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Harverson High

A school for delinquents.
A prison

Name-Selene Devonne Jensen
Bio-Hyper, random...curious...and mostly weird...But she has a bit of a...anger management problem.
Criminal Records-Assaulting a officer, sexual harassment and destruction of property.

Name- Lilly pretty

Age- 17

Grade- 11th

Group- preppy

Bio- Pretty all out loves people and cares about each and every individual.She can a lot of times be very air headed and say odd or hurtful things,but she means well.she is very loving and is happy to give anyone she sees a great big hug.Her home life is not the best,and it somewhat affect her behavior and judgement.-but that doesn't mean that her school life has to be,so she tries her best at everything and tries to keep her "other" life a secret. oh and she loves strawberry ice cream.

Criminal Records- Stealing from a drug store and trashing a ex's house.

Bio-Troublemaker, has the hot's for everything with a skirt.
Criminal Records-Breaking and entering, drugs and underage driving.

Name- Barbie Bella

Age- 15 going on 16

Grade- 10th

Group- Goth

Bio- Barbie is a very forceful,somewhat ignorant,and loud person.But its just a mask to hide herself from the world,especially her friends..Once someone gets to know Barbie she can be very quiet,kind,smart,and even sometimes lovable...When there not around others.She will do anything to defend her friends and loved ones.Even if she kinda sucks at it and gets her ass kicked.

Criminal Records-Has none but tells everybody she has been in and out of jail many times:Setting fires to teachers cars and other things like that.

NAME:Sapphire Muzaki
bio:Very shy girl,does not like that much attention and would rather be at home alone that talk to people.

Name-Thomas Mathew




Bio-Quiet,Doesn't talk to people that much and is a bit of a loner

Criminal Record-sdrugs!

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Criminal Records-

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Sapphire was awoken to the sound of her hello Kitty alarm clock going off.
"Nice.." She siad annoyed that she had to get up so early.
She heard her dad downstairs rustling around in the kitchen.Sapphire slid off her bed,and stood up.She walked over to her closet and looked at her hair in the full body mirror on her closet door.she sighed when she saw that her hair was a complete mess,and that she did not use conditioner in the shower the day before.
Sapphire looked through her sshirts,and decided on a tight fitted,completely pink shirt that she got at Old Navy.She looked st her jeans,and choose a pair of skinny jeans.She threw on some bracelets that were sitting on a shelf by her skirts,and a necklace that came with one of her shirts.She found a clip that she put in her hand to put in her hair,after she brushed it.She walked over to her door ann went into the hallway.
Immediatly she was hit with the intoxicating sent of freshly brewed coffee.She had to ignore her urge to go and get sone,and she walked down the rest of the hallway to the bathroom her and Emma,her sister,shared.She quickly looked through the cabnet foer her toothbrush,and a hair brush.She saw the hairbrush on the sink,and then she finally found her toothbrush.She grabbed the hairbrush and quickly dragged it through her tangled hair.Then she threw the brush in the cabnet and grabed the toothpaste.She brushed her teeth,and placed the clip carefully in her hair.
Sapphire rushed down the stairs and slipped her bunny slippers of while walking.She smelled the coffee again,but she saw that it was now all in a cup on the counter that belonged to her dad.She sighed and grabbed a plain mini bagle.Then she threw on a pair of flip flops and rushed out the door.
"WAIT!" Her dad yelled after her.He was holding her purse,and she gratefully grabbed it and hugged him goodbye.
Sapphire only lived a couple of blocks away from the school,and so she ran the whole way there.As soon as she got there,she ran into the building and got her books out of her locker.She was relieved that she made it ontime,as she put her back to the locker.
  babydoll / 9y 267d 9h 10m 54s
She waved back at pretty as she changed.By now she had completely transformed, what used to be her uniform into a new type of outfit, she had her suspenders loosen around her side, she threw her school jacket over his head, just in case. and proceeded to take her shirt off and turn over her double sided bra, that was white on one side and red on the other. She then putted her shirt back on and took the jacket from his head.She grabbed her back bag and smiled at him turning him around.
She said giggling lightly, as she played with her hair.
"Uhm...Schedule...hmm...yeah..I'll go since i think I let mine home."
She said as she twirled her eyes somewhat like thinking.
  Selene Devonne Jensen / NekoArashi / 9y 267d 9h 58m 25s
Thomas grinned softly as she helped him up. A blush still appearing on his cheeks. He just got a beter look at her and boy oh boy. She sure was beautifil.
"Sorry again. It's my fault. I get distracted easily and don't pay attention to the people around me."He said blushing a bit..
He walked over to her and smiled."whats up?"He said as he followed her to the other side of the school where it was rather empty.
He grinned."I wont look."He said turning away from her and then he chuckled softly.
He ran his hand through his hair and then sighed softly as he bit his lower lip and then he shoved his hand into his pocket and wondered what she was doing.
"Well I need to get my schedule. So you wanna tag a long?"He asked still not looking at her in case she was taking something off.
  Thomas. / MaxyBear / 9y 267d 16h 23m 8s
Pretty woke up to the daily noise barbie played wail getting ready.She yelled at the top of her lungs and sat up."BARBIE TURN THAT CRAP DOWN!"She yawned and ran down to the bathroom to get dressed for school.As she washed her face she looked up at the mirror and sighed drying her face."Hey Barbie did you hear mom come home last night?"Their mother had a history of staying at the bar for at least a a week or two straight so Pretty was not surprised she was still gone.-She heard no answer just the sound of Barbie's music get louder and the slamming of her closet door.Pretty sighed again and quickly got dressed and did her hair and makeup.She looked up at the clock and screamed running out into the hall pounding on Barbie's door."BARBIE WHERE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!Get your ass down stairs."She heard her turn her music off and grab her bag.Pretty ran down stairs almost tripping over herself and ran out to the car waiting for Barbie.She watched Barbie sluggishly walk out the door and get into the car.Pretty sat down and looked over to barbie."You really need to get your licence..."She pulled out of the driveway and drove toward the school.She pulled into the parking lot and watched Barbie get out of the car.She sighed and looked into the mirror."Ok you can do this."She got out of the car and walked into the school.Just as she got to the door she looked over and saw Selene over at the corner of the building.She slightly waved and stepped inside going to her homeroom.
  Pretty (Lilly) / xxluvsongxx / 9y 268d 14h 42m 47s
Selene was looking at an one of the trees in the front yard when she felt something bump into her making her fall and her book bag making all it's content fly off.
She yelped as she fell and groaning lightly she sat up.She looked at the reason for her fall and noticed there was a blushing boy before her. His expression made a soft giggle escape her lips as she began to gather her stuff.
"It's fine..."
She said to him with a smile as she stood up and stretched a hand over to him to help him up. As she help him up she noticed he wasn't wearing the school's uniform, just like a couple of other students. This made her frown lightly.
"Come here for a sec.."
She said as she pulled him by his writs and passed by some students to the left empty side of the school. She turned him toward the entrance she behind him.
"Don't you dare peek ok?"
She demanded as she took off the school's jacket.
  Selene Devonne Jensen / NekoArashi / 9y 268d 15h 11m 59s
Thomas groaned as the beeping interrupted his thoughts and filled his room. His hand escaped from his bed sheets and he slammed it rather hard onto the snooze button before turning onto his side and then he stared out the window. He yawned softly.He threw the sheets from himself and then he walked to his closet where he pulled out some bright blue skinny jeans and pulled them over his boxers and then pulled on a white shirt with two cartoon cupcakes on it and then he grabbed his black and white checkered jacket and pulled that on also. He grabbed some new socks,and his converse.

Pulling his socks and converse on before he walked into his bathroom and then he ran a comb through his hair. His hair long enough to go down to his blue eyes. He shook it out of his eyes and then he exited the bathroom and put his phone into his pocket and then grabbed his car keys and the keys to the house and then he grabbed his black Jansports backpack and then he slung it over his shoulder before putting his walet into his pocket and then he hook the chain up to his belt loop and then exited his bedroom.

"Bye mom."He called as he grabbed a poptart and then he walked through the front door without hearing her say goodbye. He walked to his GT 500 Mustang he got for his birthday. He hopped inside and then he started the car and pulled out of the drive way. Ten minutes later he pulled into the student parking lot.He got out and then grabbed his back pack out of the back seat and then he walked to the front of the school. Not seeing Selene because he was to busy looking up at the school he bumped into her. Falling to the floor he blushed."I'm so sorry!"He said.
  Thomas. / MaxyBear / 9y 268d 17h 2m 0s
She groaned as sunlight shone through the blind of the window.She covered herself over with her sheets as she snuggled on to the bed to regain the dream she had.Suddenly something jumped on the bed, walking short furry steps as it made it's way to her face.
It purred lightly rubbing it's self onto the sheets.
"10 more mins!!.."
She whined moving a bit.
The cat fell from her bed gripping on her sheets taking them off of her.She growled sitting up.
"hmmm wat time is it?.."
She whined walking over to the bathroom.She finished her morning scrutineer which usually took 2 hours, and then walking out of the bathroom noticed the time and date.
"O.O first day of school!!!!!!! YES!!!!"
She putted her make up on and dressed in her uniform.She then rushed downstairs to the kitchen with the cat close behind.
"Ohh...your hungry?"
She asked it before giving it her own cereal..
"There you go.."
He dad noticed and began to yell at her.
"You need to eat!!..You'll get sick!!.."
She opened the front door.
"Dad chill..I'll eat something at school..Love you bye"
She told him before walking away to school, it's a good thing she lived 2 blocks from there. Her father sighed in return.
"One of these days.."
She finally got to school and smiled as the tall building spread before her. She noticed a lot of people going in but most of the where 'different' than her. She shrugged not giving it much thought and walking pass the gates.
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how about sum1 just start and we could just wait till people respond?
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I hate when people start drama online.
  Thomas. / MaxyBear / 9y 269d 14h 14m 3s
srry was dealin with some myspace beitch
  Pretty (Lilly) / xxluvsongxx / 9y 269d 14h 14m 50s
xD HI! :)
  Thomas. / MaxyBear / 9y 269d 14h 35m 13s
oh hello :D
  Pretty (Lilly) / xxluvsongxx / 9y 269d 14h 37m 36s

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