An Icy Prison

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"Okay and what do we do with the remaining demon?" Tidus asked Oliver.
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 120d 4h 44m 59s
"I let Hellflame Spirit get out of control, and that what happened when it started attacking everyone," he explained, picking at the charred spots of his sweatshirt.
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 120d 4h 46m 4s
"What do you mean by it happened again?" Tidus asked Oliver. "MOM, DAD! I GOT ATTACKED BY HUMANS AGAIN!" Yoruko yelled out.
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 120d 4h 48m 33s
Oliver got up and examined his charred sweatshirt. "It happened again, didn't it..?" he sighed.
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 120d 8h 58m 34s
Yoruko travelled back to his parents' castle on his own before sighing. "It's like they don't get it." He said to his mother. "Thank you for dragging him inside." Tidus said to the refugee.
  Yoruko / Catlover33 / 120d 9h 5s
Oliver was still passed out on the ground, and was dragged back inside by another refugee.
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 120d 9h 2m 16s
"Aren't you going to listen to me? We shouldn't trap humans anymore." Yoruko said.
  Yoruko / Catlover33 / 120d 9h 4m 52s

Hellflame Spirit ended up dying out and retreating back to Oliver, who was out cold.
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 120d 9h 6m 17s
"MY FELLOW DEMONS! LET US RETREAT FOR NOW!" Yoruko yelled at the other demons.
  Yoruko / Catlover33 / 120d 9h 8m 0s
Oliver ended up passing out, but Hellflame Spirit only kept attacking, although it had gotten much weaker.
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 120d 9h 9m 31s
  Yoruko / Catlover33 / 120d 9h 11m 22s
Oliver tried to calm down the flames around him, only to let out a broken scream. Hellflame Spirit started to become out of control, indiscriminately attacking anything it saw.
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 120d 9h 12m 40s
"I mean you no harm... I come with the human that you lost." Yoruko said.
  Yoruko / Catlover33 / 120d 9h 27m 35s
"That isn't going to happen!" Oliver shouted as he let Hellflame spirit loose, consuming half the demons there in flame.
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 120d 9h 30m 12s
"My family wants to keep a human as a pet." Yoruko said.
  Yoruko / Catlover33 / 120d 9h 39m 40s

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