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Noir Daniels has transferred to Ouran Academy from America. Her family had deemed her a failure and were raising her sister to be the new heiress to their company. Upon enrolling in Ouran, she realizes that to most of the students there, money and connections meant everything.

For several months she keeps to herself, not making friends as she didn't know who truly wanted to be her friend, or who just wanted to use her. One day during one of her free periods she wanders into what she thought was an empty music room, only to meet the Host Club. Tamaki and the others try to make her feel welcome, but it is actually the cold Shadow King, Kyoya who manages to get her to let her guard down while there. Soon she begins to view the Host Club as people she may want to be friends with.

However, even after they extend their hands to her, she is still wary. She has a dark past that is slowly coming to light, and she was not sure who she could rely or trust. Kyoya being the guy that he is, makes it his mission to show her that not everyone does something for personal gain, and that she can trust him and the others.

What happens if their relationship moves past being friends? Will they ignore it, or throw caution to the wind?

Find out in: ♡Maybe You're My Love♡

**character ages are older than canon due to romance. Years in school are still the same.**

**Rating: MA for certain topics, obviously no sex scenes**


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Noir blinks in surpise before saying [+red "I mean, she does those types of shoots anyway. The public just doesn't know it. It's how she makes extra money."] She says before thinking some things over. [+red "Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now."] She hums the next few lines before saying [+red "Talk to him at club today. Tell him what you honestly feel. It will be better than letting it eat you up inside. I can make you a promise that you won't get a bad answer."] She says with a soft smile.
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Daitan huffed at her she was a photographer's daughter she should have known that. She was also helplessly in love with him as she looked down sighing weakly. "I don't want this to be fake." She muttered and moped until her free period. "You should have led with that instead of watching me bang my head on a table do you realize how much time I wasted on not royally screwing your sister's reputation. In the great words of Hamilton the Musical ' Jesus Christ, this will be fun!' So many possibilities!" she said to her as she began to list so many ways. "On a scale of one to ten is telling the director that wanted you for the sketchy adult shoot your sister in pushing it too far?" Daitan said with an evil gleam in her eye as she thought back about Kaoru. "He took me out and it was so nice the owners were telling us how adorable we were and all I could think about was this was the best day ever."
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Noir sighs and nods before kissing his cheek goodbye. [+red "See you at lunch."] She says before heading to class. Eventually she finds her friend and sits next to her. She had no idea how to broach the subject she needs to. She blinks in surprise as Daitan slams her head against the sketch pad. Shaking her head she gently pulls the sketch pad away, along with the photo. [+red "Hm. The paparazzi sure know how to create drama when it comes to photos."] She says softly before she takes out her phone, opens up her phone to an image of her and Kyoya that one of the maids had manage to take for her. [+red "They messed up though. Its quite easy to tell they reversed the image and did a bit of editing."] She fiddles with a few things on the phone and suddenly Kyoya is glancing towards the camera and the image is flips around. [+red "I'll let you in on a secret Dai. Kaoru is avoiding you because he did something he really wanted, but that neither of you had said would be okay. Think on it."] She says before taking out her needed materials for class.

When their free period comes around, she tells Daitan about the shoot, her mini date with Kyoya. She hesitates a moment before telling her about the altercation with Kai, and Tora saving the day. [+red "So, you guys have the green light to give them hell."] She says as she unties her braid and fiddles with the ribbon.
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Kyoya groaned at her "I rather he focus his attention elsewhere." He said as held her hand. "I know you are not looking forward to it but given the events that happen, it might be easier to pull her out of hiding from Koaru if they are united to destroy your family," Kyoya said knowing today was going to be a rough day. As they arrived at school he could already tell the school was busy. Sure enough, he was right Daitan was hiding in the old sewing room sketching a stunning copy of the kiss from the paper.

Daitan groaned slamming her head against the pad. The kiss had been amazing and she couldn't get it out of her head that there might be something more than this fake relationship. But Kaoru looking at the person taking the picture made her think the kiss had been fake. "URgh, this is so Complicated!!!"
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She takes out her phone and turns it on, blinking in surprise as her phone starts basically chirping at all the messages and missed calls. She sighs and mutters about people being annoying. She puts her phone back in her bag and takes his hand. [+red "No, falling asleep with you helps alot. So I slept fine."] She says with a soft smile. [+red "I'll talk with Daitan when we have our free period. I have to tell her about yesterday anyway, or the bare bones at least."] She was not looking forward to that. [+red "And you, 'Mommy' have to tell 'Daddy.'"] She says with a snicker.

Kaoru sighs as he heads to school with Hikaru. Last night had been so much fun, and then he had to be an idiot and kiss her. God, if he was lucky she would brush it off, or send Noir after him. He smiles slightly, he didn't really regret it, it felt nice, but he hadn't exactly asked to kiss her.
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Kyoya look at her "Morning, have you checked your phone this morning?" He asked her as he showed her the front page. On it was a picture of Kaoru and Daitan in a kiss, the headline reading 'The first kiss on camera, Hatachi twin runs away.' Kyoya sighed weakly "No one seems to have been able to get a hold of Daitan. Hikaru said he talked with her before his brother came home and said she wasn't offended but Kaoru thinks he messed up and Datian apparently didn't sound much better." Kyoya said, he then picked up his things as they started to walk to the car. "I'm glad to see you were able to sleep all night I was worried that once I left you would start to have trouble." He said checking her over for any trouble.
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Kaoru smiles at her and looks a bit sad as they reach her door. Acting on impulse he tugs her forward and kisses her. He quickly pulls away after realizing what he has done and stammers out an apology. His cheeks were bright red and looked like he just wanted to vanish on the spot. [i "Great...I just ruined our friendship."] He thinks to himself.

Noir jumps slightly in surpise as she had been engrossed in the story and had not heard Kyoya come out. Smiling a little she leans back against him, the smell of his body wash calming her down. As she gets drowsy she let's him hold the book and turns so she can rest against him. Holding onto his pajama top, she soon drift off to sleep. It's not long before she begins to whimper in her sleep and start mumbling about being sorry.


When she wakes in the morning due to the alarm on her phone, she is back in her room. Stifling a yawn she goes to take a quick shower. Putting on her uniform she braids her hair and ties it back with a yellow ribbon. Grabbing her medicine bag and her messenger bag and heads to the kitchen. She smiles upon seeing Kyoya and gives him a brief hug. [+red "Morning."]
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Daitan smiled as she held his hand as they walked back to their house "We'll see. I have a full weekend that I can talk to her about as well." She said to him smiling at him she was excited to be able to have Noir over for a girl's weekend. "The show was spectacular and getting to talk to the owner was amazing," Daitan said with a huge smile as she stood on the steps to the door. "Thank you again."

Kyoya showered pondering over all the information he had been given as he sighed there was no use in trying to figure it out tonight. He moved out to the sofa he smiled at Noir as he moved behind her to hold her on the sofa reading over her shoulder. He knew Tora had warned him about the night terrors and this could be triggering but he really just wanted to hold Noir so she knew he wanted her by his side still.
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Kaoru smiles at Daitan and simply kisses her cheek. [+blue "He's not interrupting us. Daitan likes to design clothing and other things and is really interested in how the costumes are done."]

Tora laughs softly and shakes his head. [+green "Shadow King and Queen huh? That's something. Guess you finally learned how to knock people down with just talking huh? Boss would be so proud."]

Noir lets out a soft huff before looking up at Kyoya. [+red "You do realize between you, Daitan, and everyone else, the entire family could basically go bankrupt? If that happens they could come knocking on our door. Especially when our relationship leaks to the media, if it hasn't already."]

Before they leave, Tora pulls Kyoya to the side and wants him to be prepared as it's highly possible that Noir will have night terrors. [+green "Anytime she gets really stressed or has too much thrown at her in one day, they pop out like mad. She had one once when staying with me and Quincey and she scared the hell outta him. I'm not saying it will, but ya know, forewarned is forearmed."]


When they finally get home, Noir slips off her shoes and collapses face down on the couch. She lays like that for s few moments before rolling onto her back. Her mind was going a mile a minute and she had no idea how to calm herself right now. She watches as Kyoya heads to his room and she gets up and heads to her own. She takes a quick shower and blow dries her hair. Slipping on a pair of comfortable pajamas and braids her hair before trying it off with an elastic. She wasn't sure if Kyoya would want to spend time with her not right now, but it was worth a shot. Grabbing the book she was currently reading she heads back out and sits on her spot on the couch.


Kaoru was a bit sad when the date came to an end. As he drops Daitan off he goes to say something but stops for a moment before smiling a little. [+blue "Have a good night Princess, don't stay up late. Noir and Kyoya-senpai are back in tomorrow, so I know you'll want to be in good shape to grill her about the shoot."]
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Kyoya caught her with a smile kissing her head softly "We are a match." He said to her with a smile on his face. "The school has dubbed us Shadow King and Queen imagine if that followed us through life?" He asked her teasing her with a smile on his face as he held her softly carding his fingers through her fixed hair. "I will handle Tamaki, you, however, will be in charge of Shiro-san she was your friend first and I think has special plans for ruining Ms. Daniels's life in our circle."

Daitan smiles at him sticking her tongue out at him childishly as the intermission comes and she starts to gush. "But Kaoru did you see that transformation and the way that the fabric was made to slowly show the wound becoming more aggravated as the scene went on is so hard to master!" She said to him as she looked at him as she heard an elderly man chuckle.

Turning to him he waved slightly as he was sitting alone at the table with a photograph next to him."I apologize you both reminded me of my first date with my Eliza. She couldn't stop gushing over the actors though I used to tease her endlessly asking if I should be jealous." He said, "I'm glad you two are enjoying the show-"

"Toya you better not be talking about me like I am dead again!" The woman was actually the narrator as she came and gave her husband a look as he shrugged. "I am so sorry about him. I keep telling him not to interrupt the guest!"

Daitan covered her mouth with her free hand she had believed the woman had passed. "Oh no I'm sorry I was being too loud and the show is marvelous." She said squeezing Kaoru to save her from the awkward conversation.
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Confusion and a bit of hurt fills her gaze as she misunderstands the last part of his sentence. She took it as him saying he wanted them to end. She bites her lip and stays silent. Tora sess her look and playfully pulls on a lock of her hair. [+green "You idiot. He's asking if you want to bury your family now, or have them slowly ruined in the eyes of the public."]

She blinks in surpise up at him before smiling a little. [+red "You can still read me like a book huh?"] She hesitates before holding Kyoya's free hand, her gaze contemplative. Thinking back on the pain she had to deal with, something flashes in her gaze. [+red "I want it done. Mr. Daniels still thinks he has enough power to threaten whomever he wishes. I say he's in for a bit of a shock."] Tora smirks and says [+green "you got it. Boss will ruin him in America, and I'm certain the families you've made friends with can ruin them over seas. Oh and in case you missed it, your boyfriend basically said he wants to marry you."] Noir turns bright red and buries her face in Kyoya's chest to hide it.


Kaoru smiles as he enjoys the nice dinner. Truthfully he wouldn't be able to recall the play as he had been to interested in watching Daitan's reactions. Leaning close to her ear he whispers [+blue "I can't tell if you're mentally undressing them for fun, or to figure out how their costumes are done."] He grins at her reaction and gently holds one of her hands.
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Daitan smiled as she sat with Kaoru naturally leaning into him as the excitement of the show took over. Her mind was always running with ideas as she lost some of the plots wondering if she could meet with the costume designer.

Kyoya held on to Noir tight enough to assure her no one was going to grab her but light enough for when she pulled away she was not fighting against her grip as he read through the medical file. Everything made his blood boil and he took a breath steadying himself as he pulled her back kissing her head gently. Then he turned to Tora, "Mr. Otori is my father, who I will be sharing this file with mostly because Noir is a part of my family now. No one messes with family." He said as he pulled out one of Noir's ribbons and tied her hair back the way she had it. "If I had a problem with the Yakuza I would be seen as a hypocrite with how much work Honey and Mori-sempai have their ties. My question is now Noir what do you want to do?" Kyoya said.

Not once did he force her to look him in the eye "You know very well my father is going to want to bury your family. Your sister is already out of the picture." He said to her as he stops, "Well her status is the Shiro family is stalked religiously now so she caused a scene on her own." He mused as he looked got back to the point. "Noir, you are making a name for yourself, everything you are doing we might have helped you, but you got this far because you persisted so if you want this to end it can end."
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Karou smiles at her enthusiasm. [+blue "Well it sounds like it will be something special."] He says with a warm smile. When they arrive at the theater he blinks in surprise as it was not like he expected. He pays for their tickets, which covers the show and their dinner and holds Daitan's hand as they go to pick a table.


She keeps her gaze on Kai, her slender frame as taunt as a bow string. Kai smirks at her before letting his gaze fall on Kyoya. [+green "Chill out dude. We're old friends."] He says with a sickly tone. [+green "But if you're her boyfriend now, let me give you some advice. She's a complete ice queen in bed, and the time you'll get a sound of her is when you have to [I correct] her about her behavior in public."] Noir flinches at that, her breath hitches as she tries to fight back the memories that wanted to swallow her.

Kai laughs at her reaction. [+green "See, she remembers. Anyway, who are you anyway? I heard she become a model, you sure you're not just her handler with benefits?"] He asks, unaware he just insulted a powerful man who could literally end his entire career and way of living. Noir manages to calm herself and she glares at Kai, though she doesn't move from within Kyoya's arms. [+red "Get the fuck out of here, Kai. I don't care what you think about me, but I sure as hell refuse to let you insult my boyfriend."] She was so pissed that she was speaking all but yelling at him in Japanese.

Kai smirks at getting her angry. [+green "Relax. Your father didn't pay me enough to start a fight with some dude with glasses. He just asked I pass a message along. He says "you can't hide forever. Your friends in the Mafia can't save you this time."] Noir pales slightly, that was one thing she hadn't told Kyoya about. Before she can say anything a rough voice says from behind them. [+orange "Ya wanna bet, dumbass?"] When Noir turns around a well muscled guy about size foot tall is standing behind them. He had long black hair tied back in a ponytail, dark topaz eyes and a lightly tanned complexion. [+red "T-Tora?"] He smiles a little at Noir before moving to stand between Kai and the two of them.

Kai pales when he hears that name. [+green "You're not Tora, the Tiger from Ares Street are you?"]
[+orange "You best believe it."] He says before giving the guy a swift punch to the jaw that causes him to drop like a bag of rocks. He shakes his head and turns to face the couple. [+orange "Sorry about that kid. I was hopin' to get to him before he found you."] He says apologetically. He glances over at Kyoya and sees how tense he was. [+orange "It looks like we have some talkin' to do. Come on. I got a place nearby, thanks to the boss."] He says before walking towards the building near the bakery.

Noir bites her lip and follows behind him, her hand holding lightly to Kyoya's. Once inside Tora tosses a manilla envelope at Kyoya. [+orange Before you jump to any stupid conclusions, read that. It's her medical fine the clan kept whenever we had to treat her. I know that asshole outside mentioned her being with us. But she ain't. The Boss had a soft for her on account she saved his kid. So he kept watch on her to keep her safe. Her folks have a lot of enemies, including crime syndicates. Its partially our fault she got sent here."]
[+red "Tora stop."]
[+orange "Kid he has to know, and I sure as hell am not keeping my mouth shut. That's what caused this in the first place."] He returns his gaze to Kyoya. [+orange "Her old man got real mad at her one day, why none of us know. But he nearly beat her to death. She's only still standing cuz she manages to get out of the house and get to our area. Our people care for her alot, but the boss more so. So you can imagine how pissed he was. So while she's in the hospital, we pay her father a visit. Boss gives him an ultimatum, let her go somewhere safe, or he ruins the entire family. Little prick agrees and we let Noir go back, like the idiots we were, thinking the mother didn't know and would protect her. Nope. She ships the poor kid off here. It took some digging and some strings being pulled, but the boss got me and Quincey, and few others put here to make sure you're safe and have a semblance of a family."]

Noir had pulled away from Kyoya at this point and had her back to him. She didn't want to face him. Didn't want to see the look in his face when he ends it all. Tora's gaze softens a bit but he goes back to Kyoya. [+orange "She's not a bad kid. Hell she can't even fight. We tried to teach her, to keep her safe, and she all but burst into tears anytime she actually hit us. And as for us? We're not here on clan business or anything like that. You may not approve of us, since we're like the Yakuza you have here, but we just want her to be safe and happy. She's like the kid sister to our clan. We're not gonna start any problems, Mr. Otori, I can assure you of that."] He says as his gaze firmly meets Kyoya's.
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Daitan smiled as she took it with a huge smile on her face "I watched a few videos of the performances online and they were amazing!" She said to him gushing over the costume designs. Daitan gave the information to the driver with a smile on her face she could already see the maid gushing over how adorable they looked together.

Kyoya had been scrolling through his phone when he realized that he had made a mistake in the time and the bakery was closed. He got out when Noir did not return and glared as he caught the tail end of the man touching her. Kyoya yanked her from his grip "I would kindly ask you to refrain from touching my girlfriend in such a way." He said as he held Noir to his side. "And if you don't want to feel the wrath of the families she has befriended I would suggest you never come near her again or face criminal charges."
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Kaoru smiles and offers her his arm. [+blue "Its sounds great. You'll have to tell the place to the driver, but it sounds like it'll be a fun time."]

Noir laughs at his 'famous model's comment. [+red "Oh I see. You're just dating me because you think I'm pretty."] She says, her tone, soft, showing she was only teasing him. [+red "I have to pick up the danishes for our breakfast but after that I'm fine if we just go home. I'm not sure where else we could go."]


When they go downtown she manages to bump into an old flame from America, outside the pastry shop. They both express surpise at seeing each other, but Noir's tone was cold. Mentally she was chastising herself for telling Kyoya to wait in the car. [+red "Kai. I didn't think I'd ever see you again. Small world isn't it."]

Kai smirks at her before letting his gaze boldly wander over her figure. [+green. "Noir, nice to see you again. I never thought you'd leave America. What are you doing in Japan? I heard your folks tossed you out. You need a place to stay?"] He asks before getting close to her and pulling out the ribbon in her hair. He grabs a bit of her hair and his smirk widens as he sees the fear flash in her eyes. [+green "I'd be more than happy to let you stay with me. But we'd be sharing a bed. You won't complain right? After all you always were a good screamer."] He says with a lecherous grin.
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