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[Center [Font "Skia" Welcome to my Vault of Threads.]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Please feel free to inquire about any of them, in fact feel free to reserve them. I am currently not looking to add to my huge load of threads that I am currently participating in, however if you seriously have a massive urge to rp one. Reserve it. when I free myself up I'll get right onto writing it]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [U Future Writers I hope to write with]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" AnimeLuver]]
[Center [Font "Skia" XxNikoxX]]


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Roleplay Responses

[Center [i Eight]]

[Center [Pic]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [#e8027e Welcome to Paradise Hill, where troubled souls come to made perfect"]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [U Based on the 2019 film 'Paradise Hill' directed by Alice Waddington]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" A place where young wilful disobedient individuals; go to be made perfect, or so they say. We invite you to join us, here you will find happiness as we work to make you the best version of yourself, just don't mind the dead bodies and the mirror image twin we've made of you.]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Get ready for a hell of a fight]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" [u Skeleton]]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Pic Link]]
[Center [Font "Georgia" Puppetmaster]]
[Center [Font "Georgia" Name]]
[Center [Font "Georgia" Age {18+}]]
[Center [Font "Georgia" Gender]]
[Center [Font "Georgia" Sexuality]]
[Center [Font "Georgia" Personality]]
[Center [Font "Georgia" Reason for being here]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [u Requirement]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Mature writers required]]
[Center [Font "Skia" No posts longer than 30 days]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Clean, coloured realistic based portraits for character images]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Please have seen the film Paradise Hill]]
[Center [Font "Skia" This is a mature romantic, fantasy-sci-fi thread that will be loosely following the events of the film, and it's universe. However the ending will be different]]
[Center [Font "Skia" We know the rules and the general not-to-dos of this site, I don't see the point of repeating it]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Just send me the link to your character profile and title your PM your favourite precious stone]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [U Accepted Characters]]]
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[Center [i Seven]]

[Center [Pic]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [#8fb5db "I'll show you all one day that I too can become a legend."]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [u Inspired by and based on the anime 'Assassin's Pride']]]
[Center [Font "Skia" You do not need prior experience or knowledge of the anime in order to participate in this rp]]

[Center [Font "Skia" In a world that has been consumed by darkness, only those of noble birth stand a chance at fighting off the monsters that lurk in the dark, known as Mana users these individuals fall into the following classes, thus gifting them with supernatural talent, of these classes there are ranking that make up the society as we know it.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Royal Classes - considered rarer, this class mostly resides within the genetical lineage of three distinct families: Angel, La Mor and Schicksal. These families are considered small in number but rule over the other classes in terms of domination of the battlefield and politically as well.]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [#250cdf Paladin:] Well rounded, general high level of attack/defensive power. Considered to be a trademark of the family Angel. They possess a unique characteristic known as 'Blessing' that allows these individual to regain health and mana points in battle, those surrounding them as allies are also blessed with the sharing of this gift when in use.]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [#590995 Diabolos:] Specialising in offensive attacks. Considered to be a trademark of the family La Mor. They possess a unique characteristic that allows them to absorb their enemies as well as their allie's mana. As a result they are deadly in head on combat.]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [#950934 Dragoon:] The only known class gifted with the ability to fly. Considered a trademark of the family Schicksal. These individual are gifted in both agility as well as general mobility in battle. However their expertise comes primarily in their ability destroy any defence that they may come upon. Alas, the consequence of this is they lose their ability to use their mana over a prolonged period of time.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Lesser or Noble Classes - considered more common, some of them are less so than others hence why some fall into the 'noble', whilst these individuals may be considered in the majority they rarely ever exceed or meet the raw power of those within the royal classes.]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [#125957 Samurai:] Otherwise known as the 'Assassin' class; these individuals are mostly gifted in the arts of stealth and agility. Used primarily as the 'dirty middle man'.]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [#e3520d Joker:] Individuals known to be able to mimic the abilities of the other lesser classes. However this will sap on their energy and they find it incredibly insulting when they have been outsmarted and their true abilities are revealed to their opponent. Considered rarer than most of the lower classes.]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [#950962 Maiden:] Sometimes referred to as the 'Dancer' this class type is considered the most showy and pretty of the set battle types. As they are able to embody mana as an energy source themselves. Considered best in mid-range combat.]]

[Center [Font "Skia" [#7e2a2b Gladiator:] A master in brute strength. These individuals mostly rely on their ability to just beat the living hell out of their opponent. However are considered easy to attack as many of the other classes do not choose to act as support. Hence it is not impossible to completely outmatch a gladiator type. Those who do attempt to assist this class, that hail from other classes quickly find their mana either depleted or their strength halved.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" [U The Story]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" With new blood comes grand sacrifice, in a whole new generation of members capable of using mana; in spite of all of the difficulties of the last generation to create a semblance or illusion of peace, an ancient evil is emerging and it is stripping those gifted with Mana; turning them into soulless ever hungry creatures who want nothing more than to take the life out of those who stand in the light. Murder and bloodshed is covering the streets and no one is quite sure how to tackle this. The guilds have fallen and so individuals are less left scattered... or so they think. It's up to them, the young to bring about change, defeat the ancient evil that has taken so much of their promised life and hopefully allow for the light to triumph.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" [U Taken or Reserved Classes]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" [U Skeleton]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Pic Link]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Puppetmaster]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Name]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Class - Higher classes will be first come first serve.]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Age | 16+]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Gender]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Sexuality]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Relationship Status]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Height | Weight | Blood Type]]
[Center [Font "Skia" 3 Positive Personality Traits | 3 Negative Personality Traits]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Notable family members - Optional]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Favourite colour - Optional]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Favourite food - Optional]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Weapon of Choice]]
[Center [Font "Skia" Three Strengths | Three Weaknesses]]
[Center [Font "Skia" One Unique Ability - Discussion may be needed for what does/does not suit the class you pick]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Backstory]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" [U Requirements]]]

[Center 1. Coloured anime pics only. Keep to ES guidelines. Ask me to store/resize it you'd like]
[Center 2. No God-Mod, No instant kill etc. We all have the same dislikes. We all know what not to do in rp.]
[Center 3. Cursing should be kept to a minimum]
[Center 4. No posts longer than 30 days]
[Center 5. Each person will pick one class. That is the class they will stick to unless they wish to double up. It is first in first serve.]
[Center 6. Have an issue? Talk to me. Ask for my discord if you have it.]
[Center 7. Have fun]
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[Center [I Six]]

[Center [Pic]]

[Center [#f0adbd [Font "Skia" [i If diamonds are a girl's best friend, why is it. Now that I have it. I feel so alone?]]]]

[Center [Font "Skia" Heavily Inspired by 'Sleeping Beauty', 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'The Ballad of Mulan']]

[Center [Font "Skia" A modern fairy tale with a twist. Plenty of princesses have had their happily ever after, but in the case of [u Muse A] how can she have a happy end when she was destined to rewrite and destroy everything?]]

[Center [Font "Skia" There will be trials and tribulations, there will be love and heartbreak but like so many before her, the dark doesn't have to be her path; but hell hath no fury for a woman scorned. The light may taste good but there are far... far darker temptations. What will our [U Muse A] do?]]

[Center [Font "Skia" He might have been born of good but his intentions are nothing but dirty, sometimes it takes a force born of evil, and a force born of good to come together to create the ultimate ending.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" [U Requirements]]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Literate Romance Writer]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" No responses later than 60 days]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" PM me if interested]]
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[Center [i Five]]

[Center [Pic]]

[Center [Font "Didot" [I [#fd7272 "Cause I'm still learning the art of love. I'm still tryin' to not mess up
So whenever I stumble let me know..."]]]]

[Center [Font "Didot" Whoever said love was easy? There is something about it, that makes it so impossibly hard and yet so breathtakingly easy, however no matter how you look at it. We are born to love and we are bound to die because of love. Love has caused conflicts, but it has also been the solution too many of the problems we find ourselves against. Love is power, a gift, a curse... love is an art.]]

[Center [Font "Didot" So tell me. Are you willing to learn the art of love with me?]]

[Center [Font "Didot" [u Needed]]]

[Center [Font "Didot" Mature 18+ Writer]]
[Center [Font "Didot" Realistic pictures]]
[Center [Font "Didot" This is a very laid back, casual role play. No rush to post.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" This Roleplay was heavily inspired by the song [u Art of Love] by Guy Sebastian ft Jordin Sparks]]
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[Center [i Four]

[Center [Pic]]

[Center [Font "Noteworthy Light" [#19b80a There are several things I hate in life. There's one thing in particular. [u [b ZOMBIES]]]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Zombies, man who loves them? Who hates them? Doesn't matter. Man you're dead. That's right D E A D. No bringing you back, but then wait why the hell are you looking at me like I'm the crazy one. My man, my person.. whatever the fuck it is you want me to call you. I don't particularly care. Just know that I'm alive. You're a zombie and my brains are not up for negotiations.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Now that I have your attention, welcome to the year uhhh 4504, we're not entirely sure. Time stopped working around the 3000 year mark, so at this point we could be in the year 7000 for all we know. Anyways. I brought you back because the world needs saving, well not this world but the past world. Never mind. Just do me a god damn favour, go back into the past. Stop the virus. Save us all and most of all keep the fact that you're a zombie. A secret... did I add that, the whole notion of you needing brains is a lie? Yeah. We made that up back then so we'd all feel bad for killing you.]]

[Center [i This Roleplay was loosely inspired by the anime Zombieland Saga, but has nothing to do with the actual anime.]]

[Center Skelly]

[Center [i Required Info]]

[Center Character Profile Link]
[Center Pic]
[Center Puppet master | Link to Profile | ]
[Center Character Name]
[Center Nickname]
[Center Age]
[Center Gender]
[Center Sexuality]
[Center Height | Weight]
[Center Blood Type]
[Center Favourite Quote]
[Center Favourite Song]

[Center Personality 3 Positive | 3 Negative]
[Center Special Talents]
[Center 3 Strengths | 3 Weaknesses]

[Center [i Optional Info, but recommended]]

[Center Weapon of choice]
[Center Year of Death]
[Center Year of Rebirth]
[Center Cause of Death]
[Center Personal History]

[Center [Font "Didot" [u Requirements]]

[Center 1. Mature Writers - No age limit on this Roleplay. It's open to anyone, and everyone whose interested]

[Center 2. Anime-Illustrated Pictures. Make them colourful, or not. Have fun. Keep the pics appropriate]

[Center 3. This is a casual RP with no real storyline, where we go who knows. We'll see in the moment]

[Center 4. No Godmod, instant romance, over cursing, no killing people/zombies yada yada etc. You get the idea. We practically all have the same rules and hatred for GMs, etc.]

[Center 5. This is a Group RP. We're not starting till we get at least 3-4 writers.]

[Center 6. Have fun. PM me or comment below if interested]
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[Center [I Three]]

[Center [Pic]]

[Center [Font "Hei" [#c270a0 "Wait till the last petal falls and you shall never be free. You cannot slumber forever my dear; you may try but even then love will always prevail."]]]

[Center [Font "Didot" In a world unlike the one we know, here is a place where everyone has a dictated path and those who stray do not tend to return alive. Here there are three types of peoples. [U The Weavers], [U The Catchers] and [U The Dreamcatchers] of the first two, it is simple; the Weavers create beautiful illusions that others would simply die for.. The catchers help to prevent those who choose to fall into the dreams of the weavers back into reality; then there is a third. The Dreamcatchers who are not only Weavers but Catchers too. Remarkably rare and utterly taboo they are sought after as the investigators for when the weaver's and their dreams go wrong; this is where you come in.]]

[Center [Font "Didot" God forbid a Catcher dates a Weaver... worse of all imagine falling in love with a Dreamcatcher.]]

[Center In a parody of two of the world's most classic love stories, I invite one writer to join me in this revamped version of Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty, where the stakes are real and the love even stronger.]

[Center [Font "Georgia" [U Requirements]]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Literate writer]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" I am opening this roleplay to younger writers, as I feel that this thread is a safe area for writers who wish to write with me who don't quite meet my other age required threads. There will be some romance but overall, it's going to be a fun new take on two of Disney's most legendary classics.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Realistic, natural photos]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Please be prepared to do a lot of pre planning, talking etc with me. If possible please have discord, makes communication easier, if not then we can still discuss on here I'll just an OOC thread.]

[Center [Font "Georgia" I will not be providing a skeleton, you can make it as simple or detailed as you like.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Please DM me if you are interested; this is not first in first serve. Just title the PM 'Dream' and I'll know what you're talking about!]]

[Center [Font "Cochin" [i Inspired by 'Jolene' by Dolly Parton, 'Panic Room' by Au/Ra and 'Good in Goodbye' by Madison Beer]]]
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[Center [i Two]]

[Center [Pic]]

[Center [I welcome to a place where legends come to live and die, where there is no beginning and where there is no end there is only the living and the dead; here there are people with stories a plenty and secrets to hide; it is here you find creatures of the deep, the earth and the sky; it is here where only the most peculiar souls come to live and it is here where the watchful eyes of the ravens cause fear. So come if you please, leave if you must but you'll never be the same once you visit.]]

[Center This Role-play was inspired partially by the Peculiar series by Ransom Riggs; in which there is a place where peculiar individuals like you and I can come to dwell in; however it is here where there are creatures yet unseen; and loosely inspired by the legendary pop culture creatures you and I have come to know.]

[Center [u The Creatures]]

[Center [ Crucial vocabulary list]
[Center please familiarise yourself and be aware that this vocal list is subject to change, and therefore may be expanded as I see fit as this is an evolving and expanding world. So do check back; I will remind you to do so occasionally when a crucial update has been written.]

[Center [u The Current Story]

[Center [I each of the empires Ilvorn, Epsal, Xenti and Penta have always been united and joined together in a cycle of never ending conflict; however a time of peace has emerged within the lands over the past three rotations of the three moons and single sun; but a prophecy is emerging that threatens to crumble the land and may break the hierarchy as it has always been; which land shall conquer and which shall divide, we shall see for it is whispered that the cauldron that has always created the next generation has been tipped before it's time; unleashing magic unknown; and creatures with terrifying strength; the cauldron must be set right if each of the lands is to survive.]

[Center [u The skeleton]

[Center Humanoid pic]
[Center Creature pic]
[Center PuppetMaster]
[Center Name]
[Center nicknames]
[Center Age]
[Center Species]
[Center Gender]
[Center Sexuality]
[Center Status Rank]
[Center Personality 4 positive|4 negative]
[Center Backstory]
[Center Speech colour Code]

[Center accepted characters]

[Center [u What I need]

[Center One Writer each to represent each of the races, therefore that means you will be asked to play two characters, however you may choose for example to play a Lycoi and a Brooder, that means that someone else will play the Lycai and the Broodin etc.]

[Center [u Rules]

[Center 1. No GodMod, No instant kill/romance, you get the drift, we all have the same rules regarding this.]

[Center 2. Illustrated pictures only please. One for your humanoid self and your other creature self.]

[Center 3. Adults only, meaning no one under the age of 20 will be permitted into this thread regardless, no exemptions.]

[Center 4. Cursing is fine, as is moderate graphic violence but nothing extreme e.g Gore and nothing that violates the terms and Services of this site.]

[Center 5. Be prepared to at least write 3-4 paragraphs, I am not going to put a limit on character-word count, I just need to be able to see and write from 3-4 decent paragraphs, I do not require you to have a weekly post requirement.]
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[Center [i One]]

[Center [Pic]]

[Center [Font "American Typewriter" [#fb6450 [i "Knock, Knock, Knock on the gates of hell, Run, Run Run before I cast my spell."]]]]

[Center [Pic]]

[Center [Font "American Typewriter" Magic is such a fickle thing, especially when it goes wrong; there are lighter and there are darker then there are the in-betweens. But here we find ourself spell bound and in a cell. Welcome to your last trial, your last chance to fight for your life. You have magic within you, you know this and now you must use it against the horrors that creatures unknown who are coming for you. Tick Tock, Tick Tock. You'll need friends and you'll have enemies. Be smart, stay true and maybe you'll survive. Good luck]]

[Center [Font "American Typewriter" Every year four witches are chosen, every year only one makes it out. To make it out means winning the game and gaining whatever it is your heart desires most, for some they are selfless they bring back the witches that were lost in their year whereas others strive for power, riches other such mortal things. Which will you be? What will you choose?]]

[Center [u [Font "American Typewriter" Needed]]]

[Center Three mature writers over the age of 17, you need to be able to write more than three decent paragraphs per post, there will be some research required. Please private message me if you're interested. This is a first come first serve thread.]

[Center Any/All areas of magic are currently available. We will discuss it further in detail]

[Center Accepted Characters]
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