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ѕea ғoaм

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[i 80% of the ocean is unexplored, so who says mermaids can't be real]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/jGT5mdq.jpg]] [center [font "times new roman" [size12 ]]]

[center [font "times new roman" [size12 ]]]

[size10 [font "times new roman" *21+ to join]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *Real pictures]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *Semi lit to lit writer]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *PM me if interested]]
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[i . . . . .]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/l0neiR7.jpg]] [center [font "times new roman" [size12 [i He was obsessed with her. He loved her so much that he gave her eternal life. But she ran from him and for centuries, he's still in search for her.]]]]

[center [font "times new roman" [size12 Almost three hundred years ago, a vampire named Antoine turned [b Y]. Her mother was working as a maid at an aristocrats house that he was visiting during the summer of the Revolutionary War where he was visiting. She ran into Antoine one day on the road during her many walks to retrieve her mother from a long days work. At the time, she was so beautiful and innocent that Antoine could not help but crave her.]]]

[size10 [font "times new roman" *21+ to join]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *Real pictures]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *Semi lit to lit writer]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *PM me if interested]]
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✿мy нead ιѕ a prιѕon✿

Search Thread

[center [font "times new roman" [size20 [#b23abb Welcome to another search thread!]]]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/2jTW1Zk.jpg]][center [font "times new roman" I am looking for 1-3 more roleplays and even have a few characters that I am wanting to use. I will post the characters below with a little information about them.]]

[center [font "times new roman" I play females and males, but I usually lean more towards females. Though I am down to work on my skills as playing males. I have one unused male that I want to use but can always make a different one with a good enough plot.]]

[center [font "times new roman" Now, I am [u always] down for a vampire roleplay and actually want to do a Buffy the Vampire Slayer kind of roleplay with a [b male] slayer. We can do something different if you are not familiar with the show/movie, I just really want to use my new female vampire.]]

[font "times new roman" Rules! First and foremost, all rules might change, depending on the roleplay. Also, I ask for a sample post of 1,500+ characters before accepting anyone. If you do not meet this limit than you will not be accepted.]

[font "times new roman" [b Pictures:] Real pictures. I like the pictures to look like they were done professionally, not in the bathroom mirror. I ask that no emo or scene pictures are used, unless I approve of them.]

[font "times new roman" [b Literate:] I ask that people can post 1,000+ characters per character. I know it can be hard but with the pressure off to rush, it gives you time to think of something awesome to type. Proper grammar and correct spelling is needed, I'm not saying it's a must because everyone makes mistakes but try your best and check your work. I know I tend to mess up but I try my best to make my posts great.]
  Hana_Panda13 / 5d 6h 2m 6s
ѕaved вy тнe devιl

[font "times new roman" [size10 [size20 [center ╔══════════════════════════════════╗
[i We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/ZfOpSnX.jpg]] [center [font "times new roman" [size12 [b Y] is the new leader of the Drogo Dragon's. A family ran mafia, a family of feared members. [b X] is an elementary school teacher with no idea who the Dragon Clan even is. Atleast not until she saves the young nephew of the head of the family. During a drive by, she pulled the boy safely into her arms and ended up getting shot in the process. After seeing her heroic act, the head of the family claimed her to be under their protection. The family even paid for her hospital bills after she had to have surgery to have the bullets extracted.]]]

[center [font "times new roman" [size12 But being under the protection of one family puts you in danger with others. Having the constant guards around her causes many problems in [b X's] life, causing her lash out and putting herself into a tricky situation. Her life becomes even more problematic when [b Y] decides to personally take on being her guard.]]]

[size10 [font "times new roman" *21+ to join]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *Real pictures]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *Semi lit to lit writer]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *PM me if interested]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/m1uHtZh.gif]]

[font "times new roman" [size10 [size20 [center ╔══════════════════════════════════╗
[i Young love is common, but that doesn't mean it's not precious]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" They were young, in their first years of college. [b X] being a rich kid from the city, [b Y] being a poor Kentuckian. It was love at first sight and very much like the romances you see in the movies. It was truly a love for the ages, that was until [b Y] ended things with no rhyme or reason. Soon after, [b Y] disappears and [b X] never sees them again, until today.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" It's been five years since they've seen each other. [b X] graduated and moved from New York to Chicago to take over the family business there. [b X] is now engaged and preparing to be married in a mere few months but soon their plan is completely upturned when [b Y] reappears in their life, working as a cleaner in the hotel they are staying in while their fiancée looks for their new apartment. Things become even more complicated when [b X] learns that [b Y] has a very big secret.]]]

[size10 [font "times new roman" *21+ to join]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *Real pictures]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *Semi lit to lit writer]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *PM me if interested]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *Looking for someone to be open to plotting consistently]]
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cυғғιng ѕeaѕon

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[i It Started When The Leaves Turned]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/rYjEYZG.jpg]][center [size10 [font "times new roman" [i "It's the period from October to March when people desire to be “cuffed up” with someone."]]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" It's fall in New York City and Liam is officially done with relationships. He's had his heart broken one too many times and he just wants to focus on his career in the police force. Unfortunately, fate has other plans for him when it decides to throw not one, but two amazing women into his path.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Now he's forced to choose between the two, all while falling harder and harder for both of them.]]]

[size10 [font "times new roman" *21+ to join]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *Real pictures]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *Semi lit to lit writer]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *PM me if interested]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" *Looking someone to play both females or two people]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Q8oZ6j3.jpg]]

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/nNX1Zox.jpg]] [center [size12 [font "times new roman" "She broke up with you? Seriously?" Liam sighed as his friend, Rachel, repeated back to him what he had just said. It seemed to sting more when someone else said it than when he said it to her. His girlfriend of two years randomly broke up with him, over a text message of all things. He had tried calling her in hopes that it was a joke but she had continued to forward his calls. It's been two months since the message and he waited till he heard from her before saying anything to anyone but nothing. Complete radio silence.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" So he ended up telling Rachel first since she decided to show up at his apartment to borrow some of his books. He stared up at the ceiling as she went into a spew on how she never liked his girlfriend and he already knew it. It wasn't a big secret that none of his friends or family had liked April but he did, so they all played like she was heaven sent even though he knew how the truly felt. [#52BE80 "Rach, I don't mean to be rude but I was about to head out to jog at the park, so."] Rachel nodded and grabbed up the books she came to get and head out, hugging him as she went.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Liam followed her out, his entire body screaming for him to just crawl back into bed but he had a night shift today and if he crawled back into bed than he would not be getting out of it for his shift. So he hoped a jog would help him clear his mind or aleast make him feel alittle better. He waved Rachel off as they finally made it out of the building and turned to walk towards the park near his house. The walk seemed to take forever or he was walking in slow motion, he couldn't tell.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" As soon as he made it to the entrance of the park, he sprung into a sprint. It felt like he was running away from the pain, from the memories, from the text message, from the full mailbox. He slowly lost himself in the run that had turned into a job after his second round around the park trail. He closed his eyes for a moment, getting lost in the park's noises. People chattering, birds singing, cars honking in the distance.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" He opened his eyes in time to see a dog leash in his path and no time to move out of the way. He attempted to jump over it but his foot still got caught on it, causing him to crash onto the pavement, and dragging the puppy as well as the woman attached to the leash. He quickly sat up, ignoring the pain in his scrapped arms and legs as he turned to the two. [#52BE80 "I am so sorry! Are you okay? I can't believe I did that, I am so..."]]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" He rambled on as he got lost in a pair of blue eyes, drowning in them really. He just ran over one of the most prettiest girls he had ever met. Nice job, Liam! No, stop it. He was giving up on relationships right now. He made that promise to himself a month ago when it slowly sunk in that April was not coming back and he needed to stop falling so hard for woman. Yet, here he was doing it again, literally!]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Q8oZ6j3.jpg]]

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/N4GCghX.jpg]] [center [size12 [font "times new roman" This was not good, not good at all. His heart was racing. He could feel his hands sweating, beyond the sharp pains in them. He was getting nervous around her. He kept screaming at himself to stop, he promised no more girls, that he would focus on his career. Strictly his career. After April, he needed to just focus on moving up in his career and not thinking about a girl. A beautiful blue eyed girl with an adorable puppy.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" He couldn't pay much attention to what she was saying but he couldn't take his eyes off her lips. Her full and pink lips. He wondered how they would feel against his... Stop. She's speaking to you. He shook his head to clear away thoughts to actually pay attention to what she was saying.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" [#52BE80 "I didn't really fall that --"] He looked down at his legs and hands, both bleeding. He scrapped himself up pretty good. [#52BE80 "I'll be fine."] He stood up to dust himself off and try to ignore the sharp pains one feels when they scrape portions of their skin.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" [#52BE80 "Are you sure you're fine? How about your puppy? No bumps, no bruises?] He glanced them over, happy to see neither one of them was bleeding such as he was. He would need to disinfect as soon as he got back to his place and bandage it up before his shift tonight.]]]
  {cυғғѕ} / hana_panda13 / 14d 8h 36m 57s
ғιre and ѕмoĸe

[font "times new roman" [size10 [size20 [center ╔════════════════════╗
[i Through The Portal; The Sequel]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/8svkw6q.jpg]][center [size12 [font "times new roman" Centuries ago, Mia fell through a portal of her own making into another dimension. There she learned she was a mage, she learned of dragons, and elves. She fell in love, started a family, and ran a kingdom alongside her mate. They had many children and their children had many children. But this is not about Mia's and Damon's story. This is the story of another.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" This is the story of Katerina, a bartender from Earth, who is taken to the other world against her will. She soon learns that she is actually connected to this place and in grave danger.]]]

[center [font "times new roman" [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=409541 Species] - [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=132119 Original]]]]

[size10 [font "times new roman" 21+ to join]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" Real pictures]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" Semi lit to lit writer]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" Looking for a male]]
[size10 [font "times new roman" PM me if interested]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/KJYaaLF.png]]
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[center [size12 [i Emphasis on the less part.]]]

[center [size12 [b Name] has been a superhero fanatic all her/his life. Before their dad passed away, they would listen to him read comics about Batman and Captain America, wishing that one day they could be a hero when they grow up. After their dad passed away, they continued their tradition of reading a comic a day. As they grew up, they were never shy of the things they like which gained them some bullies, but luckily they had friends that backed them up.]]

[center [size12 The six of them have been friends since their day care days, though they're all different types of people, they made their friendship work. After highschool, they went their separate ways for college or to travel. But they constantly called one another and Skype, never letting their friendship disappear. It's been five years and they've all moved back to Seattle, to be around their friends and family.]]

[center [size12 Their first day back, they all go out for dinner to catch up. They weren't thinking much about the news station that was playing on the tv at the bar, talking about the meteors crashing down all around the world. Nor when it was playing on the car radio, not until a meteor crashed into their car. That was the last thing [b Name] remembered, a large rock exploding by their car, throwing them into the air.]]

[center [size12 [i One year later...]]]

[center [size12 Thing have changed drastically, there are now people with powers all over the world, good and bad. Including the group of friends...well, all of them but the one who really wanted to be a hero.]]

[center [size12 Yeah, that sucked.]]
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[left [pic https://a.wattpad.com/cover/106339505-256-k433208.jpg]]
[#FFFFFF •••]
[#FFFFFF •••]
[#FFFFFF •••]
[#FFFFFF •••]
[center [size12 Ilvermorny was founded during the early seventeenth century, located on Mount Greylock.]]

[center [size12 It was originally a stone cottage constructed by Irish immigrant Isolt Sayre, and her No-Maj husband, James Steward. Ilvermorny is widely consider to be one of the greatest magical educational establishments in the world.]]

[center [size12 Now ran by headmaster, Agilbert Fontaine.]]
[#FFFFFF •••]
[#FFFFFF •••]
[#FFFFFF •••]
[#FFFFFF •••]

[right [pic http://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/e35/13584074_270424373322068_1547444374_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTI4ODQwMzkxMTr6U3MzM1MTQ2Nw%3D%3D.2]]
[center [size12 [b [u Horned Serpent]]]] [size12 – a ‘great horned river serpent with a jewel set into its forehead’]
[size12 – The Mind]
[size12 – Favours the scholars]

[center [size12 [b [u Pukwudgie]]]] [size12 – ‘a short, grey-faced, large-eared creature’]
[size12 – The Heart]
[size12 – Favours the healers]

[center [size12 [b [u Thunderbird]]]] [size12 – a creature that ‘can create storms as it flies’]
[size12 – The Soul]
[size12 – Favours the adventurers]

[center [size12 [b [u Wampus]]]] [size12 – ‘a magical, panther-like creature that is fast, strong and almost impossible to kill’]
[size12 – The Body]
[size12 – Favours the warriors]

[left [pic https://a.wattpad.com/cover/34639114-256-k977807.jpg]]
[center [size12 [b [u Core Classes;]]]][size12 Astronomy and Divination]
[size12 Charms and Transfiguration]
[size12 Magical Literature and History]
[size12 Dark Arts Defense]
[size12 Magizoology and Herbology]
[size12 Potions and Alchemy]
[size12 Gemology -> [i first to third year only]]

[center [size12 [b [u Elective Classes;]]]][size12 No Maj Studies]
[size12 Magical Theory]
[size12 Magical Government]
[size12 Choir]
[size12 Flight Class]

[center [size12 [b [u Sports Clubs and Teams;]]]][size12 Wizard Chess Club]
[size12 Gobstone Club]
[size12 Quodpot Team]
[size12 Qudditch Team]
[#FFFFFF •••]
[center [size15 [b [u Students;]]]]
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Someone stop me from making a Hogwarts rp. Or a Hufflepuff/Slytherin ship. O_O

ѕoleмnly ѕwear

[font "times new roman" [size10 [size20 [center ╔════════════════════╗
[i [#2a623d SLYTHER][#ecb939 PUFF]]
[right [pic ]]

[center [font "times new roman" [size12 ]]]

[center [font "times new roman" [size12 ]]]
  Hana_Panda13 / 106d 11h 42m 31s
Cinderella based
Prince or rich boy?

cιnderella тale

[font "times new roman" [size10 [size20 [center ╔════════════════════╗
[i [#98c7f5 ▶]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/LrwsJ5k.jpg]][center [font "times new roman" [size12 [b Y] is a prince from a small country. He's a party boy and a total playboy with a limited shelf life. His family have insisted that he get married and even have brides lined up. But he knows what that means, no more parties and no more one night stands. So when he sees [b X], he comes up with a plan.]]]

[center [font "times new roman" [size12 [b X] is a college student just trying to get her degree. She keeps her head down and tries her best to stay out of trouble. ]]]
  Hana_Panda13 / 106d 2h 8m 54s
тeaм eғғorт

[font "times new roman" [size10 [size20 [center ╔════════════════════╗
[i There is no I in Team]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/Nq6Xz1D.jpg]][center [font "times new roman" [size10 [i "That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero.”]]]][right [font "times new roman" [size12 [i -Stan Lee]]]]

[center [font "times new roman" [size12 ]]]

[center [font "times new roman" [size12 ]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/Hc85x7v.png]]
  {ғrιendѕ} / Hana_Panda13 / 107d 10h 16m 50s
тнe wolғ wιтнιn

[center [pic https://i2.wp.com/66.media.tumblr.com/a05307395b29f15f696ee78f5fe51580/tumblr_pawxdxVMsp1twffkoo1_250.jpg][#FFFFFF •••][pic https://i.imgur.com/1ldWkTL.jpg]]

[center [size12 Welcome to Uialtum or Twilight Valley, in your tongue. A land in another dimension far from your own. A realm where the world is made up werewolves, shapeshifters, lycans. However you want to call them, they are one and the same.]]

[center [size12 [b She] is a white wolf, a being of extreme rarity but also frowned upon in the kingdom. All her life, her parents have kept her hidden away. After her father passed in the Great War, her moth vowed to gain them passage out of the city so that her daughter may finally live her life out of the shadows.]]

[center [size10 But mating season is near and her wolf calls for [b his].]]

[center [size12 [b He] is the prince of the kingdom. His parents fear that he will be forced to rule the kingdom mateless as he has yet to find them. He knows she is out there, but why does she hide from him? Why does she fight when her wolf craves his?]]

[center [size10 Will he still want her once he learns that she is a white wolf?]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/ReMIVkW.png]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" [i Twenty plus years ago, a young maid was pregnant with her first and last child. Being a maid of the royal family, she worked many hours and when she went into labor, she didn't tell a soul. She continued to work until she was finally able to leave. The walk back to her home was an excruciating one, she almost passed out in front of their cottage when her husband noticed her and rushed out to help.]]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" [i There had been no time to get a midwife for the child was almost there. So in the dead of night on a warm August night, the maid gave birth to a beautiful girl with no help nor witnesses other than her husband. Their joy was short lived as they gazes upon her white hair and striking blue eyes. She was a white wolf.]]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" [i And white wolves were frowned upon in the kingdom. During a blood moon, which happens twice a year, white wolves have been know to go feral. No one understands why, maybe its in the magic within them but they can't be controlled during this time. Which is why any white wolf found is captured and imprisoned. Which is why the maid lied and said her child was still born when it was born. No one questioned it, for why would she lie?]]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/9j8DqW5.jpg]]
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/7K7I9OU.jpg]][center [size12 [font "times new roman" Years have passed and somehow, by some miracle, they were able to keep the child hidden. Even with the Blood Moon frenzy, which is way worse than period hormones. Corvina laid on her bed, staring up at the ceiling, she had been up for hours and did all she could around the house now she was left with nothing but the feeling of restlessness. Even Asena, her wolf, moved restlessly within her head. [#51dbfb "Will you please relax,"] she asked with a groan as she rolled over onto her stomach.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Asena seemed to calm for a moment before speaking up, [#3c75af "The season is coming upon us."] The season, the week within the year when unmarked mates release a pheromone that makes it easier for them to find one another. It's pretty much a compass for the mates to follow to one another. It makes it difficult if one of the mates don't follow.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" This small comment made Corvina groan even more as she sat up, being met with her reflection across from her in the mirror that was attached to her dresser. She instantly looked at her white hair, which made it funny that her named was Corvina which means raven haired.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" [#51dbfb "It doesn't matter, we can't go looking for our mate, you know that."] Even though Corvina knew for a fact that he was out there, in this kingdom. Three years ago, they had almost been caught by him when they were out during a Blood Moon, she didn't know how they fought through the frenz to move away from him before they brought him any harm, but they did. They ran further and further into the woods, further and further away from him.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" [#51dbfb "Do I need to remind you what happened last time?"] Asena whimpered as she remembered what they almost did. [#51dbfb "When night falls hits and all of the streets are empty, we'll go out and explore, okay? Cause once the season hits, we're staying put for the weak."] Asena muttered something resembling an agreement before going silent. Corvina took the time to get lost in her thoughts of how to sneak past her mom. A few years ago, her father passed away and her mother quit at the palace. The woman now stays home to keep an eye on Corvina. To ensure that she stays hidden.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" But her mom was in such a state of despair since her dad's passing that it had actually become quite easy to slip passed her, but only late at night, just before the sun rises and the kingdom comes alive. Corvina and Asena rested while they waited for the other woman to fall into a deep sleep. As if on que, they awoke and quickly snuck out of the house.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" The cottage was just outside the city with the palace right in the middle. The cobble roads, which Corvina was sure was bustling with people during the day, was dead silent now. Not a soul was around and if one happened upon her, she wore a hooded cloak over her head to hide her hair. She could sense that Asena was pleased to be out, she felt the same way. She took in a breath breathe of the fresh air as she turned a corner and that's when it hit her.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Asena squealed with delight as it hit her as well. [#3c75af "Our mate is near!"] Corvina shook her head and began backing away. The season wasn't suppose to hit them yet. They had atleast until the sun rose. Turning on her heels, she began to ran, zig zagging through the streets, hoping to loose the feet that she could hear following after her.]]]
  Hana_panda13 / 8d 18h 49m 44s
oυтer ѕpace

[font "times new roman" [size10 [size20 [center ╔════════════════════╗
[i The Girl From Outer Space]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/YsNiJhv.jpg]][center [size12 [i We are all of us stars and we deserve to twinkle.]]][right [size12 [i -Marilyn Monroe]]]

[center [size12 [b You] were minding your business when you noticed it crash into the lake near your home. A spaceship. An actual spaceship. Curiosity gets the better of as you run to explore the crash. That's when you see [b her] emerging from the water, from the wreckage. Her pale skin, her silver hair, everything about her seems out of this world. Alien.]]

[center [size12 [b She's] from the planet Lora, a planet that was recently threatened by another species. She fleed in hopes to escape the hostile species and find anyone that could possibly help her save her planet. But in her travels, her ship went through asteroids and was knocked off course where she crash landed on a planet called Earth. This is when she meets [b you].]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/C6rJuxC.jpg]]

[center [size10 Looking for a semi lit to lit writer to play the person that finds her. Must be 21+. Real pictures only. Message me if interested.]]
  Hana_panda13 / 108d 16h 31m 11s
[font "times new roman" [size10 [size20 [center ╔════════════════════╗
[i ιn тнe ѕнadow oғ тнe мoon]

[#FFFFFF •••••][size12 [font "times new roman" She [#f81221 loved] him, he wanted [#f81221 another]]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/YIuytQn.png][#FFFFFF •••][pic https://i.imgur.com/vX1XEQp.png]][right [size12 [font "times new roman" Both girls' lives [#f81221 changed] because of it][#FFFFFF •••••]]]

[center [size15 [font "times new roman" Hundreds of years ago, a witch fell in love with a man, but that man did not return her love. He loved another, in a jealous rage, she placed a curse onto him and his family. Cursing them with misfortune for years to come.]]]

[center [size15 [font "times new roman" She put the curse in place so that every hundred years, she would be reincarnated and the curse would be at it's fullest power. Giving the family false hope that the curse was gone within the years that it was quiet.]]]

[center [size15 [font "times new roman" The year now is 2020, in all honesty, it's been a a year of misfortune for everyone. But two girls have made the best of it, Thalia and her best friend have just moved to New Orleans. Thalia had just got offered a new job and she drugged her friend along for the ride.]]]

[center [size15 [font "times new roman" Things were going great for them until they met the children of the Vega family and everything went to hell. Discovering that vampires and demons existed was one thing. But that she was the very witch that placed the curse on them reincarnated is whole new thing.]]]
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[center [size12 [font "times new roman" "Our powers intertwine to infect the minds, the bodies, and the souls of all between ocean and bay.Take this Discord we create… Turn it against the one I hate…" Eritrea placed a piece of Ronan's hair onto the altar. It was not an easy task to get her demoness in the Vega's life to retrieve said hair. As well as the beginning of the Veta's curse, his first born child. It took months of waiting for the demoness to have the child so that she could perform this spell.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" The child laid in the middle of the alter, screaming out, but Eritrea simply ignored it and continued with the spell. She picked the blade up as she chanted in greek and slowly brought it closer to the child. In a quick, precise move, she pricked the child's finger. The injury cause the child to scream even louder but she continued to ignore it as she held his had up over the lock of hair so that blood spilled onto it. Once she let go of the child's hand, the demoness quickly came in and scooped the child up. "Drop the child at his door, than return for me."]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Both of them knew that she was not leaving this spell alive. Now that the spell on Vega was placed, she started on the spell for reincarnating herself. She muttered her words, over and over as she tightened her grip onto the blade. Fear shook her entire body as she brought the blade up. Squeezing her eyes closed, tears rolled down her cheeks, as she brought the blade down into her chest.]]]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/FiFUTmQ.jpg]] [center [size12 "You're doing it again." Thalia tore her eyes away from her computer screen to look at the source of the voice. Her mom was leaning against the doorway, a sweet smile on her face. [#34bc85 "Doing what?"] Thalia asked as she sat up in her seat and adjusted her glasses. "You're chewing on your fingers again." She held her hand up, noticing she had already chewed off all of her nails and now started on the skin of her thumb. Thankfully her mom stepped in before she drew blood. Her anxiety would get so far that she would actually do it.]]

[center [size12 Sighing, she shoved her hands into her pockets. [#34bc85 "I can't open it,"] she pushed the laptop towards her mom before laying her head onto the table. Months ago, she graduated from college, top of her class she might add. She spent the summer enjoying a much needed vacation before applying to every and any job she could find. She hadn't received an answer back until today and she couldn't even open the email to see what it said. Her anxiety was getting to her, her hands were shaking from the mere thought of clicking on the email.]]

[center [size12 "Do you want me to open it?" Her mom asked as she pulled the laptop further away from Thalia and in front of her. Thalia shrugged her shoulders, not moving her head from the table. She wasn't really sure if she was ready to be turned down. Thalia listened as her mom clicked on the computer, she started to lift her hand up to her mouth, prepared to start chewing her entire finger off as the anxiety was getting to her.]]

[center [size12 "Thalia, you got the job."]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/ReMIVkW.png]]
[center [size12 That was a month ago, she ended up getting a job at a gaming company in New Orleans. She packed her bags and found herself a very nice place to move in that wasn't very far from her job. Best part, she was able to convince her best friend, Amber, to move with her. Not that it took much convincing, New Orleans is one of the party places in the US so Amber gladly jumped on the chance. It's been a pretty interesting month so far. Moving into the new apartment, settling into her job, attempting to get used to the life here.]]

[center [size12 It's Saturday, she was lucky to find a job where she got the weekends off, atleast for now. Once she's been there long enough, she'll be able to work projects on the weekends. Inner squeals, she couldn't wait to get in there and truly work on something. Which brought her to where she was at the moment, standing in line at Gamestop with one arm full of games made by her company and her other arm occupied with holding her phone to her ear.]]

[center [size12 [#34bc85 "Yes dad, everything is great."] She shuffled from one foot to the other as her dad started asking questions on Amber. Whether or not she had gotten a job yet. She really didn't want to tell him that Amber hasn't bothered to look and was actually still back at the apartment, passed out, at 5pm. She realized she was next after the guy in front of her and he was finishing up his transaction. [#34bc85 "Hey, dad, I have to go. I'll call you tomorrow. Love you."] She hung up the phone and shoved it into the back pocket of her jeans. She went to adjust the games so that her one arm wasn't struggling to carry all of them, bad choice. The movement caused all of the games to tumble out of her arms and right onto the ground, scattering all over the store. [#34bc85 "Great,"] she muttered as she squatted down to pick them up.]]
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