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"The kind of playmate that doesn't mind death or pain. There will be a lot of that with the other spirits so I need to know." The spirit said before smiling. "Well that is very specific." Kurapika said before sighing.
  Catlover33 / 42d 5h 56m 6s
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“A spirit?” He wondered aloud. He listened to the boy’s odd explanation. “What kind of playmate?” He asked afterwards, rather skeptical of the spirit’s intentions. Before he received an answer, Kurapika awoke. Without turning, he muttered, “Not as unpleasant as the situation we might be in here.”
  . / HedwigNerd / 42d 6h 1m 48s
"Do you seriously think that you can leave when I want a playmate... It's been several long years since I died in this forest and I never expected to see the living wander in here. I only like to play around with those that wander in here when they are still alive. That makes me different than the other spirits." The boy said. Kurapika woke up only to find himself on the ground. "That was unpleasent." He said.
  Catlover33 / 42d 6h 7m 0s
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Killua’s eyes glazed with seriousness again, his nose scrunching a little as the boy insulted his friend, scrunching even more when the boy said he wouldn’t kill them, as if he expected to be more powerful then either of them. He scoffed, not realizing the boy was a spirit, “Very scary. Now if I were you I’d get out of here.”
  . / HedwigNerd / 43d 11h 53m 13s
"Did I scare you good?" The boy asked Killua before he noticed that Kurapika had fainted from fright. "The last survivor of the Kurta clan can't even handle a little fright... That's disappointing isn't it." He said. There was a red symbol on his chest which was exposed by the kimono that every spirit in the forest wears. The symbol was located underneath the base of his neck on the right side. "That was a lot of fun and I promise not to kill you." The boy said while smiling.
  Catlover33 / 43d 12h 8m 0s
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As the boy jumped out, Killua took a startled step back, stifling a yelp. It took him a moment to collect himself, then he scanned the boy, trying to analyze what he could before anything else happened. After another few moments, he recalled Kurapika’s apology. He mentally noted to let him know that this was his choice, and even if he didn’t return from the adventure, it wouldn’t be Kurapika’s fault. But for now, he has no time to tell him that. He focused on the strange kid before him, his eyes narrowing slightly.
  . / HedwigNerd / 43d 23h 21m 9s
"B-be careful... It could be a ghost for all we know and we can't go back. The entrance is completely sealed off. I'm sorry for leading us to our deaths." Kurapika said. The sound of the giggling got closer as a boy appeared from out of nowhere. "BOO!" The boy said which caused Kurapika to scream. Kurapika's eyes turned red from such a strong surge of fear.
  Catlover33 / 43d 23h 28m 22s
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Killuas hands found his pockets, and a smirk crossed his face, evidently amused at Killua’s frightened state. [#2d337f “Ha, Sorry about that.”] Before he could say any more, he caught the sound of the giggling within the forest. His eyes instantly flicked towards it, trying to decide how close it was. He signaled for Kurapika to silently join him into the forest, then carefully took a few steps in its direction.
  . / HedwigNerd / 43d 23h 32m 20s
Kurapika screamed when he saw that Killua had seemingly just appeared out of nowhere. "EEEEK! A GHOST!" He yelled out before he almost fainted. He quickly realized who it was and sighed. "I seriously thought that you were a ghost." He said. There was a slight giggle that was heard from deeper within the forest.
  Catlover33 / 44d 11h 38m 2s
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Killua hoisted Alluka onto his back. In the blink of an eye, he’d powered up Godspeed and sprinted to the Zoldyck household. He set Alluka down, then stretched his back. [b “Killua? Why are we here?”] Alluka asked her brother, obviously oblivious to what was going on. He placed his hand on her head, [#2d337f “I’m gonna go on a trip, alright? You’ll stay here with a few nice people.”] Killua took her hand again, walking with her to the estate. [b “You’ll come back soon, right?”] Alluka looked up at her brother. Killua paused momentarily, then said, [#2d337f “Yeah. Of course. I’ll see you soon.”] Truth be told, he didn’t know if he would. He knew what he was signing up for here, so he would be sure to leave Alluka in good hands.

After bringing Alluka to the butlers and giving them strict instructions... possibly a few threats, too... he hugged Alluka and vanished with his Godspeed again. He arrived at the forest in no time, his eyes glazed with seriousness again. He chose to come along for the thrill, and he would be sure to make it out alive... no matter the cost.
  . / HedwigNerd / 44d 11h 42m 5s
"What mess did I just get myself into. And why did I drag Killua into it." Kurapika said. He had started to walk away and didn't notice that his eyes were starting to shift back to their scarlet hue. Fear seemed to have overtaken him and he tried his hardest not to turn back while he walked to the nearby forest.
  Catlover33 / 44d 12h 10m 54s
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Killua shifted his wait subconsciously. If Kurapika was worked up, that means it could turn out more dangerous than he thought. Ghosts leading people to their deaths? Interesting, sure, but also very dangerous. [#2d337f “Mm.. count me in.”] Killua said with a smile, then placing his hand on his sister’s shoulder, [#2d337f “Get a head start there, Kurapika. I’ll catch up once I’m done dropping her off.”] Alluka looked rather confused as Killua took her hand and began walking off in the opposite direction, waving ‘see you later’ to Kurapika.
  . / HedwigNerd / 44d 12h 14m 56s
"Hopefully, none of us will got lost in there. I really don't feel like being stuck with a ghost if there are any. I have heard way too many ghost stories about ghosts leading people to their deaths and I do not want either of us to end up like that. Heck, I'm glad that we're leaving your sibling behind for her own safety." Kurapika said. He had almost lost his calm demeanor there for a second but he quickly caught onto his mistake and fixed it.
  Catlover33 / 44d 12h 26m 26s
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[#2d337f “Eh? Haunted?”] Killua perked up at the sudden suggestion. It was as if is fantasies were coming true. Meeting his friend, being offered an adventure... but that also meant, [#2d337f “What about Alluka?”] He wasn’t prepared to hand off Alluka, and he knew she couldn’t tag along— it could wind up dangerous. Perhaps he could leave her with the old Zoldyck butlers if they would allow him. He decided that was the best decision, and followed his former statement with, [#2d337f “I’ll set something up.] He was nervous about leaving her for the first time in months, but also incredibly excited to check out the forest. He was itching to start.
  . / HedwigNerd / 44d 13h 18m 45s
"Well, I guess that we could go into a forest that's possibly haunted. Rumors about that have popped up lately and I'm curious about it. I don't know what's so interesting about it but I don't think it's actually haunted." Kurapika said. He quickly sighed befoe yawning.
  Catlover33 / 44d 17h 23m 6s

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