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[center [size12 Witches weren't being put on trial anymore, but there was quiet whispers about how they shouldn't exist. People weren't outright hateful towards them, but they definitely weren't as accepting as they should be hunderds of years later.]]
[center [size12 Pelle was a witch, a kitchen witch to be exact. She owned a small bakery in Kiruna, a small Swedish town. Her home wasn't too far away from the town. It was nestled in the mountains that surrounded the town.]]

[center [size12 A gentle, morning breeze fluttered the curtains around the window. The sun was raising, filling the pale yellow room with light. It was going to rain today. The clouds were off in the distance, but the rain was in the area.]]
[center [size12 Pelle was sitting at the edge of her bed, arms up in the air as she stretched. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she stood up, stumbling for a moment before gaining her surroundings.]]
[center [size12 A cat danced around her feet as she made her way into the kitchen. Applicances whirling around her as the coffee set itself. The cats bowl filled up on the kitchen counter and Pelle was face deep into the fridge, looking for something to eat.]]
[center [size12 She pulled out a few, fresh eggs that she had pulled from the coup the day prior and moved the cat's food to the floor and began cooking. A simple breakfast to start her day. As her coffee poured into the cup besides her, she cracked her eggs into the pan and began cooking.]]
[center [size12 It was a chilly morning, as her food finished cooking, Pelle went to change into something a bit warmer than a night gown. Once back, her breakfast was neatly waiting for her on the counter. Her cat was eating, happily and she smiled.]]

[size12 [center Once ready for the day and the dishes were down, Pelle was ready for work. Bundled in her warm clothes, she headed to work. The walk wasn't that far, especially if you were a witch. After moments of leaving her house, Pelle was walking onto the front steps of her bakery. She unlocked the building.]]
[center [size12 No one hide that they were witches, but there were laws set in place to prevent witches from using their powers for destruction especially against humans. Pelle was not affected by those laws, she ran a bakery and was very much loved by her community for her kindness. Some would even call her an angel, but of course, there are those few awful people that did not give her a bread.There have been times that she has had to scrub [i WITCH BITCH] off of her bakery windows, but she tries not to allow that to both her.]]
[center [size12 A few hours had past and Pelle was ready to open for the day with fresh baked goods. She walked to the front door of her shop and flipped the sign over from closed to open. And almost like magic, people started to file in for their morning baked goods.]]
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