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A relationship based around trust was very fragile. A relationship that was so fragile could break at the smallest thing that became inconvenient for those involved. This was why Hongseok and Yunhyeong constantly danced around each other when it came to certain aspects of their relationship. How long would it last when a third person comes into their lives?

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Hai~! Author-nim here with another story! Hongseok and Yunhyeong are here with their story! I am in the mood for a [i hard] angst-y story and I think I can manage this while working on the spinoff. Who is going to appear in this story? Well...

Now onto the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Hongseok: A shapeshifter who joined Moonbin's pack after finding his mate in Yunhyeong. He is known as the mood maker between the both of them, keeping things at least somewhat happy between himself and Yunhyeong. He has his own past to deal with, but pushes it aside to make sure Yunhyeong was okay. His animal form is a large white colored wolf with a silver patch on his back.

Yunhyeong: A pure blooded werewolf who is a vampire hunter under Moonbin's faction. He is the middle child between himself, Jinhwan and Chanwoo, and arguably the most fragile of the three of them. He hides behind a cold personality, but finds that exterior breaking at times the more time he spends with Hongseok. His wolf form is a large Red Wolf with brown paws and three claw marks on the left side of his face, the middle claw mark going over his left eye seen in his wolf and human forms.

Jun: A pure blooded werewolf who recently returned to the field of hunting werewolves after a long hiatus. He was in China for a long time working for the government with his pack before they let him leave the country to continue hunting werewolves under Wontak's faction. He did have his own faction but gave it to Dongmyeong when he returned to his pack, letting Dongmyeong have full control of it. His wolf form is a large dark brown colored wolf with a large x shaped scar on his back seen in his wolf and human forms.

Daewon: A pure blooded werewolf who is a member of Jun's pack. He is considered to be the only person in their pack to be so close to Jun despite the fact that they aren't mates. He used to be more outgoing but due to his return to China has completely changed. He still maintains a friendly demeanor, but also a cold demeanor when around those he didn't know. His wolf form is a large silver colored wolf with a white underside and white feet with a large claw mark going across his face going down his left eye seen in his wolf and human forms.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to [https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/915246 these] guys for the awesome poster~!


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[center Chapter 14]

Jun was actually enjoying having Kevin around again. Despite his permanent dog status Kevin was a decent person to be around. "What was your role when you were alive again?" Asked Jun. "When I was still a 'shifter? I don't remember," said Kevin as he shrugged. "I feel like my side of the pack consisted of mostly trackers though, as Changmin and Chanhee are mostly used for that," he said. "Eric had the fighters from what I understand and Jacob had a medic in Younghoon while he and the others were hunters," he said.

"Though, everyone had medic training, I think," said Kevin as he thought it over. "It was something that was important, as Jacob had been in school to be a nurse before he started changing," he said. "There was a medic of sorts assigned to each side of the pack, I had Juyeon, Jacob had himself and Younghoon in case Jacob wasn't available, and Eric had Haknyeon," he said. "Hm," hummed Jun.

[center ~]

A sigh left Daewon as he leaned back in his chair, looking at his phone in thought as he sorted through his emails. "What's wrong?" Asked Jun as he sat beside Daewon. "Just information being passed around," said Daewon as he sighed again, putting his phone on the table. "Anything interesting happening?" Asked Jun. "Not really," hummed Daewon as he grabbed his cup of coffee and took a sip before putting it back on the table.

"How's things with you and Yunhyeong faring?" Asked Daewon. "They're faring," said Jun. "Sometimes I wonder how we're going to make things work, but I think Yunhyeong's just looking for reassurance that I won't do what Hongseok did," he said. "Which, I won't but," he said, shrugging. Daewon hummed in response.

"Where's Kevin?" Asked Daewon. "He went back home for a bit, Juyeon needed him for something," said Jun as he shrugged. "Ah," said Daewon.

[continue tomorrow]
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[center Chapter 13]

Jun came to, sitting up with a gasp when he felt the chip pulse to wake him up. He looked around the room, finding himself in Yunhyeong's room. Kevin walked into the room when he felt the rush of emotions coming from Jun. "Jun?" He asked. Jun blinked, looking at Kevin.

"Are you okay?" Asked Kevin. "I'm fine," said Jun as he nodded. "How long was I out?" He asked. "A few weeks," said Kevin. "Everyone was worried, but Daewon said this was normal," he said. "Moonbin knows about everything then," said Jun. "For the most part," said Kevin.

"What happened with Hongseok?" Asked Jun. "Moonbin kicked him out of the pack," said Kevin. "Do you remember what happened?" He asked. "Vaguely," said Jun. "I remember my body just not wanting to respond to what I was trying to do, but that's it," he said.

"He was gonna kill you," said Kevin as he looked away from Jun. "Oh," said Jun as he sighed. "I don't remember much of what happened," he said. "So I guess I was expecting that," he said.

"Are you okay?" Asked Jun as he looked at Kevin. "I'm fine," said Kevin as he nodded. "The others are too," he added. "Jacob is here, if you want to see him," he said. "I guess," grunted Jun as he moved to get off the bed, slowly standing and taking a few steps to make sure he was fine before walking out of the room with Kevin following after him.

"By the way, the collar fits you," Jun said with a slight chuckle, earning a sigh from Kevin. "I forgot I had this thing on," said Kevin as he shook his head. "I guess I really am a dog now huh?" He asked. "Yep," said Jun.

When Jun made it to his favorite spot outside in the backyard Jacob, in a rare show of emotion, tackled Jun and hugged him. Jun nearly fell backwards, but quickly balanced himself, putting his arms around Jacob as he returned the hug. "Don't scare us like that," said Jacob as he moved away, looking at Jun. Jun shook his head. "I won't," he said.

"I see you're up and walking around," said Daewon as he walked over with Jinhwan. "I am," said Jun as he turned around to face Daewon. "So Moonbin knows then?" He asked. "Yep," said Daewon. "I had to tell him, because our contacts in China have been getting weird phone calls from Hongseok," he said.

"So we still have a hold on China," said Jun. "It seems we do," hummed Daewon. "We just can't return to the country," he said. "Who else do you know?" Asked Jinhwan. "We can't tell you," said Daewon. "Though I'm sure Moonbin will be contacted soon," he said.

"How is Eric?" Asked Jun as he turned to Jacob and Kevin. "He's faring," said Jacob. "He wanted to come see you, but we told him to wait til you woke up," he said. "I've been here since you got rescued," said Kevin. "It wasn't looking good for the first week," he said.

"My body was shutting down," said Jun as he shook his head. "For it to suddenly restart like that, it'll look bad for a week or so," he said. "You weren't there when it happened last time, Eric was," he said. "Right, he was with you since it started," said Jacob.

"You and Yunhyeong need to have a chat it seems," said Jinhwan as he looked at Jun. "I know," said Jun as he sighed, feeling the contract reacting to something. He turned to Jacob and Kevin who shrugged. "It's Eric, I think," said Kevin. "He must be relieved to see that you're awake," he said. "Or rather, feel that you're awake," he added.

[center ~]

"You're okay," said Yunhyeong as he met Jun outside after dinner a few days later. "Yeah, I am," hummed Jun as he looked up at the sky to look at the moon.

"So much for the trust huh?" Asked Jun as he turned to Yunhyeong. "I didn't think he'd go that far," said Yunhyeong as he sighed. "I was not here to do anything to your pack," said Jun. "If I was, I wouldn't have agreed to come with you to Germany in the first place," he said. "I would've come over myself to wipe out your pack if I was ordered to," he said.

"The way I see it is you're a lot like me," said Yunhyeong as he shifted on his feet a bit, relaxing as he let his arms drop to his side. "We've been used 'til we break, and now the others are trying to put the pieces of us back together, except I have my pack and you just have Daewon, and the three under your contract," he said.

"What is your role in the pack?" Asked Jun. "Other than a hunter anyway," he added. "Back then I was a tracker," said Yunhyeong. "I was able to get us in and out relatively quickly," he said. "I don't do much tracking anymore but," he added, shrugging.

"Did you know then?" Asked Jun. "That we were mates? I knew," said Yunhyeong. "A part of me also knew that you wouldn't return the feelings, but I never knew why until you told me about the chips," he said. "I am fine with it," he said. "Because under all that icy exterior is someone just trying to live," he said.

"We'll make it work," said Jun. "I know," said Yunhyeong. "We have to, if Hongseok leaves for good," he said. "I don't think he'll reject me, for obvious reasons but," he said, shrugging.

[center ~]

Jacob had left, promising to return later with Eric once Jun was completely recovered. Kevin stayed around, knowing that Juyeon had things covered back home. Kevin never took off his collar, and Jun moved into Yunhyeong's room with Kevin having a dog bed in the room. They had asked if he wanted a regular bed and Kevin refused, saying something about not being comfortable in a regular bed. He mostly slept in his dog form anyway,

"It's a shame," said Jun. "What is?" Asked Kevin as he stood beside Jun. "Hongseok doing whatever he's doing," said Jun. "It's really hurting Yunhyeong," he said. "I realize that," said Kevin. "But you're here for him right?" He asked. Jun nodded.
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[center Chapter 12]

Jun and Hongseok's tense atmosphere eventually exploded, with Hongseok confronting Jun about some suspicions he had. Jun wasn't even doing anything, and Daewon had left again with the promise of being back as soon as possible. He had to catch up with a few of his contacts anyway, to make sure they knew that Chanwoo's network was now in their hands.

"The hell is wrong with you?" Asked Jun as Hongseok pretty much slammed him into the wall behind Jun. "What is wrong with [i me]? What is wrong with [i you]?" Snarled Hongseok as he glared at Jun.

"You think I'm afraid of you dog?" Asked Jun as he felt the contact burning, reacting to some anger on Jacob's side. "I suggest you back off," he said, pushing Hongseok away.

Why the hell were they left alone again? Of course, it had to be a day where everyone was busy but himself and Hongseok. Jun wasn't pissed off yet, but he could feel Jacob reacting to the anger of him being pushed into the wall.

"Why are you even here?" Asked Hongseok. "I [i know] you have the contract over those three," he spat. "Your [i government] wasn't exactly secretive when it comes to their soldiers," he growled. "I know about the chip," he said, and a pulsing migraine brought Jun to his knees as he groaned, clutching his head.

"It's a shame, that I'll have to kill you," said Hongseok as everything went black for Jun.

[center ~]

Daewon had felt the chip reacting to something on Jun's side, and a call from Kevin about Jacob and Eric going on an anger filled rampage made him return to Germany. Kevin had come along, meeting Daewon in Poland. When they made their way back to Germany Kevin was becoming unresponsive at times, just staying in his dog form when they reached Berlin. Daewon was forced to put a collar on Kevin and attach a leash so that no questions would be asked. Kevin remained well behaved so the humans left them alone for the most part.

Yunhyeong met them at the train station, as Hongseok and Jun had been missing from the house for a few days prior to their return. "I swear I don't know what he's doing," said Yunhyeong. "I know," said Daewon. "However, we need to get to him before something happens," he said. "Kevin is not human right now, something is going on," he said.

"Would the contract react like that?" Asked Yunhyeong as he left with Daewon and Kevin. "I don't know, this is the first time this has happened," said Daewon. Kevin seemed to be dragging Daewon in a certain direction so Daewon hurried along, with Yunhyeong quick to follow behind him.

[center ~]

Jun came to, feeling that his arms were tied behind him with chains attached to the wall behind him stretching his arms behind him. "You're in trouble now," he grunted as Hongseok leaned down into his view. "I don't think so," said Hongseok. "Your body is shutting down you know," he said. "I'd kill you before that even happens," spat Jun as he tried to move forward but his body wouldn't cooperate. The contract was holding, for now. He just hoped that Kevin and his brothers weren't rendered as regular animals again.

"What the hell did you do to me?" Asked Jun. "I simply disabled your chip with a shock to your brain," said Hongseok as he stepped backwards, standing up as he walked over to a table and picking up an item before walking over. Jun tried to move, but his body just.



"What the hell did I ever do to you?" Asked Jun as Hongseok shoved a taser onto Jun's back and turning it on, causing Jun to jolt, gritting his teeth. "Exist," said Hongseok as he took the taser away and walked back to the table and grabbing another item. He walked back with a cattle prod and turned it on, slamming it onto Jun's back. Jun grunted from the impact, gritting his teeth from the pain.

Jun could feel his wolf wanting complete control, but would his body handle it? What was going to happen with the others? Especially the three under his contract. Jun had to hold out just a little longer, they would be coming for him soon.

[center ~]

Daewon entered the warehouse, immediately unclipping the leash from Kevin who bolted into the main room, barking and tackling Hongseok who was about to deliver another blow to Jun.

Daewon ran over to Jun who was barely hanging on at this point. "Hang in there alright?" He asked. "I'm going to restart your chip, hang in there Jun!" He shouted, yanking the chains off the wall and quickly going to Jun, putting his hands on either sides of Jun's head. "Look at me alright?" He asked. "Hang in there, I can't lose you again," he said as Jun looked up at him, his eyes cloudy and distant. Daewon reached into his pocket, bringing out his phone and pulling up an app, tapping a couple things on it before putting it next to Jun's head where his chip was located.

Jun jolted at the sensation of the chip restarting, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he passed out. Daewon let out a sigh of relief, taking his phone away and looking at the screen, tapping another button to make sure Jun's chip was restarting before getting to his feet and turning to Kevin and Hongseok who was on his back with Kevin staring down at him, snarling.

Yunhyeong walked over, glaring down at Hongseok who just glared up at him. "You don't know what I know," said Hongseok. "You're lucky as hell that Kevin respects 'shifter law," said Yunhyeong as he took out his phone to make a phone call, stepping away from them.

Daewon knew Kevin had it covered, so he turned to Jun and went to put him in a more comfortable position, taking off his shirt and bunching it together to put under Jun's head as he laid Jun on his back. He felt very strange, but it was probably due to his chip suppressing the feeling of sadness.

[center ~]

Chanwoo entered the warehouse with Jinhwan and Moonbin, who had to come along since it had involved a 'shifter. Kevin was refusing to put up his human illusion, but he had relaxed, sitting down and waiting on a command from Daewon.

"I never thought you'd have it in you," said Moonbin as he looked down at Hongseok who was still on his back. "You have to believe me damn it," said Hongseok. "Don't even bother trying to explain everything," said Moonbin. "Daewon was given the go ahead to tell me about the chips," he said. "And I know about Kevin here," he added.

"Kevin," said Daewon. "You're good to be human," he said. Kevin put up his human illusion, the expression on his face showing relief. "I feel my brothers calming down too," he said. "Good," said Daewon.

"Is Jun okay?" Asked Jinhwan as he turned to Daewon. "He'll be fine," said Daewon. "It'll take a couple weeks to recover again but," he said, sighing. "I feel my chip reacting to his restarting, so it's working," he said.

"Get out of here," said Moonbin. "I don't care about 'shifter law at this point either," he added. "Because I wouldn't go this far just to hurt my mate's pure blooded mate," he said. "Reflect on your actions, don't bother coming back until you're ready to admit fault," he said. Hongseok shivered at the commanding tone in Moonbin's voice, forcing himself to get to his feet before nodding to Moonbin and making his way out of the building. Kevin followed after Hongseok to make sure he did leave before coming back to check on Jun.
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[center Chapter 11]

"A meeting that requires the presence of everyone here?" Asked Moonbin. "Either way everyone ends up getting involved," said Kevin. Haknyeon and Sunwoo soon walked back, going to stand on either side of Eric as Sangyeon and Younghoon went to stand on either side of Jacob and Chanhee, Changmin and Juyeon took their places on either side of Kevin. Daewon and Jun kept a neutral stance, putting their hands in their pockets as they waited for this meeting to start. Chanwoo was unsure of what he was supposed to do but he went to stand beside Jun.

"So," said Eric as he relaxed out of his alpha stance, shifting slightly to appear as neutral as possible. "What was your reasoning to get all three of us here?" He asked. "Why do I have a feeling that this may determine how much of an interaction you'll have with me?" Asked Moonbin as he tilted his head to the side.

"Well," said Eric as he looked at Jacob and Kevin before fixing his gaze on Moonbin. "Jacob came first to warn you," he said. "And you didn't listen to his warning," he added. "Kevin came over when you weren't even here and Chanwoo passed on the message," he said. "But you continue to try and push this territory opening?" He asked.

"More hunters are pushing their way to where you live," said Moonbin. "Of course they are, we let them," said Eric. "I already let communications between hunters be known," said Kevin. "Quite a few teams have gone through and made sure it was okay to do so," he said.

"Who was the most recent team to go through?" Asked Moonbin. "Hwanhee and the twins," said Kevin. "They were going through with Yunho and his brother as they formed a team of sorts," he said. "Well, Xion and Yunho did, the others just tagged along to make sure things would go smoothly for them," he added. "I see," hummed Moonbin.

"Opening territory for communication isn't needed then," said Eunwoo. "Since you've already done so," he added. "Well, for hunters," said Jacob. "Our information network is off limits if that's what you're trying to get," he said. "We have exclusivity rights with someone already," he added.

"Who runs your information network?" Asked Rocky. "We can't say," said Eric. "Though Chanwoo knows," he added. "I do," said Chanwoo as he nodded. "However due to confidentiality I can't share who it is until they give the go ahead," he said.

"The three of you are contract bound then?" Asked Moonbin. "We are," said Eric. "Can't tell you who either," he added. "They're not too keen on letting the world know anyway," he said. "Enemies are everywhere for us, we don't know who is listening," he said. "Makes sense," said Moonbin.

"So I don't think this conversation is going anywhere," said Jacob. "No, doesn't look like it," said Eric. "We should get going then," he said. "We have no reason to be here anymore," he said, turning to his packmates before heading off with them. Jacob shook his head and was the next to head off, disappearing from view within a minute as his packmates followed after him.

Kevin was left with Juyeon, Changmin and Chanhee as he looked at Jun. Jun shrugged, turning to Chanwoo and Daewon, having a conversation. Kevin shifted slightly, the corners of his lips going up in a small smile before turning and leaving with Juyeon, Changmin and Chanhee.

[center ~]

"You told him to go huh?" Asked Daewon as he sat with Jun in the room Daewon was sharing with Jinhwan. "If he stayed Moonbin would've been suspicious," said Jun as he shrugged.

"Why can't you let Moonbin know again?" Asked Jinhwan. "Chanwoo owns the information network here," said Jun. "So we [i know] that Chanwoo won't spill information to people we won't allow," he said.

"It's why exclusivity contracts exist," said Daewon. "People that Moonbin can't get in touch with Chanwoo can," he said. "We opened that door for him essentially, and Chanwoo knows when to be quiet about things concerning those three," he said.

[center ~]

Yunho, Xion, Hwanhee and Dongmyeong showed up at the coffee shop a week later. Dongmyeong got to catch up with Jun who was visiting Yunhyeong as he worked.

"It's been a while huh?" Asked Dongmyeong. "It has," hummed Jun. "I see you followed in your brother's footsteps," he said. "I didn't mean to, to be honest with you," said Dongmyeong. "But I've found closure," he said. "So I found a way out," he said. Jun nodded, sipping on his coffee.

"How's life treating you and your network?" Asked Dongmyeong. "Fine," said Jun as he nodded. "The three main contacts have been around more often now that I'm finally out of China," he said.

"Do you think you'll get it removed?" Asked Dongmyeong, referring to the chip. "No," said Jun as he shook his head. "I don't think I'd survive something like that," he said. "Even if I did, there's consequences for everything else," he said. Dongmyeong nodded.

"You've adjusted well though," said Jun. "Just be wary is all I have to say," he said. "We still have enemies despite the change in occupation, I know," said Dongmyeong.

[center ~]

A sigh left Daewon as he felt a headache coming on. Jun wasn't acting like his usual self again, and he feared that the wolf was trying to take control again. The only thing that he saw in Jun that changed was just how the chip was responding to Jun's weird emotional state. Kevin's departure always changed things within Jun, and Daewon was sure Kevin was needed again.

On top of that Jun was thinking of getting the chip removed, for reasons that Daewon never understood. They weren't sure what having three contracts would do to his body after getting the chip removed, and Jun was pretty much dead if not for the chip anyway. Either his healing would kick in and it'd take forever to fully recover or his wolf would completely take over.

"What's wrong?" Asked Jinhwan as he sat beside Daewon. "I'm just worried," said Daewon. "For Jun?" Asked Jinhwan. Daewon nodded. "My chip is reacting to his emotional state, and I'm sure Kevin isn't faring much better," he said.

"Hyunjoon was someone important to you two wasn't he?" Asked Jinhwan. "No," said Daewon. "Not to us," he added. "The others didn't care really, but Eric had forced him out of the pack pretty much," he said. "He [i did] have a choice to stay, but Hyunjoon put family before pack," he said. "That really set Jun off, as despite everything Hyunjoon did, Jun knew they'd kill his family anyway," he said. Jinhwan hummed in response.

[center ~]

Jun was in a weird state of mind, as he kept an eye on Dami while she was working on the garden again. Eunwoo and Rocky were hesitant to let Jun keep an eye on her at first, but Jun reassured them that no harm would come to their human. It had been programmed into his chip, to not hurt any humans anyway. He was physically unable to bring himself to hurt a human, as the chip would shut down his body the moment he thought of doing so.

"I oddly feel safe around you," said Dami as she paused in working on the garden to go have a chat with Jun as she drank some water. "It's a strange feeling indeed," agreed Jun. "But due to the chip, I'm physically incapable of hurting you because the moment I do the chip would shut my body down," he said.

"Did your government do that?" Asked Dami. Jun nodded. "They wanted to make sure we wouldn't turn against our captors, in a way," he said. "But they tried to get me to kill another human before," he said. "It didn't work, if you were wondering," he added. "Your body shut down?" Asked Dami. "It took weeks for me to recover from that," said Jun. "They had to restart my program just to get me to wake up," he said.

"Jesus," said Dami. "And your pack didn't try anything after that huh?" She asked. "No," said Jun. "I think Sangbae [i wanted] to try but he didn't want end up facing against me in a fight," said Jun. "The chip could turn you against your pack," said Dami. Jun nodded.

"Why are you telling me all this?" Asked Dami. "I don't know," said Jun as he shrugged. "Maybe because you already know about my chip without me telling you anything," he said. "I also know you won't tell anyone else," he said. "I wouldn't, I've kept my word," said Dami. "I know," said Jun.
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[center Chapter 10]

Kevin caught up with Chanhee and Changmin who were frozen in their spots, looking surprised at who was in front of them. "Hyunjoon," said Jun. "You [i know] this is a bad idea," he said. Kevin soon realized what emotion he was feeling now. It was pity, and it didn't take him long to figure out why when Hyunjoon held up a remote of sorts.

Juyeon and Chanwoo soon caught up to them, Juyeon growling at the sight. "Leave it," said Kevin. "Jun knows what he's doing," he said. "There's something that Hyunjoon doesn't know it seems," he hummed.

"Damn it, it was either kill you or get my family killed!" Said Hyunjoon. "You don't realize the implications of the words you [i just] said did you?" Asked Jun, his voice void of all emotion suddenly, causing Kevin to shiver. "You [i really] think they'd leave your family alone when you're out of the country?" He asked.

"Go ahead," said Daewon. "Activate the kill switch and see what happens," he said. Hyunjoon pressed the button, looking confused when nothing happened. "See?" Asked Jun. "I told you, coming to try and kill me was a bad idea," he said. Hyunjoon growled, changing on the spot and launching himself at Jun and Daewon.

Kevin reacted on instinct, dropping his human illusion and tackling Hyunjoon and effectively pushing him out of the way. Kevin then went to stand in front of Jun, snarling and baring his teeth at Hyunjoon who turned to Kevin. Hyunjoon snarled back at Kevin, planting his feet firmly on the ground as he got ready to charge.

It wasn't Kevin or Hyunjoon that charged however, it was Jun. Using speed that easily matched a vampire's speed Jun rushed forward, grabbing the brown bear by the neck and slamming him into the ground. "Now you've gone and pissed me off," snarled Jun, his eyes flashing gold in anger as his wolf took over for a second before Jun pushed it back.

"Jun," warned Daewon. "Don't worry," said Jun as he took a deep breath, calming himself down. "This idiot's fate is up to Eric at this point," he said, punching Hyunjoon in the back of the neck to knock him out, forcing Hyunjoon back to human form. As if a shift happened Kevin stopped being hostile, sitting down as he panted, waiting on a command of sorts from Jun.

"We're safe now Kevin," said Jun as he turned to Kevin. "You can be human again," he said. Kevin stood, putting up his human illusion. "Sorry, I reacted on pure instinct," he said. "It's alright," said Jun.

"Carry him back to the house," said Kevin as he turned to Changmin and Chanhee. "I have a feeling that Eric is going to show up sooner rather than later," he said. Changmin and Chanhee walked over and picked up Hyunjoon, slinging his arms over their shoulders and dragging him back to the pack house. The others follow after him.

"Where'd that speed come from?" Asked Chanwoo as he walked with Jun and Daewon. "I know for a fact that werewolves don't get that fast in human form," he said. "It's the chips," said Jun. "I told you our abilities are enhanced in human form, imagine how much more powerful we are in our wolf forms," he said. "I don't want to see for myself," said Chanwoo, earning a head shake from Jun. "Sooner or later you'll end up seeing it," said Jun.

[center ~]

Eric was standing in the front yard with Haknyeon and Sunwoo, Eric in his alpha stance as he spotted who was with Changmin and Chanhee. "I see the lost bear cub returns," said Eric. "He tried to kill me," said Jun. "Impossible with the pup around," said Eric as he shook his head.

"Where do you want him?" Asked Kevin. "Let's bring him to the backyard," said Eric. "Go through the gate," said Chanwoo. Changmin and Chanhee dragged Hyunjoon over to the gate and shoved open the gate before dragging Hyunjoon through. The others follow after them.

Moonbin was standing in the backyard with Eunwoo and Rocky, eyeing Eric carefully before assessing the situation as Changmin and Chanhee dumped Hyunjoon on the ground.

"When did you get back?" Asked Chanwoo. "Not too long ago," said Moonbin. "Give or take an hour ago," he said. "I got your message, so that's why I got back so quickly," he said to Eric. "Good, I thought you wouldn't be here," said Eric.

"Can't miss an opportunity to kill the one person who tried to kill Jun right?" Asked Eric as he walked over to Hyunjoon and kicked him, causing Hyunjoon to wake up with a groan. Chanhee and Changmin grabbed Hyunjoon by the arms and dragged him to where he was sitting up, keeping a grip on him in case he tried to run.

"Tell me," said Eric. "What kind of idea was it to try and kill Jun when you [i know] Kevin is around huh?" He asked, leaning down in front of Hyunjoon. "They were going to kill my family," spat Hyunjoon. "I had no choice!" He shouted. Eric shook his head, moving away. "We all know that the government never keeps their word when it comes to their soldiers," said Eric. "So you just screwed yourself over," he said.

"They killed off Jun's pack," said Kevin. "What makes you think they'll spare your family?" He asked. "[i Clearly] you didn't think this through," came a new voice as Jacob walked into view with Sangyeon and Younghoon.

"Hyunjae busy?" Asked Eric. "He got called out on a last minute mission," said Jacob. Eric nodded, turning back to Hyunjoon who glared at Eric. "Now, what to do with you?" He asked.

"Isn't that decision up to Jun?" Asked Jacob. "I mean, considering the circumstances anyway," he added. Eric turned to Jun, who shrugged. "I have an idea," said Jun. "But I think it may kill him," he said, walking up to Hyunjoon.

"What will it be cub?" Asked Jun. "You want the easy way out or the hard way?" He asked. "Screw off," spat Hyunjoon, growling as he tried to move but Changmin and Chanhee tightened their grip on him so he wouldn't.

"Let him go," said Jun. "I'll deal with him," he said. Chanhee and Changmin look at Kevin who nodded. "Let him go," said Kevin. Chanhee and Changmin let go of Hyunjoon who immediately launched himself at Jun, ready to deliver a punch.

Jun jumped out of the way, grabbing Hyunjoon's arm and disabling it by hitting a pressure point before yanking him forward to deliver a palm strike to his chest and kicking his feet out from under him, letting go as he moved behind Hyunjoon.

"I was going to let you go easy but," said Jun as Hyunjoon struggled to get to his feet, his disabled arm hanging limply at his side as he managed to kneel, with one knee on the ground as he tried to force his body to cooperate. "You don't deserve my pity," he said, his voice void of all emotion. Kevin fought down a shiver, keeping his expression blank as the contract reacted to Jun's full killing machine mode. Eric and Jacob straightened on instinct, ready to act at the smallest command.

Jun let Hyunjoon at least get to his feet before rushing forward, grabbing Hyunjoon by the throat and slamming him to the ground onto his back. "Any last words cub?" He asked. Hyunjoon spat in Jun's face and Jun shook his head, reaching over and tapping the side of Hyunjoon's head, activating the kill switch and moving away when the side of Hyunjoon's head exploded, effectively killing him.

"He had a kill switch?" Asked Chanwoo. "It was obvious," said Jun as his voice returned to its normal flat tone. "When you know what to look for anyway," he added. Eric shook his head. "Dispose of him," he said. Haknyeon and Sunwoo went to drag the body away.

"Now," said Eric as he turned to Moonbin, Eunwoo and Rocky. "About that meeting?" He asked.
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[center Chapter 9]

"So what caused you to bring the other two back?" Asked Yunhyeong. "My wolf's anger couldn't be controlled," said Jun. "So I had to do something," he said. "I was brought back when he nearly killed someone because they pissed him off," said Jacob.

"The chip was supposed to suppress the anger, but since I was still recovering my wolf got into a lot of trouble," said Jun. "I'm normally able to control it a bit better but since I was recovering back then my wolf still had the majority of the control," he said. "So I got Jacob as a leopard cub," he said.

"Being the oldest I was able to keep the anger at bay a bit better than these two," said Jacob. "Like Eric I don't regret coming back," he said. "Because in the end it was to help Jun out," he said.

"I don't know why I was brought back to be honest with you," said Kevin as he scratched the back of his head. "I think it was for extra caution, and to truly turn me into an emotionless killing machine," said Jun. "I was in control by then, but I guess they wanted to be extra cautious," he said. "They didn't want my emotions to trigger the kill switch or something," he said, shrugging. "Plus Eric and Jacob wanted you back," he said.

"How thoughtful," Kevin said with slight sarcasm. "I know I'm the wolf 'shifter between the three of us but did you [i really] need a dog?" He asked. "We couldn't find a wolf," said Jun. "So we found the next best thing," he added. "A Tibetan Mastiff?" Asked Kevin. "At least we didn't make you wear a collar?" Asked Jun. Kevin sighed.

"I know I should be grateful," said Kevin. "And I am, don't get me wrong," he added. "But having to deal with your emotions sometimes when I'm in the middle of doing something gets old real fast," he said. "Granted, it doesn't happen as often as it used to so I guess I should be more grateful," he said.

"So what was your relationship to each other when you were still 'shifters?" Asked Chanwoo. "We're brothers," said Jacob. "I'm the oldest, Kevin is the middle child and Eric is the youngest," he said. "I ended up becoming the main alpha," said Eric. "But when we returned to our pack the three of us split into 3 packs," he said.

"You should've seen their reactions when we returned to Sweden," said Kevin. "They were surprised but happy to have us back at least, despite the new challenges we had to face," he said.

"I'll give Moonbin a chance to explain himself," said Eric. "But if he doesn't have a good answer for why he brought the three of us out of hiding then I won't bother with negotiations," he said. "He'll have a good explanation, I think," said Chanwoo. "We'll just have to see then will we?" Asked Eric.

[center ~]

Kevin stayed around when Eric and Jacob left, more due to the dog side of him remaining loyal to Jun and he didn't want to be away from Jun just in case something happened. Yunhyeong and Jinhwan were fine with Kevin, and Chanwoo let him stay, and so Moonbin was eventually fine with it.

Hongseok on the other hand was extremely cautious around Kevin. He didn't understand why Kevin was there, and even with some things explained he still didn't think it was necessary for Kevin to be there.

When Sanggyun and Jeongwoo met Kevin one day at the coffee shop they were surprised to see another dog. They knew of Changgu and Seokwoo but they didn't think it was possible for a third person to be like them, well like Sanggyun anyway.

Kevin let them ask him questions, only answering a few things about himself really, and stopped the questions when Sanggyun started asking about who his contract owner was. It wasn't that he was embarrassed, but Jun wasn't [i too] keen about letting people know who they belonged to.

"I don't think my contract owner is too keen about letting people know who he is just yet," said Kevin when Sanggyun had asked why. "Due to who may be listening more than anything," he added. "But I'm sure the truth will show itself eventually," he said. "Makes sense," said Sanggyun. "I think," he added. "Because I don't let people know who owns me either, more due to how many enemies I have," he said.

"You said you had a scar on your body," said Sanggyun. "Where is it?" He asked. "Just across the base of my neck here," said Kevin as he rubbed the back of his neck where the scar was. "I assume your contract is on your collar," he said. "Yep," said Sanggyun as he nodded. "Most people don't question why I wear a collar anymore but," he added, shrugging. "I'm nothing more than a pet it seems," he said, earning a hum from Kevin as he nodded.

[center ~]

Changmin, Chanhee and Juyeon showed up a few days later, surprising Kevin as he wasn't expecting them. "What the hell are you three doing here?" Asked Kevin as he opened the door to find them standing on the front steps. "I mean I expected Changmin and Chanhee but what brings you along?" He asked Juyeon.

"You know these two like to get into trouble," said Juyeon as he put his hands into his pockets. "Also they thought you had died somehow," he said. "Not possible, remember," said Kevin as he shook his head.

"Just had to be close to Jun," said Kevin. "Nothing more," he added. "It's the dog side of you," said Changmin. "Yep," said Kevin. "I don't know if I can let you in though, let me check," he said before closing the door on them and going to see if he could.

"You can come in," said Kevin as he opened the door again a few minutes later. "Just don't stay too long," he added. "We won't," said Juyeon. Kevin turned to let the three of them in, closing the door behind them.

Chanwoo met them in the livingroom, his stance as neutral as possible. "Wolf 'shifters are always easily angered," he said when Kevin gave him a questioning look. "You know from experience?" Asked Juyeon. "Sanha's friends with Taehyun's pack," said Chanwoo. "Yoonsan tends to be [i very] tempermental," he said. "Ah," said Juyeon.

"What brings you three here?" Asked Chanwoo. "Just a small visit before Eric comes back," said Juyeon. "Is Moonbin back yet?" He asked. "He's on his way back I think," said Chanwoo. "He had to take a detour to check on the information network in Toronto," he said.

"Who's at the coffee shop today?" Asked Kevin. "Jinhyuk, Dami and Yunhyeong," said Chanwoo. "Why?" He asked. "The contract is reacting to something," said Kevin as he blinked, looking at Chanwoo. "Did Jun go there too?" He asked. "No, he and Daewon are doing something else, why?" Asked Chanwoo. "Did they say where they were going?" Asked Kevin. Chanwoo shook his head no.

"Can you two find them?" Asked Kevin as he turned to Chanhee and Changmin. "We'll go," said Changmin before he and Chanhee left. Juyeon looked at Kevin, who winced at the sudden rush of emotion. "Damn it," said Kevin as he rushed out the door with Juyeon following after him. Chanwoo soon followed after him, wondering what was going on this time.
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[center Chapter 8]

Kevin was calm when Jun came back and Yunhyeong came outside with Chanwoo following after him. "Does Jinhwan know?" Asked Chanwoo. "About Daewon yes, but not about these three," said Jun, his voice void of all emotion all of the sudden. Kevin shivered as he got to his feet at the tone in Jun's voice while Eric and Jacob tensed.

"Are you alright?" Asked Chanwoo, referring to the chips. "We're fine," said Daewon as he shook his head. "Just had to... Dispatch our youngest," he muttered, turning away from Jun who growled at Daewon. "Sorry," said Daewon as he shook his head.

"C-Can you please control the emotions?" Asked Kevin as he shivered again, trying to stay calm. "J-Just enough to get these damn explanations done?" He asked. Jun took a deep breath, calming himself down as the headache finally disappeared. "Sorry," said Jun, the tone of his voice returning to normal for the most part.

Daewon let out a sigh as he patted Jun on the shoulder. "It's alright," he said. "I didn't mean to sound like a jerk," he said. "No, I get it," said Jun.

"Explanations?" Asked Yunhyeong. "Oh right," said Daewon. "The easiest thing to explain is that we have computer chips in our brains," he said. "It's what makes it seem like we're so cold," he said. Yunhyeong blinked in surprise. "That... Makes a lot of sense," he said.

"Our chips in particular are programmed the same way, thus we know what the other is feeling and we have an idea of where we are at times," said Jun. "Our headaches are matched to our emotions," he said. "The recent span of migraines have to do with these three," he said, motioning to Eric, Jacob and Kevin. "The cat, the dog, and the... Bear?" Asked Yunhyeong as he turned to Eric, Jacob and Kevin.

"I'm the kitty cat as Jun affectionately calls me," said Jacob as he waved. "I'm the dog," said Kevin as he scratched the back of his head. "And yes, I'm the bear," said Eric.

"So what do you three have to do with Jun?" Asked Yunhyeong. "The three of us are contract bound," said Kevin. "Each of us have an x shaped scar somewhere on our bodies and Jun is the main holder of our contract," he said.

That statement had caught Chanwoo and Yunhyeong off guard. "Wait a second," said Chanwoo. "What?" He asked. "That explains the large x shaped scar across your back," said Yunhyeong as he blinked.

"I didn't bring them back all at once," said Jun. "Eric was first, then Jacob, then Kevin," he said. "Physically I'm the youngest, but in terms of when we were brought back Kevin is the youngest," said Eric.

"How is this contract different from others?" Asked Chanwoo. "For one, the scars," said Jun. "They can't be transferred," he added. "But the biggest thing is transferring basically [i everything] having to do with emotions and stuff," he said. "Jacob has my anger, Eric has my alpha aura and Kevin has all my emotions," he said. "The chip did the rest, I'm basically a living soldier," he said.

"You wouldn't be alive without the chip," said Daewon. "No," said Jun. "My body was broken," he said. "Even before those three came into existence," he added. "Now we can't return to China because of what they did," he said.

"What will happen if the chips were removed?" Asked Chanwoo. "I'd die, and these three die with me," said Jun. "As much as I want to remove it, I won't live as some weird thing with the contract has one kill switch tied to it," he said. "It will kill me," he said.

"They killed the real kill switch," said Daewon. "But Jun's is still there if he gets his chip removed," he said.

"Do you mind being like this?" Asked Chanwoo. "I'd be dead if not for those chips," said Jun. "So, no not really," he said. "I'm just here," said Daewon. "The chip keeps me grounded," he added. "And since Jun's the last member of my pack well," he said, shrugging.

"If there was a way to nullify the contract for enough time to remove the chip would it work?" Asked Chanwoo. "I suppose it's possible," said Jun. "But this isn't the tattoo contract, or whatever the wolf dog has," he added.

"Theoretically," said Chanwoo. "If we were to remove the chip, what would happen?" He asked. "My body would shut down," said Jun. "The chip is what essentially is keeping me alive right now," he said. "I'm technically a life line," said Daewon as he scratched the back of his head. "But I don't provide much except if something [i were] to happen I'd be able to find him relatively quickly," he said.

"What happened if you don't mind me asking?" Asked Chanwoo. "To my body you mean?" Asked Jun. Chanwoo nodded. "I was nearly killed by a rival pack," said Jun. "I was captured by them and tortured for information," he said.

"My wolf kept me going, but it almost caused me to lose my humanity because the wolf was taking so much of the torture," he said. "My body was useless at that point, and bringing Eric back helped me at least regain some of my humanity after I was rescued until I brought back the other two," he said.

"Is that why... Is that why you two refuse to be away from each other for too long?" Asked Yunhyeong. "I nearly lost him once, it's not happening again," growled Daewon.

[center ~]

Jun could feel the last dredges of his humanity leaving him as he was chained to the wall. Everything hurt, but it was fading. He almost welcomed the comfort his wolf gave him, though he knew it wouldn't be long before he let the wolf completely take over. He closed his eyes, slipping into the darkness.

"[i Jun?! Jun]!" Came a voice what felt like an eternity later. "Jun!" Came the voice again and Jun opened his eyes to look up at Daewon and a grizzly bear cub sitting beside him. "H-Hyung," coughed Jun as he tried to move. "Shhh," said Daewon. "It's okay," he said, gently pushing Jun back onto the bed. "We're gonna fix you okay?" He asked. "Go back to sleep," he said.

[center ~]

Eric looked away from the group, clenching his hands into fists. "It hurt you know," he said. "To see him like that," he said. "I thought I was gonna lose my contract owner as soon as I came back," he said. "I don't regret it though," he added. "I helped save you," he said, turning to Jun. "I appreciate it," said Jun as he nodded. "More than you think I do," he added.
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[center Chapter 7]

Jun stared up at the sky in silence at his usual spot in the backyard, his headache pretty much gone for today. News from his pack said that something was wrong before communication had cut off, and that had happened a few weeks ago. He was worried of course, but his mind refused to react to it, like somehow he knew that something would end up happening and that nothing could be done about it.

"You're worried too aren't you?" Asked Daewon as he walked over to stand beside Jun. "A bit," Jun said honestly. "But my mind refuses to think about it, so it doesn't seem like I am," he said. "Same goes for me," said Daewon. "I guess they programmed it in our chips or something, but I oddly don't feel anything towards our pack," he said.

"I hope they're fine," said Jun. "But part of me doesn't feel bad if they were killed off," he added. "We've been through so much," said Daewon. "I think them being killed is mercy," he said.

"Part of me wants Jaeho to make it," said Jun. "Because he's our youngest," he said. "He wasn't subjected to what we were going through, at least before I left," said Daewon. "So hopefully he managed to get out," he said.

[center ~]

Jacob [i and] Kevin showed up a few days later, right on Moonbin's doorstep. "Where the hell is the idiot?" Asked Jacob as Yunhyeong answered the door. "Jun or Moonbin?" Asked Yunhyeong. "Don't [i test] me pup," growled Jacob as Kevin put a hand on his shoulder. "We're here to see Jun," said Kevin.

"Jun!" Yunhyeong called into the house. "You have company!" He called. Jun walked downstairs, feeling the chip reacting to Jacob's anger. "What?" Asked Jun, his eyes narrowing at the headache that suddenly bloomed in the area the chip was located.

Jacob took a deep breath, reeling in the anger as he forced himself to relax. "We need to have a talk," he said. Jun looked at Yunhyeong, who sighed. "Out back," said Yunhyeong. "Keep your conversation low though, Dami is working on the garden right now," he said. "Daewon is out there with her I think," he said. Jun nodded and turned, walking inside with Jacob and Kevin following after him.

"I didn't think you two'd actually show up," said Daewon as Jun walked outside with Kevin and Jacob. "Yeah well, we have things to discuss," said Kevin. "It's okay to talk around the human right?" He asked. "It's fine," said Jun. "She knows about the chips and stuff," he said. "But Yunhyeong advised us not to talk too loudly," he said.

"Eric is on the move," said Kevin. "Of course he is," Jun said with a sigh. "That would explain the recent burning sensation on the scar across my back," he said. "The contract is reacting to him?" Asked Kevin. Jun nodded. "I haven't done anything to warrant a reaction from Eric's side though," he said.

"Um, guys," came Dami's voice. "There's a wolf here," she called, causing Jun and Daewon to turn towards the woods behind the house. "Dami," said Daewon. "Walk back towards me slowly," he said. Dami did what she was told, keeping an eye on the wolf.

Jun walked over towards the wolf, noticing something familiar with it. "Jaeho?" He asked, reaching out towards the wolf as he noticed a collar around Jaeho's neck. He found a waterproof pouch on the collar and opened up the pouch, finding a note. He took it out and started reading it.

[center ~]

Sangbae had to make the [i hardest] decision that he had ever had to face as he wrote down a goodbye letter for Jun and Daewon. He was lucky that their doctor was on their side, and had deactivated both Jun and Daewon's kill switches. He just hoped that Jaeho would make it to Berlin before his humanity disappeared for good.

"Hyung?" Asked Jaeho as he walked into the room, looking scared at the news that the others had told him. "I'm buying you some time," said Sangbae as he gripped his head when the chip pulsed. "I'm going to get you as close to the country borders as possible," he said. "You must make it to Berlin okay?" He asked, turning and putting both his hands on Jaeho's shoulders.

"B-But," said Jaeho. "This trip is going to be dangerous," said Sangbae. "But luckily they don't know what your wolf form looks like," he said. "So I need you to do this okay?" He asked. "You know what a trip like this would do to me?" Asked Jaeho. "I know," Sangbae said, sighing. "But you can't lose what's left of your humanity, try and hang in there," he said. "I'll get you as close to Russia as I can okay?" He asked. Jaeho nodded.

[center ~]

"God damn it," said Jun as he fell to his knees in front of Jaeho. "You risked [i everything] to bring me this note?" He asked. "Are you even there anymore pup?" He asked, reaching out to pet Jaeho on the head. Daewon walked over and picked up the note, reading through it quickly.

"They gave us our freedom at the cost of their lives," said Jun as he let his hand fall to the floor. "Is he even there anymore?" Asked Daewon. "No," said Jun as he moved to get up, getting to his feet as the chip started pulsing again.

Kevin had fallen to his knees, feeling immense sadness from Jun as Jacob tried to comfort him. "Take the human inside," said Jun. "This is something she doesn't need to see," he said. "I got it," said Jacob as he walked over to Dami who didn't protest as Jacob led her inside.

"He's your youngest," said Kevin as he wiped his face when tears started falling. "Yes," said Jun as he closed his eyes. "Do you want to do it?" Asked Daewon. "I feel like I have to," said Jun as he took a deep breath, pushing the headache into the back of his mind and trying to ignore it.

Jacob soon returned with Yunhyeong, who had to see what was going on. "He's one of yours?" Asked Yunhyeong as he looked at Jaeho. "He was our youngest," said Jun as he let out a soft sigh. "What are you going to do?" Asked Yunhyeong. "I have to kill him," said Jun.

"When a pure blood's been in wolf form for a long time there's a chance he'll lose what ever humanity he has left," said Daewon. "We had a note attached to his collar and well," he said, sighing. "I see," said Yunhyeong.

"Jacob, take Kevin inside," said Jun as he took a deep breath. "I-I'm fine," said Kevin as he wiped his face with his shirt sleeve.

"Aish," came a new voice as Eric walked into view. "I was wondering why I was feeling so emotional," he said. "Eric," said Jun. "I was going to wait but it seems like this meeting needs to be now," said Eric. "Go wait by Jacob and Kevin," said Jun. "It seems we have free reign to tell at least Yunhyeong," he said. "Tell me what?" Asked Yunhyeong. "Everything," said Jun.

"Since you're mentoring me, technically you're making sure I'm doing my job correctly but," Jun said, shrugging. "I need to do this alone," he said. "Go ahead," said Yunhyeong. "We'll wait here," he said. Jun nodded and walked into the forest with Jaeho following after him.

"Is Chanwoo home?" Asked Daewon. "He knows more about us than you do," he said. "Yeah," said Yunhyeong. "I'll get him outside," he said, going into the house to get Chanwoo.

Eric, Jacob and Kevin winced as they felt more of Jun's emotions. "I can't imagine ever doing that to you," Jacob muttered to Eric. "I don't think anyone wants to do that to the youngest in their pack or team or whatever," said Eric as he looked down at the grass.
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[center Chapter 6]

"It seems like you're doing well besides the slight hinderance with the chip in your brain," said Chanwoo as he and Jun were grocery shopping. "I mean," said Jun as he shrugged. "I've had time to adjust to having a chip in my brain, and I can pretty much tune out the headaches now," he said.

"So why am I the only one that can know about your chips?" Asked Chanwoo. "Moonbin doesn't need to know," said Jun. "You own the information network, and we can trust that you don't tell anyone," he said. "Well, unless it involves someone from our pack anyway," he added. "Right," said Chanwoo.

"You know that Yunhyeong has to know about this right?" Asked Chanwoo. "It's gonna be difficult because we don't know when they'll let us tell more people," said Jun. "Moonbin is already suspicious about me in general and Hongseok is being a pain in the butt regarding Yunhyeong and I anyway," he said.

"I'll tell Hongseok to back off," said Chanwoo. "Honestly though, if it was a jealousy thing it's a stupid notion," he said. "I think that even through your chip you'd be able to tell if someone was your mate or not," he said. "If we were mates, I'm pretty sure that he would've said something by [i now] at least," said Jun. "True," said Chanwoo.

[center ~]

"What can you tell me about Eric as a person?" Asked Yunhyeong as he sat beside Jun who was sitting in the backyard again, staring up at the sky. "Well," hummed Jun as he thought of what to say.

"I already know he's the youngest, in their team and of the three team leaders," said Yunhyeong. "Are you trying to get information out of me for Moonbin's sake?" Asked Jun. "No," said Yunhyeong. "I asked Daewon and he pointed me to you," he said.

"Of course he did," Jun said with a snort. "That means I can't reveal very much because it has to do with the team member who left," he said. "So, no I can't elaborate anything like that," he said.

"But," said Jun as he looked thoughtful. "If I can get Kevin to come out of hiding we may be somewhat closer to getting to Eric," he said.

"Kevin?" Asked Yunhyeong. "Unlike Jacob, who's a kitty cat, Kevin's a dog," said Jun. "A 'shifter?" Asked Yunhyeong. Jun shook his head no. "I think you would've noticed that when Jacob showed up," he said. "I'm sure you'll find out soon enough who is what," he said.

"Who is Eric to you?" Asked Yunhyeong. "A friend, almost like a little brother," said Jun. "No, we're not mates, it'd be weird and [i extremely] awkward," he added. "I wasn't going to ask if you were," said Yunhyeong. "It just seems odd how you're oddly... Caring towards someone," he said, earning a snort from Jun.

"You'll know with time," said Jun. "I guarantee it," he added.

[center ~]

Jun was bedridden with a bad migraine again, leaving Daewon to be the one to take care of him while the others were doing their own thing. Chanwoo would've stayed behind, however he couldn't as Moonbin was on a mission and Jinhyuk was back in the States with Rocky visiting Wooseok and Seungwoo before going to visit Xiao and the others. Eunwoo wanted to help, but he didn't know how to cure a headache like that.

"You should go to the coffee shop," grunted Jun as he rubbed the sides of his head with the palms of his hands. "I think this means Kevin finally came out of hiding," he grunted.

"I'm not leaving you behind, meetings be damned," said Daewon. "I left you behind before, it's not happening again," he said. "Go deal with the dog," grunted Jun. "I'll be fine," he said. "It's not like I'll disappear, you'll always know where I am since we have the same program in our chips," he said. "Fine," Daewon said, sighing. "I'll see you in at least 4 hours," he said. Jun nodded, closing his eyes and trying to sleep.

[center ~]

Daewon entered the coffee shop with a blank look on his face, his own headache bothering him since Jun's headache was so bad. "Didn't think you'd leave his side," said Chanwoo as he stood at the counter. "He'll be fine," said Daewon, his voice oddly void of emotion.

"Are you okay?" Asked Chanwoo, referring to the chips. "I'll be fine," said Daewon as he shook his head, walking up to the counter. "I'll take the usual," he said, handing over the money. Chanwoo nodded and took the money and rang up the order, handing back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said, handing the cup to Dami who went to make it. Daewon nodded, turning and going to sit down, keeping on hand on the table while the other was in his lap, staring off into space as he tried to ignore the headache.

Jinhwan brought over Daewon's drink, patting him on the shoulder. "Something must be happening real soon," he said, putting the cup down on the table before sitting in front of Daewon. "You could say that," said Daewon as he took the coffee in front of him and brought it to his lips and took a sip before setting it back on the table.

"How's Jun's headache?" Asked Jinhwan. "It was pretty bad, but I know he'll be okay," said Daewon. "How will you know?" Asked Jinhwan. "I just... Know," said Daewon as he shrugged. Jinhwan nodded, getting up and going to get the other drinks for the other tables.

The door chimed and everyone turned to see someone new walking into the coffee shop. "Kevin," called Daewon, feeling his headache finally going away as Kevin turned to him. "Daewon," said Kevin as he nodded, turning to the counter as he walked over to it.

"What can I get you?" Asked Chanwoo. "The usual please," said Kevin as he handed over the money. Chanwoo processed the order and handed back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said, handing the cup to Dami who went to make it. Kevin nodded and turned, walking over to Daewon's table and sitting down.

"Jun couldn't come in person huh?" Asked Kevin. "Headaches," said Daewon. "Ah," hummed Kevin.

"What brings you out of hiding?" Asked Daewon. "Moonbin's attempts at getting to Eric are [i really] starting to piss us off," said Kevin. "He needs to back off," he said. "He's on a mission right now so I don't think he's trying anymore," said Daewon.

"This is his last warning," said Kevin. "Eric is not in the mood to have a conversation about territory openings, believe me," he said. "I'll let Moonbin know," said Daewon. "Good," said Kevin.

[center ~]

Jun stumbled into the coffee shop an hour later, going straight for Daewon's table and collapsing onto a chair beside Daewon. "Kevin," said Jun. "Jun," said Kevin.

"Your headache is gone then?" Asked Daewon. "For now," said Jun as he nodded. "Good," said Daewon.

"I know," said Jun as he turned to Kevin. "But we can't stop his attempts," he said. "He's an [i idiot] if he survived his encounter with Jacob and [i still] wants to contact Eric," said Kevin. "Moonbin is very lucky to be out on a mission right now," hummed Jun as he nodded.

"How's the rest of them been?" Asked Jun. "Fine," said Kevin. "Juyeon wanted to come over but I advised him not to," he said. "Better not," said Jun. "Not until this is all over anyway," he added. "Right," hummed Kevin.
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[center Chapter 5]

Jun was wary around Moonbin especially, as he always was when around alphas of a 'shifter pack. It seemed that Moonbin had it out for him in particular, even if Jun did nothing wrong.

Chanwoo however, was more open with him than Moonbin was. Jun chalked it up to the fact that Chanwoo was just trying to expand his information network, and it was working for the most part. Daewon was willing to give him any and all information needed, so Chanwoo was fine with it.

[center ~]

"Apparently you know a lot about the 3 hunters that own Norway, Sweden and Finland," said Moonbin as he sat in front of Jun who was sitting at the kitchen island looking through his phone. "Eric, Jacob and Kevin? Yeah I know those three," hummed Jun. "Why are you asking?" He asked.

"We're trying to get in contact with at least [i one] of them," said Moonbin. "Which one?" Asked Jun. "Eric," said Moonbin. "He's the closest to us isn't he?" He asked. "No," said Jun. "That'd be Jacob, as he's in Sweden," he said. "Unless you're talking about the one being closest to you via land travel that'd be Kevin, since he lives in Finland," he said.

"I guess that makes sense," said Moonbin. "I've been trying to get in touch with Eric because he's the youngest between the three of them," he said. "I don't think that's a good idea," said Jun. "Jacob and Kevin are [i protective] over Eric, and even Eric's team is keeping an eye on things concerning their team leader," he said. "It's probably why you haven't much luck getting to him," he said.

"Also," said Jun as he looked up from his phone to look at Moonbin. "Eric's dealing with losing one of his own," he said. "So I [i really] doubt he wants to talk to you," he said.

"He lost one of his own?" Asked Moonbin. "Well, more like he left," said Jun. "He left on his own accord though, because he's in China right now," he said. "I see," said Moonbin. "Is this information available or?" He asked. "The reason he left? Not really," said Jun.

"Eric kept things hush hush, and I don't think they'd like people snooping about their business when it's their business," said Jun as he shrugged, looking back down at his phone.

[center ~]

Chanwoo was working with Yunhyeong, Jinhwan, Rocky and Jeongwoo when Jun walked into the coffee shop to meet up with Daewon who had been away for a few days to update their employers and their pack.

"Daewon in yet?" Asked Jun. "No," said Chanwoo. "Said something about being slightly late," he said. "Mm," hummed Jun as he nodded. "I'll get the usual," he said, handing money over to Chanwoo. "Alright," said Chanwoo as he processed the order before handing back the change. "Anything else?" He asked. "Nope," said Jun as he turned and walked away, going to sit down.

"Alright," came a new voice as the door chimed, with 3 new people walking in. "You caught our attention, the hell do you want?" Asked the leader of the group.

"Who are you?" Asked Chanwoo. "Damn it," said Jun as he sighed. "I [i warned] Moonbin against contacting him," he said, getting up. "Jacob," he said, walking over to said person. "Sangyeon, Younghoon," he added. "Leave it for you to be here huh?" Asked Jacob as he fixed his glaring at Jun who shrugged.

"I'm only here because of Yunhyeong," said Jun. "Moonbin's the one trying to contact Eric," he said. "I know, where is this idiot?" Asked Jacob. "He'll be here in a few minutes," said Chanwoo. "Go sit down," he added. "Unless you want one of us to remove you from this coffee shop?" He asked.

"I dare you," growled Jacob. "Is that a [i challenge] kitty cat?" Asked Jun as he put an arm on Jacob's shoulder. "These guys know how to deal with your kind you know," he said. "Go sit down, relax," he added. "Then we can talk," he said. "Fine," said Jacob before he went to sit down with Yonghoon and Sangyeon. Jun shook his head and went to sit down across from them, crossing his arms over his chest.

[center ~]

Moonbin walked into the coffee shop with Eunwoo walking behind him, the both of them keeping a relaxed stance but even Jun could see that they were tense, though Moonbin hid it rather well considering the circumstances.

"Moonbin," called Jun, catching Moonbin's attention as he turned to face Jun, spotting Jacob, Sangyeon and Yonghoon. "You have guests," said Jun as he got up, moving tables so Moonbin could go speak with them. Moonbin and Eunwoo went to sit across from them while Jun moved closer to the counter, sitting down and crossing his left leg over his right knee and crossing his arms in thought.

"You leave our youngest out of this crap you understand?" Asked Jacob as he slammed his hand on the table, causing Moonbin to jump slightly in his chair as he hid it by adjusting in his chair. "You have our attention now, what the hell do you [i want]?" He asked.

"We wanted to discuss making at least one of your countries public," said Moonbin as he took a few minutes to think of what to say. "And you decided that Eric was a prime target because he was the youngest team leader along with being the youngest in our entire team?" Asked Jacob. "That's cold man," he said.

"That says a lot coming from you," said Eunwoo. "Listen here kit," growled Younghoon as Jacob put up his hand to stop Yonghoon from starting a fight. "What [i you] don't understand [i kit] is that Eric just lost one of his own, to the damn [i Chinese government]," Yonghoon said with so much hatred in his voice. "So leave him out of your territory business," he said.

"That explains the hostility towards Jun," said Moonbin. "Actually, we're [i great] allies," said Sangyeon. "But we just hate what their government did to them," he said. "And, we can't even discuss that, due to confidentiality," he added.

The door chimed and in walked Daewon and someone new. "Man, I was not about to miss this fight," said the new person. "Behave Hyunjae," said Daewon as he slapped Hyunjae on the back of his head. "Oi," whined Hyunjae as he rubbed the back of his head.

"It's not even a fight, they're cowering," Jun said with a snicker, earning a scowl from Moonbin as he glared at Jun. "Ooh I'm scared," Jun said with sarcasm. "Daewon and I can probably take you out in like 5 minutes give or take," he said. "He's not wrong," said Daewon as he shrugged.

"How is Hyunjoon doing anyway?" Asked Jacob. "Fine," said Jun as he shrugged. "Get back to the discussion, I need to update a few things," he said. Jacob nodded. Hyunjae walked over and sat at a table behind Jacob and Daewon went to join Jun at his table.

[center ~]

"So we can let Chanwoo know, but not Moonbin?" Asked Jun as they were discussing the next step a few days later in the backyard. "Yep," said Daewon. "He [i does] own the information network," said Jun. "I guess that would make sense," he said.

"I commend you for keeping things from escalating to a fight," said Chanwoo as he joined them outside, sitting beside Jun in the grass in the backyard. "I couldn't do that to them," said Jun. "Despite my cold nature and such I [i do] care," he added.

"How's the headache been?" Asked Chanwoo. "Barely noticeable today," said Jun. Daewon nodded in agreement. "It's been normal since Jacob showed up," said Jun. "That's good I guess," said Chanwoo.

"So what's up?" Asked Chanwoo. "We were given the go ahead to tell you about what's been causing our headaches," said Jun. Chanwoo blinked, looking surprised. "You can let me know, but no one else?" He asked. "It has to do with Eric's situation," said Jun. "Well, partially," he added. "Ah," hummed Chanwoo.

"So what's causing these headaches?" Asked Chanwoo. "You know that we work for the government in China," said Jun. "Right," said Chanwoo. "And you know that they keep an eye on us," said Jun. "Yep," said Chanwoo.

"And you've noticed that we don't really show emotions," said Daewon. "That has some part to do with it?" Asked Chanwoo. "Our emotions are tied to our headaches in a way, yeah," said Jun. "Ouch," said Chanwoo. "We've learned to keep our emotions in check," said Jun. "Nothing really catches us off guard anymore," he said.

"So what's the cause of it?" Asked Chanwoo as he tilted his head to the side in question. "My pack, well except for Jaeho anyway, has computer chips imbedded into our brains," said Jun. "That... Makes a lot of sense actually," said Chanwoo. "How so?" Asked Jun.

"The way you tend to communicate without words tells a lot about how you are as a pack," said Chanwoo. "Is it even possible to communicate that way?" He asked. "Through the chips? I don't think so," said Jun. "They haven't updated them," said Daewon. "So no," he added.

"So other than the headaches, what does the chip really do?" Asked Chanwoo. "We're turned into soldiers," said Jun. "Our abilities are enhanced, even in human form, we're a lot stronger than most that have been alive for a long time," he said. "There are downsides to it though," he added. "Like the headaches," said Chanwoo. Jun nodded.

"There's a hidden kill switch," said Daewon. "It can kill us at any time if someone manages to activate it," he said. "Damn," said Chanwoo. "It's a stupid thing," Jun said, shaking his head.

"So why does this information have to do with Eric's situation?" Asked Chanwoo. "The one who left, was forced to leave," said Jun. "Hyunjoon left because they government needed him for whatever they were going to do with him or have his family go through what we did," he said. "Eric didn't stop him, as Hyunjoon was still under Chinese citizenship so," he said, shrugging. "Poor kid," said Chanwoo.
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[center Chapter 4]

It was funny how easily the other werewolves and one human were able to talk to Jun after everyone in the 'shifter's side of the pack got to know him a bit better. It didn't take long for the first person to approach him, and this person had honestly surprised him.

[center ~]

"Come with me," said Donghyuk as he stood in front of Jun. "Where are we going?" Asked Jun. "I believe we're going to get Daewon from the airport," said Donghyuk. "Oh, okay," said Jun as he got up from the couch and went to grab his phone and wallet and went to put on his shoes before leaving with Donghyuk.

"How's the headache?" Asked Donghyuk as he drove the jeep to the airport with Jun sitting in the passenger seat. "Almost nonexistent today," said Jun. "Not too bad," hummed Donghyuk. "Mhm," hummed Jun.

"I wasn't expecting a party," said Daewon as Donghyuk pulled up to where he was standing in the terminal. "Hello Jun," he said. "Hello," said Jun. "You are my ride then?" Asked Daewon as he looked at Donghyuk. "For the moment," said Donghyuk. "Hop in," he said. Daewon nodded and opened the back door and put his bags in before getting in the jeep and closing the door. Donghyuk waited a bit before pulling out of his spot and driving back to the pack house.

"How's the pack been?" Asked Jun. "Fine," said Daewon. "Sangbae keeps asking for you," he said. "Not surprising," said Jun. "How is Jaeho doing?" He asked. "Better," said Daewon. "It really took Sangbae years before the government agreed with our terms, and he was left alone," he said. "He doesn't need to be subjected to what what we were put through," said Jun. "No, he doesn't," hummed Daewon.

"What happened?" Asked Donghyuk. "When I returned to the pack the government wanted to use everyone," said Daewon. "But Sangbae fought for a long time," he added. "Years of procrastinating and arguing against it finally let Jaeho live in peace as the newest medic of our pack," he said.

"Didn't you say you were a medic?" Asked Donghyuk. "I am, but since I became the hunter of my pack Jaeho became the permanent medic," said Daewon.

"We're dropping your stuff off at the house before going to the coffee shop by the way," said Donghyuk. "I'm fine with that," said Daewon. Donghyuk nodded and continued driving.

[center ~]

"Aish, this damn headache is annoying," groaned Jun as he rolled over and on top of Daewon who groaned at the added weight on top of him. "You've gained some weight," grunted Daewon as he shoved Jun off of him.

"You two are loud in the mornings you know," grunted Jinhwan as he sat up, glaring at Jun and Daewon. "Blame this one," said Daewon as he pushed Jun off the bed. "Oi," growled Jun as he pushed himself to stand. "You're not the one who woke up with a migraine," he said.

"I know," said Daewon as he rubbed the side of his head to relieve his own headache slightly. "It's annoying as hell," he said. "You get the same migraines too?" Asked Jinhwan. "It's annoying waking up to those," said Daewon.

"What happened to sleeping in Bobby's room?" Asked Jun as he glared at Daewon. "He kicked me out for snoring too loudly," Daewon said with a snort, earning a scoff from Jun as Daewon got up. "You were probably groaning about that damn headache," said Jun.

"I have to update Moonbin on a few things," said Daewon as he stumbled out of the room to get a change of clothes. Jun shook his head and went to put a shirt on before heading out of the room. Jinhwan soon followed after him.

"So what happened to you Daewon? Last time we talked you were more emotional than this," said Moonbin as Jun and Jinhwan walked into the kitchen to get breakfast. "What can I say really? This life changes us," said Daewon as he shrugged, his gaze turning to Jun who shrugged. They had never asked him that question before.

"It's confidential," said Jun. "Ah," hummed Moonbin. "It's always confidential when it comes to stuff like a headache," remarked Jinhwan. "Well, it has to do with what we were doing in China," said Daewon. "And unless we get permission to disclose that information, we can't tell you anything," he added.

[center ~]

"Oi," growled Yunhyeong as he slammed Daewon into the wall. "What kind of person are you huh?!" He snarled as Jun went to grab Yunhyeong by the shoulder and yank him backwards, letting Daewon slide to the floor. "Leave him," growled Jun as he slammed Yunhyeong into the adjacent wall behind him.

"Hey hey, no fighting in the house," said Moonbin as he went to push the two away from each other. "Blame this one," spat Jun. "He slammed Daewon into the wall first," he growled. "Yunhyeong," said Moonbin. "That idiot right there," said Yunhyeong as he gestured to Daewon. "Can't even acknowledge that he found one of his mates!" He said.

"Did you ever think for one second that it had to do with an outside source?" Asked Daewon as his voice sounded cold. "As much as I [i want] to show emotions, I simply [i can't]," he said. "I will approach him at my own pace, and you can guarantee that I [i won't] reject him," he said.

"Who is it again?" Asked Jun. "Who else but the big man himself," said Daewon as he got up. "I've known for years, however that need to be near him has apparently disappeared," he said. "It's no wonder Jinhwan wasn't doing anything about it," he said.

"If I wasn't concerned about getting home I would've stayed, believe me," said Daewon. "I think he knows though," said Jun. "Because just yesterday you were given the go ahead to just sleep in Jinhwan's room while I got switched to Bobby's room," he said.

"Is that enough for you?" Asked Moonbin as he looked at Yunhyeong. "For now," said Yunhyeong. "Don't think I [i won't] come after you if something goes wrong though," he growled, looking at Daewon. "No problem," said Daewon.

[center ~]

Rooming with Bobby was something that was for sure. Bobby had set a clear rule in the room when they were both sleeping, no snoring. He wasn't sure about the snoring part, but Jun was [i positive] that he was going to wake up due to those damn headaches. It wasn't [i too] bad these days but anytime he felt like showing any emotion other than anger or the cold façade that he always had up the pulsing headache from that damn chip would stop him.

Jun was happy for Daewon, don't get him wrong, but Jun couldn't express those feelings except for patting him on the shoulder in passing. It was something they had all learned to do to express any feelings in general, beside the usual cold façade and stoic expressions on their faces. Jun at least knew that Jaeho was spared of that suffering. Being their youngest was a burden that Jaeho was forced to carry.

"Your packmate is annoying," said Bobby as they were in Bobby's room getting ready to sleep. "How so?" Asked Jun as he turned to Bobby. "He just is," said Bobby. "Uh huh," said Jun as he nodded. "I know he is, trust me I've lived with him for years but mind explaining how?" He asked.

"It's just annoying to deal with him sometimes," said Bobby. "I don't know whether to punch him or leave him alone," he said. "What was his role in your pack?" He asked. "Before he became owner of the information network Daewon was one of Sangbae's betas," said Jun. "He naturally has his alpha aura unleashed because of it," he said. "Most of the time people can't feel it but I think you can," he said.

"I'm a beta turned alpha," said Bobby. "So yeah," he added. "Makes sense," said Jun. "I think," he added. "Jota is also a beta turned alpha and before the agreement we had with the government happened he used to get into fights with Daewon all the time," he said. "It doesn't happen anymore though," he added. "So it's a welcome relief," he said.

[center ~]

Junhoe was the first person to directly ask Jun to hang out with him. That actually surprised everyone, as even [i Daewon] joked that Jun had an unapproachable aura rolling off of him at all times. It was how they were taking a stroll through the neighborhood before Junhoe was due to head to work.

"You seem like a chill person," said Junhoe. "Under that cold exterior anyway," he added. "You're the only person to say that," said Jun. "I'm nothing more than your average werewolf however," he added. "I'm human, just like everyone else," he said. "Well, as human as I can be anyway," he added.

"I was human once," said Junhoe as he shrugged. "I'm not saying you weren't," said Jun as he shook his head. "I'm just saying that I was as human as I can be at some point," he said. "I don't even know if that makes sense," he said. "I think so," said Junhoe.

[center ~]

Dami was a strange human indeed, wanting to get close to Jun during one of his bad migraine days. Jun wasn't even doing anything that day, so they let him try and sleep the migraine away. Daewon was able to function today but Jun was bedridden as the chip in his brain pulsed so much he couldn't move.

"The hell do you want?" Grunted Jun, who was lying on his stomach on his bed as Dami leaned down in front of his view. "I heard your headache was really bad today," said Dami. "Mhm," grunted Jun as he turned his head to face the wall.

"Is it because of the chip?" Asked Dami, causing Jun to lift his head and turn to look at her with a surprised look before the pulsing forced his head to hit the pillow face first with a groan.

"I-I overheard you and Daewon discussing it the other day," said Dami as she sounded sheepish. "How much did you hear?" Asked Jun as he managed to turn his head to look at Dami. "Enough to figure out that it was the cause of your headache," said Dami.

"Well," said Jun as he shifted slightly moving his arm to rub the side of his head with the palm of his hand. "I guess that's why the headache has been so bad lately," he said.

"I won't tell anyone else," said Dami. "Good," grunted Jun. "No one else can know about this," he said. "I didn't think anyone was listening to our conversation," he said. "I didn't mean to," said Dami. "I know," said Jun. "It was an accident," he said. "Now leave me be," he said. "I need to try and sleep this damn headache away," he said. Dami nooded. "Okay," she said, turning and leaving the room and closing the door behind her.
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[center Chapter 3]

Jun was wary around the other werewolves, as they were wary around him. He was sure that Jinhwan had told them to be wary around him anyway, and it was for good reason it seemed. Yunhyeong was watching him like a hawk, making sure Jun didn't repeat what he did to his brothers. It didn't mean that he couldn't talk to the 'shifters though, he took that opportunity as it came and went.

[center ~]

It started with Sanha first, as Sanha was the first to approach him, with the others observing what was going on from a distance. "Come on," said Sanha. "We're doing errands today!" He said, grabbing Jun by the arm and dragging him out the door once they both had their shoes on. Jun was surprisingly well behaved for the most part, though mostly had to do with Sanha being the youngest in the 'shifter's side of the pack. Even someone as cold as himself was capable of caring for someone. At times.

"Why'd you drag me along again?" Asked Jun as he went with Sanha as he did whatever errands were needed done that day. "Because," said Sanha. "Everyone else is busy, and Yunhyeong said I could take you out today," he said. "Plus, I've noticed you wanting to talk to us, the 'shifters I mean," he said. "I asked Moonbin and he said it was okay to talk with you so," he said, shrugging. "I see," said Jun.

"So what did you want to know?" Asked Sanha. "You're mated?" Asked Jun. "Yep!" Said Sanha. "His name's Yuto," he said. "He runs Chani's information network in Toronto," he said. "I still don't understand the reasoning behind having a human running a [i vampire's] information network but," he said, shrugging.

"Why hasn't he been turned yet?" Asked Jun. "More due to me being adamant about him staying human," said Sanha. "He did ask me if he could be turned, but I am refusing to subject him to our life," he said. "He's already involved," said Jun. "I know," said Sanha. "But he deserves to live out his life," he said. "He deserves to stay human at least," he said. "I get it," said Jun.

"It's funny," said Sanha as he sighed. "He [i wants] to be turned, but I refuse to get him turned into a vampire, and I doubt any werewolf would willingly turn him without my say so," he said. "On [i top] of that I'd rather not get him more involved than he already is," he said. "Humans aren't meant to know about our world anyway," said Jun. "I know," said Sanha.

"Sometimes I think that if Yuto wasn't rescued by Hui, he would still be oblivious to our world," said Sanha. "I bet you it'd be the case," said Jun. "Humans are ignorant of our world," he said. "But," he added. "The government knows of our world," he said. "If they didn't we wouldn't be living the way we do," said Sanha. "That's true," said Jun.

"It's funny," said Sanha. "They use us for information sometimes too," he said. "I know," said Jun. "I know from experience," he muttered, rubbing a spot on the side of his head. Sanha blinked in confusion before turning to Jun. "It's nothing," said Jun as he let his arm drop to the side. Sanha looked skeptical but he didn't push the subject, knowing someone else from the 'shifter's side of the pack would get more information out of him. "Alright," he said.

[center ~]

A sigh left Jun as he was grouped with Rocky today, who needed to go grocery shopping. It was one of those rare days where Eunwoo was home for more than a few hours and Rocky was able to take the jeep to get groceries.

"I wasn't aware you had a car," said Jun as he was sitting in the passenger seat. "We live pretty close to the coffee shop, so we have no need for it," said Rocky as he drove. "Eunwoo is the only one who uses it really, but sometimes we need it for other things," he said.

"So what caused you to stop hunting?" Asked Jun as they walked into the grocery store. "Finding my mate," said Rocky as he went to get what they needed. "The human?" Asked Jun. Rocky nodded. "I think it's one of the reasons why Eunwoo retired too," he added. "Due to finding our mates in the same person," he said.

"Do you think you'd still be hunting today if you didn't?" Asked Jun. "For the most part? Yeah," said Rocky. "Hunting's in my blood apparently," he said. "I may have trained to be a fighter but I think if I was still with my family with my brother I'd be the one hunting while he went along to track and help get kills," he said. Jun hummed in response.

"What about you?" Asked Rocky. "I know I can't ask you what you were doing in China, but what did you do before then?" He asked. "Believe it or not, I'm a medic of sorts," said Jun. "I was the only one who volunteered as a hunter though, for my pack," he said. "Everyone else does other work for the government, and Daewon is the only one to hold onto the information network right now since he's been out of the country," he said.

"So in China you were still hunting, just not in a way that we do?" Asked Rocky. "Could say that," said Jun as he nodded. "How interesting," hummed Rocky as he steered the full cart towards the checkout lanes. "Not as interesting as your pack it seems," said Jun, earning a chuckle from Rocky. "I'm sure," said Rocky.

[center ~]

Jun found himself unable to sleep, sitting up in his bed that he had been staying in for the passed few weeks. He looked across the room to Jinhwan's bed, seeing that Jinhwan was still asleep, before getting up and grabbing his phone and heading out of the room as quietly as he could. He headed downstairs and put on his shoes before heading out the back door to sit in the grass in the backyard.

"Unable to sleep huh?" Came a voice, causing Jun to turn around to spot Jinwoo walking out the back door and closing the door behind him. "What brings you out here?" Asked Jun. "Just couldn't sleep, like you," said Jinwoo as he went to sit beside Jun.

"Everyone wants to talk to me lately," said Jun. "I'm one of few that won't, but for other reasons," said Jinwoo. "Eunwoo's busy and that's why he can't, and Jinhyuk's got a coffee shop to run while Chanwoo's gone for a bit," he said. Jun hummed in response.

"So what's causing you to not sleep?" Asked Jinwoo. "I'm used to being wide awake for long periods of time," said Jun as he shrugged, rubbing a spot on the side of his head again. "Is something wrong with your head?" Asked Jinwoo. "No no," said Jun. "I just have a small headache," he said.

It was true, Jun did have a small headache but it was always due to that damn chip in his head. Yes, it had enhanced his abilities but it made him unable to truly feel emotions nor get [i any] sleep. He wasn't going to reveal that kind of information just yet though, it was something that they would have to figure out themselves.

"So," said Jun, forcing the headache to the back of his mind for the moment. "What is your role?" He asked. "In the pack? Other than being a hunter I'm a soldier," said Jinwoo as he shrugged. "Though most wouldn't be able to tell anyway," he added. "Right," said Jun. "Most couldn't tell that I'm a medic anyway," he added. "So I understand that logic," he said.

"What do you think of being in a pack that has the members of iKon in it?" Asked Jun. "You know," said Jinwoo. "There was a time where I was against them being in the pack," he confessed. "But there was something about the way they were determined to prove to us that they were capable of change that changed my opinion of them," he said. "It's been years since they've joined," he said. "And I can see even now how hard they're trying to keep being just normal people," he said. "Right," said Jun.

"What's your opinion of them?" Asked Jinwoo. "So far? I don't have much of one right now," said Jun. "I'm sure they more time I spend with your pack the more of an opinion I'll have," he said. "Right," said Jinwoo.

[center ~]

Eunwoo was the next person to talk to Jun, as Jinwoo told Eunwoo about his headache and being the doctor he was had to check on him to be sure he was alright.

"Are you alright?" Asked Eunwoo as he got Jun to sit down in his bed. "I'm fine," said Jun. "My headache isn't too bad today," he said. "Most days I can ignore it, others It gets to the point where I can't sleep," he said. "That's not good," said Eunwoo. "It's something I live with," said Jun as he shrugged. "That doesn't seem like a good thing to live with," said Eunwoo.

"It's something I've lived with since I lived in China," said Jun. "So it's something you can't elaborate on," said Eunwoo. Jun nodded. "Makes it frustrating when I can't tell you everything but," he said, sighing. "They're keeping an eye on you aren't they?" Asked Eunwoo. Jun nodded. "There's some things I can't reveal to you because of this damn confidentiality thing but what's stopping me from giving you hints?" He asked. Eunwoo hummed in response.

[center ~]

Oddly enough, Hongseok had been the one to approach Jun, being concerned over his ever present headache it seemed. "Wow, I thought he had you on a leash," said Jun as he was forced to sit down on his bed again. "Yunhyeong isn't [i that] controlling now," said Hongseok as he shook his head before starting to examine Jun's head.

"What do you want dog?" Asked Jun, his bad mood due to how bad this particular headache was. "Oi," said Hongseok. "I'm just trying to help," he said. "By doing what? Getting more information out of me?" Asked Jun. "It's not gonna happen," he said. "I want to try something," said Hongseok as he poked a spot on Jun's head earning a hiss in pain from Jun.

"That hurt huh?" Asked Hongseok. "[i Obviously]," said Jun, sarcasm dripping from his voice. "Sorry, it should be over soon," said Hongseok as he gently poked a different spot on Jun's head. "Leave it," said Jun, slapping Hongseok's hand away. "You're only making it worse," he grumbled, rubbing the side of his head the chip had been implanted on. "It's internal anyway, none of your pressure points crap is going to do much to help my headache," he said.

"So you and the kitty cat are not hunters?" Asked Jun as he managed to quell the migraine to a dull barely noticeable throbbing headache. "Jinhyuk? Yep," said Hongseok. "I'm a medic, and Jinhyuk's running the information network when Moonbin and Chanwoo are busy," he said.

"Don't you worry about him sometimes?" Asked Jun, referring to Yunhyeong. "I mean, as a hunter anyway," he added. "Sometimes," said Hongseok. "But I know enough to trust that he won't get himself intentionally killed anyway," he added.

"This trust thing is going to break," said Jun. "I know," confessed Hongseok. "I just hope it isn't soon," he said, sighing as he stepped away from Jun.

[center ~]

"Here kitty kitty!" Called Jun, catching Jinhyuk's attention as he was sitting in the backyard enjoying a small break from everything. "What do you want?" Asked Jinhyuk as he glared at Jun as he walked over. "Just a small conversation is all," said Jun as he sat beside Jinhyuk.

"How's the headache today?" Asked Jinhyuk, earning a grumble from Jun. "Noticeable today," said Jun as he shook his head. "But it's getting better," he said. "That's good," said Jinhyuk. "Everyone is talking about it," he said. "I know," said Jun. "But I can't elaborate on why these headaches are so damn frequent," he said.

"How's the information network?" Asked Jun as he changed the subject. "Fine," said Jinhyuk. "I think Daewon said he was coming over," he said. "Oh, that explains the increase in headaches," said Jun as he sighed. "What?" Asked Jinhyuk. "Nothing, nothing," grumbled Jun as he got up, going back inside to check on his emails and stuff.
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[center Chapter 2]

Jun was not sure what he was expecting, being in a pack that consisted of the werewolves of the famous iKon faction and the foxes that consisted of Moonbin's faction. At least, iKon used to be the faction that everyone had feared anyway. He knew that they had merged with Moonbin's faction after becoming vampire hunters, but other than that he didn't really know much about them.

"You were in China huh?" Asked Moonbin as he was walking with Jun. "Mhm," said Jun as he looked down at his feet. "I'm not judging," said Moonbin as he shook his head. "I know your pack alpha, and Daewon," he said. "Is that why you didn't protest about Yunhyeong taking me under his wing?" Asked Jun. "Pretty much," said Moonbin as he nodded. "I knew I could trust you to a certain extant," he said. "Besides, even if you wanted you can't kill Yunhyeong anyway," he said. "That's true," said Jun.

"Why was iKon so feared?" Asked Jun. "Jinhwan was put in a situation that he couldn't get out of," said Moonbin. "He tried to get out of it," he added. "But due to the time and what was going on he had no choice," he said. "So he was forced to put his pack in that situation," said Jun. Moonbin nodded.

"He had to establish that yes, even though he was a werewolf, he could take out his own kind without issue," said Moonbin. "He was also doing it because he believed that his youngest brother was killed," he said. "He did it more for revenge on his brother, and then when the revenge was done he had no choice but to become a permanent hunter," he said.

"And he dragged the others into it," said Jun. "Yep," said Moonbin. "Harsh," said Jun. "He had no choice," said Moonbin. "Either make the others become werewolf hunters or risk losing everyone," he said. "That included Yunhyeong," said Jun. "Yep," said Moonbin. "He didn't want to lose the last of his family at the time," he said. "That makes sense, I think," said Jun.

[center ~]

Yunhyeong looked up from reading a book on the couch when he heard footsteps, spotting Jun walking over. "What do you want?" He asked. "I wanted to talk," said Jun. "About?" Asked Yunhyeong. "You," said Jun. "What about me?" Asked Yunhyeong.

"Since we're going to be working together, I want to know more about you," said Jun. "What do you want to know about me?" Asked Yunhyeong. "Other than what you already know from my own file?" He added. "I haven't looked at your file," said Jun. "Really? How shocking," said Yunhyeong. "I would rather you tell me about yourself instead," said Jun. "Uh huh," said Yunhyeong. "I'm serious," said Jun.

"What do you want to know?" Asked Yunhyeong as he put the book down after marking the page he was on. "Where did you get the scar across your face?" Asked Jun. "I was protecting Jinhwan during a mission gone wrong," said Yunhyeong. "He was quickly brought down by a couple of particularly strong soldiers and I had to work with Donghyuk to get the werewolves off him," he said. "I got the claw marks to the face and Donghyuk got the ones across the back of his neck," he said.

"Ouch," said Jun. "It doesn't hurt anymore," said Yunhyeong. "Donghyuk hasn't complained about the ones across the back of his neck in years and mine are just a pain to deal with when the humans are constantly talking about them," he said. "I can see that being an annoyance," said Jun.

"Was there a particularly bad memory of your time as a werewolf hunter?" Asked Jun. "Not really," said Yunhyeong. "I've had my fair share of killing families and such but I never touch the kids," he said. "The kids will grow up resenting us werewolf hunters but it was better than killing them outright," he said. "I see," said Jun.

"We didn't kill those we knew were innocent," said Yunhyeong as he shook his head. "We left them be, sometimes it was for the better, other times we killed them later because they sought revenge," he said.

"You followed the famous rule that Dongmyeong made," said Jun. "It started with us actually," said Yunhyeong. "But Dongmyeong was the one to make it mainstream," he said. "He used it as his faction mantra, with our permission of course," he added. "That was after he got it I assume anyway," he said. "Yeah, Dongmyeong's had the faction for a [i long] time," said Jun.

[center ~]

"Do you regret it?" Asked Jun as he spoke with Chanwoo as they were making dinner. "Regret what?" Asked Chanwoo as he focused on the stove. "You know," said Jun.

"...Sometimes," said Chanwoo as he paused in his cooking. "But for the time it happened, I had no choice," he said. "It was something that Moonbin and I came to the decision to do," he said, focusing on the stove again. "I am trying to atone for my sins," he said. "But sometimes I feel like I truly broke them, my brothers I mean," he added. "It's hard... Just hard," he said. Jun hummed in response.

"Jinhwan's starting to come around again, but Yunhyeong's always been a hard person to crack," said Moonbin as he entered the kitchen. "At least Jinhwan's coming around again but maybe with you here you'd at least be able to get Yunhyeong to crack that cold exterior of his," he said.

[center ~]

"I find it odd that you're watching their human," said Jun as he stood beside Jinhwan on the steps leading up to the front door as he was keeping an eye on Dami, who was tending to the garden, since Rocky had to do something outside the city and Eunwoo was busy at the hospital with Hongseok.

"It's not that odd once you think about it," said Jinhwan as he shrugged. "I've never thought to do any harm to her, it's more of a sibling like relationship and it's really curbed my more... Violent tendencies," he said. "It's good, I guess," said Jun.

"I heard you interrogated my brother last night while making dinner," said Jinhwan. "I had a few questions for him," said Jun. "Nothing more," he added. "Leave Chan out of this alright? He has nothing to do with whatever shenanigans you may involve him in," he said. "Fine," said Jun.

[center ~]

"Oi," snarled Yunhyeong as he grabbed Jun by the shirt and slammed him into the wall. "Leave my [i brothers] out of this alright?" He growled. "Hey hey," said Moonbin as he got between the two of them, pushing Yunhyeong away. "Go calm down right now," he said, pushing Yunhyeong out of the room. "He had no right to do that!" Shouted Yunhyeong as both Jinwoo and Rocky had made sure that Yunhyeong wouldn't make his way back into the room.

"I'm just trying to understand him," said Jun. "Maybe next time just make sure Yunhyeong lets you speak to those two," said Moonbin as he turned to Jun. "Yunhyeong is very protective when it comes to family," he said. "I can see that," said Jun.
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[center Chapter 1]

"You want me to do [i what]?" Asked Yunhyeong as Wontak had managed to talk to him before he was due to return to Germany. "Mentor Jun for a bit until his missions come in," said Wontak. "He can't do anything to you, you're protected by 'shifter law," he said.

"Wontak," said Yunhyeong. "I don't even [i hunt] werewolves anymore," he said. "How the [i hell] do you expect me to mentor someone when I haven't hunted werewolves in years," he said. "I believe he may be able to help you," said Wontak. "With what?!" Shouted Yunhyeong as he grabbed Wontak by the shirt collar and slammed him into the wall behind him. "The [i hell] do you expect a god damn [i werewolf] hunter to do to help [i me]? Huh?" He snarled.

Wontak remained calm, gently pushing Yunhyeong back as he put his hands on his chest. "Just trust me this once alright?" He asked. "And, careful will you? I can easily apprehend you even if it's been [i years] since you've hunted werewolves," he said. "Just one favor," he said.

"What about Hyeongjun? JR? MK? Yunho? Hell even rookie [i Changhyun]?" Asked Yunhyeong. "JR's busy with his side of the pack," said Wontak. "MK's away on missions," he added. "And I promised Yunho and Changhyun a [i long] vacation and I'm giving them one," he said. "Damn it, I'd do it myself but I have my own missions to do, and Hyeongjun is out of commission at the moment," he said. "He was injured badly on the last mission and I can't have him doing missions until Yohan gives the okay," he said.

"Fine," said Yunhyeong as he stepped back. "He can come with us," he said. "But the moment I find something he does [i wrong] I'm sending him back to where ever the [i hell] he came from," he spat. "Deal," said Wontak. "I better not regret this," said Yunhyeong.

[center ~]

"Why did you agree to this?" Asked Hongseok. "I wasn't given a choice," said Yunhyeong. "[i Everyone] has a choice!" Said Hongseok. "You [i know] we can't afford to have another person with us," he said.

"Well maybe if you didn't decide to go to Chicago then we wouldn't've had to deal with this?!" Shouted Yunhyeong. "We should've left with Sanha when he was needed, but [i no] you had to go see Jinho and the others," he growled.

"Like it or not they're what family I have [i left]," said Hongseok. "What family? For all you know they're all dead!" Shouted Yunhyeong. "[i Family] would've asked you to go with them when they left," he said. "[i Family] would've begged you to stay when I was needed in Toronto to talk to Wontak," he said. "[i Family] is someone you care about to the point where you want to protect them with everything you got," he said.

"Family wouldn't've forced you to do something you didn't want to do," said Hongseok as he reached up to caress the scars on Yunhyeong's face as Yunhyeong closed his eyes. "Family would've kept searching for the one who went missing, not give up after believing he was dead," he said.

"Give him a chance," said Yunhyeong when he calmed down. "You gave me a chance, and here we are," he said, opening his eyes. "We're in this together, whether you like it or not," he said. "Fine," said Hongseok as he sighed. "If this comes back to bite us, I'm blaming you," he said, earning a snort from Yunhyeong as he shook his head.

[center ~]

"Damn, you guys really had a shouting match yesterday," said Hoetaek as Yunhyeong and Hongseok joined him at the usual table at Yuto's Starbucks. "We worked it out," said Yunhyeong. "I can see that," said Hoetaek. "Jun should be here in a few minutes, so relax," he said.

Right on cue the door chimed, and in walked Jun with Wontak. "Well, that's for me," said Yunhyeong as he got up, going to speak with them.

"It's strange," said Hongseok. "You two have always been strange, but go on," said Hoetaek as he brought up his newspaper to read. "I never thought Yunhyeong'd take on a person to mentor," said Hongseok. "Well, Jun's been hunting for years apparently," said Hoetaek. "At least, that's what I understand from his so called "government job," he said. "I can't speak too much about it due to confidentiality but," he said, shrugging. "I see," said Hongseok.

[center ~]

"We've worked before haven't we?" Asked Yunhyeong as he sat at a table with Jun and Wontak. "Probably," said Jun. "But there's been many I've worked with when they get sent to China," he said.

"You can't speak of what you do there can you?" Asked Yunhyeong. Jun shook his head. "No, it's one of the agreements I made when they allowed me to leave the country," he said. "I guarantee I won't be a problem though, unless you make a problem out of it," he said. "No, it's not going to be an issue," said Yunhyeong. "Good," said Jun as he nodded.

[center ~]

After discussing things and bringing Hongseok over to meet Jun they were off, heading back to Berlin. Jun and Hongseok were awkward around each other, and Yunhyeong was indifferent with Jun, his cold facade up and ignoring everyone around them.

Eunwoo had been the one to get them from the airport, taking them straight to the coffee shop before driving back to the hospital to get back to work.

"Hey you three, welcome back," said Moonbin as he stood at the counter. "Chanwoo not here today?" Asked Yunhyeong. "I gave him and the others the day off, we have the other crew today," said Moonbin, motioning to Chunji and Jeongwoo who were making drinks and to Dami and Renjun who were delivering drinks. "Ah," hummed Yunhyeong. "I'll get the usual made, go relax," said Moonbin. Yunhyeong nodded, turning and going to sit down with Hongseok and Jun.

"Didn't think you'd be here," said Yunhyeong as Renjun walked over with their drinks a few minutes later, setting them on the table. "Chan out on missions again?" He asked. Renjun nodded. "I would've gone to Toronto but Chani said no this time," he said.

"Have you tried asking Jeno or Jungwoo?" Asked Yunhyeong. "I did, they said they couldn't have me over," said Renjun. "Must really suck," said Jun. "I'm used to it," said Renjun. "I try to visit them when I can though," he added. Jun hummed in response.
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