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Checking in on everyone again! Hope you’re all doing alright!
  HedwigNerd / 25d 8h 17m 30s
Glad you're doing alright Burning_Heart! I know hurricanes can be rough, I got caught in one a few years back. Take care :)
  HedwigNerd / 27d 10h 48s
Hopefully others get lucky too. It seems Mother Nature is out to get people this year.
  [The 100] / makionyx_20 / 27d 13h 12m 57s
That's true. We got fairly lucky. The storm shifted a little more away from us right before it hit.
  Burning_Heart / 27d 13h 16m 24s
Glad you are okay! That's more important than the power right now.
  [The 100] / makionyx_20 / 27d 13h 18m 42s
I am. I'm sorry I didn't check in sooner! We're just without power at the moment, but hopefully that gets fixed soon.
  Burning_Heart / 27d 13h 21m 51s
Checking in on people. I hope you are alright Burning_Heart!
  [The 100] / makionyx_20 / 27d 13h 28m 46s
I hope everyone stays safe if you are currently facing any kind of hazard!
  [The 100] / makionyx_20 / 29d 12h 29m 32s
I will! I'll be back on soon as I can! Hopefully it won't be too long!
  Burning_Heart / 29d 15h 59m 22s
That’s fine, thanks for letting us know! Stay safe with the hurricane!
  HedwigNerd / 29d 16h 6m 8s
So I [i will] be disappearing for a bit. We have a hurricane hitting tonight, but I promise I'm not abandoning the idea already. :)
  Burning_Heart / 29d 16h 43m 50s
Yeah! I look forward to just about any writing experience!
  Deleteddonotcontact / 29d 19h 13m 54s
Well hello! This will be exciting then. ^_^ I look forward to writing with you all.
  [The 100] / makionyx_20 / 30d 2h 19m 51s
Good! I haven't seen the show either, so I'm glad that I don't have to have seen it! I'm gonna be in the rp too!
  Deleteddonotcontact / 30d 4h 52m 27s

From what I read, I don't think you have to have seen the show at all plot-wise. Glimpses of it may help you get an understanding of how movement works - but you could watch tribute music videos on youtube for that if you would never want to spoil the show in the future for yourself.

Hedwig made this an all Original Character role-play so I don't [i believe] we are going to follow the cannon story-line religiously or if at all outside the Ark dropping 100 prisoners onto earth.

Either way, no spoilers so the show isn't ruined for anyone which is cool. I'm happy to be role-playing with everyone and stoked to see where our crazy characters take us. ^_^
  [The 100] / makionyx_20 / 30d 6h 37m 36s

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