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[#2d337f “You too, huh?”] Killua instinctively mirrored the sigh of boredom. [#2d337f “Ever since our last adventure.. with Gon and Leorio and all... I’ve been itching to do something.”] He watched as Kurapika revealed his chains, he himself taking out his yo-yos to fiddle with. Funny how weapons used to kill others before were simply fiddling tools these days. [#2d337f “If only the world still needed saving.”] he half mumbled.
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"Well there's not much to do anymore except for the occasional monster slaying which kind of gets old after a while. The thing is that I actually don't have anything to do." Kurapika said before making the chains that were on his hand visible. He normally didn't reveal the chains in public anymore. He looked around for anything to do before he sighed out of boredom.
  Catlover33 / 44d 22h 15m 37s
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As Kurapika took out his contacts, Killua responded, [#2d337f “Eh, I’m doing as fine as I can. Its been pretty boring around here recently. That argument I just got in was the most interesting thing all week.”] He paused to cast another swift glare at the salesman. He returned his gaze to Kurapika, [#2d337f “What’ve you been up to?”] He placed his hands behind his head in a relaxed manner.
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"I guess that I kinda forgot about my eyes again. I have no need for those contacts anymore so I guess that I'll just take them out like I forgot to do a while ago. Also it's been a while, Killua. How are you doing?" Kurapika asked Killua. He smiled warmly after he finished speaking and took out the black colored contacts which revealed his true eye color once he got his eyes to turn back to normal. "Well that was real forgetful of me." He said.
  Catlover33 / 44d 22h 37m 2s
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Killua turned to face the newcomer. In a split second, his glazed eyes became bright. [#2d337f “Kurapika?”] He was so shocked to see his old friend that he completely forgot about bickering with the merchant. A smile spread accross his face, [#2d337f “Long time no see.”] Alluka scampered away from the angry merchant and over to stand behind Killua, peeking out at the blonde. It took him a moment for his thoughts to catch up with him and to notice his red eyes. He cleared his throat ever so slightly in hopes to remind him.
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"That is quite enough. I despise fighting and I won't hesitate to make the both of you stop. This is why I never usually stay in one place for very long. It's all this fighting that tires me out. So for the love of everything pure in this world you will stop antagonizing Killua. He will kill you if he is given a chance." Kurapika growled at the merchant. He had seen what was happening from a distance and didn't like what was going on so he stepped in to stop it. He didn't notice that his eyes were red and he didn't care at the moment. He sighed and checked to see if he still had the chains on his hand. When he saw that he didn't have them on his hand, he sighed in relief.

  Catlover33 / 45d 4h 47m 41s
Killua fiddled with his new yo-yo’s. The last ones he’d owned had been crushed during the chimera ant battle, so he had new ones made while touring the world with Alluka. He tossed the 50 kilogram weights between hands, lacing the string around his fingers.

[b “Killua!!”] Alluka came running up to her brother, [b “Killua, I’m [i bored].”] After the whole travelling the world thing, life had seemed to become a lot more mediocre without constantly visiting and learning about different cities. Even though it had only been a month, he was finding it rather hard to keep himself and Alluka entertained.

[#2d337f “Hmm... why don’t we go to the market then?”] Killua suggested with a shrug. [b “We just [i went] to the market two days ago!”] Alluka crosses her arms, declining the suggestion. [#2d337f “There’s always new stuff at the Market. Who knows...”] he bent down a little to her level, and finished in his best wistful voice, [#2d337f “ could find the perfect souvenir for your collection.] Killua thought his reasoning was pretty lame, but Alluka lit up at his souvenir statement. [b “Really? You’ll buy me a souvenier this time, right Killua?”] At Killua’s nod, Alluka dashed to her dressing room to get ready.

[center ***]

The siblings walked casually through Bull Market. Alluka would randomly jog over to look at things, more intrigued than she thought she’d be. Killua, on the other hand, looked at things from a distance. Memories of travelling the same market with Gon on their previous adventure flowed through his mind, making him quite nostalgic. He’d kill to go on another adventure with his friends, but he simply hadn’t seen them in months. He felt awkward contacting them out of the blue, so he merely waited for the slim chance of seeing them again. Besides, even if he was offered a chance at an adventure, what would he do about Alluka? He intended to protect her with his life... he couldn’t just leave her behind. He shrugged away the thoughts and trained his gaze back on Alluka, who was now looking at some kind of vase.

Just like he’d done on his former adventure, he studied the item to see if it was worth anything. [#2d337f “Not that one, Alluka. It’s useless.”] he called to her. Both she and the merchant looked at him. [b “Eh?? Let the girl but what she wants!”] The merchant glared at him, then turned to Alluka, [b “This is ancient, probably worth more than what I’m selling it for. A great bargain. You like it?”] Alluka looked between him and Killua, troubled on what to say next. Killua stepped in again, [#2d337f “She doesn’t want it. Come on, Alluka.”]

The merchant was becoming angry, [b “Listen here, Scum, you have no right to take my customers.”] Killua was getting increasingly annoyed as well, his hand instinctively hovering above his yo-yo pocket, [#2d337f Did you call me [i scum]?”] His eyes glazed with a more serious tone, warning the merchant. This was about to get ugly fast... unless, however small the chance, someone stepped in...
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