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[center [pic https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/b/hands-opening-envelope-beautiful-woman-big-white-wonderful-brown-wooden-background-86428547.jpg] ]
[center Hello you piece of shit and welcome to Hell! And no, I'm not being figurative, I mean you're literally in Hell! Yes, welcome to a world full of Sin where the worst of the worst come here after they've died to suffer, to party, and do whatever the fuck it is that they do!]
[b [center However, You, my friend, have been invite to join this Hotel that aims to rehabilitate the miserable denizens of hell and we aim to help you get into heaven. Run by Hell's very own Princess, Charlie Lucifer! Now, let's see if a demon can become an angel.] ]
[right [i Based on the cartoon Hazbin Hotel] ]

[h3 Rules]
This is a mature role-play therefore, I ask that anyone who wishes to join be 18+ and up
Please try and write around 200+ words per post. I don't mind short post just give me something to work with.
This role-play will have; violence, trauma, drug-addiction, and other mature topics. If this is to much for you to handle than this may not be for you.
I also ask that you use real pictures as well.
Also, this is not first come first serve, if anyone would like to join message me "Hazbin Hotel" with your skelly thanks ^-^

[h3 Character skelly.]
[center name:]
[center Age when died:]
[center occupation in hell:]
[center Three words to describe you]
[center Favorite sin:]
[center character pic]

[h3 Cast.]
name: Ethan "Angeldust" morrison
age when died: 27
Occupation in hell: Adult Entertainer
Three words to describe you: Fuck this shit
Favorite sin: Oh, the sexy kind *wink wink*
[pic http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9sqqkafch1ql03t9o1_250.jpg]

Name: Adelaide Montgomery
Age when died: 24
Occupation in hell: Drug dealer
Three words to describe you: Get high loser
Favourite Sin: Greed
Character Pic : [pic https://i.imgur.com/gUwZ6GQ.png]

Name: Ophelia 'Pixie' Orchard
Age when died: 28
Occupation in hell: Seer & Bartender
Three words to describe you: I see you
Favorite sin: Pride
Character pic [pic https://i.imgur.com/O940U39.jpg]

Name: Leon Metz
Age when died: 31
Occupation in Hell: Private investigator
Favorite sin: Envy
Three words to describe you: Silence is Golden
Character Pic Link: [pic https://i.imgur.com/E4bK1sd.jpg]

Name: Sarah Holt
Age went died: 20
Occupation in hell: Killer
Favorite sin: Warth
Three words to describe you: I'll murder you!
Character pic: [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/51/01/a0/5101a02f64169bade7cb1cf559f2e678.jpg]

Name: Ben Anderson
Age went died: 32
Occupation in hell: Body Gaurd
Favorite sin: Sloth
Three words to describe you: Nothing Matters man
Character pic: [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/ba/31/a4/ba31a44418baceb3a15bc88733510825.jpg]

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[center [I 10 years ago;] ]
“He just won’t stop… I wanna kill myself every time he does it..”
Angel’s voice came out in harsh sobs as he laid beside Sarah while her hand was rubbing his back. They’d somehow form a bond, despite them belonging to different overlords. Each time she tried to comfort him, the male recoiled from the girl and held his pillow tighter his face burying into it. Letting out a sigh, she stood laid down on the bed next to him and slowly whispered into his ear. [#fe1301 “You know, whenever I have a bad day… I just go on a killing spree and I feel so much better..”] Her voice came out softly and turning around the male looked at her with blood shot eyes.

He’d been crying almost every day for the past couple of weeks and his eye showed how exhausted he was from suffering abused at the hands of Valentino. Sniffling, he stood up and slowly looked at her with those eyes of his that seemed to wonder if she was being serious or if she was just trying to make him feel better with a rather fucked up sense of humor. Sniffling, he wiped a tear from his eye and looked into his darling friend’s eye. He’d tried just about every drug on the market and none of it really made him feel any better. So far, he had nothing else to loose but to try and do things her way. Looking at her he shrugged his shoulders and spoke softly. “Okay… Teach me how to kill..”

[center [u Present day, East section of Velvet’s territory.] ]

[b “Today is a good-goddamn day to wage war!!”] Dressed in a suite with a top hat, the male grinned as he got out of the car with a cigarette in his mouth. He felt like it was time to take down the number three overlord in hell and make a claim for her territory and he’d brought several friends with him. As a dozen or so cars lined up, several men with guns came lining up behind him all while he stood there looking over the city which had been built by Velvet in her time in hell.

it had a gaudy theatre in the middle of town, along with cars which line the streets and a rail-car system above head that took people from one side of the city to another. So far, all the inhabitants had fled when they heard that Mr. Egg’s was planning on staking a claim to the city which had belong to that bitch who was known for throwing a tantrum. So, as he lifted his gun high into the air he shouted out her name declaring her to come out and face him. He didn’t know what to expect, but whatever it was, he hadn’t expect to be met with laughter, followed by the sight of a red head sauntering in.

The little red was wearing nothing more but tight legging and a tank top which slide off her right shoulder. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and in her hands were two grenades which hadn’t been detonated yet. Grinning, she tossed them up into the air before spitting on the ground. [#fe1301 “You fuckin` arrogant little shit stains ain’t worth my bosses time. The thought of you little pussies movin’ in on Velvet’s terf ain’t even enough to make her blink her eyes. But, since she doesn’t take disrespect well. Well, I’ve been sent to terminate ya’ sentences in hell.”] Her voice came out slow and sinister and instantly the crew of Mr. Eggs laughed along with the him.

“It ain’t polite to laugh at a lady.” Ethan’s voice came out low and sinister as came walking out of a dark alley holding a pistol in his hand and several other guns strapped to his back.

This brought more laughter to the boys. Letting out a loud hooting sound, the boss spat out his cigarette and spoke. [b “Ya fuckin’ kiddin me!? Of all the people Velvet sent to defend her turf; it was a dumb red-headed slut an Valentino’s walkin’ talkin’ cum rag!? A’right boys kill em!”]

Grinning, the two slowly smiled before charging the crew which had made a grave mistake of underestimating the two.

[right [pic https://psy-on.de/wp-content/uploads/Konzentriere-dich-auf-dich-selbst-360x240.jpg] ]

[center [u T.V. Station] ]
[#7f9084 Don’t worry love, you know you got this.”]

Kissing her cheek softly, Maggie gave her a gentle look before Charlie let out a sigh and twirled her blonde locks around her hair. She couldn’t thank her enough for always having her back, especially when she had all these crazy ideas running around her head. This was one of them and she totally needed all the help she could to now bow out of it now. Catching her breath, she nodded her head in confidence before flashing her a grin. [i “I know, I know… I just got to go in there and tell them all about my wonder plan of redemption!”] Letting out a grin she nodded her head as she turned to walk out towards the radio hoist.

[#7f9084 “Also, Charlie…. Please don’t sing the song..”] Maggie whispered but that plea fell on deaf ears as the show host turned to Charlie and suddenly all the lights were on her. Sitting on the chair, Charlie looked at the camera and gave it a playful wave and a smile before the talk show host turned towards her and cleared her throat. “We’re live in 3.. 2… 1…”

Clearing her throat, the talk show host smiled as she spoke up loud and clear. “Welcome everyone to channel 666 news, where I’m your hoist Sadie Killjoy and today, we’re interviewing this annoying…. Pamper… stuck up… fucking bitch! Whose own father doesn’t even want her. Please welcome Charlie, our princess of hell.”

Letting out a soft laughter, Charlie waved but before she had chance to speak, Sadie was sneering in her face getting closer and closer to her. “So~ Princess.. What’s this project you kept on pestering our T.V. show to talk about!”

Clearing her throat Charlie smiled. [i “I’m glad you asked. I’m working on a project that I think would solve Hell’s overpopulation problem without us having to wage genocidal war-fare every 365 days… It’s a hotel… called the Hazbin Hotel, where we rehabilitate sinners! I believe that every demon can become an angel, if they work hard enough on it!”] Smiling she gave everyone a thumbs up and then there was silence.

For a good thirty seconds there was silence before everyone started bursting out laughing and snorting. Roaring with laughter, Sadie turned towards the princess she spoke. “What type of Disney BULLSHIT do you think this is!? Why the FUCK would any demon want to go to heaven? You stupid…” Laughing she couldn’t even finish her sentence before Charlie blurted out.

[i “We already have guess that prove it’s possible! Angeldust, the porn star, is our star model and is helping us out!”] Charlie spoke

With that everyone stopped laughing, except for Sadie. “Ha..ha.. Angel!? A star model! Oh.. boy, do you even know what he’s doing right now!?”

[i “Yes I do! He’s helping out a friend!”] Charlie spat defensively.

Suddenly, the greenscreen behind them turned into a battle scene.
Turn around, Charlie watched in horror as Ethan, her resident and another redhead were violenting killing several people using weapons. Turning around Charlie fumbled “People.. relapse, it doesn’t mean he’s evil!” she fumbled.

But, that didn’t help the fact that Sadie continued to laugh. “No wonder your father hates you. Everything that you do fails! You’re a fucking failure!” Getting up, Charlie tried to hold back tears but eventually she found herself running out of the studio. Covering her ears, she ran as fast as she could to her limo with her friend Maggie behind her.

[#7f9084 “Wait! Charlie! Wait!!”]

[center [u Back at the hotel] ]

“You sure you don’t wanna come inside?” Ethan asked Cherry whilst she stood there cover in blood and grinning. Shaking her head, she reached out to give him a soft kiss on his hand before waving and disappearing into the night sky.

All the while, Ethan grinned as he turned around and sighed today was a good day. As he walked inside he blinked Seeing Maggie waiting for him with his bags in her hand. “What’s wrong?” he asked

[#7f9084 “Get the fuck out.. You’re not welcome here.. Go back to Valentino’s you selfish, fucking. Prick!”]
  Ethan Morrison / Mr-X / 7d 1h 35m 26s
[Center [U Back at the Hotel]]

She so desperately wanted to believe in Charlie, and that things would be alright. But the word ‘Alright’ was slippery word to Ophelia because it meant there was still a possibility of things going wayward and in this case, the matters at hands meant that people were likely to lose their lives or everything they had. She bit her lip. Grabbing onto the younger female’s hands for just a little longer.

[#EEF207 “You must remember that whilst my visions may be able to help, they are so few and far between that not even I can protect you from all the dangers that lurk ahead. I want you to be safe Charlie. I want you to grow up and to survive this hellish place; to be the next Queen. But you must be careful; this venture will. I am afraid cause wars and perhaps even the death of those you love most.”] she swallowed before letting Charlie’s hands go.

[#EEF207 “I will be in my room, I need to unpack. When I am not doing what those around are meant to be doing, that is redeeming themselves. I will work for this hotel as it’s bartender. Now I know you do not permit alcohol but that does not mean I cannot still show off the flare of virgin beverages.”]

Pixie picked up her now returned belongings, gave those who were still in the room a quick nod and bow before rushing off to the hotel room she had been assigned; her heart was pounding and she was starting to think that maybe she should not have taken on Lucifer’s invitation to attend to matters here. At the same time, she could not fathom the thought of abandoning Charlie. [#cfc354 [I What have we gotten ourselves into?]] she told herself as she shut her hotel room door [#cfc354 [I I hope we will not come to regret this, I hope that for now we will remain safe. But I do not think we will remain under the radar for long. A storm is coming, whether or not we’ll survive it…]]

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/P7SOkn7.jpg]]

[Center [U Valentino's Place]]

Leon took a deep breath, he was nervous but he had to say something, anything that would kill the tension. As he looked back inside through the window. His eyes roamed over Sarah if she was uncomfortable than what the hell was he supposed to feel. Reaching for the door handle he took one more chance to back out of this stupid idea. He cleared his throat catching the attention of all of the overlords of Hell in the room, he felt like his stomach was about to fall out of his mouth.

[#1cf2b1 “Did you need anything?”] Sonya’s face had become a nasty scowl and he looked down at his feet, why was he so nervous, trying to shake off the feeling of impending dread he half laughed half choked the words out. [#b8fed1 “They might have an insider.”] Sonya looked poised to laugh at his ridiculous comment but fell short when the other overlords gave him a look as if to say go on. [#b8fed1 “I think her name is Pixie? At least that’s what she tells people her name is. I believe she is the only soul in hell that belongs to no-one, but everyone at the same time… well at least your Lords.”]

He had heard rumours long ago, back before he fell into the arms of Sonya’s games, that there was a female older than almost all the current overlords currently hiding out in hell, capable of seeing visions and taking control of others bodies during said events. Leon had also heard that no matter who she actually sided with; she was at the beck and call of any Lord of hell, though was presently under the protection and watchful eye of Lucifer.

[#b8fed1 “She was an Oracle before she came here, or they say she was taken here by the King himself… I’m not sure but she’s meant to be powerful and resourceful. I thought you might know of her?”] [I “We do. Her name is Ophelia Orchard. But yes she does go by Pixie to others. She is currently employed by the King and cannot be touched.”] Fransisco sighed indignantly, he had found the fact that Pixie of all people had slipped out of his grasp disappointing, her gift was something that everyone in Hell wanted, but harming her meant the gift would go away so she was allowed to do anything she damn well pleased.

[Center ~]

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/GsjdKdf.jpg]]

[#1cf2b1 “Then we should summon her to our side. She can tell us what Charlie is planning then.”] there were moments that Fransisco thought that Sonya was an idiot, this was one of those moments.

He reached for one of the pastries the sat on the table almost unattended [I “You are either a dull brained fool or you haven’t been around Pixie before. Her abilities do not work like that, she does not choose who she steps into the minds of. It’s a constant mess of randomness, because she may have even been privy to this entire conversation and we mightn’t even know.”]

Sonya looked down at her hands, a blush upon her face from embarrassment. Fransisco then returned his gaze to Velvet and Valentino. They had been discussing and ordering about a fight that was upcoming about turf and Mr Egg [I “Is he still trying to become an overlord. One of us ought to just make sure he dies this time.”] his tone was dry, condescending - mostly directed at the redhead that looked like she was about to pass out from nerves.

[I “If that is all, I will return to my quarter of Hell, when the hotel is ready I will let all of you know. Apart from that let us see what we can do to lure out all of the worst, of the worst to convince our dears held captive in that hotel of misery to come out and play. Perhaps Valentino you should follow along with redhead because Angel if he’s coming out to play, will certainly want to be back with you immediately. No?”] He stood up, turned on his heel and walked out; not bothered to hear what the others had to say anymore.
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[center [u Valentino’s place. ] ]

The fact that the male came here unannounced knowing the history between the two males proved that he was reeking of desperation. Tapping his hands upon the pristine table of the Velvet he shot her a glance as she slowly let out a sigh. How she was managing to keep her cool in the presence of this fucker was beyond him. With a snap of his fingers, the male produced a joint and was lighting one up in order to calm his annoyance. Still, Francisco was the second head honcho and he was wielded much more power than Val could even dreamed of. Which was why he was so, so, desperate to seize control of his domain and absorb it into his own. All unrealistic goals aside he closed his eyes and lean against the table listening to what he’d had to say.

In truth, Valentino hadn’t had tuned Sonya out once she talking it was only Velvet who was had listen to all of them. Taking her tea and sipping from it slightly, she nodded her head smiling as she took in all the words which the male had said. Trying to beat that little bitch at her own game seemed to be a rather interesting twist. A hotel for sinners? Now that seemed like a paradise within the horrible realm where wayward souls were twisted and tortured for the demon lord’s very own amusement. Leaning forward, she put down the cup of tea and slowly turned to look at the older man. Before she turned her attention to the young male who was still smoking on his joint.

[i “Francisco, you truly are one scary dude..”] Valentino said as with a hint of sarcasm but mostly it was reverence. Lead it to him to bring up a sinister and dark plan to try and twist the heart and souls of one people who had good intentions.

Leaning forward Velvet closed her eyes and slowly let out a sigh. [#b408ac “That is one way indeed to skin a cat. However, why not stop there? Why not try and also work on discrediting Charlie’s who idea that redemption is any possible? Cherry? Sweetie..”] Velvet spoke as she turned and looked at the girl who was hiding her bruises behind her mane of red hair. Turning to look at her she gulp not wanting to be any further part of a plan that would hurt Angel than she had to. [#fe1301 “Yes….?”] She spoke hesitantly looking at her with those bright green eyes of hers.

[#b408ac “While we’re working on starting up our own hotel… I want you to blow some shit up. I do think that Mister Eggs is trying to take over some terroritory on the east end? Kill him for me. And do, please [i do] get angel involve.]

[#fe1301 “… Yes.. ma’am..”] Sarah spoke as she nodded her head. She didn’t enjoy being called that nickname ‘cherry’ because of her red hair. Nor did she enjoy being ordered to get her friend involved in killings when he was so desperately trying to wiggle free from Valentino’s gasp.. but she had no choice. Not when there were four overlords staring back at her.

[right [pic https://psy-on.de/wp-content/uploads/Konzentriere-dich-auf-dich-selbst-360x240.jpg] ]

It seemed as if her sweet-little friend had had another vision. Right when she was about to leave the room, Charlie returned to the table to sit and look at her friend who was trying to warn her about what was to come. Reaching out gently, her hands touched the female by and she looked at her with those tender eyes. [i “I know.. I know that there’s risk involved. But I just can’t not try to make a change..” She spoke those words softly as she let go of her friend and sighed. Tomorrow would be a different day and she was more than excited to face it head on.

As she grinned, she notice that Angel was looking down at his phone before getting up. “Hello.” He spoke before blinking his eyes and letting out a laugh. It was the first time she’d heard him laugh in an honest and happy way instead of a condescending tone. “Sure babe, I got you. I’m always down for one hell of a wild ride!” Turning upon his heels he turned towards Charlie and slowly shrugged his shoulders. “Mind if I do my friend a favor?”

[i “Of course I don’t mind! Doing favors is a sign of good-will!”] She beamed. It seemed that already she was inspiring people to do better and act for the best interest of others. She felt like this, this was going to be worth fighting for.
  Ethan Morrison / Mr-X / 23d 11h 31m 50s
Adelaide gave the female a look over, surprised at the initial reaction of Charlie . [#f245b0 “Is Pixie really your name?”] [#EEF207 “No but I am one of the oldest individuals still alive here in hell. I was here when Lucifer called himself Hades and all that jazz. I’m one of the Oracle of Delphi.”] she watched as the female sat down. [#f245b0 “Aren’t you going to reach into the box?”] Pixie gave her a look before at the box that sat on the table just out of arm’s reach. Pixie smiled before reaching into the box [#EEF207 “May as well if that’s what Sugar plum wants me to.”]

The whole thing of calling the princess of Hell, such cute endearments really confused Adelaide but she held her tongue, perhaps they had a lot of history or perhaps Pixie worked with or for one of the people that was related to Charlie. Taking her pouch with her, she cleared her throat. [#f245b0 “I’ll be in my room… unless I’m needed for something else…”] she then turned on her foot and walked back to her room.

[Center ~ ]
[Center [U Back at Valentino's]]

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/P7SOkn7.jpg]]

Sonya was rarely fearful of anyone, but Valentino and Velvet scared even her, she tried her best to keep her composure as Leon unlocked the briefcase and took out several manila files. He then stood up, with the empty briefcase and walked out, for the poor guy the atmosphere was suffocating. [#1cf2b1 “As we know as of right now you are not on speaking terms with Fransisco. However, the little brat and her hotel, is a cause for concern as his wife in amongst the lot. Would it be safe to assume that an individual of whom we each treasure is currently stuck in there? Leon will be attending at some point, I believe from the looks of it she is really hoping for them to be set free of their respective bonds.”]

She gestured to the manila envelopes [#1cf2b1 “Here are the filers on each of those who are already stuck in that foresaken place and what we believe is Charlie’s next move. Including a certain tv appearance tomorrow.”] she placed her burnt hands on her hands and waited to hear what they had to say.

Like Valentino and Velvet who were close and as thick as thieves, Sonya had the same kind of relationship with Fransisco and did most of the talking and business for him when he was in a foul mood with either - in this case Valentino [#1cf2b1 “She’s given them each an object that I believe will remind them of their humanity and put them on the path to returning, in fact they may even succeed and end up in heaven.”] she said the last words lightly.

The clearing of the throat and the immediate silence of the room raised an alarm, she turned her head to find that Fransisco was standing there, Leon in tow and a pissed off look. She stood up and moved to stand closer to Valentino and Velvet hoping that either would provide some kind of feeling - security really and overlord shields. [i "I propose a deal. Seeing as that fucker Alastair is currently protecting Charlie and her little petting zoo. I know for a fact that one of you will try to fuck this up by infiltrating the place and wiping them out but, as Sonya and her little pet."] he patted Leon's head - knocking the glasses off the poor guy. [i "Have so diligently done. I propose we hold our own experiment. If it works we will have our precious little birds and angels back with us Unless of course we are wanting to lose them"]

The fact that Fransisco was here in Valentino's land was dangerous enough to provoke a war and she found herself biting her lip and chewing at her burnt nails, a rather odd look for someone who was meant to be a fearsome overlord. [#1cf2b1 "So what do you think?"] she eyed Velvet, scared that the purple flames would erupt at any moment. [#1cf2b1 "I mean unless both of you have an idea?"]

[Center ~]
[Center [U Back at the Hotel]]

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/O940U39.jpg]]

[#cfc354 [i I wonder what could be in this little box]] as she reached into the container, she was hoping for some goody bag, but instead the heavy sensation of a cloth, silk stunned her, there was something else. It always came in a set. No Oracle of Delphine would be without her full uniform. She found herself reaching with both hands in and picking up her old outfit from her life back in Ancient Greece. [#cfc354 [i Well this is certainly a surprise]] she examined the white dress and the crimson red woollen cloth used to keep her warm [#EEF207 "Where did you get this?"] she asked Charlie, her tone soft. She would have said more but she was swept up into another vision.

[Center [U Inside the Vision]]

She dropped her hands, why had she been chewing her nails and why on earth was she surrounded by overlords? She straightened her back, it seemed she was waiting for an answer. Pixie herself could recognise them, burnt hands could only mean one thing... she was inside the body of Sonya. [i "I say we open our own hotel, if we can get more people on her side, show her that little brat that Hell is Hell for a reason that should crush her spirits. After all we don't need our denizens going to try and get rehab or whatever it is Charlie is trying to promote."] [#EEF207 "Would a hotel be too obvious?"] [i "Course not. If she really wants to prove it. We'll let her but she'll have to beat us at the game first."]

[Center [U Back in the present]]

Ophelia felt the need to dry heave before she gave Charlie a grave look. [#EEF207 "We may have some stiff competition. I think the other overlords are planning something and it might involve a hotel or another kind of enterprise. I don't think they're pleased with you at all sugar. I'm worried that this might mean war, a war you won't win.... and"] she gestured to Ethan and Maggie, before pointing to Alastair [#EEF207 "You could lose all of this Sugar. Be careful they are going to attempt to stop you no matter the cost."]
  High / BrokenScroll / 47d 15h 28m 13s
It was an utter surprised when that old familiar face came waltzing into her hotel. Without even waiting for her to finish speaking, she clasps her hands together and squeal. The girl which had enter into her nice little hotel brought nothing but fond memories to Charlie. And as she waited for her to take her seat she instantly started to smile even brighter than she had before. And as she was lost in the moment, Ethan had turned his head towards the whom who had called him by name before. Blinking his eyes, he didn’t seem to recall her at this moment but perhaps that was because he was still caught in the middle of reliving his moments between living in the mortal world and this one. Letting out a slight cough he just simple offered the girl a wave before nodding his head in agreement to her previous statement. Yeah, some how he’d gotten away from the fucker Valentino. But a part of him had this sinking feeling that somehow, somewhere, the bastard was planning on bringing him and dragging him back down to the very bowls of world of carnal desires.

As she sat down Ethan now had her eyes turned towards Charlie. He wondered if she, too, would offer the stranger the gift which she had offered the two. However, the female was just sitting there beaming happily. Standing up she went to get herself a refreshing beverage before making her way back to her seat and finally clasping her hands together to slowly nod her head once more. Rolling his eyes it seemed as if Ethan would once more have to listen to her give that spill but instead she simply spoke up. [i “Well, Tomorrow, I’m giving an official interview where I’ll be telling all of hell of my desires and plans! Afterall, it’s been almost a week since the last turf wars broke out and we lost so many lives. I hope that everything will work out just fine!”]

As she spoke those words she nodded her head confident that everything would work out exactly how she’d imagined and hope it would.

[center [b [u Back At Valentino’s] ] ]
[right [pic https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/786192929857601536/7qGtuzmZ.jpg] ]

It was bad enough that her snack time was interrupted by Valentino. Though, she’d forgive his interruption since he always was fine and dandy around her. But now she’d had to entertain this burnt bitch who always seemed to rub her the wrong way. Even the way her voice spoke grated on her nerves. As she bowed and brought with her Leon whom was carrying a brief case, Velvet eyes raised. Now, she was completely curious as to what it was that this woman could give her even. Beckoning her to take a sit at the table, the female reached for her tea and let out a childish little giggle. Sipping the hot warmth, Valentino raised an eyebrow as he looked towards her and wondered why she’d giggle so suddenly. Casting a glance towards Benny Boy, she’d nodded her head and instantly he was gone.

Setting down her tea cup, she nodded towards Valentino to speak for her. Of all the other overlords in hell Velvet and Valentino had the closet bond. It was funny how they first met. He’d had just killed the previous overlord and was looking for a celebratory fuck. He’d made the mistake of entering of mixing her up with a child and instantly tried to ask if her mom was around. Afterall, he’d heard that one of the overlords was a beautiful woman and he’d never expected Velvet to be the one everyone talked about. Needless to say, the shock and horror on his face when he found out was laughable and ever since then she’d a soft spot for him.

[i “Sonya, doll, what is it that you could’ve brought us that could be of interest mmhm?”] Valentino’s voice came out low and seductive as he reached for a cigarette and lit it up. Leaning back in his chair his eyes turned towards the man which held the briefcase and he was interested to see what was hiding deep within said case.

Returning with Tea and cake the male sat it down for everyone to enjoy before taking his place back beside his Overlord of hell. Well, he, personally, didn’t belong to her. But she’d decided that he was extra adorable and stole him away from his previous overlord. Honestly, he didn’t have the heart to fight it and so he’d went along with it enjoying the change in scenery.
The cake was a normal cake which had purple frosting and as the female dug into her cake she waited eagerly to see how well this would turn out.

[center [u Back at the hotel] ]
[right [pic https://psy-on.de/wp-content/uploads/Konzentriere-dich-auf-dich-selbst-360x240.jpg] ]
Stretching out her arms the female slowly let out a giggle as she pet her stomach. The dinner had been livelier than she’d expected and already she was beginning to feel worn out from all the events that had transpired during the day. So, Reaching for her glass of Grape soda she hoisted it up in the air. Normally one would propose a toast with a glass of wine but here things worked a little bit different. So, standing up she cleared her throat. Sitting beside her Maggie followed suite lifting up her glass and Alastair did the same thing nodding his head and grinning at the everything which was about to happen.

[i “As the Owner of the Happy Hotel, or as Alastor refers to it affectionate, the Hazbin…? Hotel. I’m still not quite sure what a has been is, but I’m sure its inspirational! I would like to raise a glass to Adelaide and Ethan for taking the first step forward in truly trying to find redemption! As well as welcoming an old friend who was very dear to me! I’m sure you’ll be an excellent audition to our staff!”] she nodded her head as she was sure that that was why Pixie had come.

Bringing the glass down she let out a sigh before stretching out her arms. [i “Okay, now.. I’m about to go to bed since I have an interview to do on live television! I plan on singing a song, and it’s an amazing song. It’s called, inside of every demon there’s a rainbow!”] with that Charlie was off to bed humming the song in her head.

Clasping his hands Alastair spoke [#100fb8 “Well than! I’m absolutely excited for tomorrow whose with me!?”]
  Ethan Morrison / Mr-X / 50d 15h 27m 51s
She clutched her mother’s rosary beads close to her chest, trying to compose herself from bursting into tears again. As she took a large inhale and exhale of breath. Swallowing down another round of tears. There was a small chiming noise. Had someone else arrived? [#100fb8 “I will go see whose there.”] as quickly as the older male was there he was gone, could he teleport? Adelaide wondered. As she set the rosary beads down she stood up and went to get another plate of food, this time settling for salad. [#a205d6 [I I could get used to this. This might take some time but with my mother’s beads. I could perhaps start praying again and maybe God will hear me even if I am in hell. I don’t care if I get into trouble for trying to pray in this damned place.]]

As she sat back down, Alastair returned [#f245b0 “So who was it?”] [#100fb8 “You’ll see. She’s an old friend of Charlie’s and a former employee of mine, she moved to work primarily for the King. She’s rather lovely but a little odd if you know what I mean. Come sit. She’ll be a while, she’s going to want to pamper herself using the bathtub in her room.”]

[Center ~]
[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/O940U39.jpg]]

[#cfc354 [I This has to be a joke]] she looked up and down the hotel, the black piece of paper sat in her pocket. Was this seriously where Lucifer wanted her to go? Hauling her duffle bag and picking up her other small briefcase she took a deep breath before stepping into the lobby. She had been hoping to meet someone, anyone but it seemed the hall was empty?

[#cfc354 [I Is this place abandoned or just closed?]] she approached the welcome desk and pressed on the small ringer. Hearing it chime she inspected the place before adjusting her hair again. Straightening her back as she heard someone approaching. [#100fb8 “Pixie! My dear! What a delight!”]

[Center ~]

She turned her head and found herself having to look up at Alastair, she had always found herself to be short… being around Alastair even in her heels made her feel all the smaller she swallowed and looked up at him. [#100fb8 “What brings you here? Were you invited. How is my favourite seer?”] [#EEF207 “I stopped being a seer a long time ago. I’m here because I was invited.”] she took out the slip of paper she had been offered by Lucifer. Alastair slipped behind the counter and handed her a brass key with the key number 9.

Taking her luggage with her [#100fb8 “Meet us in the buffet hall when you’re done settling down I’ll go tell the others of your arrival”] she thanked him with an nod before walking towards the elevator. The place was definitely nice and now that she was here the strum of energy that was building within her was exciting. She hadn’t had a vision since last night and that meant she had to be in the right place.

Her room was just like the one she had, had back at the hostel she had been living in, just with more space and no scent of drugs and vomit. As she put her bags away she decided she needed a bath - whoever was waiting could wait a little longer as she stripped down and set about running a bath.

[Center ~]

As she tied her hair up back, she reached into her cosmetic bag and applied another round of ruby red lipstick. Gave herself a wink - she had polished the mirror - after she had bathed in a whole vat of rose scented water. Locking her room up she pocketed her phone and walked down to where she assumed the ‘food’ hall was.

All eyes were on her and she waved at the individuals sitting at the table. She immediately recognised Charlie and Maggie; though she wondered if either female remembered who she was - Charlie’s eyes seemed to widen with surprise and the Princess stood up. [#EEF207 “Hey Sugar. I’ve arrived. What’s this little party you’ve got going on? Hello Maggie.”] waving to the other female sitting beside Charlie.

A decade or so ago, when Ophelia had first started working for Lucifer she was introduced to Charlie, the seer had quickly fallen in love with the bubble of positivity that was Charlie and had worked her ass off to ensure that whenever there was a party or a function at Lucifer’s place of residence that she was there to bartend and to give Charlie an insight to the future events. She only ever really used her Seer abilities selfishly for Charlie. Everyone else just had to get on by the random visions she got every once in a while.

Her eyes then roamed over each of the other individuals. [#EEF207 “Ahh it seems I’m late to the party. I apologise. Nice to meet you both. I’m Pixie.”] she bowed her head [#EEF207 “Former employee of Alastair and current head bartender and mixologist of his majesty Lucifer.”] she was glad to see that indeed Adelaide with her pink hair and all was here, the girl seem to be clutching a pouch.

The other individual was Ethan [#EEF207 “Angel! Oh my! How lovely to see you here! Finally managed to run away from that fucker Valentino!”] She quickly took her eat in one of the vacant ones - she wasn’t hungry. [#EEF207 “So! What have I missed! What’s the idea behind all of this?”]

[Center ~]

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/P7SOkn7.jpg]]

[#1cf2b1 “Remember no words. I don’t want you pissing off the others. I’m one of the minor Overlords. I need to be able to impress Valentino and especially Velvet.”] She uncrossed her legs as the limo started to pull into Velvet’s place of occupation. Her burnt skin was a constant reminder to Sonya of her failure; she had tried and failed to fight Velvet back when she had first started her rise to becoming an overlord. She still cringed at the sight of anything purple; but understood that Velvet was the very embodiment of the colour purple.

Leon sat beside her, in his hands was a black leather briefcase. [#1cf2b1 “Did you make sure you brought everything? You know we mustn’t make any mistakes. If we fail to make an uneasy alliance with Velvet and Valentino we’ll be ruined.”] Leon sat and nodded. The male was scared of Sonya - not because of her burn scars but rather the fact that Leon was missing his entire right arm. [#1cf2b1 “You’re not going to embarrass me right”] her eyes roamed over is body.

[#b8fed1 “Of course not madame. But we have arrived.”] as the vehicle finally came to a stop, he got out first - acting as a human shield for her as she herself slid out of the limo. He offered her his prosthetic left hand which she took, the cold plastic a stark contrast to the warmth that rolled off of her in waves. [#1cf2b1 “Let’s do this.”] she approached the door and knocked, she could see the top of Valentino’s head through the window.

As she entered she gave Velvet a formal bow of the head - it was mockingly respectful. [#1cf2b1 “Velvet and Valentino. I hope you’re both well. I have information that might help. My little eyes.”] she gestured towards Leon [#1cf2b1 “Has some information that I believe your people might find useful.”]
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[i “You’re most certainly welcome Adelaide, it’s beautiful.”] As Charlie spoke those words she couldn’t help but also shed a tear in return. Now turning her head towards Ethan, she let out a cough which brough the male back down to Earth. It seemed like he, to, had to participate in this whole ceremony. However he was so absorb in his own fear that he’d no idea what was going on. So as Charlie passed him the box which was suppose to be a gift he slowly blinked before he reached into it. He wasn’t sure what he’d would pull out but whatever it was he suppose that he’d just have to go along with it to humor her. As he pulled out his own gift he suddenly stopped and blinked his eyes. It couldn’t… it just wasn’t possible.

-He’d been eighteen when he’d first given up on the world he lived in. That was when someone close to him had died in a house fire. Her vibrant energy lit up the world and everyone who saw her found it impossible not to laugh or smile. Blinking, he couldn’t help but let one stubborn tear fall from his eyes. He’d had felt so dead to the world and had tried his best to feel comfortably numb. Yet, this, this right here brought back all the good feelings and emotions which came rushing back to him. It was a simple ring which had a crescent shape moon on it. It had been his gift to her on her twenty-second birthday. After she passed her father had return to gift to him, wanting him to always have hope in the world. But in a fit of rage he threw it away and with it succumb to the depression which slowly killed him over the following years.

[b [#7f9084 “Holy shit! Are you crying!? What, does that ring belong to your first fuck or something!?”] ] Maggie sneered as she looked shot Ethan a cynical glance and instantly the male chuckle. Wiping away a tear, he slowly brushed one away before shaking his head and speaking up. “This ring belonged to Sparrow. One of my coworkers. I gave it to her for her birthday and… three months later, she was killed. Lighten struck her house when she was sleeping and… she ended up burning to death in her sleep. Her father gave me the ring… because.. he.. he.. wanted me to still believe there was good in this fucked up world..”

[b [#7f9084 “Oh…”] ] Maggie’s voice came out slowly as she blinked before slowly letting out a sigh. Of all the things Ethan could’ve said she’d never guess that that would be what he had to say. Wiping a tear from his eye the male gasps before he felt a hand pat him on the back. It was none other than Alastor and as he let looked at him he spoke once more. [#100fb8 “Now, Now. What’s with the water works my dear boy! This isn’t a time to be sad, this is a time for happiness and jubilee! Now you two have all the more reason to get out of this place and return to the moments where everything went wrong!”] He smiled as he spoke those words and Ethan nodded his head before he turned towards Charlie and mimic what the girl had said earlier. “Thank you Charlie.”

[center [u Valentino’s side of hell.] ]

At first glance Velvet was indeed the very embodiment of the sin of Sloth. Laying on her back, she preferred to let her minions run her territory than do any of the work. And as her boy toy stood beside her standing guard she was busy popping a piece of chocolate into her mouth. Despite the fact that she was rather lazy and slothful, that wasn’t what her she was the overlord of. No, no, no. This cute little girl was actually the sinister overlord who embodied wrath. Her murder count was the highest out of all the overlords and the smallest thing could set her off on that murderous rampage.

So, when her domain was interrupted by another overlord her face instantly turned sour. Turning towards the man whom had interrupted her snack time, she rolled her eyes. With a snap of her fingers, her boytoy was bending over so that she could hop on his back and be carried towards whomever had dared to interrupt her play time. Already, her fingers were digging into the man’s back and as her voice let out stared to hum rather dangerously, she could help but feel beyond irked at this man.

[#b408ac “W][b H] [#b408ac o] [b T] [#b408ac h] [b e] [#b408ac hell is interrupting my snack time? A lady’s snack time is so, very, fucking important!”] Hopping off of her boytoy she could feel herself just ready to explode in a fit of rage. However that stopped the moment when she saw who exactly had graced her with his presence. It was none other than the sweet, suave, and gentlemanly Valetino. Along with him was one of Velvet’s pet who was name throughout hell as miss Cherri Bomb. Clasping her hands together, she instantly made herself presentable by fixing her bow and clapping her hands. [#c21982 “Oh Benny Boy~ Prepare us tea!”]

[right [pic https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/786192929857601536/7qGtuzmZ.jpg] ]

The only Reason why Valentino didn’t refuse her invitation for tea was because she was one of the top three Overlords. Unlike Valentino, Velvet and Francisco had been running hell longer than he’s been in existence. There was a hierarchy to how the overlords work and sure, the youngster tried to push his luck at times to get what he wanted but this sure as fuck wasn’t one of those times. And so as he sat down and told her what he’d found her the girl smiled all to herself. Setting down the tea, she slowly clapped gave her friend a lovely look.

[#b408ac “Why am I not surprise that fucking Charlie~ has started her fuckin’ charity project.”] Her voice came out sweet but she was anything but. Tapping her hands against the table she slowly closed her eyes before muttering. [#b408ac Charlie just thinks she can do whatever the hell she wants, whenever the hell she wants to. But that’s not how hell works. We’re fucking demons. We don’t rehabilitate souls, we devour them and force them into eternal slavery! That bitch… ooh, that bitch..”] The more she thought about it the angrier and angrier she got, but at las, she calmed herself and sighed.

[#b408ac “Benny boy, it seems as if you’re going to rehab. I’m pretty sure that tomorrow Charlie has an interview where she’s officially going to offer her services to these who want to join her hotel. I want you to help Cherri rip that hotel from the inside out!”]

Her voice screeched and purple flames suddenly appeared from nowhere. Wincing the man watched as the girl threw her tantrum before pausing and straighten out her bow. She was fine. She was fine.
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She listened eagerly to what Charlie had to say and nodded, she was now very excited. Of course Charlie would have the power to speak to God himself which meant that by being here she was one step closer to being home... or in the very least not here in hell. She could go back to properly looking for her mother's spirit. [#f245b0 "I don't think you sound obnoxious at all. In fact I think it's endearing. Thank you Charlie. I mean should we be addressing you by Charlie or do you prefer your title?"] why hadn't she thought to ask sooner? Eyeing the box. [#f245b0 "May I?"]

She was nervous to reach into the box, but when her hand's felt what she was looking for she nearly bursted into tears right there. Lifting the item out of the box, she almost had to rub her eyes to make sure what she was seeing wasn't some fake. She took a deep breath. In her hands, in it's purple velvet pouch were her mother's Rosary beads, from back before her addiction days.

[Center ~]

[#f245b0 "These... were my mother's."] she had to choke back a sob. [#f245b0 "I... she pawned them off. Because she couldn't pay the rent. I... used to love it when she would pray and I would pray with her. My mother was once a devout Catholic. But because of my father's cheating she turned to drugs and forgot about her religion."] she held the pouch to her chest.

[#f245b0 "I mean I am really only here because Fransisco tricked me. he said he would help me find her but it's been maybe a decade since I first arrived here and still no word or luck. He wanted me... for his own self indulgence and greed."] she laughed before truly bursting into tears. The pouch still smelt slightly of her mother's old sage and rosemary perfume. [#100fb8 "No need to cry so much. It's back now. Though I would caution opening that here. People here in hell don't like Christ or God."] she nodded and rocked back and forth on her chair wiping at her eyes and trying to breathe. [#f245b0 "Thank you Charlie. Truly."]

[Center [U Meanwhile, elsewhere in hell]]

The hum of conversation and glasses clinking against each other were sounds that Ophelia was simply numb too, it was her job as the head bartender for the best bar in town to pay attention to the smallest and most minute of changes in the environment. As she polished another glass, her eyes roamed the bar a quiet night in hell could only mean trouble as she bent down to pick up another rack of glasses that needed polishing.

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/O940U39.jpg]]

[#cfc354 [i What I wouldn't do to kill time.]] as she proceeded to start on the next glass she nearly dropped it as she was swept into one of her signature visions, to everyone else she merely looked frozen but in reality it was if she had been swept back to the days of Ancient Greece where she had come from. Where she had been a seer for the mighty god Apollo.

[Center [U Inside the vision]]

[#EEF207 "Well bloody hell it's been a long time since I was here."] she definitely didn't sound like herself, as she looked down at herself. She was in a bathroom. She looked up and saw that the mirror had been shattered. Her palm... no their palm stung and she watched as droplets of bled from her hands. She hissed [#EEF207 "Oh come on. Why the hell do people punch mirrors."] As she reached for one of the white towelettes she wrapped her injured hand and decided to leave the bathroom.

She was in a hotel, she still had no idea who she was as she walked through the hallways the place seemed pretty nice but was relatively quiet - too quiet. As she walked down the lit halls she could hear what could only sounded moaning. She cringed and kept moving; she had no time for fucking bodies. The vision would end before she could figure out where , what and who she was. [#b8fed1 "Hey. Adelaide. You good?"] so that was the name of the individual. Turning around she held her fist up and the male who met her cringed. [#b8fed1 "What happened there?"] [#EEF207 "I honestly have no clue but I've cut my hand pretty bad... help?"]

[Center [U Back in the present]]

She placed the glass down and winced, the problem with being a seer was that her visions left her almost seeing double. The smell of male musk and smoke caught her attention and she looked up to see that the person who had broken her out of her vision was none other than her boss and good friend the King of Hell. [#EEF207 "Lucifer. How can I help?"] he gave her an expectant look and she sighed; there was no point lying to the man. [#EEF207 " I think I saw someone from within the hotel. That is with Charlie. I think. I'm not entirely sure. Know anyone by the name of Adelaide?"]

Lucifer gave her no response and she immediately got to work on making his drink. [#EEF207 "Quite quiet tonight don't you think? I would have hoped there would be more people here on a Thursday night you know?"] Lucifer grunted [#EEF207 "What's up old man. Don't feel like talking?"]

She turned back to face him only to find the seat he had only mere seconds been in was vacant and a single slip of black embossed with gold sat on the bar, she picked it up and read it [#EEF207 "Huh ok. Well if you say so boss."] she was being ordered to a hotel of some kind? She had no reason to refuse her boss, realising that he was not going to be there to drink his own drink. She swallowed it down feeling the burn of the alcohol before announcing to the patrons within the bar. [#EEF207 "We're closed. Get out."]

[Center ~]

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/E4bK1sd.jpg]]

[#1a5007 [i Why does the paperwork never end? It's like I'll always be a slave to this. Fuck my life.]] he stretched, rolling his shoulders and cracking his neck. Why was life even harder in hell? As one of the few private eyes who stalked the place he wondered if it was really worth any of the stress. [#1a5007 [i Should have worked harder to get into heaven.]] he stretched his legs which were heavy with sleep before getting up and feeling his back pop almost approvingly. [#1a5007 [i At least this job pays well]].

[Center ~]

He paced within his small office cubicle before deciding it was time for a coffee break. As he shut his office up lock and key - and made sure all of the alarms were armed he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, he didn't bother to check who was on the other side of the line when he answered and place it to his ear. The screechy almost chipmunk like voice of one of the 'Overladies' of hell met him.

[#b8fed1 "Sonya. What can I do for you?"] [i "I want you to find out why you haven't been invited to this new experiment that my cousin's spawn is holding in some hotel."] [#b8fed1 "You're going to have to be more specific."] as he made his way down the street to the only profitable and decent coffee shop in all of hell. [i "I pay you to find things out. So sneak in and make sure that little brat isn't trying to ruin the order of hell. Report back to me. I don't care how you get in."] [#b8fed1 "So I need to be invited?"] [I "How the hell am I supposed to know!!!"] he moved the phone away from his ear as she cursed him out - rather creatively in sixteen different languages.

She hung up on him and he looked at his phone, god he needed coffee more than anything now. As he slipped into the small chic cafe the waitress waved to him with a welcomed smile, he gave her a soft smile back... man he loved her hair. How straight and sleek. He wondered why he couldn't be blessed with the same kind of hair. He waited and listened to the sound of the barista make his normal daily brew. [#b8fed1 "Thanks."] as he tossed a few coins into the spare change jar before walking out, coffee in hand and a new case to work on.
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[left [pic http://img.blesk.cz/img/1/article/6469469_rovnatka-zuby-v0.jpg?v=0] ]
[#7f9084 “Oh Grrreeat! That just makes me so much more happier!”] Maggie’s voice came out at the news. There was no telling how much more of this that she could take but she’d had to endure it because this was all her beloved’s idea. So, with that last comment she went back to stuffing her face full of mash potatoes and meatloaf. It was one of her favorite things to eat as a child and she still enjoyed eating it very much so even though she was stuck in hell. As she finished up the food on her plate she let out a burp and let out a sigh. It seemed as if everyone was going to share a happy memory besides those two were so damn perfect at being anti-social. Once more, Maggie felt the urge to just reach over the table and strangle Alastor but instead she stopped short and knew that that, that would be a bad idea. Afterall, there was no way in fuck that she would stand a chance against him.

And so all she could do was wait for the female to come back and rejoined them. Once she did she was once more shooting off questions as to how things were suppose to work around her. At that Charlie once again offer the girl a warm smile before lacing her fingers together. She’d thought that part all through. The simplest way to get back to heaven was through redemption. So all they had to do was work on building up redeeming qualities and eventually they’d be plucked straight out of hell and into heaven or so she thought. Letting out a cough she slowly spoke to the girl.

[i “Well… Since God is.. kinda, my grandfather… after you spend some time here being rehabilitated and coming up with redeeming qualities I figured we’d just submit your application for a second life and then.. taking what you learn from hell, you’ll be able to restart your lives at the moment where you started making bad decisions and turn it around!”] Charlie spoke as she nodded her head and smiled at the girl. [I “or.. that’s what I’m hoping for. I… haven’t talk to my Grandfather since… Adam and Eve..”] she chuckled nervously before twisting her hair around her fingers. However that didn’t stop her from being sure that everything was going to be a-okay. So reaching into her bag, she pulled out something which looked like a box.

[i “So, being princess of Hell, I’m given special abilities.. And one of them is that I can travel to Earth; so.. to help remind you guys of what your working for.. If you reach into this box, you’ll be able to grab your favorite thing that you left behind on Earth. It’s my gift to you all..”] she chuckled nervously once more. She hoped that she wasn’t coming off rude or obnoxious since she sincerely wanted this to work. And as if to confirm that it was a very sweet and heartfelt gift, Alastor let grinned. Holding up a thumbs up her spoke up suddenly [#100fb8 “I think that it’s an awesome deal! Absolutely lovely! Splendid! Bravo~ Bravo!”] Clapping his hands he sat back in his chair and turned towards Ethan who was stuck looking at his phone.

[center [u Somewhere else in hell] ]

There was a lot of things the girl hated. Like for example, being called “little miss Charry Bomb” because of her red hair. The other thing she didn’t like was being told that she had anger issues. She didn’t have anger issues. She was perfectly, fucking, manner. Thank you very-damn much! And the third thing she hated was when Overlords came to her bitching about their problems as if she was somehow going to make it all go away. She was one of many killers for hire in Hell but the thing which set her apart was how she used bombs to blow everything sky fucking high! It was an absolute rush of adrenaline that she just could not get enough off.

So when Valentino came stalking over to her little place she wasn’t to thrill to be bothered by him. He’d asked her to carry out hits for him and whenever she refused him, she’d gotten hurt. He loved hurting people he employed it seriously got him off because he was a sick fuck. So as he came stalking towards her, Sarah was already apprehensive. The last time she’d done a job for him he’d rewarded her with 10k worth of cash. That was after beating her black and blue once she brought up how he was three months late paying her.

So as he came towards her she leaned forward and spoke [#fe1301 “God, you look like dogshit.”] She spoke and instantly he growled at her before pointing a finger at her. [i “Where is he!”] He roared out and as she blinked her eyes she shrugged her shoulders. [#fe1301 “Dude, you gotta be more specific. I dunno who you’re talking about.”]

She wished she could’ve taken those words back. But he was already grabbing her hair before she’d knew it. Letting out a cry she kicked and slung her arms around as he pulled her hair before leaning downwards. He was sneering at her and as he grabbed her by her throat he growled. “Where.. Is.. My.. Angel!”

[#fe1301 “C….ant… B…”] letting go of her she let out a gasp as he stood over her. Already, he was reaching into his pocket to pull out brass knuckles to give her a really severe beating that she’d feel for days. She didn’t know why he made her so afraid and she hated it. Whimpering she spoke [#fe1301 “I swear Valentino! I don’t know! He… yesterday.. he texted me about some… Hotel…. Like… uh… I swear don’t hit me!’] cowering from him Val paused in his tracks as he rubbed his chinned.

[i “Hotel… Goddamn Charlie!”] Turning on his heels he looked down at her before grinning. [i “You’re not getting away from me so easily! Alastor is blabbed about it the other night… And since overlords can’t get in, you’re going to fetch my darlin’ baby! For me.’]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/51/01/a0/5101a02f64169bade7cb1cf559f2e678.jpg] ]
  Mr-X / 52d 14h 29m 44s
[#100fb8 “Ouch. Maggie. Be nice. This female right here. Our dearest Adelaide is not some normal drug mule.”] she flinched and nearly choked on her food as he placed his hands on her shoulders, she almost felt the need to head butt the man and make a run for it out of the hotel and back into Fransisco’s grasp.

[#100fb8 “This here is Fransisco’s wife.”] the room went eerily silent as a blush emerged on Adelaide’s face. She continued to pick at her plate as Alastair’s - seemingly amused that he had revealed one of her biggest secrets sat back and waited to hear what Maggie and Charlie had to say.

[#f245b0 “Not like I wanted to be married to him, technically speaking I was forced into it and if I had refused he would have erased my soul before I got the chance to see my mother’s again. Wherever she is.”] [#a205d6 [I Besides Lola is who he sleeps with not me]]. She picked her plate up again and moved towards another table where she decided to sit alone. She drowned out the noise and the chatter and focused on the food in front of her.

Admittedly she had been surprised at the quality of the food inside the hotel, if she was being honest it reminded her of the time she was back in the living world; the food was good in that way; she wiped her mouth and went to retrieve another bottle of soda - this time picking at random. She ended up with ginger ale. As she sipped from the brown-glassed bottle her mind wandered back to the day she was forced to marry the overlord of Greed.

[Center [U Flashback]]

[#f245b0 “Do I have to wear this?”] she inspected herself in the full length mirror, the dress itself was beautiful and if she was being honest if she were alive this would have been the dream dress on her own special wedding day. But this was not her day, this was Fransisco’s day. Her long hair - free of dye for the occasion practically hung off her in waves of curls, with just enough product to hold them in their place though not enough for it to be a nuisance.

[Center [https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0109/1525/0235/products/product-image-607185453_1024x1024@2x.jpg?v=1575460443 Picture of Dress]]

She looked down at her hands, on her left ring finger was a single but rather large pink-diamond ring. Like her nickname. Her business title. She took a deep breath. Before her eyes settled on Lola and Petunia. [#f245b0 “You should be the one wearing this Lola. Not me. I look… breathtaking but I am not his wife. You are.”] [b “I am his side lay.”] Lola corrected her. There was a clearing of a throat and she nearly toppled onto her knees when Nate entered the room. The devilish red head held a small black box in his hands, which Lola quickly reached for. There was a soft sigh that escaped Lola’s lips. [b “Something Pink.”]

Her eyes trained on the box, it held a small almost impossibly dainty teardrop sapphire pendant. [#f245b0 “Blue is not my colour though?”] [b “It’s pink silly. What are you on?”] so it seemed the only person who could see the pendant’s true colour was Adelaide herself. Nate helped to put it on her before disappearing again. Now she felt really sick. She tried to breathe, but it was a corseted dress. - like most of what she was forced to wear day to day. [#f245b0 “I would kill to just wear something without a corset. What is his obsession with keeping my waistline like this. I can barely breathe.”] [b “Beats me. But hey at least your figure is amazing.”]

[Center [U End of Flashback]]

She was brought back to the present, Alastair was standing over her, his eyes were concerned and she looked at the wall, she didn’t have anything to say to him. [#100fb8 “You were thinking of your wedding day weren’t you.”] [#f245b0 “So what if I was. It’s none of your business. You were there. You knew what happened. I am only glad it happened the way it did. Though I am still married to the brute.”] She shuttered. [#100fb8 “You’re free of that here. You’re just Adelaide Montgomery. Nothing more, nothing less. I am sorry if I made you uncomfortable before. I am aware of your circumstances for being here.”]

She shuttered. [#100fb8 “You’re free of that here. You’re just Adelaide Montgomery. Nothing more, nothing less. I am sorry if I made you uncomfortable before. I am aware of your circumstances for being here.”]

[#a205d6 [I Just leave me alone to my food. I am here for the sake of doing whatever it is Charlie wants me to do. Not here for you or anyone else. Certainly not Ethan… he is cute but he sure does reek of nothing but sex and booze. Guessing that’s what Hell does to someone. I must smell like the narcotics I am forced to sell to keep my ‘husband happy.]] she scowled. Alastair offered his hands [#100fb8 “Rejoin the table we were sitting at. Charlie has something to give to each of you. This is just day one of your journey to hopefully heaven. Again I am sorry.”]

Standing up and leaving her empty plate and her empty bottle of ginger ale, she brushed past him and returned to the table where the others sat. [#f245b0 "So how is this supposed to work? We're meant to be doing good deeds right so how do we manage that being stuck inside this hotel. If we leave we'll be swept up by the men who own us and probably killed for disobeying."] she sounded slightly hopeful though she had no clue why. She drummed her fingers against the table and waited to hear what Charlie and Maggie had to say.
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It came from nowhere. The girls sudden outburst and as she spoke loudly about all that she’d felt Ethan simply nodded his head. His soul was completely owned by one of the most powerful overlords of hell. And a part of him doubt that there was any way that they’d be able to shake loose of that. Bond anytime soon. It would take a full-blown miracle to break the chains that bound them. Or some one who was as powerful as all the other overlords combined. However, the only person who was that powerful was. Closing his eyes tighter now, he open them only to find calming blue eyes staring back at him. Without warning, the male jumped back as he almost let out a scream. He’d had just been thinking of him and that man had appeared from nowhere.

[#100fb8 “You must be one of Val’s actors! I think I saw you once at a shindig he threw on his side of hell once upon a blue moon! A pleasure to meet ya!”] Sticking out a hand Ethan was surprise to find that he of all people was here. Alastair. If he was the driving force behind Charlie’s crazy antics than it made sense why no other overlord would dare come and try to challenge Charlie’s position. After all the legends about this men where absolutely horrific. Still, as he held out his hand the male was reluctant to take it and once he’d done so he felt his arm being practically shaken off by how fierce and strong the grip and handshake was.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you here. Alastair.” Ethan spoke and before he had a chance to finish the male was suddenly up and grinning. [#100fb8 “Excuse me one fine minute sir! It seems as if there’s an overlord I need to take care of! Be back in a flash!”] As he shouted those words he dashed out the door leaving himself with the girl Charlie and her emo-side kick Maggie. Now this was awkward and the male honestly didn’t know exactly what to say. So instead he found himself getting back up to get seconds. This place had everything including breakfast food. Settling in for some scrambled eggs and sausages he came back to the table before digging in.

[center [u flashback] ]

Reaching for the vodka bottle the man was blacking out as he continued to drink. The room was spinning yet he continued to push himself to drink as he saw the way everything was crumbling down all around him. He’d had wish to never be alone and now here he was constantly surrounded by a world full of porn. Nude bodies walked to and from the state and as he stumbled on to the bed he laid there. It was his first scene and he was told that he had to pay his dues. Everyone started off doing same-sex scenes before moving on to getting to choose who they slept with. Valentino was standing right in front of him as he grinned at his newly captive servant.
[b “I’m the fuckin’ demon of lust Angel, doll. Keep on working for me and whatever you lust for will be fulfilled.”]

The only thing that Ethan lusted for was the feeling of being alive. Pain was what brought him to life. It proved that he was here and, in the present, and as fingers grabbed his hair he let out a pained gasp. It was time for him to come alive and act.

The booze wore off pretty quickly and as he limped back to his room Valentino was right behind him grinning and watching him. It seemed as if he’d instantly taken a liking to him and it wasn’t long before he decided to claim him as his owns. Closing the door to the trailer, he came up behind the male and grinned. [b “Nice job. Here’s your cut.”] Tossing money at him he open the door and spoke. [b “Angel, baby, I’ma make you my star.”]

It wasn’t an empty promise. It was the truth and it was during his early years as a porn actor that he’d happen to stumble across the sound of that man. The first time he met Alastair was three years after he’d been in hell. It was just by coincidence. Valentino had open up a new dance club and had invited all of the demon overlords to join and the newest one had decided to show up.

No one knew who he was, only that he wreak havoc and had toppled the previous overlords who had reign for thousands upon thousands of years. As the doors to the club swung open, he strolled in smiling and grinning before Valentino turned around and was furious. For a moment he wanted to say something but upon seeing the figure walk through the door he silence himself and instantly stood up.

[b “Mister…. Radio Demon..”]
[#100fb8 “Please Val, you may call me Alastair! It’s been a while since I’ve been to a speakeasy! And I must say, this is quite the club you have! Personally, I think that this place would do better if you had a swing band!”]

And so, that’s the story of how Valentino turned one of his stripper clubs into a jazz club. Oddly enough, it was one of his most successful business that he own besides the numerous porn studios throughout hell. Ethan had never seen anyone make the male shake in his boots and seeing him do show was an odd sensation.

[center present.]

[right [pic https://d5qmjlya0ygtg.cloudfront.net/027/221/575/-49996996-1tko78o-20g0g99heb857j5/original/avatar.jpg] ]
[#7f9084 “Oh great! Now he’s here too! It’s bad enough that we have a porn star and Francisco’s
Drug mule here! I now have to be reminder that mister Murder psychopath is here as well!”] Maggie’s voice came out in a low grumble as she smacked herself across the face and let out a low groan. It seem that unlike her counterpart, she was uptight and stressed about everything. Letting out a cheeky grin, the man leaned forward and spoke.

[#100fb8 “Ah yes! I love ya to! Now, Ethan, just as I was telling little birdie here! As long as you do me the honor of humoring Charlie’s silly experiment! Your contacts which you’ve foolishly made our null and void! One overlord and cancel another overlord’s contract as long as they’ve the power to do so! And since I have plenty of power to do so, I say, you two are free to try and stay here for as long as you’d like!”]

Slapping herself again in the face Maggie slowly let out a growl as she spoke [#7f9084 “I swear, Alastair! You need to stop~] before she could even finish Charlie was giggling before she started laughing again and grinning at everyone that was at the table. The truth of the matter is that it’d been so long since the hotel had been this lively. She missed hoisting for her guests. Letting herself chuckle and laugh it was medicine for the soul! All the while Maggie just let out a sigh and couldn’t help but allow herself to laugh along with her mate before the Radio demon join in.

Shrugging his shoulders Ethan slowly felt like he could breathe comfortably again. This dinner wasn’t going so bad and he had a feeling that he wouldn’t mind staying here for a little while and actually trying to better himself.

[#7f9084 “Right.. so I guess, this is it than hun? I guess this is how our little experiment begins.”] Maggie’s voice came out slowly as let out a slow sigh. So far one of the overlords had shown up to the establishment. Everyone knew that Francisco, though not one to play with, had a clever way of doing things. It was Valentino that was violent and had an explosive temper. There was no telling how the male would react once he found out that his favorite toy was no longer by his side. However, all that Maggie could do now was just hope that everything went according to plan.

[i “So, now that everyone has met everyone.. I think for the last exercise we should try and at least give everyone one happy memory. I mean, the point of this place is to make sure that not everything is doom and gloom. So after everyone shares one happy memory, I think its time you all got some rest. Afterall, todays been, I’m sure, stressful for all of us.”]

With that Maggie instantly turned red and that earned a side jab remark from the man whom was sitting in between Ethan and Adelaide before she slowly quickly shared her happies memory.

[#7f9084 “My happiest memory was the first time I kissed Charlie.”] she spoke and with that Charlie blushed before grinning. [i “Mhmm, my happiest memory was when I found a cute little puppy and I followed it and it led me to meeting Maggie for the first time. Now Ethan it’s your turn!’]

As all eyes turned upon Ethan he froze. He didn’t really have any happy memories that he could think of. His life since being in hell revolved around work and doing lewd things. Shrugging his shoulders he spoke; “I guess right now.. My happiest memory I can remember is… when Charlie invited me to this hotel. I felt a sense of relief. Like, I could finally find a way to escape from the suffocating feeling of being on Val’s constant watch.”

Right when he said that a buzzing sound went off and the male blinked. He’d forgotten that he’d still had his phone with him and as he looked down he saw the text and gulped.

[center [size20 [font "chiller" Where are you my angel? Daddy is worried.] ] ]
  Ethan Morrison / Mr-X / 53d 14h 9m 41s
[#f245b0 “So you want to help us, then why didn’t you start on this suicide mission a long. Long time ago. I understand what you are doing is trying to help us become better people so that we might go to heaven and leave this place. But have you actually considered at all that we can’t be free as long as our souls are sold? I shouldn’t be here but I am because my mother’s ghost never emerged after she died. She wasn’t in heaven because I went there. So I waited in the mortal realm in hopes she would find me. Now I’m here because fuck all Francisco overlord of fuck knows. Promised he would help. Now I am chained to him like some motherfucking bitch.”]

She cared not for how callous or rude she sounded. The point of her outburst was to get her point across. It seemed her words made things only minutely worse because ‘murder chick’ now known as Maggie was giving her eyes that could kill [#f245b0 “Save me your story murder chick. It’s nice what you are doing here Princess and I wish it could work but we’re here because we sinned and even if we don’t sin we can’t simply pretend as though we’re too good to be here. We all sold our soul for some kind of reason, some kind of price and sure some of us hang onto that mistake. But it’s our own. Now you might try to help Angel over here. But save me the ‘I just want to be charitable’ you’re a demon. The daughter of the King. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best of the best or the worst and lower than the cockroaches that seem to infest this place.”]

She took a deep breath and stood up [#f245b0 “Not all of us want to be saved. Time you learnt that. This is hell. Not some hodge podge spa resort in the middle of fucking nowhere.”]

She took her bottle of orange soda and walked out, leaving the small group of individuals inside. As she walked through the hotel lobby she was glad no one, not even Murder chick followed her. As she walked towards the entrance she stopped and wondered if she was taking all of this a little too coldly, was it Charlie’s fault that she was trying to help the lost causes of Hell or was it merely just coincidence that for once a Demon was trying to prove that whilst bad is bad, you can’t get much worse once you’re in hell.

As she paced she looked out and noticed that Francisco’s car was in the carpark, her stomach dropped and she took another swig of her orange soda, the bubbles popping as her boss emerged from his car and stepped out. She took a step back as he attempted to enter the hotel but found himself unable to. How strange. She looked behind her wondering if anyone had flipped a switch or pressed a button. She was alone.

[Center ~]

[Center [U Flashback]]

[#f245b0 “I don’t want to wear this.”] she keened and mewled. She stood there half nude in front of Fransisco holding up a corseted dress [#f245b0 “I’m not from the Victorian Era. I’m from the 21st century. I don’t have to wear this. You said I could wear whatever I wanted here whilst I was your guest.”] the older male looked at her and took his gloves off. She had never seen him with his gloves off and was astonished at the sight.

The room that they had been in was now silent, with the individual she had come to know as the other jewels of Fransisco’s crown moving towards the walls, as if they were mice trying to get out of a tar covered tube. She looked at each of them, their coloured hair and extravagant outfits and frowned.

[#f245b0 “What’s the matter?”] she asked innocently. She then turned her attention back to the man who had brought her here to hell. His gloves were still off. [I “You are going to put that dress on and you are going to be my pretty little pink diamond or so be it I will crush the life out of you. Don’t you want to see your mama?”]

She looked down at the corseted dress, it was pretty. With hues of dark pinks and purples and it would compliment her freshly dyed pink hair. ‘Bubblegum’ pink was what Lola had called it. Was her name Lola? She looked around the room again and settled upon the girl dressed in a tailored suit with navy hair that fell in curls. Curls that any human would have been envious to have. No wonder she was named the sapphire. [#f245b0 “I do… but why are they so afraid?”]

Her voice was nervous as Fransisco stood up from his chair, and approached her. His figure now seemed darker, stronger… more evil and she flinched at the air that seeped off of him in waves, she swallowed nervously and held the dress to her chest. [#f245b0 “Fransisco?”] he took the dress from her and dropped it at her feet. Lola was quick to move into action and move the dress before it could be damaged. [I “Why won’t you wear the pretty dress like all the others. You’re meant to be polite are you not:. It is a gift.”] [#f245b0 “I don’t like dresses. I can’t run in dresses.”] he slapped her and she fell to the floor.

[Center ~]

The fear of her last moments alive as a human suddenly came rushing back and she curled up into a ball; her pink hair covering the majority of her form. That didn’t stop the infuriated demonic male. He picked her up like she was a rag doll and wrapped his free hand around her throat. [I “Little bird. Your screams are so sweet. Shall I make you scream like you did when you dear mama died. Shall I? You know you’re only here because you failed. She is dead because you got in the way of my men. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.”]

She found herself unable to breathe and she rasped, her hands clawing at his own. [I “Shall I make you bleed. Shall I make you feel so much pain that you will never know what is pain and what isn’t anymore? Shall I?”] he was mocking her.

She kicked at him with her feet and that caused a loud wince from the other individuals in the room, so consumed by trying to free herself from his grasp that she had simply not noticed that she had run out of air. She was nearly purple by the time he dropped her. Lola was quick to move into place as was Petunia. Both of them quickly dressing Adelaide in the torturous outfit whilst the girl composed herself, crying and trying to breathe.

[#f245b0 “Why are you so cruel? So mean?”] she coughed and sputtered. [I “You simply forget who I am. At least I am not Valentino. He would have killed you or played some torturous game to teach you a lesson. I merely spared you by choking you and taking your ability to breathe. I am the lord of greed. Don’t ever forget that.”]

[Center [U End of Flashback]]

[I “Come out of there Little bird. I can see you just as you can see me. Come out and play.”] she shook her head, gripping the now empty bottle of orange soda. What was she going to do? She looked over her shoulder again. She was panicking [I “Come my little bird. My little pink diamond. My crown jewel. Come and be a good girl. I’ll make sure not to hurt you.”] [#f245b0 “That’s what you said to Nate. He’s dead.”] [I “The bastard deserved it. He betrayed me. Now come here. You haven’t angered me yet.”] his voice was full of venom and she knew going anywhere even arm’s reach would cause her a lot of pain and grief. But she was too afraid to do anything. [#f245b0 “Someone help me.”]

There was a clearing of the throat and this time she nearly gave herself whiplash, a man in a suit. A rather fine one at that ; he looked at her, he seemed to be holding a radio. He gave her a wink before coming to stand before her. Fransisco seemed to know exactly who this man was. She gave him a curious look. [#f245b0 “Who are you?”]

[Center ~]

[I “Don’t you dare touch her Alastair”] Fransisco seemed to answer her question for her and she moved away from the newly arrived, he didn’t seem to mind her presence as he walked towards the door, cane. Radio and all in hand. [#100fb8 “Enchante brother. How are you?”] [I “Did you do this? What have you done to Adelaide.”] [#100fb8 “Me? Done? Oh I see. This must be the little bird you keep so close to your little. dead. heart.”] the male seemed looked back at her and she found herself blushing out of embarrassment .

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/HypjCVu.jpg]]

[#100fb8 “I have done anything brother. She is merely a guest of Charlie’s. I am here to make sure you piss off. Because whilst she is here on these grounds I am afraid… she”] he pointed to her [#100fb8 “No longer belongs to you. Now I am aware of how important she is. But you have others. I am sure your pearl or your sapphire or that newly accquired Topaz or was it Amethyst can replace her.”] Fransisco looked as though he was about to reach through the glass and murder this man.

But it seemed not even Fransisco was going to bother messing with this man as he backed away, gave her one last glare as if to say ‘You’re dead to me’ before he disappeared, car and all. She found herself breathing a huge sigh of relief? How long as she been holding her breath? Now that they were alone the man with his cane and radio looked at her. [#100fb8 “My. You are a pretty one. No wonder he keeps you under lock and key in his part of hell. Nice to meet you. I am Alastair. The benefactor of this little experiment and hotel.”] she nodded and murmured in response .

[Center ~]

[#f245b0 “Nice to meet you. Thank you.”] [#100fb8 “Now how about we rejoin the others in the buffet hall. You don’t look as though you’ve eaten enough.”] he stepped towards her and offered her his hand. It was not gloved, but it looked more human than anything she had seen in a long time. She took it without much hesitance and he smiled. [#100fb8 “No need to be afraid. I will keep you and our other guest safe so long as you stay here within these halls and try to at least entertain the idea of Charlie.”]

As they reentered the hall, she gave each of the members she had just a moment ago, stormed off on. She sat back down in her seat; her food was still just as warm as she had left it. She picked her fork up and started to eat as Alastair moved to sit between her and Ethan. [#100fb8 “Well it seems I’ve finally met you both. One of Val’s and another of Francis. How quaint.”] She looked at Ethan [#a205d6 [I Does he already know about you? Just how famous are you Ethan?]]
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[b Flash back]

Pushing him up against the mirror, Valentino’s hands were at his throat as Ethan struggled to get away from him. No one was exactly sure how Valentino rose to power and became one of the seven Dark lords of Hell. Afterall, he was only 19 when he died and gone to hell. But that didn’t mean that he wasn’t any less powerful of fearful. Squeezing the life out of the male, he growled out as he tried to fight frantically but soon stopped resisting before his body went limp. Letting him go, the actor let out a gasps as he fell to the floor and looked at his boss. “How the fuck! Am I’m suppose to make you money if you keep on hitting me in the face!” Ethan screamed out as he looked up at the man who was staring down at him with nothing more but put disgusted and hate in his eyes. Before he could even respond, he was being kicked and instantly Ethan snapped. Standing up, he pushed back against his boss and towered over him.

[b “You Bastard! I have killed whores for doing less than half of the shit you’ve pulled!”] It was then that he saw why Valentino was so scary and fearsome. His eyes seemed to glow a dangerous color and standing up all he had to do was point at the male and instantly Ethan found himself throwing up blood. His insides felt like they were on fire and as he doubled over in pain, he saw men come and rush in at him. [b “You’re nothing without me! I never, ever! Gave you orders to get involved with one of Francisco’s little sluts! I own you! I think its time you get that into your fucking, little, head!”]

Grabbing one of his fingernails, he got a pair of pliers as men held him down and instantly Ethan started to sputter and call out how sorry he was. He was sorry, he was sorry. But those words fell on deaf ears and pretty soon his fingernails were being ripped off one by one by one by one. One of Valentino’s ability was to use his magic to heal the wounds of anyone he wanted to. So as soon as one hand was completely de-nailed, he’d waved his hands and the nails would come back ready to be ripped off again and again. After the eightieth time his nail got ripped off he stopped counted. But he knew that Valentino did not stop till at least number 150.

After that the abuse happen pretty regularly.

As soon as the camera’s shut off, Val was there to drag him towards a random person. Stroking his hair the male spoke in a soft and comforting voice. [b “Oh Angel~ this is man has brought drugs for us. But I forgot to bring cash to pay him.. so I want you to show him how well you can use that tongue of yours…”]

[center [u present day] ]

Pushing his plate forward the male suddenly felt like he lost his appetite. Standing up from the table he shrugged his shoulders and felt like leaving everyone behind. He felt as if the room had definitely gotten closer and he had the feeling that if he didn’t escape soon than he’d start to suffocate and breath. That was when the other chick, Maggie spoke up.

[b [#7f9084 “Where are you going?”] ] Her voice came out and Ethan turned upon his heels and looked at her. His eyes were hollow and dead and that usually cockiness he had faltered. There was something hidden deep within his eyes but he instantly turned to look at her and shrugged his shoulders. “Well, I figured I’d indulge in my favorite sin one last final time. “

[b [#7f9084 “And what.. the fuck! Would that be!?”] ] Maggie spoke as she stood up it was clear that she was already getting annoyed by how rude the male was. Turning upon his heels he grinned and smiled. “Come to my room and find out.”

[b [#7f9084 “I’ma kill you!”] ] Maggie shouted as she stood up and instantly Charlie let out a loud cough before grabbing her hand and turning towards Ethan.

[i “Ethan, sometimes abuse victims… put up a huge vibrato and act as tough in order to mask the fear and shame they felt in the pass. Ethan, no one here is going to abuse you or hurt you. You don’t have to pretend-“]

“I’m not pretending. I’ve never been abused before.” Ethan spoke as he turned on his heels and grinned. “Hell, I just wanted to offer to keep her company because being alone is a bitch.”

[center [b flashback] ]

The pill bottle fell to the floor as the male reached for the bottle of alcohol. There was no point in living in a mundane world where everything was the same and he’d constantly be force to live out this boring existence. Watching the television play, he closed his eyes before taking a swig from the bottle of alcohol and closing his eyes once more. Everything was just a fucking cycle of depression and meaningless and the male could feel that he was falling deeper and deeper into despair. He’d use anything he could to cheer him up but so far nothing could. Not even the women he bought with his paychecks could satisfy him and as one laid by his side right now he slowly turned to stroke her hair.

She wasn’t a prostitute. She had been a concern co-worker that had asked to go home with him. Could she understand the deadness in his eyes and the desperate desire to escape from the absolute pit of despair which he constantly revolved around? He doubted it. Instead, all she saw was another person to help ease her own loneliness. Ethan despised how others used others. Despised how no body truly meant anything to him. For once, Ethan wished that he’d belong to someone. That someone actually cared for and wanted him. Closing his eyes he slowly drifted in and out…

And then he was floating. He’d watch the scene of his coworker waking up to his lifeless body and screaming. Seen the cops investigate and rule it a suicide. And now he was alone. That was until he came along.

[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/474x/17/ea/6a/17ea6af723fe5155f986ebafb1903f34.jpg ] ]

“Why you do it?” His voice came out as he walked towards the male. Turning his head Ethan saw the form of a young teenager walking towards him with a devil-may-care attitude and smile on his face. Reaching for a cigarette he lit it up before smoking and instantly that face was obscured by smoke. Taking aback, Ethan shrugged his shoulders not understanding what exactly he was asking. Why did he killed himself? Ethan didn’t know the answer so he spoke

“I was tired. I was tired of others living selflessly and no one needing me just for me. Everyone wanted to use me and then throw me away.”

Nodding his head the male held out his hands and Ethan looked at him. “I’m Valentino; and I need you. I wont ever throw you away. You can be my little angel.” He responded and Ethan couldn’t help but snort he wanted to be needed but he was in no ways gay. However he was dead now. So he guess that he didn’t necessarily have a ride to be picky as to who he was. Not to mention that he was so terribly, awfully lonely in life. He had done anything to make it stop. And so Ethan slowly spoke “Do you promise I’ll never be alone?”

“I promise..”
And that was all it took for him to sell his soul.

[center [u present.] ]

[i “Well, since Maggie is my.. girlfriend, she doesn’t need that offer.”] Charlie spoke and that was when the Emo chick repeated what she said and flipped Ethan the bored. Letting out a grin he slicked his hair back and he was beginning to feel like he’d made the right choice agreeing to show up her. Though, he doubt that he wanted to remember much of his human life. There wasn’t anything worth remembering about it and he doubt he’d change.

[i “And don’t lie to me. This is hell; everyone’s suffered some type of abuse. Even me. But I’ve worked through it and now I’m here to teach you guys how to cope with trauma!”] Charlie spoke as she smiled and tuck a stray piece of hair behind her ear. [i “My Father told me I was to happy to be a demon… And so.. he… made a whip that had my name on it literately. And every time he saw me smile he would order his servants to beat me. Sometimes he would beat me just because he wanted to. He’d also beat me because he was bored and he never told me he loved me. He always told me how much he hated me.. Eventually, I hated smiling. I went years, 12 years to be exact, without smiling. I hated myself. But, I, decided that I’m not going to change because someone forced me to and so.. I started to stand up for myself and become my own demon! I chose force myself to go back to how I was! I still have nightmares and flashbacks from those beatings. And, to be honest, the smell of leather and oil is a trigger for me since he would oil the whip before having me beaten with it but.. I’m happy Charlie who overcame her trauma! And I know that you guys can do it to!”]

Turning on his heel Ethan sighed softly. “oh.” Ethan spoke as he slowly move to sit down again. Once more he was stun into silence and didn’t have anything to say.

[I “Demons are bad because they hold onto their hate instead of letting it go. Well here, you’ll learn how to forgive. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because it help cleanses your soul.”]
  Ethan Morrison / Mr-X / 53d 17h 13m 0s
It had only taken one guess to figure out which of her associates this particular male had slept with [#a205d6 [I It had to be Lola. God that chick can’t keep her legs closed even if we cut them off and tied them to her back. It’s no wonder these two would get along so well. Why the hell did Francisco pick her for the job I’ll never clearly fucking know.]] the expression on her face however didn’t change.

As soon as his face went dark, she knew his business with Valentino had been personally affected [#a205d6 [I serves you and your scummy dickhead boss right. Maybe it’ll teach Valentino not to touch any of us in Francisco’s inner circle again; be it for business or for pleasure.]] Adelaide had turned to walk towards the buffet hall when she heard his comment about her ass being nice, she was quick to double back on her steps and gave him a furious glare. [#f245b0 “If you even dare think of touching me just because you want to see if I will scream as loud as Lola you are mistaken. I’m here for whatever it is the Princess of Hell wants. Nothing more. Nothing less.”] before storming off.

[Center ~]

Amongst all the memories she still had of being alive and in the human realm, it was the one that had brought her here to hell; it was the only memory that had been burned into her and honestly not even death a million times could erase the amount of pain it left Adelaide who was still picking up the pieces of who she once was.

[Center [u Flashback]]

[#f245b0 “PLEASE. DON’T TOUCH HER. TOUCH ME. TAKE ME.”] she struggled against the men who held her down, just out of reach was her sickly mother; who had for some time been a full time addict of the fentanyl kind. With that kind of drug came an excessive drug fee.

It seemed that her mother’s luck and financial support from the government had finally run out and so the debt sharks were here to collect what was owed in whatever manner they saw fit. [#f245b0 “Please, she’ll get the money. I promise. She just needs more time.”] her voice was practically hoarse, why was no one coming to save them? Why had no one called the police?

[Center ~]

[b “Then where is the money? You say she’ll get it but all I see in this house are discarded needles and the like. Your damn mother is so out of it, and so without her precious little fentanyl that she’s practically a zombie on legs. She’s useless. We’ll get rid of her. But you. You’re still alive. You’re also rather pretty.”] she hissed as she was hauled up by her arms to face the man who had become her new worst nightmare.

[b “Tell you what. We’ll pimp you out. You’ll make a pretty dollar. Once you’ve paid back what your dear. mama.”] the man kicked her mother in the stomach, there was no reaction out of her mother but a defeated wheezing noise [b “We’ll give you back…”] Adelaide watched in horror as the man reached from a gun in his waistband, before disabling the safety. She started to shake [#f245b0 “Please. Don’t kill her. Don’t shoot her. Haven’t you done enough?”] the words were barely out of her mouth as a spray of bullets lodged themselves in her mother. That was the only time Adelaide ever truly properly. Screamed.

[Center ~]

[Font "Georgia" [i “The young body of a woman, authorities have identified as a woman named Adelaide Montgomery aged 24 has been found at the side of highway 95. Detectives are unsure of just long her body has been there. However according to the head forensic detective at the scene. Constable Francisco Devon. There are signs of torture and serious assault marks on the body of the young woman. Believed to be part of the local sex trafficking ring. It is a shame, that they did not get to Miss Montgomery in time to save her life. Back to you in the studio Mark.”]]

[u Fransisco POV]

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/GsjdKdf.jpg]]

[I “Where are you little bird. Where, oh where did your little soul end up?”] He walked casually through the streets, the best bit about working with human authorities was that he was the one who got to pick which souls he wanted first - especially those who didn’t quite make it into heaven. He had found her body with his ‘human partner’ jasper and had been immediately drawn to her; even if she was bloody bruised and almost unrecognisable. Now that the investigation was clearly ‘closed’ he was allowed to go in search of the soul of one Adelaide Montgomery.

As he stepped into a graveyard, the many ghosts who were already there fled scared that he was there to drag them to hell, he paid them no mind and soon found exactly the soul he was looking for. She stood over a gravestone for what he could only assume was her mother. ‘Amelia Rose Montgomery. Beloved mother and sister.’ There was no date included. It seemed people had lost that part of Amelia’s identity.

[Center ~]

Fransisco came to stop right behind Adelaide whose cries could be felt and heard, she was a lost soul. One that could have easily gone to heaven but instead stayed here. [I “Child turn and face me.”] the female was clearly startled as she turned around and poised herself to scream. He gave her a kindly smile. [I “There is no need to be afraid. I am Fransisco. I was the detective who led to the capture and arrest of those who murdered your mother and did this to you.”]

[#f245b0 “How is it you can see me?”] [I “I am not human child. I am a demon. You might have heard of the lords of hell?”] she gave him a perplexed look and he found himself grinning. [I “How about I make you a deal. You come and work for me. I’ll make sure your mother’s ghost is found. If and when we find her. I’ll let you go and be with her. It’s an offer you can’t refuse. I’ll look after you and I’ll make sure both of you go to heaven.”] [#f245b0 “Why would a demon offer to give up souls. Isn’t that precisely the opposite of what’s normal?”] [I “I am a demon but I know you are suffering. I know that your mother is clearly lost to the wind somewhere you are going to need help to find her. Let me. Come with me.”]

The female gave him a reluctant look as she looked at her mother’s grave site again, he offered her a hand. She swallowed and took it. He smiled as they were transported to hell and she was returned to her original unscarred and uninjured body. His voice now took on a far more sinister tone. [I “Welcome to hell little bird. You belong to me now.”]

[Center [u End of Flashback]]

[#a205d6 [I Perhaps Ethan does deserve to fucking rot here in hell. God what kinda fucking messed up guy is he? I don’t care if he’s a porn star he clearly has no taste nor bedside manner. I hope to hell I don’t have to work along side him for the sake of whatever Princess Charlie has in store for us.]] Adelaide was clearly bitter as the entered the buffet hall; though she was immediately distracted by the scent and sight of all of the food. There was no alcohol sure, but Adelaide didn’t drink in the first place so she was glad with what was already there.

Picking up her own plate she took a whole slice serving of pesto chicken pasta, a simple greek salad and some slices of roast pork with gravy, as well as collecting a bottle of orange soda before approaching the table where Charlie and Murder chick sat. As she sat in one of the vacant seats; she didn’t bother speaking to either and just started eating. [#a205d6 [I When was the last time I had proper food like this? It’s so good! Oh my god I could get used to living here in this hotel.]]

They were soon joined by Ethan, at which Charlie decided to speak again [#a205d6 [I God her voice is still too cheery and loud. I wonder what murder chick sounds like]] as she listened to the idea that had brought Ethan and her to this place, it seemed a little outlandish if not downright ridiculous that someone such as the Princess of Hell was in the business of wanting to rehabilitate people and send them off to heaven. [#f245b0 “Does Hell have some kind of population control problem? Why the hell would you want to send us to heaven? Wouldn’t your dad be against this whole enterprise?”]

Ethan seemed all to eager to agree to the idea, and she looked down at her plate [#f245b0 “Guess I’ll stick around but if Fransisco comes calling I won’t be responsible for any damage or death left in his wake. He doesn’t particularly enjoy the idea of me not doing my job…”] she found herself rubbing her throat as if to comfort herself [#f245b0 “Apart from that I don’t see why not.”]
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Could that girl stop acting like this was Disneyland for just one second?
As Charlie spoke about how cute it was that two knew each other; Ethan simply nodded his head. He’d had heard the name “Pink Diamond” before and sure, he’d knew that some of Valentino’s men had bought drugs from her before. He, himself, was always kept far away from the grittier/dirty side of things. Afterall, he was his favorite little ‘angel.’ As the female introduced herself and asked whether or not he’d ever “boned” any of her associates the male couldn’t help but give a little grin at that. Indeed, he had a brief fling with one of Francisco’s top dogs. He’d remember on Lola being so loud in the bedroom that he’d had to cover her mouth and still her moans slipped through. Such beautiful music to his ears. Refusing to shake hands he turned towards the girl and decided to answer her own questions before properly introducing himself.

“Yeah, I’ve fucked a few of them. Though, only one was because I wanted to. I’m Ethan “Angeldust” Morrison. Valentino’s favorite Porn Actor.” And as she mention the last business deal that went sour the male’s face instantly went dark. He’d remember that day and how very, very, unhappy Val had been when he returned back to his studio. He’d taken it out on everyone that came near him. Ethan was smart enough to hide in his dressing room but the newer actresses were so lucky and some of them ended up having to wear masks on set that day.

Stretching out his body he chuckled a little when at the nick-name she’d given Charlie’s little emo sidekick. “Mis murder chick” sounded like a very appropriate title for her and as she turned to walk away Ethan looked up her up and down and spoke. “That’s a nice ass you got there little Miss Pink. You’ll have to let me grab it sometime after dinner.” And with that he was reached into his pocket and stared down at the room key which he’d been given. It seemed as if he would be on the bottom floor and down the left hall.

As he started to walked down towards his hotel room he couldn’t help but take in how nice and lavish it was. It was clear that the princess was using her title to be able to afford luxuries. Something this gaudy reminded him of some of the whores back at the studio. He never understood how, or why some people enjoyed the more expensive things in life. Standing before his door, he pushed it open and he blinked. There was no way that this could be right could it?

The room was rather massive and as the male walked in he couldn’t help but notice that despite how big it was it was also a simple room to. Basic blue walls stared back at him and there was a walkin closet. Heading towards it he open it to find that all of his clothes that he wore had somehow shown up here. Cocking his head to the side he muttured something about demon magic before reaching for an outfit which suited his style he thought. Going for a classic white t-shirt with blue jeans that fit snuggly he headed out of his room before stopping to check out his reflection in the mirror. Oh yeah, he was as hot as he remembered.

[center ~*~]

When Charlie told them to met at the buffet hall, she wasn’t joking. The hall was lined with silver pans full of just about any type of food a person could want here. Along with their being a soda and juice machine the male felt like he understood how the girl could stand to be so bubbly all the time. Reaching for a plate he grabbed a muffin and some baked chicken followed by a salad before sitting down at the table. It seemed as if he was the last person here and so now all eyes were on the female as she smiled back at them.

[right [pic https://img.blesk.cz/img/1/article/6469469_rovnatka-zuby-v0.jpg?v=0] ] Smiling at her two guess, Charlie turned towards her girlfriend Maggie who was already rolling her eyes. The emo chick had already felt like these two were a lost cause yet saying no to her beloved was a hard thing to do. So, as she picked at her food Charlie slowly smiled at the two before slowly placing cutting into her steak and cutting it thinly into pieces before chewing one. Wiping her mouth she set down her fork before tucking a blonde lock of hair behind an ear.

[i “So~ Like I said earlier in the car to you two. This place is a place to rehabilitate sinners and get them into Heaven! I know, I know, it sounds crazy coming from the princess of Hell but. Each day a lot of people are killed in hell and are sent to purgatory. That’s awful! I think that demons can become angels but they need to work through their own inner sins. You two all have problems that need fixing? You both have things you can remember. Well, here, I hope to help you two regain your memories and humanity so that way you can have a second chance of life and a second chance to get into heaven! Well, that’s the theory.. I actually don’t know how to get people into heaven..”]

Letting out a nervous laughter she shrugged her shoulders but smiled. [i “But, since you two volunteer to help me out! Rent here is free and so is food! You guys can stay here as long as you like, I only ask that in exchange you try not to sin! Easy right?”]

Turning towards the Adelaide and Ethan she smiled at them. Only for the male to shrug his shoulders and take a bite from his chicken. “Fuck this shit, I’m down.” The male spoke. “As long as you keep me away from Valentino, I’m willing to try. Though, I doubt that there’s a way for anyone in hell to be saved.”

[i “That’s the spirit! Positiviety!”] Charlie chimed in.
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