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Everyone had a past and a story to tell. A reason for where they ended up in life. Of this, the man was certain as he stared at the cold stone wall across from him. Years, he had been locked away in here for years. And it was with good reason too. When walking the streets and free, Richard had been what some might call a monster. What others would have called a beast. He hunted and would kill. There was no real reason for it either. Blood, he had liked the sight and he had liked the feel. Enjoyed to hear those screams and to see those looks of terror.

Slowly, the man shook his head. That had been the old him. The one who couldn't see this life as anything more than a game. If there was one thing being locked in a cell had taught him, it was the value of your freedom. But there had also been...something that changed his mind. A story in the news he had gotten to read that a guard had thrown at him. There was a copycat out there. One who played the same damn games he used to. And it showed him the monster he had been. Gave him a reason to actually turn his life around.

A creak caught his attention and the guard came into his cell, grabbing him and dragging him from it. That's right.. It was the day that he was going to make his way back into the world. He was a free man again.

Hours later, Richard had NO idea what to even do with himself. No job, no money, and worst of all no place to stay. And that was when he happened across a bar. It looked like a nice little place to get a drink. And a nice place to try and figure stuff out. At least he knew he could spend the night working there to pay for the drinks and food that he ordered. Food...and it was with that notion did he walk into the place and to the counter, taking a seat, eyes scanning the room. He wasn't sure if he was even going to follow through with his original plans.

"Going to order? If not then get out. Only customers are allowed." Came sharp words from behind him.

And with that, Richard turned to the bartender and cursed under his breath. [b "Don't have money...But was gonna work the night to pay for whatever.."] He muttered, the tender coming out and gripping him by the shoulder to literally throw him out.
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