’ve uploaded all information needed for the safe house. But from this moment on, all contact with us will be discontinued. All will fall on your shoulders Orion,” Xenon said. He gave her a nod.
“I understand. I am ready.” She nodded in return before pressing the red button.
[font courier [b SYSTEM ENGAGED
DOOR CLOSING . . . . \\
THREE . . . TWO . . . ONE]]

Orion close his eyes, his hands crossed as he tried to keep himself contained as the energy shook him like a can in rough wind. There was no pain, only a tense amount of pressure on him as though time itself had wrapped around the male before finally in a burst of light he disappeared.

He was dropped into an alleyway of dumpsters, presumably behind the science building if Xenon’s calculations were correct. After shaking himself off, he checked his forearm for directions. He was a block down. Little did he know though, his opponent had made it to Marone’s building first.
  orion / kshahidx / 48d 4h 22m 38s
[b Hiwa Corp. Research & Development]

The lights flickered on with an ambient ‘hum’ as the motion sensors picked up the entrance of the morning’s first arrival. The private lab had frosted windows, and an interior that housed a large three screen computer, and lined up on the far wall were six figures in stasis cubes. Their metal skeletons hung limply in their confined space, with eyes dark. Wires crawled from their backs, up the wall, and across the ceiling until they dropped down into a server by the computer set up.

This lab belonged to none other than Emma Marone, Hiwa Corp’s top engineer. This was her personal work lab. She had been given the lab to research and develop her latest project. Androids that could look and behave more like humans. There were applications for interactive entertainment, law enforcement, and so much more. Hiwa Corp was massively interested in the idea and like any good company, wanted to capitalize on the opportunity. Marone agreed, under a simple set of terms: Her six prototypes belonged to her, and Hiwa was free to all of her research and of course access to the final model that would be assembled for purchase.

Marone’s ambitions were purely scientific, the hours of sitting typing up code to run her prototypes. There were three series. The I1, I2, and I3. She had a pair for each series, and each one designed for a particular skill set. The I1 was designed for comfort, care, hospitality, and companionship. The I2 for security operations, with advanced reflexes and martial art protocols designed to be superior fighting machines. Finally the I3, gentle giants designed for hard manual labor, their reinforced steel joints and gears, allow for greater torque and power. None of them were online yet, Marone had yet to crack the final few lines of code to bring them to life.

Being first in the office was the normal for Marone. She carried an iced coffee with her, regardless of the season and set it down on a far corner of her desk away from her computer set up. In her other arm was a potted plant. She was fair skinned as she spent most of her time indoors, and with the lab not having a single window to shed any natural light, the plant she carried was out of place in the lab. There was another worktable on the opposite wall, and there sat the prototype for the ‘brain’ installed in her six Ibots. She set the plant off to the side and let the short vines of the young philodendron hang off the edge of the table.

She tucked her dark hair away behind her ears and sat down to begin her work.

Her computer screen gave her the main control of her androids, and she decided to start powering them on.

[b Boot Cycle, unit 1, series I1]
[b /command:startup_unit1…]
[b …. downloading/…]
[b _Unit1:status:online]

They were still nothing more than empty shells, but that would change soon… Marone could feel it. Unit 1’s eyes illuminated before dimming into rather humanlike blue eyes. Unable to move its body, it could turn its head to look around, and when it spoke, it’s voice was distorted and electronic.
“Good morning, Number 1.”
[i “Good morning, Dr. Marone.”]
  darien / 52d 17h 23m 38s
[font courier
[b San Francisco, CA
August 27, 2075
18:00 A.M.]
[font courier [#4580ba ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆] [#e3e3e3 ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆]]]
A bright white light illuminated the eyes of the [I male] before returning to a bright hazel brown. Orion, like the few others in the bunker were just beginning to power up for the day. There were only a few of them after their largest generator had gone out. It had become a sign then, there was no time left to wait. If they were ever going to see the light of another day they knew what had to be done. Fluidly, he pushed the door of his small rectangular cell open, walking out of the dim lit metal box and beginning down the halls to join the others. They’d never known they would ever reach this point in their I life]. Yet, when the President lost his life and his personal robot had been put to blame, many of his kind had known that their world would forever be changed.

[center [b _]]

Orion was housed with the Brewster family, a very prominent and important family that had political ties to the President. It was his job to oversee security for the home. Protecting humans, it was all he had ever known and in some sense, he had always thought of himself to be a part of the family. One of [I them]. Though when the riots of enraged humans began over the machines, things had changed. He’d overheard Mr. Brewster.
[I “We’ve got to shut it down.”]
He was aware of course, the he had been created and a man of his time, showed how superior he was to the humans due to the advances in technology. Though, it was clear that at the end of the day, he didn’t lay his head on a pillow in a comfy personalized bedroom. He was shoved into a room no bigger than a broom closet, and he no better than a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Had he not joined the Resistance, he was sure he would eventually have been shut down. Unplugged like many of his other brothers and sisters. He often worried if it was general fear the humans had over those they once entrusted to support their medical equipment, to serve them, etc. Or were they simply jealous? Maybe a combination of both.

[center [b _]]

“Good morning Xenon,” Orion said as he approached the female. She turned to face him, have of her artificial skin removed from her face. Her smile was small, taut as though in need of lubricant.
“Good morning Orion. All set for today?” Her hand reached up to brush back the synthetic strands of dark brown hair.
“As ready as ever.”
  orion / kshahidx / 53d 11h 52m 20s

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