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[Center [#7b0cd4 [Font "PT Serif" [i There's no such thing as love for a man or creature so evil. There is no such thing as hate for a person so pure and good. But there is a darkness that consumes us all; we just refuse to see it. They will be thrown together and pulled a part. But whether you think they deserve it or not. Hope shall prevail and they'll prove it no matter the cost.]]]]


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Masakai watched as Scarlet ran, he wanted to say something… but he kept his mouth shut, why had Katsai run off like that? As he wiped off the equipment he decided that the silence was killing him. [#2df1fb “Are you and Katsai dating?”] it had occurred to Masakai that Katsai often spent a lot of time around Scarlet and now that they weren’t, he felt it was almost like whiplash.

[#2df1fb “I promise not to tell anyone if you are, just with him disappearing like he just did… and avoiding you…. I thought to ask. Did something happen? Cause like..”] he looked around for any keychains [#2df1fb “The Keychains. It’s something that Airen and Eureka started. Having a keychain that represents your partner’s quirk or in Katsai’s case his ever loving obsession with oranges…. on you. It’s cute and all… Sorry I am being so nosey.”] he laughed awkwardly.

As he finished polishing and cleaning the equipment, he wiped his own brow before picking up his own gym bag and moving towards the pool, turning once again on his heel [#2df1fb “If you are dating… I approve. So does my sister. The Keychains are kinda… Airen’s way of saying that you two are cute together and you know should date regardless of what everyone thinks about Villain and Hero matchups.”]

Shutting the door behind him, he walked down the hallway. Walking past the pool, he realised that was where Katsai had run off to, a small group of females seemingly had appeared out of nowhere, and were splashing and swimming, some of them were cheering on Katsai [#2df1fb “God… these females ought to learn he’s not interested in any of them.”]

[Center ||Later That Evening||]

Katsai dried his hair, as his eyes settled on the pile of homework left on his desk, tossing his towel into the basket, he stretched his back before sitting down at his desk, turning his desk lamp on, he selected a random book from the pile and began to read and take notes, he personally preferred to write his notes onto his laptop, but his teachers had all advocated for handwriting notes.

[#fe7c10 [I Who the hell figured you’d have to study so hard to be a damn villain!]] he looked at his phone occasionally wondering what Scarlet was up to [#fe7c10 [I Wait… did I ever get her number?]] he wondered absentmindedly as he picked up the small device and checked, nope. [#fe7c10 [I Note to self, ask for her number.]]

A knock at the door caught his attention, standing up from his desk he approached the door and opened it, again without checking his peephole. Lowering his gaze he smiled [#fbd3b1 “Scarlet. Come in.”] He had wanted to offer his arms to hug her, but he didn’t know if that was even a ‘normal guy-girl friend thing or more relationship cutesy’ [#fbd3b1 “How was your day? Did you open the packet? Can you imagine the amount of work it takes to be a villain student. I’m going to be up till dawn trying to catch up!”] he stepped back into his room [#fbd3b1 “What’s up?”]
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Scarlet had been pushing around her food when someone cleared their throat. Looking up with a false smile Scar watched Katsai slide something on the table. [+orange “Airen… got us something, this is for you.”] Giving him a smile she nodded before watching him turn tail and leave. Watching go hurt, even though he was still in view and not to far away. 

A slight movement from her table caused her amber eyes to snap to her brother. The quiet and daunting figure raised a questioning brow at his little sister. [+firebrick "Its better this way,"] she said which caused Dominic to scoff and stand up. Gathering her nearly full plate Scarlet followed Dominic's lead. [+firebrick "Oh hush,"] she mumbled.

[center ||Gym, that afternoon||]

Scarlet, dressed in shorts, a tanktop, tennis shoes, and her hair in a ponytail opened the door to the gym. Walking in she froze as a familiar scent hit her nose, orange and Nitro-Glycerin. [+blue “Oh hey Scarlet! Training for the sport’s festival too? Have we properly met? How rude of me! I’m Masakai Bakugo. Katsai’s half-brother.”] Gripping the strap to her bag tighter Scarlet gave Masakai a smile as she started walking over. 

She knew Katsai had been there, his scent was extremely fresh, but if he didn't want to see her she decided not to push it. [+firebrick "Nice to meet you Masakai. I am training for the festival, but not right now. This gym isn't a good match for my quirk, no I'm just here to clear my head,"] she told him before hopping a treadmill nearby. As soon as she was on she sped it up till she was running and sweating.
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There is a house built out of stone
Wooden floors, walls and window sills
Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust
This is a place where I don’t feel alone
This is a place where I feel at home]]

[Center [U Credit: To Build a Home, by The Cinematic Orchestra]]

He felt guilty for pushing Scarlet away, but was glad she took his words better than he had hoped, but breakfast was over as soon as it had started and though he felt that the weight from the discussion should have been lifted, instead he felt it had only gotten heavier. She disappeared just as quickly as he finished the rest of his orange juice; leaving him with plenty of leftovers. Did she always eat this little?

[#fe7c10 [I What am I going to do about you Scarlet. What on earth have you done to me?]] as he cleaned his own dishes and got ready for class his mind clearly occupied by the thoughts of yesterday and the news that his ‘mother’ was alive. Eureka had taken to it like a moth to a flame, and she had even called Airen about it. Airen like Katsai was just as skeptical but neither of them wanted to kill whatever mood Eureka was in.

[I Speak of the Devil whose at my door now?]] he approached the door, not caring to check the peephole, his sister stood on the opposite side of the door in her uniform. Opening it he gave her a look [#fbd3b1 “What are you doing here?”]

[#EEF207 “Making sure you get to class and don’t decide to ditch. Besides I’m off of hero duty for a while, Deku’s orders.”] [#fe7c10 [I Glorified baby-sitter]] was all Katsai could think as his sister brushed past him and into his room, she eyed the letter.

[#EEF207 “So you got one too.”] [#fbd3b1 “Huh?”] he watched as his twin picked the letter up and ripped it open. [#fbd3b1 “Hey! What the hell!”] Falling out of the envelope was a single silver key and a small sticky note type of paper attached to the key.

[#EEF207 “It’s some kinda address to some kinda apartment in the city. My guess it’s from mum.”] He didn’t bother to say anything as she handed the key to him, he pocketed it without much thought as his sister brushed past him again and walked out of his room. [#EEF207 “You coming?”] she asked him. He nodded. Might as well get this day over and done with.

[Center ~]

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It was no coincidence, that Katsai and his sister were given look as they walked through campus, most of the girls were squealing and pointing, some were giggling and waving over to Katsai. The guys on the other hadn’t were quick to move out of the way of Eureka and give Katsai dirty looks. Why they were directing dirty looks at Katsai, he wasn’t entirely sure of. Eureka barely seemed to care or notice as she skipped to and fro against the pavement.

As they turned a corner into one of the school buildings, Airen was standing by the stairs, the second of the big three removed her earphones and waved over at the two of them. After a quick morning kiss from Eureka to Airen. Katsai felt the need to back off and go his own way.

[#ACFA42 “Hang on!”] Airen reached into her own bag, one identical to Eureka except her keychain was a lightning bolt, whereas Eureka’s own keychain was a leaf. [#ACFA42 “I got something for you. Happy late birthday. Sorry we couldn’t see each other yesterday.”] she handed him a small paper packet. [#fbd3b1 “What’s this?”] [#ACFA42 “Open it!”]

Doing as she instructed, Katsai tore off the small piece of tape keeping the packet together, falling out were similar sized keychains, but the designs were different. One was a wolf and the other an orange. He opened his mouth to speak. [#ACFA42 “The orange is for Scarlet, you get the wolf. I feel like you two are gonna be seeing more of each other and… who knows you might just get together. Even if you don’t it’s a symbol of your friendship!”] he had to hush Airen as her voice got progressively louder.

[ Pic of Orange Keychain]
[ Pic of Wolf Keychain]

Sliding the orange back into the paper packet he gave his sister’s girlfriend a smile [#fbd3b1 “Thanks… she’ll love it! I love it too. It’s a really thought out gift.”] [#ACFA42 “I’m glad. Now Eureka and I need to run off, we’ve got practical training. See you at lunch!”] he barely managed to get a word out as the two female rans off in another direction leaving Katsai to his lonesome.

[Center ||Lunch that day||]

He stood in-between Eureka and Airen, the lunch line seemed to be endless, Eureka was bouncing again on her feet; part of Katsai wondered if she ever got tired of jumping on her feet - part of him suspected that it was the electricity that kept her on her feet. [#fbd3b1 “Don’t you ever get tired?”] [#EEF207 “Nope!”]

The three of them ended up getting vastly different lunch sets, and were joined by Masakai who waved them over to a free table before going off to get his own lunch. Katsai sat opposite to his twin sister and beside his half-brother by the time he returned.

[#ACFA42 “Hey isn’t that Scarlet over there?”] [#2df1fb “Where?”] [#fbd3b1 “Over there with Dominic”] Katsai pointed out to his half-brother whose mouth was stuffed to the brim with food. His eyes scanned over the top of Dominic’s head quickly but concentrated on Scarlet. He wanted to get up and talk to her, but like this morning he had to remind himself that whatever had to say to her, especially in regards to the keychain was to be left for after school.

[#ACFA42 “Go give her the keychain!”] Airen joked, he shook his head, that could wait. [#ACFA42 “Oh come on! Stop being such a wuss. I’ll go with you. If anyone gives you either of you trouble they can taste my quirk.”] he sighed half-defeated, wiping his mouth. Eureka nudged him, her eyes looking at his; as if she was searching for something but failed to find it.

Getting up he approached Scarlet and Dominic’s table, he had been half surprised that she wasn’t wearing his hoodie, clearing his throat he placed the paper packet on the table, as Airen kept watch; her glares were enough to scare everyone into minding their own business. [#fbd3b1 “Airen… got us something, this is for you.”] as soon as the words were out of his mouth, he turned on his heel and walked back to where Eureka and Masakai were, Airen in tow.

He wondered if she would open the packet here or rather later, he also wondered if she had noticed his wolf keychain on his bag? He had absentmindedly attached it to his school bag, and had made the habit of playing with it when he was distracted. No wonder Eureka and Airen always seemed to have on hand full when they weren’t with the other.

[#fbd3b1 “So what’s everyone doing after?”] [#2df1fb “Heading to the gym.”] [#fbd3b1 “Mind if I tagged along?”] Masakai smiled, Katsai nodded before concentrating on finishing his food as possible.

[Center ||In the Gym, that Afternoon||]

[Right [Pic]]

[#2df1fb “Psst. So tell me what’s going on between Scarlet and you.”] as Katsai placed the bar back, his arms slightly burning, Masakai had been his spotter and both of them were covered in sweat; luckily for Masakai he didn’t smell of excess Nitro-Glycerin. [#fbd3b1 “We’re just friends.”] he grunted out.

Masakai laughed, there was no way that they were just ‘friends’ but the younger of the Bakugo siblings didn’t say anything as the door swung open. Masakai turned his head as Katsai sat up.

[#2df1fb “Oh hey Scarlet! Training for the sport’s festival too? Have we properly met? How rude of me! I’m Masakai Bakugo. Katsai’s half-brother.”] Masakai turned to look for Katsai but the blonde male was gone, he opened his mouth then shut it. Where the hell had Katsai disappeared off too? [#2df1fb “I could have sworn…”] he shook his head [#2df1fb “Never mind, just me I guess.”]

Katsai breathed a huge sigh of relief out, as he stripped his sweat drenched singlet off, his sneakers and socks before jumping into the pool to swim off a few laps. Did Masakai have to be so obvious? As he concentrated on his stroke, his breathing began to normalise. [#fe7c10
[I God my idea from this morning…. I regret it so much]]
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A smile spread across her face as Katsai teased her, effectively lightening the mood. Of course that didn't last long with Katsa's next words. [+orange ”I… I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to hang out as we do. I know you said we would work out as friends and we do! I agree but… I don’t think it’d be any good… for us to remain friends. Least whilst everyone is fussing over us like headless chickens. Maybe in private we can be friends but during school?”] Scarlet froze mid bite into a sausage as he talked. Her face became blank, as he went on. [+red Is he ashamed of me? No. He just doesn't like the fuss we cause together. But I would have caused a fuss anyway, especially if people knew my dad.] 

[+orange “Besides, we’ll both be competing in the Sport’s Festival. People will see us training together and they’ll think we’re rivals.”] Scarlet listened but didn't respond, instead she hid all her emotions. [+“We can deal with your dad… and other stuff like that… together but in private. The public eye though; I would prefer if they saw us as nothing but rivals who want to beat each other to pulp. I mean you want to be the number one hero; the symbol of peace. I want to be far more notorious and infamous than…”] Her amber eyes met his crimson ones as he was about to finish, hers holding both pain and understanding. 

But he trailed off before trying to take back all he said. [+orange "Actually. Never mind, I must just be too tired, might skip out on class today, you should too.. rest up and everything.”] Scarlet shook her head and planted a smile on her face. [+firebrick "No your right, we should hide our friendship. It'll be easier to build our reputations that way."] She said before finishing off her food. Cleaning up her dishes quickly she got prepared to go. [+firebrick "Plus, I can't miss class I gotta become the symbol of change and peace. Besides, if I relaxed Dominic would never make it to class,"] she said before walking over and hugging Katsai. 

[+firebrick "thanks for breakfast Katsai,"] she said before heading out the door. Sighing, she headed to Dominic's room. Unlocking his door with her copy of his key she went in, the room being pitch black. Putting on a smile she ran over and jumped on the dark mass laying on the bed in a sleeping bag. [+firebrick "WAKE UP DOMDOM,"] she yelled shaking him till she heard groans. [+navy "shit,"] he mumbled grumpily.

[center ~Lunch that day~]

Scarlet seemed normal to everyone, cheerful, smiling, playful the whole day, just without Katsai. Instead she was either alone or with Dominic. At the moment it was lunch. There Scarlet sat, away from everyone else but her brother. Dominic sat quietly while Scarlet explained what happened the day before and how her classes went. [+red I miss Katsai. I get the same looks from everyone either way. Luckily no one can tell I'm upset though. I don't wanna worry those who do care or show weakness, that wouldn't be very heroic.] She wasn't wearing Katsai's hoodie, instead she simply wore her uniform, tie loosened and jacket open but that was just her way of wearing it. 
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He felt like his cheeks were burning, why was she apologising? [#fe7c10 [I I’m the dumbass who left my door unlocked, I’m surprised no one came in here to steal stuff. Besides I could just about get used to sleeping with someone else in my bed. Hang on what I am thinking? She’s just a friend, only a friend. Besides once we graduate we’ll go our own seperate ways and she’ll forget about me]] he tried to tell himself as he returned to where the food was.

[#fbd3b1 “It’s fine. We both went through a lot yesterday, I’m surprised we weren’t passed out longer. But we’ve got class so I guess it’s a good thing we woke up when we did.”]

He listened to her question and had to pause for a moment, chewing on one of the lamb sausages; [#fbd3b1 “If I’m being honest, I’m about as beaten up and bruised as a sock puppet; but bruises will heal and it’ll be a nifty reminder to not get in the way of that villainess my sister eventually took down, with your help of course.”] reminding himself to give Scarlet the credit for saving his ass - literally. [#fbd3b1 “Besides, how are you feeling?”]

He watched as her expression changed, it was a new expression that Katsai instinctively didn’t enjoy or like on Scarlet’s face, reaching out and grabbing her free hand he squeezed it [#fbd3b1 “Hey. Stop it. We’re alive. You can smile. I’m healed, as are you. What’s more is there to worry?”] part of him understood the guilt and regret he felt; it was only natural [#fbd3b1 “Besides, we should be glad neither of our family members have stormed on in here and screamed our ears deaf.”] he teased, trying to lighten the mood before letting go of Scarlet’s hand and continuing on with his breakfast.

[#fbd3b1 “I…”] he sipped is orange juice before wiping his mouth [#fbd3b1 ”I… I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to hang out as we do. I know you said we would work out as friends and we do! I agree but… I don’t think it’d be any good… for us to remain friends. Least whilst everyone is fussing over us like headless chickens. Maybe in private we can be friends but during school?”] he shook his head, he was afraid of what Scarlet might say, how she might react but he was sure in his mind that it was the only way to avoid anymore commotion; at least for the current moment .

[#fbd3b1 “Besides, we’ll both be competing in the Sport’s Festival. People will see us training together and they’ll think we’re rivals.”] He was pumped for the festival, it would be his chance to skyrocket into fame as a future villain to be, and it would secure his chances to intern with the best of the best.

[#fbd3b1 “We can deal with your dad… and other stuff like that… together but in private. The public eye though; I would prefer if they saw us as nothing but rivals who want to beat each other to pulp. I mean you want to be the number one hero; the symbol of peace. I want to be far more notorious and infamous than…”]

He trailed off, he was just spewing words. What was wrong with him? They had just survived an entire day full of villains and near death, they had been through hell and back and he was just throwing her to the wayside? God he must have sounded like a jerk. [#fbd3b1 “Actually. Never mind, I must just be too tired, might skip out on class today, you should too.. rest up and everything.”]
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Scarlet had been so exhausted from the day before she hadn’t even stirred when Katsai got up, not even to the smell of meat. Curled up in the blankets with her face mostly nuzzled into Katsai’s pillow, Scarlet finally started stirring when someone started playing with her ears. Reaching up to rub her eyes Scarlet blinked a few times. Meeting those familiar crimson eyes, a smile spread across her face. [+orange “Wakey, Wakey. Sleepy head. Breakfast is ready, if you don’t wake up soon. I’ll eat all the bacon and sausages. Might even steal your pancakes.”] [+red “I’m sorry for sleeping here, last night. I was planning to just wait for you,”] she explained as she started sitting up, blushing slightly as she realized it had been Katsai messing with her ears.

Stretching as she yawns, Scarlet stands up, her hair pretty messy and wolf features looking similarly disheveled. Smoothing her hair down she yawned once more before joining Katsai at the table with a bright smile. Setting some meat on her plate with a couple pancakes she settled into the comfy chair. [+red “How do you feel? I got real afraid when you got hurt yesterday. I ruined your birthday and put you in harms way,”] she said munching on the bacon first, her face holding a much smaller and more regretful smiles. As she sat there with him all she could think about was how he wouldn’t have gotten hurt if she hadn’t went to him the day before or even if she had never pestered him to be her friend.
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How long had he been asleep? It felt like an eternity knowing the previous days and the events that had unfolded, so one could not blame Katsai for waking up less than a little nice having missed his workout again. Rubbing his eyes; he yawns, turning onto his stomach he realises that like last night. Scarlet was still asleep in his room. [#fbd3b1 “Morning, you’re still here?”] clearing his throat.

Sitting up and swinging his feet off the bed, he stands and stretches. Taking his shirt off but leaving his pants on he grabs his towel and steps into the attached bathroom - one that he had to purposely fight for turning the shower on, Katsai starts the process of freeing himself, discarding the bandages into the bin besides the sink he sighs.

The bruises are all shades of purple, green, yellow even black. Just how much pain would he have been in otherwise? But there are no scars. He figures it’s because of the two medical heroes that, would be the case. Pulling aside the adorable rubber ducky orange covered shower curtain, he steps into the steaming water and begins the process of cleaning himself and ridding himself of the scent of built up nitro-glycerin.

Standing under the shower of water, he shuts his eyes. [#fe7c10 [I My mother is alive. But she cannot be. I’ve seen her urn. If she’s not in the urn then who is?]] part of him had been rather skeptical after being told by his grandmother of all people that his mother was ‘miraculously’ alive. He felt like someone had played a cruel prank on Eureka and him.

[#fe7c10 [I It is too good to be true and I won’t believe it. Not unless she comes here and proves it with a blood test as well as a DNA test. Otherwise she doesn’t exist.]] turning off the water, and reaching for his towel he’s glad he’s returned to smelling like oranges. Stepping out of the bathroom, he gives Scarlet a quick roaming look. [#fe7c10 [I She’s so cute]] careful not to wake her up; he sets about making them breakfast.

He’s halfway through crisping up another plate of bacon when there’s a knock on the door. Turning the flames down he approaches his bedroom door; using the peep hole he realises, that there’s no one there, but instead a letter has been slipped underneath the door. Picking the letter up; Katsai places it on the mounting pile of homework and other school stuff before returning to making breakfast.

Picking up his glass of orange juice he takes another sip. [#fe7c10 [I Scarlet sure does love to sleep. But that’s alright just means breakfast will be properly ready by the time she’s awake. I am so glad I argued for a bigger dorm room with an attached bathroom and kitchen. Thank god.]]

[#fe7c10 [I I mean I could get used to having Scarlet share my bed, but I don’t know whether the males in her family would approve, and besides yesterday has thrown up so many questions. Is she safe with me?]] flipping another pancake. Humming under his breath as he set down the plates of food on the small glass table he used as a dining room. [#fe7c10
[I Guess I should wake her up?]]

Moving towards his bed, he places his hand in Scarlet’s hair, it’s an odd choice, but he finds himself scratching and rubbing her ears, waiting for to make any indication she was waking up [#fbd3b1 “Wakey, Wakey. Sleepy head. Breakfast is ready, if you don’t wake up soon. I’ll eat all the bacon and sausages. Might even steal your pancakes.”]

Deciding that perhaps she needed a moment to herself, he walks back to the table and takes a seat on the wooden stool that he used for studying - deciding that Scarlet would probably prefer to use the softer fabric cushioned chair used as part of his ‘gaming’ set up. Stretching his arms, he waits for his surprise bed mate to wake.
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[+yellow “Why do you care so much about him? Is he not in the villain course? You shouldn’t be hanging out with someone who's from the opposite course; even if he is the son of the second ranked pro hero.”] Scarlet frowned and was about to respond but Aizawa beat her to it. [i “If not for Katsai raising the alarm we may well have two dead bodies.”] Letting the last part slide, Scarlet looked back over at Katsai as he started responding. [+orange "Apart from the bandages that cover my bruises I am mostly ok… though they’ve decided,”] gesturing to the medical heroes on site, [+orange “To leave me a little sore because of my recklessness. But I hope they’ve healed you over completely?”] Giving him a smile she showed him she was healed up right by moving her limbs then wiggling her wolf features. [+firebrick "They did,"] she said though she was very aware of the scar Ignatius had left on her arm. 

Watching Eureka dragging Katsai away she laughs hollering after them, [+firebrick "Happy Birthday!!"]  After that Scarlet had leaned into Dominic still hiding how drained and overheated she actually was from her other family members not wanting to worry them. [+firebrick "I'm all fixed up so I'm gonna head back with Dom,"] she told Aizawa and Masaki. She hugged them before sighing and walking with Dominic back to the school.

[+navy "You know you scared the shit out of me, Scar,"] a deep voice stated causing Scarlet to look up at where it came from, Dominic.  [+firebrick "I'm sorry I worried you,"] she said looking down like a sad puppy. Dominic sighed and lifted Scar on* his back, piggy back style, like when there were little. Leaning down Scarlet smiled and hugged Dominic tightly, the silence becoming comfortable both understanding that the other would always be there for them. Eventually they made it to UA, heading straight to the villians dorm after Scarlet had changed into her hoodie and shorts. Scarlet had sat with Dominic until he fell asleep since he was prone to being cautious about sleeping when Scarlet is absent after big events. 

After fixing Dominic's hair Scarlet decided to stop by Katsai's room to check on him. She knocked for a while before noticing the door was unlocked and going in. Eventually she slowly fell asleep on Katsai's bed, only to stir slightly when he started talking. [+orange Scarlet?”] he shook her softly [+orange “Scarlet what are you doing here? Why aren’t you in your room? Is something the matter?”] mumbling incoherently Scarlet ended up cuddled right up to Katsai. [+orange, night night Katsaaaaa,"] she mumbled. 
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She had been alarmed that Scarlet’s first initial words apart from comforting her, were directed towards Katsai. She wiped her tears away and tried to normalise her breathing. [#f2cdfe “Why do you care so much about him? Is he not in the villain course? You shouldn’t be hanging out with someone whose from the opposite course; even if he is the son of the second ranked pro hero.”] a glare was given of course to her by none other than her father.

[I “If not for Katsai raising the alarm we may well have two dead bodies.”] Aizawa didn’t feel the need to say anything to Scarlet nor Dominic for their behaviour, they knew that what they had done was dangerous; but he was nonetheless grateful that Dominic had been there to make sure in the end that Scarlet had survived her battle with Slice.

Katsai on the other hand, waved. [#fbd3b1 “Apart from the bandages that cover my bruises I am mostly ok… though they’ve decided.”] gesturing to the medical heroes on site [#fbd3b1 “To leave me a little sore because of my recklessness. But I hope they’ve healed you over completely?”] he wanted to move closer but his sister held him back, she shook her head and led him out of the tent. [#fbd3b1 “Where are we going?”]

[#EEF207 “Like it or not we are spending the night with grandma. She’s at the restaurant waiting for us to return, though she might not be happy at seeing you. So I brought some spare clothes for you to wear. Airen will make sure Scarlet and the rest of her family return back to U.A without a problem. It is our birthday after all.”] he wanted to protest, he wanted to spend time with Scarlet after their encounter with Slice, but his sister’s looks suggested that there would be no room for argument.

[Center ~]

[I “Why don’t you two look just charming!”] his grandmother hugged them both, just as tightly as each other, he smiled awkwardly as his sister sat down, pulling him down with her [I “I saw the news. Very good you’re both safe. I hope no one too dangerous got away?”] neither twin answered the question with any certainty.

[#EEF207 “Most of them were captured and those who got away won’t be gone for very long. Have you ordered yet?”] [I “No, no. I’ve just been drinking wine really. I bet you’re both very hungry from battle. My treat.”] Both Eureka and Katsai set about inspecting their menus eagerly.

[#EEF207 “I think I’ll have set C?”] [#fbd3b1 “Set D for me”] [I “You always were a fan of orange”] their grandmother mused, Katsai blushed and laughed [I “I wish we could see each other more often but you both know how your father’s feels about me even speaking of either of you.”]

Their grandma waved a waitress over, repeating their orders to the young female who nodded and wrote down each with a polite nod; as the waitress walked away, their grandmother placed her purse on the table.

[I “There is something I have been meaning to tell you.”] [#fbd3b1 “Well it can wait can’t it?”] [I “No I don’t think so. I’m surprised your father didn’t tell you either.”] [#fbd3b1 “If its about Masakai we already know.”] [I “No Katsai.”] the elderly version of Eureka cleared her throat just as the waitress placed down a bowl of prawn crackers.

Once she was gone again, their grandmother took out a letter; it had been opened and a blue piece of paper barely stuck out. [I “Now I know you both think your mother is dead, but I am afraid that is just not true.”]

The twins felt their stomachs sink, how could this be? Everyone from the moment they had been born and been told that their mother died giving birth to them, that their father was never the same and that was why they had been separated. They both had so many questions but their grandmother shook her head.

[I “She survived. Your father was too distraught and didn’t notice. She is alive and she lives in the city. She reached out to me after realising her mistake of not telling us, or anyone really that she was alive. She hopes that with this letter you might find it in yourselves to reach out to her. Your father I’ve told; and they’ve spoken but things aren’t what they were so long ago.”]

[Center ~]

[Center ||Elsewhere in the city||]

[Right [Pic]]

[#d7bdef “You think they fell for it?”] she stood by the window licking her lips, in her hand a crushed phone; she turned away and looked at Ignatius, immediately lowering herself in his presence. [#d7bdef “Because if they have, then I will ensure their fall. So they do not get in the way of your plans. I only hope to serve you well no?”] Naoko then straightened herself before leaving her former-current associate to think.

[Center -Flashback-]

Naoko tossed off another fake appearance, leaning against the wall she listened, she had been tasked with finding out more about the wife of second pro hero Katsuki Bakugo. All she had gathered so far was that the wife had an electricity based quirk, was a nursery school teacher and was named Emiko. That and she was pregnant. Shrugging on another appearance she had collected she walked into the room, Bakugo and the babies were no where to be seen, the only person? Or should she say dead body was that of Emiko Bakugo. Death from childbirth. How pathetic.

[Left [ Naoko's true appearance]]

This was the first time Naoko had, had the chance to have a close look at the dead female. She was beautiful [#d7bdef “No wonder he married you, you look so pure. So innocent. I wonder. What will it be like to be you.”] she placed her hands on the deceased female’s body and took in her appearance, watching as her own purple hair changed into beautiful lengths of blonde, how she suddenly became taller and thinner. Naoko was liking the transformation already.

[#d7bdef “Don’t worry sweetie.”] she transformed back into her actual self [#d7bdef “I won’t be using your face until I actually need it. Rest In Peace. Or rot in hell for all I care. Your face is now mine and I will take down your family; what better yet than a mother’s betrayal.”] she cackled and laughed like a lunatic before slipping out of the hospital ward and into the shadows. Awaiting her orders…

[Center -End of Flashback-]

[Center ~]

[Center ||Later that Evening||]

Katsai barely made it to his room before collapsing exhausted, his belly was full. Hell he had barely even thought to check if anyone was actually on his bed until it was a little… too late. As he rolled over he felt a form and nearly jumped up and hit the ceiling. [#fe7c10 [I WHAT THE. WHO THE]] he was half prepared to fight the intruder only to realise it was Scarlet.

He took a step back and breathed a huge sigh of relief. [#fe7c10 [I GOD that was close. Wait is she asleep? What is she doing in my room? Does her dad know she’s here? What do I do!!!]] and now he was panicking. He cleared his throat and hoped that would wake her up. [#fbd3b1 “Scarlet?”] he shook her softly [#fbd3b1 “Scarlet what are you doing here? Why aren’t you in your room? Is something the matter?”] he lowered himself.

She looked fine to him, practically unscathed, his heart beat slowly returning to a normal resting pace as he moved back onto his bed and laid down, clapping to shut the lights off he decided he was too tired to change and he could wait to hear what Scarlet had to say in the morning.

Reaching out to her sleeping form. He placed a hand on her stomach. [#fe7c10 [I Goodnight Scarlet… We’ll speak in the morning… I am so sorry I got back so late, you must be so tired… I am so sorry for putting you in danger. I should have fought back harder against slice I-]] he passed out.
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Scarlet was sitting on the bed, legs swinging over the side as Recova and Recovery-Girl patched her up. With a bright smile she talked to Recovery-girl, who scolded her for being reckless but who also noted how she was quite similar to Deku when he was at UA. Separated from everyone else, since she refused to let anyone besides Dominic and the nurses, Scarlet jumped at the sudden familiar voice. [+yellow “HEY!”] Amber eyes went wide in realization. [+yellow "WHERE ARE MY SIBLINGS?”] [+pink "Inside there with Recovery-Girl and Recova. No one’s been allowed inside there”] 

Immediately Scarlet yanked Dominc's jacket on to cover all her bandages, just in time since Mitsu had ripped the curtains open right after. Dominic stood beside Scarlet, stoic as usual, watching as their older sister crumbled apart. Opening her arms with a worried expression Scarlet pulled Mitsu closer into her lap since she knew Mitsu was too upset to stand. [+yellow “You could have died! You could have been hurt more than you are! What would we have done if that had happened! You stupid little girl! I can’t protect you if you run off like this and act so recklessly.”] Feeling Mitsu wrap her arms around her waist, Scarlet started petting her older sister's head in comfort. [+yellow “Please never do this again, I don’t care how much you want to but you cannot do this to dad and I. We were worried sick. We thought we’d be coming here to retrieve your bodies!”] With softened eyes and a sad smile Scarlet met Aizawa's knowing eyes before looking back down at her sister, whipping away her tears. [+firebrick "I promise you won't find us dead someday Mitsu. And I'll try to be less reckless. So please don't cry,"] the brunette offered as honestly as she could. 

After consoling Mitsu some more and her father giving her extra tired glares Scarlet looked over at Katsai through the curtain more worried about him. She was still covered by Dominic's coat, which made her thankful for having such a large brother to help hide her wounds and issues. [+firebrick "Are you ok Katsai? Does it still hurt? Do you need anything?"] She asked him worriedly, her eyes only on him despite all the people that surrounded them. 
  Scarlet Burns / Lynn8818 / 6d 10h 24m 3s
It seemed removing the metal shards had hurt more than receiving them, but Katsai was relieved that they were out of him as Fatgum hauled him in the opposite direction of his sister and Scarlet, at first he wanted to protest but Fatgum silenced his arguments by shaking his head and softly murmuring [B “Your sister will deal with whatever danger is left. You need medical attention and a stern word from Deku. What you and Scarlet were doing here today. I do not know.”]

As he was brought out of the broken and damaged prison facility, he could almost feel the impending lecture he was going to get from his teachers and the Symbol of Peace as he was left in the “tender-loving” care of one pro-hero Recova. He barely felt the pain of being given medical treatment, his mind was merely on what was going on with Scarlet and Eureka… and that female villainess Slice. [#fe7c10 [I Please be ok. Come back to me both of you.]]

[Center ~]

[Right [Pic]]

Eureka laughed, it was rather inappropriate yes. But she didn’t care as she took Scarlet and seemingly Dominic’s arrival as all the confirmation she needed to go do her job. [#EEF207 “Good. Dominic. Take her to the med tent I don’t care if she’s injured or not. You both need to head there because Deku won’t rest till he’s absolutely sure that Scarlet and Katsai are out of the building. Alright?”] she then unclenched her hands and bolted in the direction that Slice had taken to escape the prison facility.

Finding Slice was easier than Eureka would have thought, the stench of blood, sweat and burnt flesh made her nearly want to vomit herself. Whilst she was utterly grateful for Scarlet’s involvement in injuring the pro-villainess she was not a fan of the smell.

[I “You followed me?”] the villainess croaked [#EEF207 “Course I did.”] [I “You’re another one of his.”] she muttered [#EEF207 “I am and I am also far, far.”] sending shots of electricity into the air [#EEF207 “More deadly. You messed with the wrong pair of twins.”]

Slice had been unprepared, to take on the younger of the twins. Furthermore Slice was already injured almost to pulp by the time Eureka had found her and was thus unable to properly fight off the young heroine who seemingly didn’t care for the whole “capture” alive mission she had been given.

It was only after Slice was well and truly unconscious - perhaps even in a coma that Eureka stopped. Wiping her fist against her forehead she picked up the unconscious form, cuffed with quirk-erasing loops. Eureka made short work of the distance back to the medical tent, blasting up higher and through the buildings with her legs whilst her arms kept a tight grip on Slice.

[Center ~]

[Right [Pic]]

Both Mitsu and her father could barely contain themselves as they pulled into the very back end of all of the vehicles stuck around the prison, Mitsu herself was prepared to blow off being nice and scream at Scarlet but the looks of her father held her back.

[#f2cdfe “We ought to get Eri to take away their quirks! They are both so recklessly stupid! They could have been killed. Coming here! Now fuck knows if he’s even still in there or if he’s escaped!”] she tried to argue with her father, but to no avail. It seemed the senior hero of the two was more concerned about the safety and wellbeing of his children than yelling at them for taking such reckless actions.

The medical tent itself was a mess, there were pro-heroes and villains alike being treated for all kinds of injuries, Mitsu scanned the tent… where were Scarlet and Dominic? She started to panic and her bees began to buzz agitated. [I “Calm yourself.”] her father instructed as he walked through and past the many bed and curtained off areas.

[#EEF207 “I swear to god Katsai. You could have died. Why didn’t you just run. Both of you instead of taking on Slice?”] Mitsu’s head swung in the direction of Eureka who was standing by the tea area with her brother who seemed to be bandaged from head to toe. Whether or not he actually needed those bandages? Mitsu was uncertain.

[#f2cdfe “HEY!”] she shouted at them, it seemed Eureka was on edge for she immediately shoved Katsai behind her [#f2cdfe “WHERE ARE MY SIBINGS?”] the swarm of bees and now wasps and hornets growing ever larger. Eureka realising who was speaking to them moved away from Katsai and gestured towards one of the curtained off areas. [#EEF207 “Inside there with Recovery-Girl and Recova. No one’s been allowed inside there”]

Rushing to where Eureka had clearly gestured out, Mitsu spared no time disbursing the insects that had come to her aid; nearly ripping the curtain off it’s hinges her eyes first roamed over Dominic before settling on Scarlet, she hadn’t meant to burst into tears. But she did. She fell to her knees and cried. She barely felt Fatgum picking her up and moving her towards Scarlet, who she grabbed onto - gently.

[#f2cdfe “You could have died! You could have been hurt more than you are! What would we have done if that had happened! You stupid little girl! I can’t protect you if you run off like this and act so recklessly.”] she couldn’t stop the tears and started to hiccup, wrapping her arms around Scarlet [#f2cdfe “Please never do this again, I don’t care how much you want to but you cannot do this to dad and I. We were worried sick. We thought we’d be coming here to retrieve your bodies!”]
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[+orange “I’m fine, are you? Where’s your dad gone?”] Scarlet looked up at him as she rose to her feet, giving him a smile to convince him she was fine. Hiding her wounds she looked at him more concerned with his safety and well-being then her own. [+orange “How about we get out of here? Then you can tell me what went down when this is all calmed down.”] She had been about to respond when an unnerving silence came from the hallway. [+orange “Whose there!”] Nothing good. Nothing good was around that corner, and Scarlet knew it. If it had been the Pro Heroes there would be a tone of noise, comforting voices, scolding, something. But there was nothing.

[center ~]

The tall dark figure paced, seemingly cloaked in a veil of shadows. His yellow eyes burned into the ground as he walked. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. [b “Letting your quirk take over will only cause more trouble kid,”] Aizawa said to his adopted son as he watched the boy’s shadows surround him and pulse like a heartbeat. Dominic’s head darted up at the words and glared at the old man before his face becoming emotionless, blank. [+red “Fine, Eraser,”] he simply huffed before he left. Of course as soon as he was out the door of the staff room he sank into the pool of shadows below him and was gone, without a trace.

[center ~]

[+orange “I said. WHOSE THERE!”] Scarlet took her hand away from her burned arm as she watched Katsai taking a defensive position in front of her. Following his gaze she saw the orange-ish red haired women emerge from around the corner. [+orange “Who the hell are you?”] The vibrant hair began to harden as a cackle rang through the empty hall, around both the UA students. [i “Don’t you know who I am?”] Scarlet’s face melted into a blank expression as she activated her quirk, Katsai taking three steps so they both had room to move. [i “My you look so much like your daddy dearest.”] [+orange “Who the fuck are you?”] Katsai had repeated.

[i “Oh my so he really hasn’t told you. I am Slice. You might know me. You might not. I’m one of the villains who nearly took down your father back in his U.A days. Such as shame I lost to that shadow prick bird friend of his. But it’s alright I can get my revenge on you.”] It happened quickly, Katsai engaging the villain, Slice, and basically being immobilized. Worriedly looking at Katsai Scarlet became upset, her flames at the tips of her wolf features glowing brighter as a sign of this. [i “Now whose your little puppy friend? Hello dear, why don’t you run along before you have to watch the blonde brat die.”] Scarlet’s amber eyes burned with anger as they landed on the villainess. [+orange “Run and get help.”] He sounded desperate and in extreme pain, but Scarlet knew she couldn’t leave him alone, by the time she got help Slice would have already killed him, she was she of that. Turing to him she gave him one of her bright smiles, [+red “Don’t watch, Katsai,”] she said turning to face Slice [+red “focus on getting those shards out, be careful for ones over arteries though,”] she said making sure he wasn’t looking before leading Slice down the hall so Katsai couldn’t see the fight, she didn’t want him to watch when she was like this, like her father.

[center ~]

Amongst the chaos of someone crashing into the wall and Eureka and Fatgum running down the hall to find a bleeding and metal filled Katsai crumpled to the ground, Dominic seeped out of the thick shadowed corner. While Eureka screamed and Katsai tried to send the heroes to Scarlet to assist, Dominic slipped further down the hall to do just that. He was met with the smells of burning flesh, fire, metal, and blood. His yellow eyes watched as his sister jumped back after landing a nice and large burn on Slice’s stomach with a round house kick much like the one she landed on Endeavor. [+pink “Slice! Back the fuck away from Scarlet.”] Scarlet and Dominic both glanced at the sparking electricity, Scarlet was smart enough to not loose focus during the fight though. [i “Die little bitch! Die already!”] Scarlet was dead silent, besides her heavy breathing, as she rolled her eyes and slipped through the vred-head’s legs as she lunged at her.

Being startled from the burst of electricity, Slice stumbled, at least half her body was burnt. [i “This is not the end.”] Scarlet wanted to chase after her but a large black jacket and a pair of long, pale arms were wrapped around her. Panting heavily, Scarlet leaned into Dominic, thankful he covered her wounds from view of others. [+pink “Are you ok Scarlet?”] looking at Eureka Scarlet gave a exhausted smile, “I’m fine, you should catch that wench,”] Scarlet said as Dominic nodded his head toured where Slice was getting away. [+navy “I’ll watch over her, don’t make her efforts worthless,”] he said rather coldly as he lifted Scarlet to carry her like she was a gun, her head against his shoulder. Scarlet then sighed, her head hurting and body warm, [+red “Don’t let them see my wounds,”] she said earning a slight nod of understanding from her brother.
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He has been so consumed with his own personal thoughts that he had barely even registered the fact that the scream he had heard, was Scarlet. But as soon as he had heard the scream - was as soon as it had disappeared. As be turned the corner he barely saw her pull her hoodie sleeve down. [#fbd3b1 “I’m fine, are you? Where’s your dad gone?”] realising much too late that Ignatius’s cell was far from contained. His eyes roamed over Scarlet, for any visible injuries. There didn’t seem to be any. [#fbd3b1 “How about we get out of here? Then you can tell me what went down when this is all calmed down.”]

As soon as those words had been ushered out of his mouth, the sounds of the prisoners suddenly being knocked out and silenced stunned Katsai, who the hell was in the hallway, he shoved Scarlet behind him, as much as he was afraid he did his best not to show it. [#fbd3b1 “Whose there!”] he called out.

[Center ~]

[#1d6347 “As we can see the villains inside the building have selectively chosen to team up and bust out, however we’ve covered most of if not all entry and exit points. The only way they can get out is through the ceiling but even then they risk being shot down with a wave of anti-quirk bullets. Right now we’re aware that only ten have actually made it out and disappeared. The others are still inside. Furthermore we’ve got reports that two U.A students are currently inside the deepest part of the prison.”]

It half felt like he was vomiting out words, though Eureka had chosen against interrupting the symbol of peace. [#EEF207 “It’s my twin brother and Scarlet Burns. Let Hawks, Ryukyu and Ms. Joke take them down.”] there wasn’t much time for discussion and Deku had no choice but to nod and allow the quickly assembled team of four to do the job of extracting and saving Katsai and Scarlet.

Following after the senior members of the three others she had picked out, Eureka whilst normally calm, confident and collected found herself wondering the worse; could her brother not just stay out of trouble for once in his life? She bit her lip to stop herself from bursting into tears at the mere thought of losing him on their birthday of all things. [#cfc354 [I Please be alive, just please. Please be alive. I don’t care if you’re injured or have been blinded, or paralysed or turned into a ball of slime. I just want you to be ok. Katsai.]]

[Center ~]

[#fbd3b1 “I said. WHOSE THERE!”] this time he made sure to louden his voice and stand in a defensive position, he was doing his best to maintain his breathing. There was a sinister chuckle as a female villain with orange? Hair emerged. He swallowed nervously. [#fbd3b1 “Who the hell are you?”] she laughed; her hair hardening into sharpened blades. He was starting to lose whatever calm he had scrambled together in his mind.

[I “Don’t you know who I am?”] she asked - she was taunting him. He shook his head, moving so that now there was at least three steps between himself and Scarlet - he figured that between his sound blasts and her flames. They could take whoever this crazed bitch was, out.

[Right [Pic]]

[I “My you look so much like your daddy dearest.”] [#fbd3b1 “Who the fuck are you?”] he repeated himself [I “Oh my so he really hasn’t told you. I am Slice. You might know me. You might not. I’m one of the villains who nearly took down your father back in his U.A days. Such as shame I lost to that shadow prick bird friend of his. But it’s alright I can get my revenge on you.”]

She lunged towards him, he shifted his weight and swung his foot; though he hadn’t accounted for her metal hair and so was pleasantly surprised when she not only wrapped her metal hair around the foot but threw him into and through a wall. He landed on his stomach. Climbing onto his feet he turned to make another move when her hair shot at him like shards. He couldn’t move much then.

The metal seemingly slicing into different parts of him - though none on his abdomen or anywhere, where his vital organs were. [I “Now whose your little puppy friend? Hello dear, why don’t you run along before you have to watch the blonde brat die.”] He croaked out to Scarlet despair the pain [#fbd3b1 “Run and get help.”]

[Center ~]

[Right [Pic]]

The amount of blood that covered the halls, alarmed even Fatgum. [#EEF207 “Who could have done such a thing?”] she asked the pro hero. [b “If I am being honest, probably Slice.”] the other two pros had gone on ahead as Fatgum and Eureka had been seemingly assigned “clean up and find” duty [#EEF207 “You don’t think she’ll attack my brother right?”]

[b “Hard to say. He does look like your father. Slice is still a little… upset. She’s clinically insane. But she’s definitely someone who’ll hold a grudge. Your father and Deku nearly lost to her associate Nine a few years back. They survived somehow. She was captured along with Nine’s other… partners.”] None of what Fatgum was saying was doing anything to help her nerves.

The sound of someone crashing through a wall alarmed them, Fatgum placed a finger to his lips and she nodded, following after the more seasoned hero; they barely turned down the hallway when Eureka’s eyes settled onto the bleeding, impaled mess of her brother. She couldn’t hold the scream in. She would have screamed louder if not for Katsai speaking [#fbd3b1 “Why the fuck are you screaming. Go fight Slice. I’m fine. She’s currently having some fun with Scarlet though. Go!”]

Fatgum ignored the part about ‘save Scarlet’ and instead got to work on ridding Katsai of the metal in his body. Jumping over Fatgum, Eureka gave her twin brother one quick glance before running to where the sounds of obvious metal and the scent of flames could be detected [#EEF207 “Slice! Back the fuck away from Scarlet.”] raising her hands, the crack and buzz of electricity shook and shimmered in her hands.

The female villainess, who had been so consumed in her fight against Scarlet - that even she did not notice Eureka. [i “Die little bitch! Die already!”], Slice was seemingly unaware of the connection between Scarlet and Ignatius. Not that it mattered to the female. A blast of electricity caught her by surprise. Stumbling to her side, half burnt she hissed. It seemed back up had arrived. [i “This is not the end.”] Using her hair almost like a shield she dashed in the opposing direction and down a hallway to freedom.

Eureka had wanted to chase after Slice but decided Scarlet was more important, lowering her hands she heaved out a sigh of relief. It seemed that whilst her brother was pathetic in a fight; Scarlet was not. [#EEF207 “Are you ok Scarlet?”]
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[+orange “I’ll leave you to talk to… your father."] Scarlet had turned, her eyes suddenly becoming soft with guilt and worry as she watched Katsai leave the area. She didn't mean to hurt him, but he was taunting her father and she knew what the man could do to her friend. All she wanted was him to be quiet for his safety not leave her alone. [b [i *SLAM*]] A loud sound caused Scarlet to jump out of her thoughts, turning to look at the man who made the sound. Those familiar amber eyes were crazed and angry, he didn't like being ignored, he needed attention. [b "[u You] won't ignore me Scarlet"] he said just as a loud back rang out from the front of the jail and alarms started going off.

Then the glass between the two Burns family members began to slide open and a slow smirk graced Ignatius' face. He straightened himself up and composed himself before stepping out of his cell. Scar was frozen, trembling, her tail tucked and ears pressed to her head in fear. As Ignatius began stepping toured her she activated her quirk, but despite her years of excessive speed training her father was faster. He grabbed her by her throat and slammed her against the wall, her body dangling. [b "I will fade into the shadows for now. But I'll be watching and when the time comes, I will rise with familiar faces when the Second Dawn begins. When it does start, if you remain as a hero scum. I will slaughter those you love and protect most. In the end you'll shatter whether it's by being my toy or being my victim."] Black flames encased his free hand as he yanked the hoodie she wore up out the way before wrapping his hand around her arm. She screamed at the top of her lungs, barely able to breathe as she remained pinned by her throat. The smell of burning flesh filling the hall before he let her go watching her drop to the ground. 

Scarlet's eyes were red from the tears that had fallen. Ignatius was gone, disappeared. [+orange “BREAK OUT. SCARLET.”] The girl flinched at the sudden voice reaching her, she yanked the hoodie sleeve over the deep black burn mark and quickly stood up, wiping her tears away before anyone could see. She rushed to the voice quickly, reaching Katsai and seeing the chaos behind him. [+red "Are you ok? Did anyone touch you? We need to get out of here,"] she said urgently as she quickly checked Katsai for wounds, ignoring and hiding her own injuries. The hood of the hoodie covering the hand mark on her neck well enough.
  Scarlet Burns / Lynn8818 / 28d 8h 40m 50s
[#fe7c10 [I Just how much time does this fucker to waste on making Scarlet and Dominic’s life hell? It’s no wonder they prefer to use their adoptive family’s surname. Anyone would at this point if they had a maniac for a father.]] he cleared his throat feeling rather on edge, he found himself crossing and uncrossing his arms. But the older villain did make some valid points, Scarlet would have made for an excellent student in the villain course. Had it been because of her treatment by her parents she had chosen a new path for herself?

He stepped away from Scarlet sensing he was no longer wanted and so his sound barrier broke and dissipated he gave Scarlet a look [#fbd3b1 “I’ll leave you to talk to… your father.”] he trailed off before leaving the same way he had come; as he got further toward the exit of the building there was a single text from Eureka. [#EEF207 “Where are you? The school has gone into hyperdrive. Where is Scarlet? Don’t tell me you two broke out of U.A? Text me when you get this.”]

He chose not to respond, he could deal with his sister and the rest of the school’s authorities later, it was as he turned the corner he smelt the scent of blood as his eyes settled on the sight in front of him. Bodies everywhere; standing over the guards were pro villains out of their cells. He held his hands up and backed away before running in Scarlet’s direction [#fe7c10 [I FUCK FUCK FUCK]] deciding his feet were too slow even if he was sprinting at breakneck speed he blasted himself through the hallways, texting his sister back. [#fbd3b1 “Mass breakout at prison where Ignatius Burns is. Plenty of casualties. Help!”]

He then concentrated on Scarlet he shouted [#fbd3b1 “BREAK OUT. SCARLET.”] just as one of the villains behind him tried to reach for him; which then resulted in that same individual crashing into the wall from a nitro-glycerin induced sound blast.

They were in some deep shit, how the hell were the going to get out get out of there alive?

[Center -Meanwhile-]

[U Eureka POV]

[Right [Pic]]

Her phone lit up and she gave her grandmother an apologetic look as she read the screen, her jaw dropped. She had expected some kind of elaborate lie from her brother but this felt too real, she stood up and instantly sent a chain message to every hero in the vicinity that she knew had an office around the prison complex in question. She bowed deeply and her grandmother gave her a look of ‘Go. Stay alive. I’ll watch you on tv’.

It was barely a second later she was in her hero gear, in her car making her way to the scene. Her fists squeezing the steering wheel tight, her thoughts weren’t making any sense and her heart beat was erratic and fast, she inhaled and exhaled as best she could. One of her eyes on her phone and the other on the road as she read the amount of affirmatives she got from other pro heroes. [#cfc354 [I Both of you better have a brilliant reason to be there. Katsai and Scarlet.]] as she drifted into the fast lane of the highway.
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