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”like get married and have babies?” she asks jokingly. ”because if that's the case I want a big wedding and have a honeymoon at Disney.” she continues to add as a joke.
  Bri / Simply_Random / 25d 10h 46m 22s
He shook his head, "No didn't mean to sound weird, just thought you wouldn't be interested in me is all... and now I know and I've been interested, just feels like we should do something about it."
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 25d 10h 54m 22s
”I know.” she says twirling around to walk normal, ”Why are you saying it like that though? Going through something?” she asks.
  Bri / Simply_Random / 25d 11h 33m 0s
Kane laughed, "Not the Barbie type." he said smiling and looked to her, "I've known you most of my life Bri..."
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 25d 11h 36m 16s
”Rich people problems I guess.” she says following him. She couldn't help but look back and stick her flip that girl off for being rude. ”Are you sure you don't want to hang out with barbie? I'll probably make you go broke after tonight. A girl can eat.”
  Bri / Simply_Random / 26d 8h 58m 37s
Kane shook his head, " Sorry I have plans." he said taking Bri's hand to walk away and whispered, "Condo, just a vacation place."
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 26d 9h 59m 41s
”Wait. You actually live here? I'm just visiting... I leave next week.” she was going to say something else but the newly hired extra approached them.

”That was fun. I know we'll see each other tomorrow, but would you like to hang out?” she says standing in front of Bri.
  Bri / Simply_Random / 26d 10h 55m 16s
He smiled, "your on there... my condo isn't far from here and the shoot is wrapped for the day, you up for ordering in and watching a movie or we could go out and do something."
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 26d 11h 4m 28s
”Oh. Is that a challenge? I can finish Arizona’s Sweet Tea in half that time.” she says taking a sip of her beer.
  Bri / Simply_Random / 26d 11h 23m 57s
Kane turned it down, "Quit drinking last year, hurt too many people I cared about so I don't any more, personal choice... but I can kill a gallon of sweet tea in about an hour."
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 26d 11h 25m 36s
Bri chuckle. ”Don’t worry about it. There's beer here so I'm having a good time. I hear there's going to be something stronger for the shoot so I may take some. If I can.” she says grinning. She hands him her beer to see if he drinks.
  Bri / Simply_Random / 26d 11h 28m 44s
Kane didn't pay much attention to the replacement but talked to Bri between takes. "I'm sorry my director is an asshole."
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 26d 11h 40m 34s
”i have so many questions now...” she says as they arrive to the set. They quickly ushered him away. She stays near the equipment so she isn't in anyone's way. She got a few stares. Especially from the replacement who seems pretty. Boy did she blush when she was Kane. She must be a fan.
  Bri / Simply_Random / 26d 12h 19s
"A Couple days and she wouldn't target you, shes married with kids now." He said sighing.
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 26d 12h 2m 35s
She throws a napkin at him. ”You're doing to much. Please I don't want you ex to target me.” she says finishing her drink. ”How long does it normally take to a shoot a music video?” she asks as they slowly got closer.
  Bri / Simply_Random / 26d 12h 8m 4s

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