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I'll just throw in another character anyway because that's how I am.
  Catlover33 / 4h 40m 22s
The bare minimum is 250 words, so feel free to have fun with it! ^^

Also yay, I'll get a read on the post in a little bit when I'm off work!

  ♡ M U S E ♡ / Animeluver / 4h 49m 48s
You can do it! If you need help, feel free to ask in here. It just takes practice.

Btw, couple rps are on hiatus and my schedule is getting more organized. I'll try to get a post up within the week.

Ayyyyy Aizen! It read like you had fun too! Yeah, I've been thinking of rewatching too lately. A friend of mine was talking about a filler arc before the Fullbringer arc and I had forgotten that there even was one... I didn't remember anything about it until I looked it up and saw the girl with the short green hair (Nozomi).
  Yoruichi Shihouin / Yoruneko / 4h 55m 0s
I don't think that I can get 500 words with just one character.
  Catlover33 / 5h 26m 22s
sorry for not replying lol
I've kinda been i dunno.

but i finally posted as the sinsiter aizen and boy was it fun! I'm thinking of rewatching bleach right now; since its been a while since i actually sat down to watch any of it
  Aizen / Mr-X / 6h 10m 17s
Apologies for my lack of attention!
I'm not sure myself where they could be, I know Cat is decently active, Mr. X however I'm not entirely sure as to when they plan to reply I think they're still with it though.

I actually had sushi just the other day, thank you for the blessing it''s been a great week for a foodie! ^u^

I'm still looking for places to live, as it is at least I have a bit more time to do so than I prior believed!!
  ♡ M U S E ♡ / Animeluver / 8h 41m 58s
Thank you! What happened to Mr-X and Catlover?

The changes in weather have me messed up too...

Yeah, it's not only on phones, but they have it on steam as well. it just went on steam a few months ago. Yeah, I play it. It's different from other gacha games. So, def check it out.
  Yoruneko / 8h 56m 48s
This is quite belated in regards to your initial comment Yoruneko, but I wish you the best of luck with the roleplay situation. I know how that goes.

Doing decently, although I have grown to hate the change in the weather. Always seems to throw my system out of whack these days.

Hope you were able to eat something delightful and that you are more content now Animeluver!

I had not heard of Bleach Brave Souls, but I will be sure to check it out if I ever get a smart device. Are you playing it Yoruneko?
  Spare / Tesla / 1d 4h 49m 9s
Hey, I'm doing well. Taking care of stuff so I can hopefully add this rp back to my posting list. How's ur stuff Animeluver?

Does anyone here play Bleach Brave Souls?
  Yoruichi Shihouin / Yoruneko / 4d 6h 41m 17s
How is everyone? Well I hope. OwO/

I'm pretty hungry myself, honestly.
  ♡ B L E A C H ♡ / Animeluver / 6d 9h 8m 37s
Understood, be safe alright man? Feel free to pop in whenever you want!
  ♡ B L E A C H ♡ / Animeluver / 19d 1h 38m 3s
Hey guys. I found out one of the RPs that went on hold is starting up again and I can't take on more atm. Since I have a prior commitment to that one, I wont be able to post in this one. If possible, I'd love to join again and have Yoruichi randomly show up in the storyline like she tends to do anyway. I wish the rp the best in the meantime
  Yoruichi Shihouin / Yoruneko / 22d 7h 7m 39s
Very beautifully done! :D

And thank you, things are scary but I'm sure we'll pull through!
  ♡ B L E A C H ♡ / Animeluver / 25d 8h 23m 7s
Post is finally up. Thank you all for your patience.

Good luck with your writing in other threads Animeluver.

Hope everyone gets to enjoy the weekend.
  Spare / Tesla / 25d 14h 17m 26s
Thanks guys, Can't wait to see your posts! I've still got some writing to get up to in other threads - unfortunately this takes priority X.X
  ♡ B L E A C H ♡ / Animeluver / 28d 10h 36m 9s

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