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Hey! It’s been a while, so I’m just checking up! The terminology list is coming along, but I keep remembering terms that belong on the list, so it’s slowly growing haha.
  HedwigNerd / 16d 3h 18m 22s
I would as well :) I'd like to give the impression that I know what I'm talking about lol. Thank you for offering!
  Burning_Heart / 21d 19h 51m 13s
I think a terminology page might be lovely. It can add spice to a post. I would very much enjoy it.
  [The 100] / makionyx_20 / 21d 23h 14m 41s
For those of you who haven’t seen The 100, like it’s been previously stated, we won’t be sticking to the plot of the show. However, there are a few general terms from the show that I might slip into the roleplay . Would the two of you be interested in me creating a little list of terms for you to reference?
  HedwigNerd / 22d 3h 12m 38s
Im glad everything is alright! I'm looking forward to your characters! :)
  HedwigNerd / 23d 13h 19m 40s
I finally have power back! Hopefully, I will be able to get my characters up and done. Sorry it took so dang long!

Hope everyone is still doing good!
  Burning_Heart / 24d 7h 39m 32s
Glad to know you’re all doing alright! I’m looking forward to meeting those characters Burning_Heart! I’m also in homeschool, and it’s exhausting haha
  HedwigNerd / 24d 16h 22m 29s
This is kinda weird for me because I'm homeschooled, but I'm doing well.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 25d 4h 43m 41s
Me too. I have two others doing it as well. e.e It's draining.
  [The 100] / makionyx_20 / 25d 8h 26m 33s
I feel that. My little one has to do homeschooling this year and it's a pain. I hope things get better.
  Burning_Heart / 25d 8h 29m 32s
It's....meh. Its more online schooling from home. The teachers are a bit unreasonable with my 6 year old, expecting him to operate a computer system by himself including opening apps, email, and putting codes into zoom.
  [The 100] / makionyx_20 / 25d 8h 27m 2s
I will do my best to make sure they love up to it then :)

How's that homeschooling going?
  Burning_Heart / 25d 8h 33m 51s
Learning how to home school. Hopefully things get better - though now I'm curious about your characters. XD The suspense!
  [The 100] / makionyx_20 / 25d 8h 35m 57s
I'm still here. Unfortunately, still without power. May not have it back till Tuesday DX but I am trying to get character stuff done so when I have power I can use my laptop.

How is everyone?
  Burning_Heart / 25d 8h 50m 45s
I'm here. Hope everyone else is also doing alright.

Thank you, Hedwig, for checking on everyone.
  [The 100] / makionyx_20 / 25d 8h 53m 5s

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