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Why he had to make clear Kay was just his roommate was behond him. Well actually it wasn't because most people they came across seemed tl think they were dating. And well he wanted that to really be the last thing that Megara thought. They had spent one of the many times they met before where Kimmy really had made a mess and it took awhile for her to believe him. So this time kind of taught him to be direct. At least in that sense.

[#e60f26 "You said you lived alone. Is that by choice or?"] And he did cursed under his breath. That particular thing had not been what Zeke meant to ask her. But it had come and he could not take it back. But when she had gone on to explain her brother to him, the fallen angel offered a light smile with a chuckle. [#e60f26 "Brothers are meant to be pains..and so are sisters. Part of their charms."] He said thoughtfully.

He kind of understood but at the same time he didn't. Again he was more or less trying to keep her talking. Was hoping that the ease would at least stay as he had been aching for it much more than he could have ever imagined. There was just that hope that he didn't seem like a creep or weird her out.
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[center Megara felt her cheeks heat up as a small blush tinted them. It was rare someone ever gave her a compliment. Sure, it was only for her name, but it was still sweet. She had never hated it, but she'd had thoughts of changing it. Knowing someone other than her parents liked it, however, was just enough to make her rethink it.]

[center When he spoke about his roommate, she noted that that was how he introduced the girl first. Was she really a roommate, or was he just telling her that to get even more of her attention? He didn't strike her as the kind to lie about having a girlfriend or not, so she assumed the girl must really be his roommate.]

[center She chuckled and pushed some hair behind her ear, glancing at the book in his hand. [b "I would say I understand, but I live alone, so I don't have that problem,"] she said with a smile. [b "I [i do] understand trying to get away from someone for a while. My brother was a pain when I lived with my parents."] She could easily remember the days he would run into her room while she was trying to study just so they could play a game or two. While she missed seeing him every day, she didn't miss the noise the kid made.]
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And so it began. The familiarity and the draw. Both had some intents to try and read the other. Something that even now still both amused and shocked the fallen angel. The ONLY reason he guessed she had been trying to read him was the look in her eyes and how she had been watching him. Probably the same way that he had her?

[#e60f26 "I guess you're not. But I still like your name being unique as opposed to mine. Has a nice ring."] The words were soft as he spoke them. There was no harm in the compliment was there? Besides he Megara really was a nicer name than Zeke. At least it was in his opinion.

The "young" man slipped his backpack strap back over his shoulder and reached for another book. One of theology just because he could and turned back to the young woman when she spoke answering his posed question. [#e60f26 "As good a reason as any. You strike me as the type who loves her alone time and books. Oh have a late afternoon class and got bored. I knew that my roommate would avoid the library because she's bouncy and loud and this just isn't her kind of place. But I guess to pick this up too."] He said as he motioned to the book that he had pulled down and now held in his hands.
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[center Megara tilted her head slightly as she watched him. He had a strange look on his face, but she couldn't quite tell what he was thinking. Was the feeling of familiarity sinking in for him as well? Or was she just crazy? It all felt like deja vu.]

[center [i Zeke.] She repeated the name in her mind a few times before she returned his smile. [b "It's nice to meet you, too. It seems I'm not the only one with a unique name around here."] She couldn't help but wonder if he was from around the area. Did he go to the same school as her? She pushed the thoughts from her mind. Surely that was too much to think. She didn't know him.]

[center She shrugged and adjusted the purse hanging from her shoulder. [b "My class was canceled for the day and I live alone, so I figured I'd do some procrastinating before grocery shopping. How about yourself?"] Why not keep the conversation going? He seemed nice enough.]
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Awkward wasn't exactly the way to be describing how Zeke was feeling in those moments. The emotions were strong and overwhelming. Sorrow, guilt, joy, and fear were just a few of the emotions he was able to identify. Though MOSTLY fear because he knew her. Knew what happened when they were together. And yet it never failed either. Their bond and their link was ALWAYS drawing them back in and terrible things were always happening. Mostly to her it seemed. The worst part of all this was that Ezekiel could never stop it from happening either.

Those thoughts seemed to dictate the space within his mind and so he was hardly aware when he had gotten the book down or when she had taken it from him. All he knew was it was the soft "Thank you" that called him back. [#e60f26 "Yeah, no problem. Good to be useful for something."] He said with a faint smile as he had purposely kept from touching her or being so close.

For a moment and almost pained smile graced the male's lips when she said her name. One he had known over and over again. But alas, he could not say it. Could not make it known. EVERYTIME he had to make it seem like the first time. A real pain in the ass and cut him deeper each time. [#e60f26 "That's a pretty name and not one you hear often. But fitting. I'm Ezekiel...well Zeke. Nice to meet you."] He would have held out a hand to her, but was afraid of what could or would happen if they touched.

And for a moment he was silent. [#e60f26 "So what brought you here so early?"] Maybe not smart words or even a question you asked some random person.. But he was truly curious and wanted to talk to her. Even if about trivial things. He wanted to get to know her again. Wanted to see what she was like this time. His only prayer at the moment happened to be that none of the others turned up. For the moment, Kimmy the most as she loved to give him shit and could make this REALLY awkward. Well more so than it was already.
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[center Megara had to admit, she was glad he was playing along. If he were to report her or something, she would have to run for the hills and never look back. She had noticed he was avoiding her gaze as well, now, which was interesting to her. He didn't seem like the type to be awkward, but it definitely made her feel better to know she wasn't the only one at the moment.]

[center She watched him as he walked over the plucked the book from the shelf, taking it from his hands. For some reason, she was very careful to make sure her fingers didn't brush his. It wasn't something she'd ever been conscious about before, so why she was now, she wasn't sure. [b "Thank you,"] she said, holding the book close to her chest.]

[center [b "I'm Megara."] She introduced herself before she could really think about it. The words had just slipped from her mouth and she had to smile to hide the slight panic she felt. She didn't talk to strangers. Not unless she had to. But for some unknown reason, she immediately felt drawn to the man. That alone frightened her to a degree.]
  Megara / Burning_Heart / 37d 22h 59m 1s
Those visions..old dreams had been enough to haunt him. And then there was this. Seeing her in the flesh. After so long too. It was normal for them to come across the other from life to life, Ezekiel had not been expecting to again so soon. So now he knew why the dreams and visions had been so strong and so persisten.

Slowly he shook his head as he had been staring at the young woman who had by now stopped trying for her book and had taken a glance his way. [#e60f26 "Nope, didn't see a thing. Just a girl who wants a book."] He muttered, feeling awkward himself.

The man knew her. All of her just about. The thing was, she didn't him. But that never stopped the draws. [#e60f26 "Yeah, might be easier if I did."] And without thinking, Zeke went to where she was standing beneathe the shelf and got the book down for her. It kind of was the least he owed her.
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[center Megara was so close to the book she wanted, her fingers barely grazing it, when a voice caught her attention. She gasped and spun to face the man, her eyes widening slightly. Her breath caught in her throat as she stared at him. She wasn't sure why, but he seemed so familiar to her. Which was strange because she was positive she'd never seen him before. Or maybe she had and just didn't remember.]

[center Her cheeks flushed as she cleared her throat and ran a hand through her hair, avoiding his gaze. [b "You, uhm...you didn't see that, alright?"] She felt embarrassed at having gotten caught trying to climb the shelf. Of course, she could've just asked someone to get it for her, but she'd always been socially awkward, and that probably wasn't going to go away any time soon.]

[center However, as she glanced at him, she couldn't help but ask for his help anyway. [b "Would you...would you help me?"] Her voice was soft now, hoping he wouldn't laugh at her. She was sure she would die on the spot if that were the case.]
  Megara / Burning_Heart / 37d 23h 20m 42s
[i The 'young' man was walking to the house he had come to know and actually come to like. Well it wasn't exactly that he liked the house or the people. But he did like...no love ONE person. And he had just found her again in this life. And again had had to take it slow. They both knew the other. Or it seemed like they did. He knew for sure that he did her and well he was making his way to see her since he had gotten done what he needed to do.]

[i Thinking about her was a pleasure and helped him get through the lonely days he spent mostly alone. BUT the white in the sky, the puffs of clouds above the trees had his heart racing in his chest. Ezekiel knew those puffs of clouds and knew them well. It was NOT clouds but smoke. And the smoke was rising higher and higher above her house.]

[i Running, running as fast as he could the man pushed his way through the gathering outide. The closer he got, the more he could see. Thick black smoke and fires risong from all angles of the house. Blue eyes scanned the family, taking a head count and...NO! she wasn't there. Without a thought, he ran for it. Ran towards the burning building with every intent to save the girl, but was held back by strong arms as a flaming beam came down]

Water spilled over him and he glared at the giggling redhead in front of him. "Looked like you fell into another of your trances there Zekie-poo." Kimmy trilled as she set down the bucket. "Oh come on?! Would you rather relive it AGAIN? Blame yourself AGAIN? For what had happened?" The young woman scolded with a huff and crossed arms.

[#e60f26 "No. But I hate the way you wake me from it, Kay. Just knowing it's getting stronger and worse is what worries me. It makes me KNOW she is close somehow..."] Ezekiel muttered as he brushed long fingers through messy dark brown hair. Blue gaze locked with the piercing green that were glaring at him. [#e60f26 "I know you think I'm crazy. You all do.."] Came quiet and irritable words as he went to the drawer and pulled out a white shirt, blue jeans ripped across the knees and the black leather jacket that became part of his signature look. He didn't care that Kimmy was right there and just got dressed, green eyes rolling.

"You could have warned me you jerk!" Kim shouted wich caused him to smile. [#e60f26 "Why, nothing you haven't seen before."] And with that he grabbed his keys, phone, wallet and messenger back and was out the door, leaving Kimmy gaping after him. He didn't have class yet and wouldn't until the later part of ther afternoon. Perks to registering late and taking what was left open. And so Zeke let his feet lead bim wherever they wanted and was surprised when it happened. Because that was the last place he thought he would end up. But with a shrug, Zeke walked up the steps and into the building, skimming the rows of books.

[#e60f26 "Might end up falling if you do that."] The words slipped out when he came to a row and saw just a young woman at its center. It looked like she wanted something from and upper self from how she was looking up. But he didn't speak further and was rooted to the spot he stood. No way....
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[center [i She couldn't breathe. It was the first thing Megara thought of as she ran through the halls, her head spinning as smoke filled her lungs. She wasn't sure when or how the fire had started, but she knew she needed to get out of the mansion, and fast. Unfortunately for her, with the smoke as thick as it was, it was hard to tell where she was going. A home she'd known all of her life was suddenly strange to her. Perhaps it was because of her panicked state.]]

[center [i She tried to cried out as the rug slipped out from under her, but her chest hurt too much for her to even make a sound. Her body was aching now, and she knew if she didn't hurry, she'd never see her family again. Never see] him [i again.]]

[center [i She began to cough, her vision dimming.]]

[center Megara woke with a start. Her hair stuck to her head from sweat, her breathing heavy as she sat up. For almost a week now, she'd had the same dream. She was always sure she was going to die, but she always woke up right before. She looked at the time on her clock before groaning. It was only seven in the morning, far too soon for her to be up, but she knew she would never be able to go back to sleep if she tried.]

[center Annoyed by another night of interrupted sleep, she forced herself from the bed. She ran through her morning routine of brushing her hair and teeth before pulling her reddish-brown strands into a messy bun on her head. She threw on a pink sweater, some black pants, and a pair of flats before making her way to her kitchen.]

[center Her apartment was small, with one bed and one bath, but it was lived in and very comfortable for her needs. As she made a cup of coffee, however, she couldn't help but think of how lonely it could be. It was mornings like this that she missed her parents, but living closer to the school was what she had wanted, so here she was.]

[center After an uneventful morning and an email stating her one class was canceled, Megara decided to make her way to the public library, choosing to walk instead of drive. It was a pretty day out and she figured she could use the fresh air, her nightmare still on her mind. She wasn't sure why it kept happening, but it was making sleep harder and harder every night. She wasn't concerned before, but it was beginning to be too much for her.]

[center She did her best to push the dream from her mind, wanting to enjoy a good book for a while. It wasn't long before she was walking up and down the book isles, searching for her favorite author. She was grateful when she finally found her, but frowned when she saw most of the books were on the top shelf. Cursing her height, she stood on her tiptoes, reaching as high as she could to get one of them down. She huffed when her first attempt failed. She quickly began looking for a step stool, disappointed when she didn't find one. She bit her lip before looking around once more, making sure no one was around. She was sure she could just climb the shelf if need be.]
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