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History class was a huge pain in the ass. Mary was not having it either. She had so much on her plate at that moment and having to deal with the History teachers bullshit was something she wasn't worried about. Her eyes searched the room to try and distract herself from whatever the teacher was talking about. There was supposedly a new kid here and that was another new smell Mary had to learn. She knew everyones' scents in this school. Creepy? Yes but she didn't really have a choice but to learn who was who. Josh smelled like Axe cologne and weed. Lucy smelled like a huge tornado of lavender and old people. Lucy lived with her grandparents so she had some old people stench stuck on her. But the people Mary hated sniffing out the most was the ones who didn't know what deodorant was. Now that was a horrid smell. Her eyes went over to the window outside, watching as cars past the school. School was the last place she wanted to be. But her family insisted her and Logan go. Logan was her annoying little brother. Idiot by day. Dumbass by night. Not much of a difference.

Once the door to the classroom opened, everyones head snapped up. Whispers went around the room as the new kid slowly walked in, Marys' eyes narrowing a little. She could catch his smell from five miles away. That's why she woke up with a headache this morning. But vampires haven't been in the small town of Klinkwood for decades. Why were they appearing now? [+Red "Students..I would like you to meet Jayden! He will be a newcomer to the Senior class so be accepting of him.."] The teacher said, patting Jaydens shoulder. Mary didn't like him already. But maybe she could learn to tolerate him. But again, vampires haven't been here in decades. Was he the only one? Or were there others? He better not be a cocky son of a bitch either. Mary hated those kinds of vampires.

Her eyes followed him as he walked to his seat and sat down, rolling her eyes. She was not at all happy about this. What was she supposed to tell her family? They probably already sniffed him out. Who knows how long he's been here.


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[b "You've been mopier than usual JJ! Had the little puppy gotten to you?"] Came the giggled words of Katrina as she seemed to pop uo from out of nowhere. She was good at that but HAD he been paying attention, Jayden would have noticed her there. The thing was though, he hadn't been. His mind had not been there most of the weekend since he had left Mary and her brother. And he had explained to Kat, who only giggled and told him that he was falling for the puppy. She wasn't mad or anything bit just amazed that in their MANY years that it happened to be a "mutt" who had caught his eye.

[b "Jayyyy! Are you even listening to me?"] The girl huffed as she waved a hand in front of his face and was TRYING to get his attention. Dark eyes blinked and he shook his head. [#5ca8f5 "Not particularly. You lost me as soon as you started to tease me again Kat."] He muttered with a shake of his head. She KNEW that if she teased and pushed him then he would be shutting her out. Which had apparently happened with her whining at him and waving the hand in front of his face.

[#5ca8f5 "How about we go for a hunt? That way we are properly fed before going back to school tomorrow?"] He was pruposely trying to distract her. And he knew that it would soon turn into a game for them. A competition to see who could catch the most deer and the fastest. His sister smirked and soon the pair were off. They spent the rest of the day and into the early hours of the bext morning out hunting, careful to avoid the wolves.

The next morning, Jay and Katrina did go to the school. Were there early too. It was nearly time for history and he was taking in the meaty scents of the other students. This was why hunting could be a problem sometimes. It was hard to "turn it off" as some said and to click back into being "normal". And unfortunately for him that was the case today. But he couldn't just exactly ditch either. So the male waited until tje halls were pretty much empty before he raced to class, JUST making it before the late bell rang.

[#5ca8f5 "Looking for someone?"] Cams soft words as he dropped down into the seat beside Mary, a faint smile on his lips. Though truly he wanted to be anywhere but in class.
  JD / MourningGlory / 7d 16h 7m 41s
Mary took her bag from Jay and was about to say something else but he vanished before their eyes. Mary let out a small growl, walking away from Logan and he rolled his eyes, following after. [+Blue "What are you so mad about?"] He snapped, following her and Mary ignored him, walking to their house that wasn't that far. She walked in and slammed the door in Logans' face, walking to her room and closing the door. Why did he interrupt? Why did he HAVE to interrupt. She was making the vampire smile. And what a beautiful smile Jay had. What was she going to do.
Now it was the weekend. She wasn't going to see Jay until next week and she couldn't really pick up any scents yet. Only vampire scents and the scents of her family. Rarely she would pick up some other scents but you get the whole idea. Now she was out training with her brother. But Mary was the one he was training. Weird, right? Mary needed to work on getting into her wolf form because she has never turned into one yet. [+Blue "You have to dig deep, dig that inner beast inside-][+Red You sound like Sully from Monsters Inc. Stop treating me like a child and tell me how to do it.."] She said, crossing her arms and Logan rolled his eyes, shaking his head. [+Blue "It doesn't come that easy! You have to dig that wolf part out of you!"] He spoke, walking around her in a slow circle and humming. Most wolves changed into their wolf form out of anger. So he needed to make her angry.

[+Blue That vampire the other day..he probably thinks so little of you. Thinks your an over tempered asshole. And not to make it worse you're a stinky, nasty, slobbery wolf. Right? I mean what vampire in their right mind would become friends with a wolf? We are scum to them. Don't let him brainwash you."] Logan spoke, laughing under his breath. Were wolves that low on the scale? Were they scum to most vampires? [+Red "I see what you're trying to do. Don't piss me off, Logan][+Blue "I'm not..I'm just telling the truth. He doesn't think any more of you! Of our family! He just thinks that after he kills us, their family will take over the land we've been walking on for centuries!]

Okay now that took a small toll on Mary. She could feel her heart beginning to race a little, her hands forming into small fists. [+Red "Stop, Logan-][+Blue "They want our blood on their hands! They want to KILL us, Mary. He is going to use you to get closer to us. He has a plan, every vampire has a plan! So we need to kill them first-][+Red "Stop!"] She yelled, and soon enough her wolf form came out. A small light brown wolf came out with hazel eyes. She did it! That's great. [+Blue "See? I know what I'm doing.."] Logan said, smiling at her and patting her head. Mary felt her eyes roll, slowly making her way into the woods to hunt. That was one of her first lessons. And this would be the first time she would be hunting alone.

The next day at school was a blurr. Marys' body ached and her craving for blood and meat wasn't helping the situation at all. That deer she found tasted delightful. She would much rather eat in her wolf form than in her human form. But now she was in History class, waiting for Jay to come waltzing in with his sort of annoying yet cute self. Ew she did not just say that. She could tell he was here but his scent wasn't that near to this class. Was he skipping?
  Mary Claire / sadlolita / 18d 10h 10m 36s
Dark eyes remained on the girl before him as she reached for the bag, her bag that he was still holding out. The question in her eyes as she asked how he could tell made a small smile slip to his lips. [#5ca8f5 "You smell like a wolf... But the smell isn't as strong as someone who has been a wolf for a while.. That and it seems that you still let the temper control you."] The vampire muttered as he let her take the bag back from him.

It was the other wolf, shouted out his words did Jay glance over. Mary he could handle just fine, but the other it seemed wanted a fight. [#5ca8f5 "I'm not here to pick the fight.. And don't be sorry.] Came the soft words as he gave the faintest nods of his head and soon flashed off. He would have to tell Kat about the two puppies. Well more so the one who liked to play "big bad wolf" for a lack of better words to be used.
  JD / MourningGlory / 39d 11h 54m 27s
Mary felt her eyebrows raise a bit when Jay reached her bag before she could even say anything. Her hand slowly reached out for her bag, tilting her head and smiling. [+Red "Just recently turned..last year actually. How can you tell?"] She found herself asking on how he knew. I mean some people guessed just because of the way she was and others could sense it. Mary never quite understood on how people knew. Now a vampire even knew that. [+Blue "Mary! What the hell?"] Logan asked, walking towards them and a growl escaped his throat when his eyes landed on the vampire. [+Red "Logan..cut out the heroic act..I'm fine.][+Blue -What are you doing with a vampire? What if our family finds out? You might as well be banished from the pack!] He yelled, walking towards them. Mary rolled her eyes and looked at Jay with apologetic eyes. [+Red "Don't mind him..he likes to think he's superman."]
  Mary Claire / sadlolita / 41d 9h 42m 53s
A smirk crossed thin lips as the wolf girl seemed amused with his comment and preceded to make fun of him. [#5ca8f5 "Bambi" is just my reference to deer. Bucks though are bigger and a lot more worth while."] The vampire conceded, smirk never leaving his lips. But he did fall silent to listen to her own explanation of why she had come out as far as she had.

Her question was one he could have expected. She was right after all that it had been a long time since they had actually been there. [#5ca8f5 "Going on close to five-hundred years. So I have seen things come and go... And the times change. And you might actually know others."] Came thoughtful words as he flashed to her bag and picked it up before she had gotten to it.

[#5ca8f5 "My turn. How long have you been a wolf? Because if I'm right you are still new to it?"] He asked, holding the bag out to her
  JD / MourningGlory / 41d 10h 17s
Mary laughed when Jayden asked her if she was looking for any so called 'Bambis' shaking her head. [+Red "You want Bambis'? Shame, Jay. Thought you would go for the Buck. You seem like a tough guy but quite the opposite. This is my safe place. I come here to think, get away from family and sometimes swim.."] She explained, throwing another stone and watching it skid two times before sinking into what looked like a black emptiness. [+Red "It's so weird..how you guys were here decades ago and now you're back. I've never seen you before but I think I know others.."] She said, looking over at Jay with those brown, curios eyes. [+Red "How old are you? Well let me rephrase that..how long have you been seventeen?"] Her eyes looked back at the water and she hummed, dropping the remaining stones and walking to her bag.
  Mary Claire / sadlolita / 50d 8h 46m 20s
The soft snaps beneath his feet had him cursing under his breath. Usually he was MUCH more careful to be silent or as silent was possible. But he had not really known her to be there. Not known anyone to be. He had unconsciously been following that honey sweet smell. And now dark eyes found themselves locked to dark eyes as she turned to face him.

Silent, the vampire male was silent as he took in the little wolf's words. [#5ca8f5 "No..not following you. I just needed to be away from that damning school and my sister before she beat me."] He muttered, continuing to watch her. And in a flash, Jay was beside her.

[#5ca8f5 "What brought you out here? Because if I had to guess it might seem the same reason as I did? Though I don't think you were looking for 'Bambi' and his little friends like was my original intentions."]
  JD / MourningGlory / 41d 10h 5m 20s
Mary looked back when she heard a few snaps of sticks in the woods, her eyes meeting Jaydens. How and why was he here? Did he follow her or did her scent point her out. [+Red "Following me around like a lost pup now, huh?"] Her eyes went back to the water and she threw another rock, it skidding four times before sinking down into complete darkness. She leaned down to pick up another rock, her eyes skimming over the dozens around her. Jayden was an interesting character. Not really evil per say and she found him quite nice. He did say she smelled like honey to him. But why? She let out a sigh when she had ran out of flat rocks. [+Red "What brings you out here? Lost or..?"] She went on, standing and walking over to her bag. She wondered if he lived far. Her parents don't live too far from where they were standing. So her parents must have a scent of Jayden by now. They should know.
  Mary Claire / sadlolita / 59d 10h 50m 10s
He couldn't speak for other vampires. So what he had told the little wolf happened to apply to JUST him. It was not like he could tell her that. Even had he wanted to, the door opened and two boys walked out. Each having winked at Mary. Jayden said nothing and only stood from his chair and followed both Mary and the man he assumed to be the principal into the office. Seemed like the girl and man knew the other well and so Jay found himself wondering how many times they had crossed paths.

[#5ca8f5 "Disrespect in the classroom. Rumours that were spread. And just I guess couldn't keep my temper."] Jayden muttered with a shrug as he had been asked what happened to land him in the front office so early since he had JUST joined them. He heard the words "Saturday detention" and joining "Miss Claire" before he shrugged the man off himself. It wasn't the first time he had gotten into something like this and he knew with his all but immortal life it would not be the last either. Kat would KILL him but he didn't want to deal with the school and the lousy rules for the rest of the day and so like the little wolf figured to say "fuck it all" and left.

Since he was out, where oh where should he go? Diner? Home? Arcade? So many places to choose from. And all of them sounded like nothing when dark eyes fell upon the woods. Now there seemed a good place. And he was hungry. So why not kill two birds with one stone so to speak?

Deeper and deeper the vampire "hiked" into the woods, following the earthy scent of mud, grass and fallen leaves. There also happened to be meaty and savoury smells as well. But before he could even think about WHERE he was going, Jayden's feet seemed to take him to a small lake. And who should be there? Mary...what was it with his seeming to KEEP running into her?
  JD / MourningGlory / 59d 12h 4m 29s
Marys' eyes widened at what he said. She smelled like honey? Just to him or in general? Why did she smell sweet to him? Just as she opened her mouth, the two boys walked out, one of them winking at Mary and snickering as they walked away. She rolled her eyes, standing when the principal called them in. [+blue "Mary Claire..welcome back! Long time, no see!"] He said and stood when they walked in. Mary rolled her eyes and took her bag off her shoulder and set it on the ground in front of her before crossing her legs. [+Red "Don't push it Jordan..just give me the detention and go on with it.."] She's been here too many times. Her temper has landed her right in these very seats. But this time shouldn't be any different. Principal Jordan laughed out a little, shaking his head at the girl then looking at Jayden. [+Blue "New comer here, yes? What lands you in the principals office this early?"] He asked, sitting down and Mary sighed, standing before putting her backpack on. She turned and straight up walked out, Jordan sighing and waving her off. [+Blue "Detention Saturday!][+Red -Screw off, Jordan!"] She snapped, walking out of the school all together.

As she walked she fished a cherry lollipop out of her pocket, unwrapping it and popping it in her mouth. She hummed as she walked, making her way towards the woods and jumped up on a log, balancing on it and jumping down when the log wobbled a little. What should she do today? How about that Jayden character? Why did she have some attraction to him. He seemed to have a sexy side that Mary had to keep watch of. Should she go home or go to her secret spot? So she let her feet lead the way, pushing her hair back into a ponytail. She wondered if Jayden would find her later on. Figuring he liked hanging in the woods like she did. Hopefully. She soon found herself at a small lake, putting her bag down on the ground and walking to where the water met the surface. Without even thinking she did what she always did. Picked up a rock and threw it into the water, watching it skip two times before sinking. It was calming to her.
  Mary Claire / sadlolita / 59d 21h 38m 43s
The girl was rambling after her asked question. One that had been so off the wall that it had actually made him laugh. It wasn't that he meant to, but it seemed to come out of nowhere for one, and two well...it was the LAST thing JD would have expected for anyone to ask him.

[#5ca8f5 "Never have I been asked that before."] Jayden muttered when he was able to "sober up". And he was thoughtful, taking in the wolf girl's scent. [#5ca8f5 "Most do smell bad.. Like wet dogs left in the rain and mud.. But to me..you don't. You smell sweet.. like honey.."] And he could not believe his own words.

Before more could be said, the two were called into the principal's office to face the man just as two boys who had obviously been fighting walked out.
  JD / MourningGlory / 59d 22h 33s
Marys' eyes softened and she nodded, looking away quickly and smiling to herself. But she knew she smelled bad to vampires. Her parents always explained how vampires hated their horrid smell. But did she smell? [+Red "Odd question..do I smell bad to you?"] She asked, laughing a little. [+Red "I don't..I heard rumors that you guys hate the smell of us..and I wonder if it's actually bad?"] She rambled.
  Mary Claire / sadlolita / 60d 21h 23m 35s
[#5ca8f5 "Being who we are...we don't age or change. We can only get away with it for an average of ten years before it begins to draw real attention. The ten year mark was coming up and we needed a new home. Haven't been here in awhile so here we are."] There was no reason to hide it from the little wolf. She KNEW what he was anyway and in a way he and Kat would have to speak with the local wolves.

He leaned back and studied her a moment. [#5ca8f5 "It's nice to meet you without the growl. I'm Jayden.."] Came soft words
  JD / MourningGlory / 60d 21h 16m 0s
[+Red "I have..as a matter of fact. Me and my family live here. But we haven't seen vampires in this area since a few decades ago..why are you here now?"] She asked, walking into the Principals with Jayden and sitting in the waiting chair next to the door. Why were they here now of all times? She couldn't help but wonder. And why was Mary attracted to him? Those dark eyes. That beautiful hair. But they couldn't. Realistically. Her eyes looked over at him and a small smile found her face. [+Red "I'm Mary..sorry about earlier..I have never been around..a vampire so this is new.."] She explained, playing with her fingers nervously.
  Mary Claire / sadlolita / 60d 21h 44m 48s
The vampire wasn't fond on the little wolf. But sje hadn't given him reason as she had been nothing but stuck up and bitter. The fact that she refused to look at him or talk to him just made him figure he would play the same game. And so for the first little of their walk, Jayden was dead silent and only focused on the hall before them.

Only with the steps beside him did dark eyes take a side glance. It took him a moment to process her question. [#5ca8f5 "Not exactly. Kat and I move so much I don't even think about it. So I guess it's more like we're from all over."] Jayden said quietly. [#5ca8f5 "But you have been here all your life?"]
  JD / MourningGlory / 60d 22h 6m 20s

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